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art @may_wedda i hear u talk about we a lot..

keyboard enthusiast, audiophile, & gaming warlord

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@SkreetMan stfu new posty video @bIuezenith oh nah this is for recording LOL @yakioff i should be fine team @drizter1 no business trying to join LOL @_miyamoto__ @kocya1003 @gxmblr NAH @drizter1 @CFC_Ant Deadass like as long as the internals weren’t fucked with, idc lmfao, it’s my kid @NotAirid @OnTheFlyTwitch dude got irl one tapped @NotAirid @OnTheFlyTwitch Like the rona vaccine or what @813BWA @OnTheFlyTwitch he had to be white @OnTheFlyTwitch Not watching this video can someone tell me if the tourney is canceled @Nadeshot Let’s play man @isnifffeet 609121290 @BamzTwitch MY CRUSH IS GOING TO SEE THIS, I CANT COMPETE @BamzTwitch Please delete this @HarryButAverage @saburo2k @CrypticNotAlone NAHHH I JUST KNOW U WERE DYING AT THISDMING ALL PEOPLE PLAYING TONIGHT, AND POSTING BRACKET AS WELL. TOMORROW AT 1PM PST WOOOOOOO @JhbTeam @xoxabstract LMFAOOOO my bad I couldn’t tell, who was I kidding @Ultra15151 I haven’t gotten $10 @ELPWSwastaken @KittenElise I don’t do jokes white boy, watch your fucking mouth.Hey Twitter, my account with 90k followers got permanently suspended last night for a mistake I made 3 years ago a…
Retweeted by art @KittenElise @ELPWSwastaken Elpws, you did that? @AlexK1_ The delivery dude @ELPWSwastaken @KittenElise No dude stfuSUGAR MOMMY WOOOOO @ELPWSwastaken FUCK UFOR STARBUCKS*Can someone send me $10 I’m so hungover rn $mayweddda @BakeHatesItHere WOOOOOO GOAT @BakeHatesItHere WOOOOO @BakeHatesItHere $25 @DarienBMG alksjfnwokanvpouiasv @w6heeda go fuck urself @LazasBautista @CrypticNotAlone on my momma i aint ever wanna beat someones ass so bad before @poopcacclious Do U still talk to him @2dfanta holy shit actually put the noose on @2dfanta razer viper, or zowie s2 @2dfanta Yeah LOL @JoeyTheSuperJew @Javan_Murphy @SkreetMan DID U SEE OUR ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO? @SkreetMan @Javan_Murphy that’s how time works @w6heeda Legit, I’ll shit on all of them @SkreetMan @Javan_Murphy Yeah @Javan_Murphy 1:40 our match I think @paidintraplanta aight @savyeet I call your dick @Yuhuuur Idec cause I’d shit on half the mfs on that shit @Schovee post a couple valorant tiktoks and suddenly everyone becomes fucking hiko in the comments @awiannuh It’s all the canes @JhbTeam Lol. @Yuhuuur @JhbTeam @xoxabstract LMFAOOOOOOO @JhbTeam @xoxabstract Omg are u with a girl??? @slamongfIobo @nCaustic_ will play raze @nCaustic_ I’m playing breach or reyna @nCaustic_ don’t worry we will play good @nCaustic_ @nCaustic_ don’t care u better be on ur A game tomorrow @reaIlysexy Idk what I meant by this @reaIlysexy Only worrying about making @ELPWSwastaken u got this g @JhbTeam @SesoHQ u l;ook fucking stuipid L:OL @Dokai420 this for game filter @Dokai420 @omfgarlen @KittenElise @oFabz WHAT @CrypticNotAlone @KittenElise @oFabz hey @reaIlysexy @KittenElise @oFabz @KittenElise @oFabz I have urs on too lol @omfgarlen @KittenElise @oFabz Down bad with my notis on my brotha @KittenElise @oFabz idk prolly, my followers are inactive @KittenElise @oFabz I was 1,665 I lost so many 🙄🙄🙄 @graham527 YO wtf GOAT TY KITTEN @katiejuliannaa @Daymeeein $mayweddda thank u for the $10 @graham527 @Daymeeein That’s cringe. @katiejuliannaa @Daymeeein Can u pay for mine instead @graham527 @Daymeeein MASHALLAH @LostInTheWorldl BRUH @chickfiley LMFAO @ELPWSwastaken @jack @Twitter YOU DELETED UR TWEET AHAHAHAHA @ELPWSwastaken @jack @Twitter ratio'd @ELPWSwastaken @jack @Twitter this dude just wanted an excuse to flex the russel follow im crying @Paracoochie I’ll foundation wipe Twitter HQ. @oneslickmf fucking hurts @joshmadcute00 WOO @saburo2k bottom frags talking shit 😖😖😖😖kinda dirty with it
@xoxabstract @slamongfIobo @SkreetMan That dudes wrist is on 1 hunger, shit got to the point where he has to use an ergo mouse @xoxabstract play the tourney @xoxabstract download modern warfare @xoxabstract Salma @BoyOneDrrPriv @SkreetMan Deep blue goes fucking hard @lolYisus @Cloud9 WOOOOOOOOO LETS GO @SkreetMan @BoyOneDrrPriv LMFAO he does not know @2dfanta @nCaustic_ not the toallita man @2dfanta @nCaustic_ huh @aldo0ooo minorities rising up @reaIIyshort deadass @isnifffeet nah he’s fr the goat