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this is ......! teyana mia got snubbed too idki was not at all expecting summer and abel to get 0 noms. like at all.THIS WAS A RIGGED ELECTIONi know my king already called his coke plug too this is so sickthe way everyone was cracking jokes on black parade an hour ago just for it to be the most nominated song this year soshsbskxhsjsodijxci @Ioveonthabrain CHEWED!the weeknd had the biggest song this year and didn’t get anything like whatsummer dumb ass couldn’t stay off instagram that’s why we in this situation @DUALIPA kinda a grammy darlingblack parade ROTY skhdkwjsjsisisjxabel didn’t get one nom..........The Weeknd received zero nominations for the 2021 #GRAMMYs. His "Blinding Lights" is the biggest chart hit of the year.
Retweeted by datboimaycefuture nostalgia AOTY nominated ☝🏽THEY GOT JHENE UP THEREWHERE IS AFTER HOURS CYRUS OVER SUMMER I KNOW YOU LYING CANT HAVE SHIT IN THIS HOUSEtinashe technically Grammy nominated 🤣🤣🤣TINASHE ON BUBBA is nominated at the #GRAMMYs for the first time.
Retweeted by datboimaycelove all these noms for duaariana nominated love thatthey playing on abel’s name...say so deserves im sorrythese nominations are SHITMEG GRAMMY NOMINATEDungodly hour snatching! MY SISTA BEIN SNUBBED x halle yup yup yupsummer’s moment up next ☝🏽life is good...🗿 skin girl was a beautiful music video.oh brother sky being snubbed from best rock song? hmwhy im rooting for so many people 😭😭😭not watching that boring ass stream will wait for the girls to bring it to the TL 💖purrrrr @dannyboicunty you hateful!abel bout to have a good day.brandy for sure getting her things.tinashe bout to sweep 🤣that song aged in dog years chilei shouldn’t have read this breakfast boutta hit
Retweeted by datboimayceone thing saweetie gon do is mention her waist lmaocommitted to making this one of the best birthdays for my cousin ever!the nostalgia neyo chew this @sza omg ive heard stories of this thing.all i ever wanted was the world 😳 @silentlyuncut why i don’t know that one 😭 @silentlyuncut don’t rush the process ☝🏽can’t do shit but go on. @SavageXFenty
Retweeted by datboimayce @apexcancer it’s majestic. @apexcancer and i scratched it off my bucket list! but i do wanna do it again lol like 3 more times @apexcancer sharks my favorite animal too
@grandekordei @damn_toe everfelt like getting cute eheheeheheh
Retweeted by datboimayceEXACLTY TOE OMG queens @kikosangel jehsjsjsjsuzuaisiz you know my family big!thinking of buying miles morales for this one.and another one, we got the disc version this time. 😛 @Ioveonthabrain doni you’re an OPP @idkmackk 🤝☝🏽* ******’s time is so real
Retweeted by datboimaycewe’re throwing my aunt a surprise bday party today, she’s gonna be psyched 😭they tried skipping lady marmalade, i said run that back!!!! are yew dumb? @Dominicannabis_ smoking is a personality trait 😳is it everyday for my babyyyyyyyDAYUM everybody work at an auto shop @Ioveonthabrain y’all not bout to make me look dumb uh uh! @jaentyy i don’t think so ☝🏽 @jaIenci why the people at the shop asked the same thing. but nope, britney might’ve been a lil too loud on the aux maybe ☝🏽 @jaIenci they just look like tires!i really don’t even see a difference between these tires how im supposed to know it’s flat. @FATHERBONNET pls 😭 @kikosangel all the time!me after having the spirit of homosexuality cast out me driving on a flat tire @ajtheleo been a fan!how you gon throw shade and use his catch phrase in the same tweet 😭djdhsjxisjidisiz santana can’t take im team rolling ray