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w/ my SL@

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@veefroggy bless u mommy @Boltslol @ijdawg998 @OnTheFlyTwitch @JoeyTheSuperJew good luck jordan @ijdawg998 @OnTheFlyTwitch @JoeyTheSuperJew @Boltslol jesus @JERMAlNE are we gonna in there when we go to the compound @JERMAlNE logans setup is so fucking nice @nCaustic_ what @leahdb98 No my mouse broke @LiquidSaid No I’m in call with them rn, I told them the teams joining rn are cracked so keeping us in would be better content wise @KaleiRenay will that work @shivisdumb ok I unfollowed @shivisdumb @shivisdumb cause you told me to follow you on tiktokwatching tiktoks with the boys 😁👍 @SamManlol @LuTzzIol Ok? @oFabz @Leo__ffs @OnTheFlyTwitch @LazasBautista @CFC_Ant @losdeemix Easiest first round of my life @nCaustic_ wtf @nCaustic_ @ownagesauce I have my teammate @ownagesauce @nCaustic_ I’m gonna have to declineGood luck.
Retweeted by art 🌵 @SkreetMan Good luck to all the teams. @SkreetMan Tag me @SkreetMan I didnt see it @OnTheFlyTwitch good game to all the teams joining @Leo__ffs WOOO @SkreetMan no I’m scratching my ballz rn, want to sniff @meramicat @ownagesauce bungee @cooladnacoola gotta see which one I feel more comfortable with @SkreetMan u just had to make it cringe @ownagesauce I just don’t want it to be capetown small @ownagesauce So should I cancel that and get wireless one @ownagesauce Mini @Leo__ffs HyperX headset goat, but if budget ain’t an issue arctisTEST RUN SOON##### @josesanchez3498 The ergonomic shape it has to it is a no for me @VanishingTerror Youre lucky my reply was asked to get deleted @notchaselyons Yep @ELPWSwastaken I did, they felt uncomfortable @ELPWSwastaken no Dude, I used capetown that shit is too small @notchaselyons No @xoxabstract i called her cute she said lol back and we’ve never talked again @BasedGothlol I just don’t want it to be as small as the capetown, cause that one was small asf @atSerpentine That shits a brick Bro @yNope_ I have the s1 but the lift off sensor fucks me up and kinda heavyneed new mouse lol lmk what yall recc, nothing too heavy tho @notchaselyons $5 to take chase lyons out to dinner @shivisdumb probably gonna buy a g pro wireliess @zyereikcaj shut the fuck up @Boltslol @Ultra15151 Knowing final mouse they’re brain dead as fuck and wont even bother checking the email @Ultra15151 no way chance they would, right?? @zyereikcaj check priv @AIexIoI fuck u!!!! 🖕🖕🖕 @LazasBautista need that kit without that big ass shit in the middle @LazasBautista this man united kit is so fucking nice but that chevy logo smh @CrypticNoOne The Office better @Exocism_ @CrypticNoOne @marcusy_ That shit fell off @Huntrelol LMFAOOOO “done” @jackiereyz grown woman @Huntrelol The ok? Has so much power @jackiereyz @jackiereyz you meow? what’s your point? @jackiereyz those are all replies to my tweets and responses lol @SkreetMan no shes shay! @ookrach what i do @ncockstick I want clout so bad @Freddychini @ookrach dry humps uhiii @davelanzarin_ Yes i can lol, don’t catch me wit a goatee tho @Froste @SkreetMan Not on aimlabs..his goatee looks fucking dumbTHIS DUDE GOT 13K SUBS ALREADY, LOOK AT CHAT havent streamed cause I want shroud to have as much viewers possible 🙄 i cant be greedy at a time like this @CrypticNo @optiuh fr @ripxRain WELL OBVIOUSLY @ripxRain ? @shivisdumb We stayed up for four hours watching tiktoksAHHHHHHHHH @LosPollosTV wasnt planning on it @kelsuy @xoxabstract @drixburger @katiebvg stan 42 dugg @liImorg anyways stan ohgeesy @ha1eymarie @xoxabstract @drixburger @katiebvg cool! @kelsuy @xoxabstract @drixburger @katiebvg anyways @dr2xter thank god i made a funny joke and you left right after i thought you hated it lol @WhosBreezyUK @xoxabstract shut up dude @oFabz @JERMAlNE you need fucking help @xoxabstract @drixburger @katiebvg GO GO GOOOOOOOOOO @larryg092 @katiebvg @diamondswet999 @Froste @Stretched TALK THAT TALK LARRY @JERMAlNE @Mako @SkreetMan in kitten discord just watching YouTube if u tryna join @keynailol what if we played fall guys lol @Froste @katiebvg Talk that talk @CrypticNo cant believe people beat to her @Avalanche100T whos really there for you in the end @LazasBautista my lord @Mako @Avalanche100T @MyFavsTrash WOOOOOO @SkreetMan @koordell @Akademiks didnt you order your kovaaks shirt two sizes too small? @Avalanche100T No one dude, everybody meowing and shit @atSerpentine @Avalanche100T @CFC_Ant damn I dont even be doing shit, I’m just here Bro, good looks 🙏