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groundbreaking should be on an island @RICOLANI stealing this lmfao @geekinformalik well guess whatthe way im bout to chug 3 energy drinks back to back @27Teddies it’s butterfly baby it’s no conversation. emotions top 5 tho @hoodopulence LMFAO i knew it. @hoodopulence you prolly drunk @27Teddies awww no @Hoenn_champ wellniggas is TIDE @ferris9ueller oh bitch @ferris9ueller I KNOW THATS RIGHT @ferris9ueller 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @dardsks im just so ahead of my timemy mind @Hoenn_champ shut up 🖤this the soundtrack to my life rn be feeling like arthur going down the street when this comes on implications.... was in her bag @cedeemgrande that man never getting my streamsand still have never heard it 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 @airtightangelic now wait?????this in the gym >>> @ageofrogue what? the people wanna know 😳👐🏽i told my coworker this is the best song of all time, he said saying “la la la over and over is not ground breaking… @nasdakiddd let’s see @KyleOnlnxxx prove it 🕵🏽‍♂️yea where the niggas who nut gallons at lolz?🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 ON MY TONGUE I WANITanother gem y’all ain’t appreciate @sawcjay this breathing............she’s a mastermindshe tapped into something very spiritual here......’all don’t appreciate this one enough for me, best on the album. naur naur why every artist most experimental album always their best @idkmackk babydoll, breakdown, (4th of july/the roof) they vying for 3rd place @idkmackk now what’s #1 and u bet not piss me off @johnn_cakes yea im bout to steal her flow. SNATCHIES @idkmackk it’s became like top 3 on the album for me now 😭i paid this song so much until this year now im fully realizing it’s greatness you kiss me more?
Retweeted by datboimayce @southbayhottie i have to spread the truth!!! @adamsxleon now why im feeling a little violated now........them doctors be trying to get u in and out. uh uh get down here and speak into that hole know y’all better be getting y’all boochieholes swabbed at the clinic too, just peeing in a cup ain’t gon do it!when i start boxing this month >>>this is so cool to me
2021 @kikosangel jdjdisjxisixoskekd dallas no that’s my-😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @kikosangel *****some people vlog and some people post 20 times in 24 hours on their instagram story @hoodopulence it’s really an arm & a leg out there 😭why gas in LA was deadass like $5 a gallon @earringdealer idk but u better tryhe goin crazy tryna turn his new nigga into me
Retweeted by datboimayce @JayyTheScammer a lil sumn sumn @WantThatTrophy wymMariah Carey has 24 hours to respond.
Retweeted by datboimayceGod so good like sheesh @LAgaln my gworl @KENJANUSXO jdjdjdnsjsjxjd not my baby!!!! 😭😭😭 we gon get u right i sweaaa @rosadeaux @planet_lilithh that’s hot @planet_lilithh NOT YOU?!?!?! @byr420n ive been doing it as long as i can remember so im biased @byr420n you need to learn 😭y’all still ain’t learn how to swim? @planet_lilithh yup mhm yuplet’s see if no crop really work
Retweeted by datboimayce @noellearchives she really snapped i can never get enough @FATHERBONNET @sairusbliss1 i just screamed 😭the other 00s girls just don’t have one of these to their credit im living in santa monica this time next year >>> @SailorZZtar love both @SailorZZtar moving from where to where @SailorZZtar 2022 my birthday (march) @SailorZZtar jfjfjfjdksskhxd i go a lil easier on guys i like @SailorZZtar im serious stop playing @SailorZZtar u flying me out?why japan so expensive to visit? niggas just wanna go to akihabara damn @SailorZZtar @SailorZZtar you like boy butt? @theshiningson lugia comes to mind, and palkia @NoirLapine now why all those were a serve plus reptile = dragon @niconpursuit deadass tho @NoirLapine now wait those usually make sensesome Pokémon typings just don’t make sense to me girl who thinks she’s the prettiest girl in the world is so right
Retweeted by datboimayce @airtightangelic i got something for them @AdayAve very coded @_Vaun no fr 😭😭😭if that dick fall out too many times im going to bedi feel like they tryna be funny 🤨 @KENJANUSXO i be minding my business!bdhdjxjskxjsozkapos they really slid @KENJANUSXO jdjdjfhduxidisdbdjs pls @mistersunshinee i know that’s right king, you have a great day @shadowman91 exactly