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@maxtvgh @OfficialSitso Gudeven boss player am Owner formally of Akrokerri college of education my lovely club Chel…
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhAll set for the weekend review on SportsPack. Taking you through Ligue1, Bundesliga, SerieA, La Liga and of cours…
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh See ya!
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhWE COME YOUR WAY AGAIN THIS EVENING AT 7:00 PM SHARP WITH #SPORTSPACK FOR ALL THE SPORTING ACTIVITIES FROM THE PREV… the years , MAX TV , TV7 & Solid Multumedia has been very supportive towards our mission of Becoming A Pan Afr…
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhCATCH THE BEST OF AFRICAN CINEMA ON MONDAYS TO THURSDAYS AT 11:00 AM AND ON SUNDAYS AT 3:00 PM ON @maxtvgh FOR ALL… the years , Max TV has been very supportive towards our mission of Becoming A Pan African Entertaiment TV Chan…
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhITS OUR PLEASURE!! as to whether Son will be the catalyst for a turnaround for Spurs. Son is on for Sanchez. #TOTWAT #MaxPL @maxtvgh
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh Tottenham have to play with superiority mentality to over come the Watford side.
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhDoucoure looks nice from the back for Watford #TOTWAT #MaxPL @maxtvgh
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhRose is doing his own thing up left for Spurs. No significant impact whatsoever. #TOTWAT #MaxPL @maxtvgh
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhDeulofeu has been an ineffective winger since he came on the pitch. #TOTWAT #MaxPL @maxtvgh
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhWatford trying all they can to keep their composure and keep the score 1:0 till the end. It may end well for Watfor…
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhVAR causing more confusion. But Spurs has got the leveller. #TOTWAT #MaxPL @maxtvgh
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@maxtvgh WATFORD will win by 3 goals to nil
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh tot 2: 1 wat
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @QuarteyRoland Give credit to @maxtvgh 😂
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhSpurs' troubles continue with Watford in the lead by a goal. #TOTWAT #MaxPL @maxtvgh
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh Nice one guy all the way from nungua
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhAnd out of nothing, in a flash Watford take the lead. What a great start for Watford and what a dreadful start for Spurs. #MaxPL
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhWelbeck will be leaving nothing on the pitch against Spurs... #MAXPL #MAXWEEKENDSPORTS @maxtvgh Totthenham 3 : 0 Watford
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh Am Kagawa from Capital Hills Accra, I hope my miserable club united peg Liverpool back from scoring more g…
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh Am pieces inside Apam Tottenham Hotspur will score Watford by two goals to nill. #TOTWAT #Maxtv
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @OfficialSitso @maxtvgh Tottenham Hotspur will win this match am Piexes inside Apam.Thanks
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh @maxtvgh good job guys. Prediction is 1-1
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh 2: 1 in favor of Spurs
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhThis is also a big one! And it's will be live on @maxtvgh. #TOTWAT #MaxPL
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh At home against Watford?’s a win for Spurs take #MAXPL
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh Tottenham 3:1 Watford
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh @maxtvgh the match is going to be tough because the two teams are not performing well recently but I tip…
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhBuild up to the much awaited match is on, like, share and drop your predictions on the post for a surprise for one…
Spurs have lost two of their last three matches but return to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium boasting the fourth-best ho…
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @SpursOfficial have lost more games in all competitions in 2019 than any other @premierleague side. In the last cal…
Since beating Arsenal 2-1 in January, 2017,@WatfordFC have lost 16 consecutive @premierleague away games against 'b…
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@WatfordFC have won just one of their 12 @premierleague meetings with @SpursOfficial , with that win coming at Vica… @maxtvgh @OfficialSitso Me 💪
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh For me I ddnt expect the local black stars to win this cup at the 1st place. With this kind of performan…
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh Comparing this team to the 1 that played in the 2017 edition, u can see a big difference. U can attribute…
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@maxtvgh @OfficialSitso Keep guys u aa doing a great job..😎😎
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh @OfficialSitso I always am 👐
Retweeted by MaxTv_Ghwho is watching #sportspack with @OfficialSitso on @maxtvgh ? #SportsPack tonight, @OfficialSitso brings you all the highlights from ;Boxing (Josh Warrington vs Sofiane Tako… @maxtvgh @OfficialSitso 💪✌
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhTonight on Sports Pack on @maxtvgh, highlights from; * Japanese GP * Boxing (Josh Warrington vs Sofiane Takoucht…
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @SpursOfficial vs @WatfordFC #MAXPL #MAXWEEKENDSPORTS ain't ready yet. @maxtvgh says so! #blockbustermovies #premiereleague #highlightshow #Ligue1 #entertainment @maxtvgh #Urbanhits is fire. Pls play Love me now by @FeliNuna for my friends inside Ho
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#MTNHitmaker8 Watch live On Saturday @tv3_ghana  4:30pm @JoyPrimelive 5:30pm  @GHOneTV 7:00 @maxtvgh 7:00pm
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh#MTNHitmaker8 Watch live On Saturday @tv3_ghana 4:30pm @JoyPrimelive 5:30pm @GHOneTV 7:00 @maxtvgh 7:00pm
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THE ENO SHOW IS COMING ON YOUR FAVORITE STATION SOON....... WATCH OUT!!!! @maxtvgh @OfficialSitso Good evening sir I'm EKOW PONCHO watching you live from Boaman Kyekyewere inside Kumasi if…
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh I was disappointed in Man United and Ole though am Juventus fan but the love I have for Ronaldo same to United.. #SportsPack
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh I was happy when we won that Match all football pundents were writin us off .. Come on JUVE. Ronaldo shou…
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @OfficialSitso @maxtvgh #Sportspack am glad Man city lost for Liverpool to extend the lead on top of the table to 8…
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh @OfficialSitso Am Owner ,Gudeven boss player no pundit in de world gave my darling club Chelsea the dog ch…
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh @OfficialSitso Good Evening am Bizzy Best and I support United am highly disappointed in the teams perform…
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @OfficialSitso @maxtvgh #Sportspack what will profit Bayern to score Tottenham 7-2 and lose 2-to hoffeiham.
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh @OfficialSitso In as much as we Liverpool fans are optimistic of winning the epl this season, it’s too ear…
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh am still certain that my team Manchester City is going to win the epl trophy despite our current situation 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh @OfficialSitso Full fun of Liverpool chatting 4rm dome I'm highly disappointed in United they r trying to…
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh @OfficialSitso Hi I'm EKOW PONCHO watching you live from Boaman Kyekyewere inside Kumasi if OGS is not sac…
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh @OfficialSitso Blue is that colour Max is Tv Sicho is my Man
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ITS ANOTHER MONDAY AND #SPORTSPACK IS AIRBORNE. LIVE ON @maxtvgh WITH YOURS TRUELY @OfficialSitso LETS STAY INTER… @maxtvgh In my opinion, I think he must be banned for life..
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh#SexForGrades: 'Let me be your side guy' – UG lecturer begs student Dr Paul Kwame Butakor was caught on camera by…
@denis_mensah1 @LFC @LCFC @maxtvgh and then milner showed up with the claw
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @SirOboe @LFC @LCFC @maxtvgh Something like dat 🙄....
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @denis_mensah1 @LFC @LCFC @maxtvgh 😂😂😂 Bleeder detected
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @annornotes @OLORUNJUWONLO13 @maxtvgh Well he won’t be for mane 🔥
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhLiverpool are back in it with a win! #LIVLEI #MaxPL @maxtvgh
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhIt may be a myth. But M. Salah struggles against Man United related goalkeepers. He struggled against Dean Henderso…
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhJames Maddison!! He gets a goal. He has been a huge thorn in the flesh of Liverpool this afternoon. #LIVLEI #MaxPL
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhMadison nailed it ✌ #LIVLEI @LFC 1 vs @LCFC 1 @maxtvgh #Matchday #EPL
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhTrent Alexander Arnold is a big part of the success or otherwise of the back of Liverpool. He rests not! #LIVLEI #MaxPL @maxtvgh
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhM. Salah was very "quiet". #LIVLEI #MaxPL @maxtvgh
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhWhat a wonderful goal by sadio mané #LIVLEI @LFC 1 vs @LCFC 0 @maxtvgh #EPL
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhMadison!!! #LIVLEI #MaxPL @maxtvgh
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhIt's hard to keep-out Liverpool from scoring. Sadio was there once again on his 100th appearance for the Reds. #LIVLEI #MaxPL @maxtvgh
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhThere is a possibility of an upset at Anfield this afternoon...Watch and pray! #LIVLEI #MaxPL @maxtvgh
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh @LFC @OfficialSitso Enjoying the match
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh we gonna beat de foxes 🦊 3 goalsto 1
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh Osay Salah, Liverpool is going to masaka the Division C side Leicester city at least 4 goals to Nil
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @galcooper @maxtvgh Oh buh Leicester is not a team
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh its a really tough game. But I know my boys are going to pull it through with a mouth watering performance…
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhDID YOU KNOW WE LIVE? #MAXPL #MAXWEEKENDSPORTS #LIVLEI @maxtvgh @LFC @OfficialSitso Please I want Kingston to clarify on his comment concerning the black stars player sel…
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @OfficialSitso @maxtvgh @LFC @LCFC You know where this is going already. #YNWA
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @bengeelow @maxtvgh A shambolic man utd managed to beat Leicester, how much more the high flying Liverpool at anfield.
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh @LCFC @premierleague @LFC @OfficialSitso Liverpool is gonna win by two goals to one greetings to WAPOSO and Adoley inside spintex
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @OfficialSitso @maxtvgh Leicester City is winning Liverpool today by two goals to nil
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh @LFC @premierleague @LCFC @OfficialSitso Liverpool is gonna win by two goals to one greetings to WAPOSO and Adoley inside spintex
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh @LCFC @premierleague @LFC @OfficialSitso Liverpool will win at all cost. #MaxPL
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh Liverpool will win by two goals to one. But I think Loris is out for the rest of the season
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhIS @LFC RECORD GOING TO HOLD TODAY? TUNE INTO @maxtvgh AND JOIN OUR STUDIO DISCUSSIONS WITH @OfficialSitso AS WE BR… is gonna win two goals to one greetings to WAPOSO and Adoley inside spintex
Retweeted by MaxTv_GhWe are airborne on @maxtvgh for the big game. @LFC vs @LCFC
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh @maxtvgh Leicester is gonna massacre lipool by ending their unbeaten reign this season Hala #city
Retweeted by MaxTv_Gh