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new york city in the 1980s. 📸: jamel shabazz @boaeditions omg 🥰 @juliacraven 🤧
@jourdayen very few people are funnier than someone who’s ~earnestly~ wrong. @dradambanks !!!! @justiceaudre ♥️ aw jus. moments of black tenderness on screen. this time from “birthright” (1939). @jourdayen 🥰🥰🥰the little girl who sold the sun / la petite vendeuse de soleil (1999) @Kanopy to me films in december 2020: @LaNoireDe not me seeing his image and thinking the same thing 😭 @byshefon you already know 🖤 hope you’re having a great, great friday! @BGUnscripted 🙌🏾 and i still have more films to add that are streaming on the channel. 🖤 @byshefon i mean that’s the part!!!!!always thinking about these photos of eartha kitt at home in 1957. 📸: ben martin @vulture i reviewed I’M YOUR WOMAN looking at the film through the lens of women’s position in crime dramas and…
Retweeted by maya cade @PaigeUnabridged an icon living! ♥️ love you so much ♥️ @myabriabe of course!!! @myabriabe i never saw this. thank you so much, mya. 🖤🖤🖤🖤 let me go subscribe to your substack! @danielatlarge 😭😭😭 @mariaajudice 😭 it really does!“within our gates” (1920) dir. oscar micheaux the earliest surviving black feature. the complex, dark, and moving…“black is... black ain’t” (1994) dir. marlon riggs this documentary brilliantly captures the explosive conversati… @ddhewty abolish the lee fang complex!!! @Harmony_Holiday thee taste!!!!!’n“tongues untied” (1989) dir. marlon riggs a visionary documentary that sings the style, culture, and oppression u… @fiveboiii ok but actually!! @sewergilf 🖤🖤🖤🖤 @jtimpane @redroomrantings definitely!“bless their little hearts” (1984) dir. bill woodberry this rarely-seen masterpiece examines how chronic unemploy… @ohmakeda 🥰 there she is“daughters of the dust” (1991) dir. julie dash this lyrical masterwork offers a lush glimpse into the gullah peop… @DigitalHistory_ !!! this is high on my watch list! and will bring it up higher with your recommendation! 🖤 @screenswriteher hello!!! that *part* @BigNerdMary worth your time!! @enjolifromspace my only true regret too 🥵🖤I really enjoyed this when it was rereleased in theaters a couple of years ago. If you've been enjoying Small Axe I…
Retweeted by maya cade“black girl” (1966) dir. ousmane sembène this seemingly straightforward film about a woman who moves to france to… @BandamlakYimenu !! worth your time & i genuinely do not know. @chisomizm hello! 🖤 exactly why i’ll never call myself an aspiring screenwriter. 🖤 you are or you are not. @chisomizm 😭😭😭“a well spent life” (1971) dir. les blank a moving tribute to mance lipscomb, who many consider the greatest guita… @WhitlockAndPope !!! honestly a gem all around. too intense for me to ever see again but definitely a lot to love. sublime soundtrack, too!not me forgetting the link: ♥️“babylon” (1980) dir. franco rosso set in early 80s london, this fearless film charts a young DJ’s path as he pur…
“rafiki” (2018) dir. wanuri kahiu in the vibrant world of this film, this tender and familiar love story between t… @casselle 🖤 @LaNoireDe 🥺 that’s the part @thinglygrammar same!!! i’m about to tap in this weekend though. 🖤 @jourdayen @badromancepod can’t wait to listen!! 💘 @kellyrhonesdead !!! i’m excited to rewatch it myself this weekend. @cainlofton 🥰 @dreaalexand omg!!!!!! happy birthday fellow, sag. i hope you have a day worthy of you 🖤🖤🖤🖤 @cynfinite omg love when faves linking up!!!!! can’t wait to visit y’all on the other side of this 🥰 @cynfinite looks great 🥰 @cynfinite 👀some years are this. some years are that.
Retweeted by maya cade @jentrification 😭 iconic. i’ve already watched the show all the way through in quarantine. time to go for a second time around. @roxana_hadadi @RottenTomatoes you deserve!! 🖤 we’re all rooting for you! @roxana_hadadi @RottenTomatoes 🔥 congrats!!!Currently watching for the first time.
Retweeted by maya cade @jentrification 😭 i love how this show casually captures how dumb ~professional~ men can be. @mtmarch mary tyler 😭 @Jezebel justice had time for justice today!!!!!! @PKGM 📝🖤 @christinalefou 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰“black mother” (2018) dir. khalik allah from its tumultuous history to its urgent present, this documentary is a… @BriahnnaWrites i was gonna send you a voice note and ask you for your take. glad it does justice. 🖤 @ifursure 📝 that part! @privateislandr @criterionchannl 🖤🖤🖤🖤“shakedown” (2018) dir. leilah weinraub this documentary charts the 8 year run of shakedown, an underground black…“12 o’clock boys” (2013) dir. lotfy nathan this intimate documentary captures the thrilling experience of becoming… @Soeljchillinger 😭 @simonefiii !!!!!!!!!!!!! @Harmony_Holiday woooow this is literally one of the last places i went pre pandemic. holy shit. @teesenscene !!! let me break out my disk tomorrow. it’s time. (haven’t watched in a month lol) thanks for the reminder 🥰 @teesenscene say that!!!! @RegardingJosh 😭 red table gives us entanglements and bad convo but ch only has bad convo to offer @juliacraven hello! @RegardingJosh 😭😭😭😭😭 red table has more to offer than this tbh @CarlyMayberry @ReelTalker omg yes!!!!! @JayElHarris 🚀 @___JaneDough___ 👀 @AishaWatches @criterionchannl 🥰 @Eunice_Bee oooh! love to hear it. let me know if you need additional recs. 🖤 @jasmineuuilson 🖤
@dariansymone waiiiit @ElisaSDavis @criterionchannl ♥️“color adjustment” (1992) dir. marlon riggs an illuminating documentary that traces forty years of race relations…“sidewalk stories” (1989) dir. charles lane a poignant, nearly silent film that endearingly portrays the relation…“a dream is what you wake up for” (1978) dirs. larry bullard and carolyn johnson this masterwork examines what the… brother’s wedding (1983) dir. charles burnett in this timeless film, burnett examines class consciousness in a…“personal problems” (1980) dir. bill gunn in this intimate peek into black city life in 1980, gunn creates a “meta… @sekiyad 🖤 @LizTweetsThings elizabeth 😭 @LizTweetsThings 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @rshanea722 🖤🖤🖤🖤 very much same @DrMaDMo 😭