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Video host/podcaster on @IGN, @TheComedyButton and @WeirdHeat. Sort of like a chronically depressed Ace Ventura.

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@stylson Aww man I'm sorry to hear that! I don't know what you associate with your cat, but we don't talk about cat… will you look at these fuckin dinguses? (@ericsapp @MaxScoville @agentbizzle)
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@TrashHeap64 Well that sucks @theoscman I really hope this happens. There's no way this isn't supremely entertaining on some level. @bitterbuccaneer For context, I didn't write the questions/talking points, and live shows run on tight but also hec… @bitterbuccaneer You're right, he is 100% entitled to his opinion! However, I had a producer in my ear telling me t… @JohnCGXIII These look awesome, btw! @JohnCGXIII Washes and drybrushing! I basically applied the same techniques people use when painting miniatures. Ch… @papiguapo2345 @agentbizzle @IGN Nope. It's always been a dedicated video show that relies on visual elements like…
@MitchyD Oh god I'm crying laughing, this is so stupid. We are so drunk. "You are a SUPER-SPY who can drive JEEPS… @hattorihatorade We are currently in a meeting room with @megaberrycrunch telling him how great of a job he did @b00ch well dank you for trying anyway @RobABowman @crowsmack @agentbizzle @IGN Saved By The Bell, Goof Troop, Disney Afternoon, Z-Bots, and about two doz… NEWS: Up At Noon is BACK this Saturday, 4/20! We've totally overhauled our pop-culture junk food variety sho…
@Sgt_Falcon_1 @IGN I WAS working for Disney this weekend, and I had permission from my managers at IGN. I don’t cla… @dxfire15 All good! End of the day, the point of Celebration is for people to be happy about Star Wars. I like Star… @ChrisXCross64 @Cach_Indomitus @Dataracer117 @Supergoodpixel Yeah, it’s Star Wars Celebration, it’s about focusing… @Luceobrien I want you to start your slacks with “YOU THERE”
@michelledeidre That feeling when you met Ahmed Best on the street while walking to get White Castle burgers late at night. 😅😅😅 @TheJawaJosh You too man! Glad you’re keeping busy. @beatdowntown And THANK YOU!!! @beatdowntown As a life-long Star Wars fan, so was I!!!I enjoy watching this fantasy program, but only when I am on my own couch drinking wine with my wife, so I will wai… congratulations to The Game of Thrones on this fine evening, I hope everybody has a great time out there with… @CMB1979 This is 100% @agentbizzle @pemberfoot @StarWarsShow @stancesocks_sa “Tiskrute dopot, slamo!” -Anakin Skywalker @pemberfoot @StarWarsShow @stancesocks_sa Duly noted, and thank you for saying something nice. 🙏
@Hufflepuff_Jedi @DeeGoots @acarboni WOW that’s a nice thing to hear! Thank you! @JustinTMars @Scott_Bromley No joke, along with Scott, my childhood best friend voiced him in some of the LEGO Star… @pemberfoot @StarWarsShow @stancesocks_sa Well, that wasn’t my intention at all. I was playing around, maybe that d… @pemberfoot @StarWarsShow @stancesocks_sa I’m sorry you didn’t like that interview. Nobody else seemed to have a pr… @P_Rod5 They’re dope! And check my feed for my Mando hype. I’m VERY excited. @CharlesKhanTV Nah. This is total speculation, but I would be VERY surprised if this hadn’t been in development for… YOU EVER WONDER WHY BRIAN AND I ARE BEST FRIENDS? WE LOVE THOSE DRUNK PUPPET MONSTERS. 🐷🐸🐗🐙🦖 @CharlesKhanTV I could talk to you for two hours straight about why I fell in love with Boba Fett, what I want from… @AshCrossan Amanda LaurenI’m trying to think of a piece of media that feels more specifically tailor-made for my specific interests than… @zmullaney Nice! I still need to do that. I would say look into some lighting techniques to squash those shadows, I… into Dengar buying some iced tea. love the aliens and creatures in Star Wars, I love learning about how they’re made, so I was extremely excited to… @Jon_Griffins Oh right on, I have family in Bennington, so I’ve spent plenty of time there. It’s the same woods, really. @tupperlexi Anytime! I’m glad I was able to chat with him for a minute. Hearing that our stupid horseshit gets peop… @BGibbles @Scott_Bromley @DeeGoots @chastity_v @acarboni @DoorDash @BGibbles @Scott_Bromley @DeeGoots @chastity_v @acarboni @DoorDash @hell_ostranger Oh I’ve been there. Horribly unsafe bird skeleton. @BluefinBrands @RobbieRob08 I’m out of space in my luggage and I have too much of a hobby backlog already but I lov… @gennhaver Tell her you can deadlift your husbands lazy corpse and you could probably throw her nosy ass through a… @aarswft
@RobbieRob08 @BluefinBrands They dropped a bunch off backstage and I immediately called dibs on all the cool ones b… @AshCrossan Tired you probably has more pep than 90% of the population on a good day. @matthewrex @starwars @cameronmonaghan @HamillHimself Dammit I hate that I didn’t ask him about this @starwars NIEN NUNB @Jon_Griffins Lived in Cambridge, MA till I was 8, then Cornwall, CT. Up in Litchfield county. @Bonkerland We know! Those are pre-recorded clips being played back, my mic was way too hot. Future field packages… @BlondeNerd @KinsZilla This photo rules on every level. Frame this. Turn it into a throw blanket. @BradWardFight No way 👀 @P_Rod5 No contest. End of the day E3 is a trade show, it fundamentally exists for marketing purposes. Star Wars Ce… @Willtheman15 I called it quits before those started rolling out. Read Thrawn trilogy, Tales of, Mandalorian Armor, lots of comics. @xCombatWeaselx Well yeah aside from being covered in mosquito bites and ticks and that time I got Lyme disease. Th… have a Spotify playlist called “space music” because sometimes I still like to pretend I’m in another galaxy. Se… I grew up poor in rural New England. I read Star Wars books and ran around in the woods pretending I was Boba… @Biff_costanza That’s true but hey at least I still I have this Jar-Jar toy where he’s sticking his tongue out so) Fun Fact: I have never been to a Disney theme park. My bar for theme parks is very low. Star Wars: Galax… keep trying to succinctly tweet about how much I love #StarWarsCelebration and deleting my tweets because it’s ve… every Star Wars. All of them. Always will. “Omg that’s a lot of Star Wars” Definitely. You’re missing…
Retweeted by Max Scoville @honorthework @agentbizzle @Scott_Bromley Scott and I are mostly locked to the Star Wars show stage, and probably c… @hell_ostranger ...from... what animal? @Luceobrien @ericsapp There’s tons of jazz in the men’s room if you know what I’m sayin
@phiswiz @IGN @agentbizzle He’s running around getting coverage for IGN! @phiswiz @IGN I just interviewed Boba Fett, I’m incredibly grateful my bosses let me do this. @phiswiz @IGN Nope, just working for Star Wars this weekend. @Jeph216 He’s filed under D, for Dengar! @legobutts @mcgill_gabe I just wheeze-laughed at this. @PanelPod @mediavandal It came out the same year as Steel and Batman and Robin so uh. Not exactly the best year for superhero movies. @mediavandal WANNNDA @Arctic_104 @MollieDamon @StarWarsExplain @DICE_FireWall Post the video!!!
@v_jvee I think so! Depends on your time zone. It opens with the Episode IX panel and then goes for 5 days.Hello there! I’m hosting from #StarWarsCelebration all week! Livestream starts tomorrow on…
@Luceobrien I'd watch a Jaws prequel that's about Chief Brody meeting his wife and falling in love and starting a f… @KratosRager @ZachariusD @agentbizzle @Luceobrien AFAIK, this one doesn't really let you grind to level up if you s…
Bumping this @bombsfall What I'm getting at here is that the crackpot is probably okay @bombsfall I got my weed card by following a yellow line someone painted on the floor of Amoeba Records that led up… @1stBornUnic0rn You're right and thank you @StubbyStan Dude, I spent all yesterday laying gravel in my front yard, and then did some grilling to unwind, I am… all intents and purposes, Pharrell in tents and porpoises. @djackson1181 @agentbizzle Sprint to the cleric beast, let him kill you, and then start grinding. I hear the axe is a good starter weapon. @GruffTheGryphon @agentbizzle @Scott_Bromley @BZman543 Research! Pattern recognition! Lots of poking around on Wikipedia, digging into who worked on what, what…
@RegretaGarbo'm sorry @reapertrilogy THERE it is. @ptg_pete Shadows Cry Twice @CameronYeager Yes, but now you're talking about Mountain Dew on social media.Anyway, I'm playing right into it. Pardon me for being a big ol' dirty #influencer spreading tawdry #brandawareness @sethmacy @MountainDew WHAT WOULD MOUNTAIN DO? MOUNTAIN WOULD DO CRUSHING think it's cool as hell we've got Game of Thrones beer, wine, and whiskey... but cookies and soda just seems a li…, this is totally real. Shout out to @MountainDew for sending me this cool limited edition color-changing soda… goes better with incest, beheadings, and castration like Oreo® Milk's Favorite Cookie™ or an ice cold Mount…
@Buster_Nutville @joestarr187 Yeah somebody told me pedophiles hid porno in the woods, in hopes that teens would fi…