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Mayank Gandhi @mayankgandhi04 Mumbai and Parli,Marathawada

Working for the upliftment of the underprivileged & dedicated towards growth of the country. No party nor any ideology, no fear nor favor. What's right is right

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Reality is created by consciousness, as consciousness causes the collapse of the wave function that in turn causes… 11.86 lakh trees incl 1.5 lakh drumsticks and 1.5 lakh papaya. Both produce have come on trees. We are tryi… now, logistical @sjsuspartan Not yet started selling leaves. After tree is strengthened after a year and half, we will start selling leavesIf anyone wants to help financially in these times - there is no better cause and no better person than Anjali to t…
Selling large quantity of Drumsticks is a challenge Mortality rates for roadside trees is very high @anjali_damania is distributing thousands of PPE kits. Please connect to her logging off. Back in evening at 5 pm. Thanks. Was a pleasure.Negative stories get far more readership and attention. Therefore -ve stories get more prominence. Its natural govt works on these areas. Like you said, the focus is on other things. be a reason. for going beyond AAP. :) I think countries will depend more on themselves and bi-lateral treaties than mult… was one of the main reasons kabhi kapil mishra ke saath kaam nahi kiya. Lekin NC ki meeting me (trained by Sanjay Singh) wo Shanti Bhusha… is possible, I hold no brief for either nor BJP. But I know that AK is a master of floating conspiracy theories long story. If anyone wants a free, signed copy, send me your address in DM, will courier after lockdown We are working to increase farmer income by more than 20 times. We have succeeded in 106 v… continue to exist, win and lose like other parties. of geopolitical ups and downs. Nothing serious is supposed to be the ladder to spirituality. Unfortunately, people believe the ladder to be the goal. no hatred. I am saying that he is doing good for Delhi. But its also true that he betrayed cause of honest and a… evidence of that. Know AK and how he can float theories, as he did against YY and PB. Possible or theory - ca… was sidelined. Personal diff with Kejriwal. He was uncomfortable with compromises made by AAP said - choose richness or poverty. Politics is poverty, service to mankind is richness. Have chosen well also do not agree with his ideology you cannot let go of your ego - are you a good man?? think so dont think 5T possible. Can foresee pain and misery for our countrymen Indian democracy good man. Not much chance in electoral politics.$5T seems very difficult. I hv increased farmer incomes by over 20 times To me, it seems o… there any party except North Korea which has pic of leader on flag? 😆😆 continue as one more party. Though good leadership can make them grow well in vaccuum of opposition. will never work. People will continue to buy cheapest and most practical products. There are lot of ways to win. Money, muscle and divisive agenda too you work well for voters, votes will come not believe subhransu. I am just giving my views. 😃, aye sir have a gut-feeling about the same. We are well positioned. Asia is the future and with China in bad books - India…इसी लिए aap बनायीं थी serve the nation, politics is but a path. Right now, what i am doing is far more impactful to the country. You… and and tell me what is your strength and how you would like… (increase manufacturing sector) and strengthen country and increase employment, Increase e-governance… is a goon but can get Muslim votes. Kejriwal is a vote - seeking device winning 67 seats, Kejriwal felt that he could take on Modi in 2019 elections and head mahagatbandhan by winni… one has goodness and badness within them. You cannot classify. A genuinely good person wanting the best for t… no idea of this. sorry. of Investigative police and routine police should be done and investigative wing be given complete auton… should be mobile courts with time-frames for every 100 villages. Most cases would get over at that level. RTI, there should be "Compulsory Disclosure Act". All depts shud put their financial details and goal achieved…, he is like any other politician. Like Mayawati and others - he will win and lose. But the plan of changing the… Made in India for weapons is crucial enjoying the conversation! Do keep your questions coming in. Preferable if you can use the #AskMG and tag me along with it.Once he ensured that all Muslim voters are with him, he went for the Hindu votes. His strategy and ideology is base… reasonably well. PR is part of anything in public domain. Will have to accept it - "Public sectors were supposed to be the temples of modern India, but the pujaris ate all the prasad 😃" They… There should be a collective leadership of equals and amongst them, there should a first-among-equals and… is fabulous opportunity for Aap to go national, as there is no credible opposition. But insecurity of Kejriwa…, Indian elections need great deal of money. Aap stopped being honest about money and removed online d…, why should it. We can amend it to give a fixed term. The German model of PR is working so well was visible, but we thought that it was for the nation, so we encouraged. But when it started for power, it wa… Unless some rules and parameters are set - people can be exploited. subject. Ideally less government is good governance. Privatization in most sectors is good, but in some s…, I dont even know what it means. Have still to realise myself - on the path. 😃 is grim. Transportation is a problem and therefore sales. Fruits like Papaya and drumsticks are lying unp… travelling within. Reflecting, meditating and keep on asking oneself "Who am I". The answers will come. My Guru… Ralegaon Siddhi. He doesnt seem to have a game plan with 15, then entire Parli taluka of 106 villages and now we are working with 3856 villages of Beed, Latur,…, its worth examining other styles. My preference is Proportional Representation model of elections over our Fir… is working for good of Delhi citizens. He thinks that only he knows what is best, his need for control cannot al… of borewell is the key to water harvesting. Most importantly, one needs to be careful that water from fi…, it's been long time since we have interacted! Do send me in your questions on Spirituality, Governance, Global… now agree that it was the Quantum Vacuum which gave birth to the observable universe. Thus scientists ha… whole universe is an enormous wave function that constitute a kind of ocean of infinite energy. This supposedly…
There was neither non-existence nor existence then; there was neither the realm of space nor the sky which is beyon… shall allow these questions to go unanswered, for now, as we deal with the "how" and "what" of existence. So, p… God "transcendent ( independent of the universe )? Is God immanent (one which exists within — within us, within… hv ceded leadership to either extremists, left-liberals or dynasties. All of them hv their agendas and us…
Needs urgent attention @nsitharaman 9-9 light show was kind of spiritual. Lakhs, maybe crores of people joining from the confines of their homes… need a sober, balanced and honest leadership. The ones that speak on their behalf are not good for them.I felt as if I was going higher and higher. Extrapolating myself into a larger and larger vortex like a sci-fi film… it was again just a hypothesis and could not satisfy me. I needed something more experiential to be convinced.… questions refused to leave. Is life determined? Do we have a free will? These questions had been chasing me eve…
Screenshot of BCG's predictive report for India. Situation is grim. Thankfully, cases growing slower than projected…
Nothing in nature, a brilliantly designed and extremely intelligent system - is indiscriminate or accidental, every… the inequality in life accidental or random and chance based? Or does it have a cause, process and an intelligence?It is at the final, most subtle level of energy dynamics and the movements of the quantum particles that one truly… out of nonsense (Part 10) - At the most superficial level - one can see Hindu Gods as idols or forms, or at… @saxenaamit7404 I was appreciatingHis stand is stupid. This has to be a multi=pronged approach. It is not motivation against hospital. It is both one's fighting invisible-enemy of unprecedented proportion - there has to be a multi-pronged approach. Keepi…