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max @maxschramp Hamilton, Ontario

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@umru_ The start of my documentarythe politician intro where they pour coffee into the wooden body’s heart and it turns into the guy but instead it’s…
Retweeted by maxthe lakota tribe is protesting to demand that our government return their sacred lands in the black hills (think mo…
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@eden_sg Sound @duumu @umru_ The truth @VALENTINEtunes @Spotify @AppleMusic Average of $111k A YEAR?????just a reminder that it is absolutely fucking ridiculous that the people who work at @Spotify & @AppleMusic get sal…
Retweeted by max @Senkunek 🙂 @carlocavaluzzi Looks delicious
@SMITHbProd It’s modular the company makes a bunch of different type mics you can plug in they even have one where it adds 2 more xlr
Retweeted by max @dwarfcraft @casey_anderson Okay but then you’d miss the opportunity to make an audio recorder shaped like an 8Hamiltonian: I like a lot of things about my city ☺️ Torontonian: Oh, so you like living in FILTH, you nasty littl…
Retweeted by max @lumiousx jake @enzowoah i miss those weird bumpy plastic tubes that used to be on everything like where did those go @agilethumbs this is what android phones should look like @aquariusacquah the unfortunate part is that in this timeline this is verging on realistically happening @jeffbarg true to be fair the rest of the h series is pretty big for this as well in my experience but I think this… @jeffbarg LOL yeah this thing is absolutely ridiculous but I barely ever field record so practicality isn't an issue for me @SJAYYOFFICIAL 400 us @jeffbarg the marketing video is even crazier is exactly what I imagine happens at the @splice officethe podcast tab has a soundboard i'm losing itHOLY FUCK THIS MARKETING IMAGE FDJKHGFJKLDHGJKFDH @skeledent 'record the voices of the dead' @_wvnl omfg @ZoomSound do you take trade insIf anyones tryna buy a like new zoom h5 for $350 canadian I want to buy the monster zoom @David_Rudnick just realized this gadget is shaped like the o'sBreaking The Internet Playlist Culture 💿
Retweeted by max @umru_ my current zoom is a shelf piece already if we're really talkinjust jailbroke mine lets go @umru_ I don't want it for the quality I want it for the way it looks @umru_ this thing is a mf podcast machine real talk @umru_ yeah I kinda want to buy it even though I absolutely don't need it @willycrooks truuuuethey really made the zoom h8 just look fucking crazy huh will you give you a little snack... a little taste...
Retweeted by max🚨 🚨🚨 OUT NOW : ‘NO WORLD ETERNAL’ , all-star remixes from ‘no world as good as mine’ >>
Retweeted by max @ProductHunt An app for short-term ladder rentals for working professionals. A “corporate ladder,” if you willCaroline Polachek Ơceaɳ oʄ Tearƨ umru remix bandcamp is waiving it’s fees today, 100% o…
Retweeted by maxMarathon is out now.
Retweeted by max @y2k2y @alfred_english alfred is now draining @2irl4u why didn't you warn us!!! @theTRASHapp I heard apple was going to introduce Taxflight at the next WWDC @theTRASHapp wait you haven't paid the app tax yet? @SAWCEofficial you're tellin me you are on a song with fall out boy... sincerely goals @nebita omgdropping my C418 - Stal remix when I hit 100 followers @takashisound what did midwest emo do to you @takashisound i'm crying @takashisound LMFAO I DIDN'T SEE THE REPLIES TO THE ORIGINAL TWEET BEFORE THIS OMLLLLLLthere want @maxreist to start a pop punk band and sing about his bittersweet relationship with the zoo @takashisound :(does anyone else have a bittersweet relationship with the midwest or is it just me? @lowpoly__ goals honestly @mikeyjoyce @100gecs @cavecanems mikey joycematter is where its atter follow me i cant believe i got @ billie
Retweeted by maxif you follow me here i will follow you on matter use my link idk if it does anything but
Retweeted by maxlosing my mind at this one @teen__speak it's wild energy the bus stop crocodile rock @willycrooks crocodile rockthere's this wild dynamic of people having incredibly private conversations interspersed with just random shit @robinboehlen LETS GOOO global chat is wild you can just talk to everyone on the website @okthanksdad um it's only 11:13 @okthanksdad nice @grape_m1lk i'm canadianL.V.F. @responsounds i fear for your posture if you thought that was a chair @deshiimusic I have the audio technica at2020 it's really nicei could talk about hermetic seals all god damn day @chetporter @blushmusicus post-covid grill party in my backyard @byebrina lets fkin go @motti ya 😳😳 @lumiousx sleepmy food blog is gonna go crazy when it drops... @majorbean_ sorry i got distracted here is my idea
Retweeted by max @headlamp_ sup @ohoksam yes @im__rylee boyfriends these days are always producing this.. what ever happened to producing THIS.. @lilaaron911 Believe it or not, all of the food in the y2k - go dumb video was made on the grill and greenscreened in @1000geckos LMAOOOlearned how to use a barbeque
Everyone is like “where did we meet” when we all know what the answer is... at the bus stop @theneedledrop @Grimezsz’t find my palette so I mixed my shit on a tortilla
Retweeted by maxWhen your son makes dinner: cheeseburgers & @StationColdBrew floats.
Retweeted by maxliterally uploading
Retweeted by max @SAWCEofficial Wtf @umru_ ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I THOUGHT IT WASN'T HAPPENING @umru_ @hyp_e @ParentCompanyc it works surprisingly well for visual collabs