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I know why the caged bottom sings...

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this scene of wanda driving through westview was hilarious. cmon scarlet buick! #WandaVisiondecentering niggas is so freeingi choose jesus. team soldiers for christ. that's the team i'm on. @savvyfatty PERIOD.let me find out wendy is a wmw 😂😂😂she picked mike, the white guy! 😂wendy loves hood ass tyrone 😂😂😂😂I hate corny ass mennnn ughhhhImm tryna f*ck on Haroon and Tyrone. but that's just me. Julian is fine AF but he's too damn corny.😭😭😭😭 @savvyfatty OKAY? He was my fave. that man said he was "sicks-foe" I know its big, damnit.if one of these men says that they would rub her feet...wendy asked these men what would they do to help her relax at the end of the day.this date wendy segment on her show is hilarious. @itsTimHell 😭😭😭😭Shirleen said to stretch on your haters.
Retweeted by Mark'Nique Rambeau⚛️ @jeremymoonmusic rhryrjrjrjrnrmBaby I sweeeear itsssss Dejaaaaaaa Vu
Retweeted by Mark'Nique Rambeau⚛️I an in tearsss shade to ponytail but Rihanna has a legendary catalog with a hit in literally every genre.
Retweeted by Mark'Nique Rambeau⚛️ok now I have to watch #her perform this!come onnnnnnn! @urban_elegance @doctuh_p this is cishet marketing and frankly I'm disgusted.most people know this already. it happened, was it the best situation? no, but she high key created his whole perso… @Zsay_610 COME ON VOCALS! @urban_elegance true!I don't need the verzuz concept anymore. Let's just get artists on live playing their hits. give them their flowers!do you see those rotted fingernails?! I am disgusted.this pic is so gross ksdfiosndlsf ass men>>>>>>>>>>>>>periooddddddddddddddd was a moment in time. movie was a little too long but it was a great character study for Andra Day.also Miss Lawrence was in it and really good?there was A LOT of fucking in this movie @MaybeMorque 👀😩🤣
Retweeted by Mark'Nique Rambeau⚛️ @MissyElliott the people need it! Missy & friends would be fire!! @MissyElliott's why Lucky Daye's new project is so good. he let the women shine but also sounded just as good. So amazing.I LOVE IT when male vocalists do albums with all female guests. its something so classic about it.can I have a new album d'angelo? a love one? with all female guests? plsssssThank you God for @thedangelo
Retweeted by Mark'Nique Rambeau⚛️lets talk about how Jamie's body was just as sexy. I woulda did it. @HeyFranHey he did what needed to be done! play too much d'angelo! #verzuz, BLACK KING! #verzuz THE WALLS DOWN, GOD! songs are gospel. whew! y'all didn't have to church these songs the way you did. My God #VERZUZi doubt lauryn is coming out but if she do, I don't need one of them sped up vocals she likes to do sometimes.Oh my gooooodnessSING Y'ALLok i have goosebumpsbring out jazmine and i'm dying tho.I didn't need this but i'll take it.whewwwww she is singingok.oh its her.erykah?a jazz moment. I stan so completely.spanish jointtttttthe bgvs on this song are crazyyythis is everything. 😭 #VERZUZsend it onnnnnjust play every one of these songs at my weddingoh my God! I adore this song!play!!!I said got a jones in my bonesssss's the time...I feel like making love to youuuuuu @jeremymoonmusic I've been wondering about them together for so long but always forget to see if they've ever collaborated. I need it now. @Zsay_610 Right?! Like they would be such a sweet pairing.has D'Angelo ever collaborated with Tweet?For a slice of devil's pieeeeeBlack Messiah is one of those albums that sounds more like a stream of consciousness. I always play it all at once.sfdhiasdhukasdfag it a lor bit D'Angelo! #Verzuza fact. mic is out of sync with the audio. its throwing me off a little.method man god.they all look so good. my my.yes mefffff them dudes still got itayeeeeeee reddddthis is perfect. I didn't need d'angelo with no one else.SinnngggggggSWITCHIN THAT ASSI listen to the a capella version. his vocals on this song are like silk.Me and those dreamin' eyes of mine!Whoaaaaaaaa @Joracle_ holleringggggggggMy divine lady! 😭D'Angelo was singing about courtship! C'mon somebody!🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺You're my ladyyyyyyy