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@bocxtop take ur pick @Luciaonearth yup that’s me!! @bocxtop could play dress up with me. i will be waiting with these @sgtballsvevo i don’t know but i do know that i am wearing a tiara @sgtballsvevo me i do @nateandmufasa ur still handsome in those the camera was just being mean @nateandmufasa so handsome everytime
@KingKinvar DO IT @nateandmufasa i will visit u at ur home when it is near mewhy is every leftist man 5'8
Retweeted by vapid slut @_reecespuff_ @biboofficial so truewords to live by 🙏*looking at walmart* andrew yang: this is a BIG bodega *looking at exxon* andrew yang: and this is a bodegas sta…
Retweeted by vapid slut @katewajda omg YES @YaLiekJazz @bocxtop not my fault ur wifi is bad @bocxtop i recommended THESE items which would look VERY GOOD on you and tbh it’s more pirate aesthetic/royalcore @emaddeaux @justky1018 i’m all for bullying irresponsible ppl during covid but truly what should she do? not work? starve?? @dripothee LMFAOO no i am doing a bit where i made my name the cool insults people have called me @isabelhnnah u really think so 🥺🥺i still do lol my friends just fucking suck did we stop playing dress up like at what age did we decide it was no longer acceptable to have a chest full of… best time to buy Bitcoin is whenever they have the suicide hotline pinned in the subreddit
Retweeted by vapid slut @SaeedDiCaprio 🥺🥺 @SaeedDiCaprio he’s so handsome 🥺I’m checking temperatures today at work & this lady walks in, I check her temp she says loudly “YOU SAID MY TEMPERA…
Retweeted by vapid slutsea shanties make me drop my panties 🗣🗣🗣 @sushipregnancy no YOURE so cute
@nateandmufasa do one for ur OF pls @motherofworms @nateandmufasa lets see urs👀👀y’all know i had to put my own spin on this one (due to my lack of ass and abundance of statement pieces in my ward…'ve heard of a sea shanty, now get read for,,
Retweeted by vapid slut @blakeslun LETS GOOOOOOOO @SaeedDiCaprio love u @SaeedDiCaprio 😔 @SaeedDiCaprio yeah but none of u (except ellen) have rsvped for craft night :/this is all it takes
Retweeted by vapid slut @Rachel_Sennott this is so relatable @DoSomeMolly 😳they were filling out a google form oopspost-long-sea-voyage dick was probably fucking unreal
Retweeted by vapid slut @thexionxtra miguel...just joined this zoom a few minutes late everyone is dead silent what is going onnnn’m really sending soapy tiddies to a guy who doesn’t even have my number saved
Retweeted by vapid slut @golfposting (PST)the worst feeling is when u join camera on and everyone else’s cameras are off and u have to turn it off really fast ughsea shanty no joke dog i be in my room like “Blow ye winds westerly, blow ye winds, blow Jolly sou'wester, boys, st…
Retweeted by vapid slut @fatimamacita22 i can do porn but i can’t drink @FistSteakface yes i was @bocxtop i paid to plan a lesson with my star student points and i made my entire 4th grade class watch my little p… @VIPLaker @zoom_us stop being mean to some social media intern in my replies ur just making a random 23 year old wi… @AnarchyApe no this is def a new idea it’s just really fucking stupid @KrisSheldon3 .....friendship is magic @saremizu it def was a cult nglat the start of every club meeting during recess we would put our hands over our hearts and sing the theme songin elementary school i had a my little pony fan club that had an entrance exam to prove you knew enough about the show to join @marxistjewbitch YESSIR @nateandmufasa can i be little spoon pls @nateandmufasa omw to snuggle
@WeissSandor u can always trust sandor the man-door to watch cnn @LudaDrisc @Bentleyspop well could be medieval or victorian kinda just whatever period u vibe with. or ur comfiest period sweats! @bocxtop mfs b like “we gotta set a precedent” bruh the precedent ur setting is holding a performative hearing nobodies scared of that @Bentleyspop a tiara and pretty dress or period attirei just bought a lottery ticket if i win i will start a commune and u are all invited @boojum137 i am subtweeting all of twitter which includes eliwe all say we like shanties but i think it’s time we collectively admit that we’ve only ever heard wellerman. we like one shanty.i introduced myself on zoom out of nowhere, i thought i heard my name and unmuted myself and did a whole ass introd…
Retweeted by vapid slutKarl Marx writing the Capitol / me reading it 300 years later
Retweeted by vapid sluti will never join a zoom meeting with my camera on. I gotta see what the vibes are firstlol, i photoshopped and made this tweet
Retweeted by vapid slutLife moves slowly
Retweeted by vapid slutmore jobs should have shanties
Retweeted by vapid slut @ZmacZane @HefnerIsaac i wanted him til u showed me his disaster of a bedroomthe key to every girls heart
Retweeted by vapid slut @TheAugoosetus u have never once even RESPONDED when i ask to play @GeorgieLoveLife @bocxtop @tropicanapussy u realize the tweet is fake right dudemy sword from etsy has been sitting in the same usps facility in new jersey for 5 days now i’m so upset @MistressSnowPhD mostly just cause my email will have like 50 different topics within it and lets be real you can w… @MistressSnowPhD that’s me!or maybe it’s just mine idkdads listen to half an npr episode about something and decide that they’re experts and won’t rest until the whole w… @OmarOkaheel yeah just reactivated it’s takes followers a minute to reset
@violinbug u suck meanie @violinbug what am i @socialistalia i am still pro-****** i am not listening lalalalala i can’t hear yougoing to school is just saying a bunch of words and if someone doesn’t pretend to understand them you can call them dumbare you the sibling that minds their own business or the one that walks into their room to stare? @friendoftoads love this for us @nateandmufasa cool so am i @nateandmufasa are you on woodchucktok? @TheEpicDept i relate @SweetTout that’s what i’m sayingmaybe we should start oppressing christians who’s on board? @en_crichton uh disabled people are overwhelmingly shown to be the people who die most from covid @EddyT24130751 nah thats no worries sometimes u just need some time with the boys im not mad about itwow. truly, who could have known?’m singing nautical ballads in Yiddish, call that shantisemitism
Retweeted by vapid sluti put on a coat “where are you going?” for a walk. i will probably end up getting coffee. why does this with your parents for covid is wild cause it’s like you’re in middle schoolmaya toxic hours ✨