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Cameroon’s virus cases increased after schools reopened on 1st June. The country reported 254 new cases on Monday a…,000 will be the cost to host each GHPL game. There will be heavy testing of players and stakeholders. This is HUGE
Retweeted by MaxTVGhBe courageous and cancel the league - GHALCA vice Chairman, Alex Akumey on Max FM
Retweeted by MaxTVGh#Sportspack1 is live now, join your host @DarkwaGyasi and his guests, @OfficialSitso , @DwomohKwame , Nafisa Fatal…
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By popular request #MaxTV brings back #Asintado #Telenovela Series for your viewing pleasure on 22nd June @ 7:30 P… being 2nd June, the world speaks against Rape and Racial Violence and WE stand stand with each and everyone.… honest, will you?’s COVID-19 case count has raised to 8,297 following the confirmation of 227 new cases. #MaxTV #MaxFm brings you A New #Telenovela Series “Doble Kara” for your viewing pleasure soon . relive EPL goals on @maxtvgh now
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Becareful Family, Dont get trapped. Remind someone by tagging them. #iMaxMedia #MaxTv birthday to @kurtokraku , the President of the @ghanafaofficial . #iMaxMedia #MaxTv #MaxFm @Frimpon05259869 We hear lol @JeromeOtchere @HeartsOfOakGH @AsanteKotoko_SC Well noted
What do you think of President Akuffo-Addo's 10th update on Ghana's Coronavirus handling ? #MaxTV #iMaxMedia
@maxtvgh good afternoon max TV u guys are doing a great job. Herta will score 3 goals.
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh hertha making life difficult for augs wish piatek come n score
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Well done Max Tv for making our day with bundesliga games but yy u squad nor dey show the 4:30 games as well🤦‍♂️
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh @OfficialSitso @Bungie u see what I twitted to u guys at the studios piatek will come on n score pum pum p…
Retweeted by MaxTVGhDeep sigh of relief from Berlin as Piatek wraps up the points to the end of the game . (90+3') #BSCFCA 2-0 #MaxTV have the first goal as High-flying Hertha takes the lead through Dilrosun (23') #BSCFCA 1-0 #MaxTV Up . #BSCFCA Up . #BSCFCA to the @bundesliga_en match between Hertha Berlin and Augsburg is live on @maxtvgh now with…
@maxtvgh @OfficialSitso @DarkwaGyasi @DwomohKwame Hertha Berlin will win by 2 goals to 1
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Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Edge King of Royal Rumble 😁
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Undertaker
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Where's Hulk Hogan?... He's my all time fav.
Retweeted by MaxTVGhJust make a date with @maxtvgh with the best quality pictures. @HerthaBSC 0 vrs @FCA_World 2. #MaxTV #MaxSports.
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh @atelijah Shawn Michaels.....I literally cried when he had that last match with the Undertaker at Wrestlem…
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Undertaker it is
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Triple H
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Undertaker. All day
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @kofiMEK @OfficialSitso @DarkwaGyasi @DwomohKwame The Buildup to the game starts st 1:30PM @maxtvgh Mysterio
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Undertaker
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @PapindosaQweku Well noted sir @maxtvgh John cena
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Premier League Set To Restart With Aston Villa, Sheffield United And Others On 17 June . According to the reports,… @maxtvgh @Teejay63 @JohnCena still reigns forget the rest
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Under
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh @JohnCena any day anytime
Retweeted by MaxTVGhMatheus Cunha will have his eyes on preserving Hertha Berlin's unbeaten start under Bruno Labbadia when Augsburg p… @maxtvgh @JohnCena since since
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh UNDERTAKER 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Jeff
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh @undertaker my all time favorite!!! Till date... #MaxTv
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh John Cena and Triple H. But my fav was Rey mysterio
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Not here . Edge and randy the legend killer
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Shawn Michaels
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh John cena
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh The deadman
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Undertaker
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh @JohnCena any where and any day.#MaxTv.
Retweeted by MaxTVGhWho was your favourite? #iMaxMedia #MaxTv the evil that women do is always after them.@maxtvgh strange affection.hmmmmmm.
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh 😍😍.#MaxTV for life is for life.👌.
Retweeted by MaxTVGhLine up for today, Thursday 28th MAY, 2020 #iMaxMedia #MaxTV @Teejay63 well noted @Teejay63 Enjoy yourselfWatching Strange affection on @maxtvgh.
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @Anassibrahim8 @maxtvgh @FCA_World @SCPaderborn07 Yeah man unless you are a tourist.
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @Teejay63 @Anassibrahim8 @FCA_World @SCPaderborn07 haha Tell them @Dheletebwoy2 Bless you too champ!! @Dheletebwoy2 @Bundesliga_EN @OfficialSitso @DarkwaGyasi @DwomohKwame We like you too @maxtvgh George Weah Samuel Etoo Abedi Pele Didier Drogba Michael Essien
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Roger miller Samuel Etoo Mohammed Abutrika Abedi Pelle Didier Drogba
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The @bundesliga_en match between SC Paderborn and Augsburg is live on MaxTV now . Who is watching #MaxTV?… to the @bundesliga_en match between SC Paderborn and Augsburg is live on @maxtvgh now with… headquarters of sports @maxtvgh.Tune In for @FCA_World vrs @SCPaderborn07 live. #MaxSports #MaxTV.
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Yaya Toure
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh 1. King George 2. Abedi Pele 3. Samuel Eto’o 4. Taya Toure 5. Abou Treka
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @jijibless @maxtvgh Augsburg 4 - 1 Paderborn
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @Originallsuar1 Please it has ended, thank youTonight on @maxtvgh The Bundesliga continues. Build-up at 5:30pm.
Retweeted by MaxTVGhTime is running out for SC Paderborn in their bid to escape relegation from the Bundesliga as they prepare to take… @AnkuGodwin88 Very soon @maxtvgh Augsburg 1 --- SC Paderborn 0 #iMaxMedia # Maxtv #Maxsports #Bundesliga
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Thanks 😃 Augsburg 4- Paderborn 1
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh 2:1 against Paderborn, 2 goal first half against Paderborn
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Augsburg 3: 1Paderborn #MaxSport #MaxTV
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh @FCA_World 3 vrs @SCPaderborn07 0. #MaxSports.
Retweeted by MaxTVGhStrong ranking you got there Pele ranked 4th greatest African player of all-time with George Weah, Eto’o and Roger Milla being the only fo… @maxtvgh @NAkufoAddo Voice of the people 💪🏽..#COVID19Ghana
Retweeted by MaxTVGh#LoversRock on @MaxFM897 with @djlaposta.@maxtvgh.
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Osei Kuffour and Tanko But will Max TV telecast the match
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @DivineAmoako23 We telecasting this match today President @NAkufoAddo lift the ban on public gathering when he addresses the nation this sunday? #iMaxMedia #MaxTV #coronavirus
Augsburg is welcoming SC Paderborn 07 to WWK Arena in round 28 of German Bundesliga tomorrow which will be LIVE on… @MagRhyno It sure wont be bad koraa @DjNeslte Please you can pass by our office at Darkuman Junction with in the Tecno Building @maxtvgh Coach Ibrahim Tanko and Osei Kuffuor
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Osei kuffour and Tanko
Retweeted by MaxTVGh @maxtvgh Osei kuffour
Retweeted by MaxTVGhAnd ??