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99% of the time, I ignore trolls and ban them. 1% of the time, I do this:
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷I did good today. I did real good today, despite it all. And I'm going to accept that as I prepare for sleep. @DovaTLM Agreed @DovaTLM Haha. I wish I was there. I know a perfectly good place to dispose of the leftovers (it's my face) @NamErehWon @FlavoredCurry @randypaint for all those asking - michelin stars were created to give people an incenti…
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷 @DovaTLM @RobinAChilds But yeah a recording or writing just for your own sake... I mean I've written things down ju… @DovaTLM @RobinAChilds Exploration somehow. Like if Cory and you worked together or treated it more like teatime di… @DovaTLM @RobinAChilds That's a good point. You can just record them to record them to listen to your own thought l… think this is Important to Read
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷 @DovaTLM OMG THAT LOOKS AMAZING @Prof_NoFace Lol about both parts really (one sarcastically, one in earnest) @RobinAChilds The best part: the notes were dictated. I didn't even have to write them. That's SOMEONE ELSES SUMMAR… a good thread. Lets keep working for positive change for all on phone helping me: "the notes were kinda a lot" Me, internally: yeah I have a brand Me, externally: *chuckles* yeahhhMAKES REALLY LOUD UGLY CRYING NOISES IT'S HERE!!! THERE IS SO MUCH GOOD ART IN THIS BABY!!! Including 2 pictures i…
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷 @YeehawScout I am not this Mind+brain combo, but I can understand and respect it so can I be a sidekick from time to time?
Some weeks you have to call your health insurance for two different instances where your doctor has fucked up. Joy… @mcboots42 Gosh, same to you. Mine day thusfar has prooved to be DISAPPOINTING (infuriating) @mcboots42 Woof. Not that one specifically, but otherwise yes. I'm so sorry to hear that is gonna be one of those days for you @Lacuna_Absurda @brosephene_ Received, and acceptedIt's so weird being raised by christians and spending your entire childhood being told to care about others then on…
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷Was talking with folks on the Kriscord about this today so I thought I'd share it here because it's just neat.
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷look how easy this is artist: Daniele Turturici 🎨 💸
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷 @DrunkPhyto I read this recount and it never even occurred to me so lol same @brosephene_ Man I know this. I had a bad old brain weekend. You know where to hmu if you need Solidarity 💜Every time i see lady dimitrescu
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷 @DovaTLM "hey butthead" "hi, jerk" @KiltedIan @Archimer I'm so stoked you don't even knowHermitcraft 7: 1-hour bonus stream! Terraforming!
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷So do some fucking good with it the
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷 @DovaTLM But they're DELICIOUSI should also about out @DovaTLM who made candy brittle and cookies BUT I ATE ALL OF THEM SO I CANT TAKE ANY PICS… MY FUCKING GOD AHHHH @KiltedIan @Archimer THIS IS AMAZING THANK YOU SO MUCH HOLY FUCK I LOVE IT WHAT A PLEAS… of fallen stars Amn, moonshae, cormyr Aka, the places I'm making my bros play. Also during the second sunder…
I've updated my online portfolios! Check out my work for children's, fantasy, and horror illustrations.…
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷 @deggey @AbbyHoward I have had this happen a few times as well. It ain't great @ouisequitur Only now? Lucky. Lol @Shadowdun ... * "more than normal for me" stressed @Shadowdun Same. Worse when I don't sleep or am super stressed..... Like more than normal stressed @Iscaneus @Prof_NoFace Also let's talk about how he then claims that critique is also art & he's "just creating" ju… headline: "TERF Doesn't Suffer Consequences, HBO Max Proves Cancel Culture Not Real."
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷 @DCpierson My job is trying to go back to in-person (with PPE/other procedures that will be distracting) because nu…
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷 @BittersTweet @duxsilvae AMAZING
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷 @duxsilvae Omg I could do this at work IF ONLY MY GAMES WERE IN PERSON FAK#CTEAM ART 115 February 13, 2019 S3E4 Have I thought about causality? I think about it all the time, *Halfling.*…
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷 @duxsilvae ... shit, I'm hungry @GreenCloak_GCC @Pastabiliti @Prof_NoFace THAT'S A GOOD POINT joe also pointed out that it makes the braille inacc… @Lord_Kayne @Pastabiliti @Prof_NoFace Well I'm not alone in thinking it's derp, then, so that's reassuring @Zemoj_ That is actually a good point. Depending on what they use to clean, if it's abraisive or potent @Pastabiliti @Prof_NoFace This was my thought too, but also that most people aren't going to touch the panel just t… @joehills LIKE YOURE NOT WRONG @Mattwilljackson @Fin_Not_Fawn HOW FUCKING DARE YOU OUT ME THIS WAY. or any of those times I walk across the shop…'m not sure why the plastic is necessary, you'd sanitize it the same way regardless, right... Or am I crazy? @Fin_Not_Fawn @Mattwilljackson I had to pause preemptively because I realized I reached for my phone SO LIKE IT'S UNENDING @Prof_NoFace Our lizard brain's fight or flight doesn't always know which one to use or even when to use it at all, so, I dig @wightfyre @Mattwilljackson @Prof_NoFace This also makes sense @Doonami Its ok. I'll get it if it's the only one. Regular or red usually strike me more?? But I don't drink much… we all just agree to stop nitpicking or being ironically pedantic when someone is celebrating a personal victor…
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷Boomer entry-level job requirements vs millennial entry-level job requirements
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷 @Mattwilljackson That third one is so me I'm frankly annoyed lol. I have done this SO MANY TIMES TODAY AND LAST NIGHTMe, worldbuilding: Okay the sun and moon are gods in my pantheon Me: hmm, what if instead of making the moon a wom…
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷i've mentioned this before but one of the hardest things about adhd is how it can WRECK your relationships because…
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷Me @Prof_NoFace Haha in her case it's just jewelry, but that's a pretty interesting idea I might steal for a future weapon!Putting Kamala Harris as VP into perspective.See the red box? Until then, she would have been enslaved.See the blu…
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷Bloodstain
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷 @Prof_NoFace It a bardiche, lol! Basically a halberd @Prof_NoFace PFFT I kinda like this, but also I know why there's a distinction. But still. Mental health skill trees is a great idea @Pastabiliti I love her, but I think she's going to gross out my dm, lol. But she's awesome
@DrunkPhyto @Shadowdun chara who dis? Meet Moloch-d'm She's been in hell a while, I'm sure she's fine. (My phone's coloring options… @DrunkPhyto @Shadowdun Yeah, if there isn't mild teasing and awkwardness then are we even really friends??? @Archimer @DovaTLM @RobinAChilds EXCELLENT TO KNOW THANK YOU @RobinAChilds @DovaTLM That's fucking bullshit and I hate that it's a real thing goddamn it this is why we can't have nice things @Prof_NoFace Haha. It was some sort of event outdoors with multiple temporary buildings. Felt more like a farmers… @DovaTLM @RobinAChilds EXACTLY @Prof_NoFace Yup, exactly. With how fast the world moves these days, most people (myself included) don't have tim… @DovaTLM @RobinAChilds That's actually a good point too. I kinda would avoid it mostly because at that point I'm li… @deggey After it I had sleep paralysis for 2 hours :) @RobinAChilds Lol yeah, I searched octopus prints online and etsy is FULL of different storefronts with this exact… @kaldrenon I can imagine! Its gotta be so cathartic @Prof_NoFace I honestly never even looked at the logoDirty wip I’ll clean it later lol
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷(details in the article)When people use some real data, then fudge the rest, it's still a lie @ActionEconomist Covetous? I think that's covetous @Prof_NoFace SAME SAME because the artist saw things that they each wanted to convey, but also there's culture beh… you hear any politician say they’re only trying to prevent “voter fraud,” understand this: That’s part of the…
Retweeted by MaxwellsDeamon, blm, 😷 @ActionEconomist @YeehawScout @ActionEconomist @DrunkPhyto Maybe just something completely left field @Prof_NoFace Right!!! Its so fascinating how they decided to portray the story in their pictures. I love art @DrunkPhyto @YeehawScout I also don't have (or at least not yet diagnosed) OCD, but my therapist has called my copi… Love both of these?? They have a few other pictures comparing the styles in a thread too. Just Adorable draw… @DrunkPhyto Thank you for this news Any time I see one of them with The Mugs I'll have to find something to do, also @KiltedIan NOOOOO THAT SUCKSIdk if it's actually sleep paralysis, but it's the only thing similar phenomena I know of: I feel awake I feel lik… paralysis Or do I not exist corporeally You decide