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who want mesigh warzone servers are dog shit rn, playing among us with morons FOR 50 CHANNEL POINTS IS BACK TOO RIIIING ZAAAAA WWAAAAAAAAA warzone but it’s in the dark cause it’s Halloween mode, playing music and deleting vod afterwards… eating corinna kopfs poop @cleoisok ur 15 bruh go do something elseYo can I use your music while streaming without getting DMCA’d @russdiemonfinishing off some paperwork then streaming 💆🏻 @Frozone Wait where is this coming from? I’d understand if it was 4v4 kill race, but this is just hopping into duos… @FelonyPS wow. @FelonyPS I’m so tired are we gonna drink later 🥺 @SocialFN I haven’t left my desk all day, and I’m not tryna sleep cause I’ll wake up in the middle of the night @Yuhuuur we not gonna meetings alllll day, had an assignment due at 11 in the morning, ahhhhhh exhausted but making moves
@FelonyPS what dudebeen so busy today just wanna nap @sttarena What did u mean by this @CorinnaKopf Don’t worry about it. @layymooon dont disrespect this.this shit just nutted in my mouth @stereoberrys how to say u have a nicotine addiction @Doc_Gore I haven’t had ramen or pho in so long, I’m gonna moan with each biteI blame froste liking my tweets, I’m gonna fall in love with you
Retweeted by art @Froste I’m looking at my fridge nuthing to eat, now I’m ordering ramen cause of u @xoxabstract All the underage clout chasers posting ass wouldn’t be near the app 😹😹😹 @TheTopViking clout chaserssocial climbers are so funny man, they make it look so obvious @FaZeApex @FaZeClan Pick me up, trust. @Doc_Gore That sucks so much, hopefully insurance covers it @Mako @TheMob You could’ve used a blanket... @sttarena on kovaaks @itsnaatey nah I can’t I need my playlist or sumn @sttarena stfu damn @Xotic Yeah I’m prolly gonna have to download voicemeter and fix up audio and I don’t wanna do that shit smh @Freddychini @vohlii BAHAHAHA @sttarena What does this mean @LosPollosTV Los what’s up @sttarena I don’t have ur number @sttarena u got cashapp king $mayweddda @sttarena send me $8 and I’ll buy one rngonna get boba who won’t me hehe @sttarena peach green tea goes dummy @HarryButAverage u might be onto sumn.. @sttarena Bell Bottoms perhaps 🤔 @nmgreen57 nope I bought them on ebay and they say their 100% authentic wear bootcut jeans with these and stepping out @Xouped If I see “follow and turn on notifs” from you, it’s over @DailyRapFacts Lucid Dreams fr Lil Uzi perhapsHELLO I PLAY SOOOO MUCH COD @asukassy02 I want them. @starlovesuu Okthe goat.. @starlovesuu dude just buy them @jakkuxd Heavens arena and Exam part goated asf @starlovesuu How much are they @dagostlno Dud u get 990 headphones @dagostlno nah the mousewheel is actually meta asf, if air58 had this scroll wheel I’d still use it @dagostlno @notchaselyons Bring back rustu lucky u bad asl 🤦🏻‍♂️ @ashlenite yea @dagostlno It’s a really good mouse, better than air58 and if it breaks I can just replace easily rather than email god damn finalmouse @dagostlno 2, I haven’t tried 1 tho @KittenElise Right you’re gonna record it like you’ll get the chance to pull it out @KittenElise I would beat the living shit out of you if you ever got near me @KittenElise personally I wouldn’t get near you @KittenElise Your point? @KittenElise ? @CrypticNoOnee @JhbTeam It’s true @kaylinnss enough of what @Xotic @JhbTeam @JakeSucky BAHAHAHAHA @JhbTeam How do you still have zero bitches? @whatthefawk23 Tell her, the fuck @MrSamdman yeah but I miss playing @MrSamdman next season I will play fortnite competitively @FavsPriv @100Tjdawg No bruh the gang, of course the family @KittenElise The YouTuber? @KittenElise But if my gf wanted to post pics of her body, she should freely do that, as she should.listening to ariana grandeso bored gonna text my ex @kaylinnss what about deposits @wtfshayy if u replied on snap my bad I deleted the app @wtfshayy The frank ocean song? @ncockstick @ncockstick empty. whywe really made that girl delete the picture of her lil ugly ass baby @w6heeda What @fatgirljuice NAH FR @snowtrist Stfu watching debateTRUMP GOT IRL SERVER MUTED @hoajuu aigh @FavsPriv @Boltsiola @LazyBautista @FavsPriv @Boltsiola @LazyBautista Then sit down!!!Take a fucking guess @scobesx can I get a taste of ur gooch
@aweynu Yeah, a job. @Yuhuuur @xoxabstract u straight cappin,,, @OfficialJDi Dude you don’t get it, their are FAR better options than what he’s offering, this is just a quick cash grab @100TJackiee trump wave rainbow flag = supports lgbt @KittenElise Kovaaks need aim back lazy ass get out of bed