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@meh_kenna that picture :’) i’m *emo* @Beats1 @maggierogers if you ever feel like donating those glasses..... @selenahosted lo vamos a solucionar sis 🙏🏻 @selenahosted te lo devuelven eu, no lo pagues ehsince 2007 QUITE LITERALLY
@soraregomez HOPEBDJAJSthis is something i’m not sure i like to see @selenasvlog ISTG @delwatergap sorry for voting for the babybel — i think it’s funny but i don’t want you intoxicatedrandom tweet to @maggierogers to ask which song from ‘rare’ is her favorite @maggierogers so...... do you know you’re winning right?menos mal que estoy en el hospital pq llaman a un paramédico en segundos can now confirm family is okay 🙏🏻💖 thank u for all your sweet messages!!!! fave literally made a whole ass kidz bop comeback saying the word “yummy” 500 times into a song. And you wanna…
Retweeted by May Martini 🦋this is why we hate men que ubicarnos en tiempo y espacio y dejar de pensar que porque leemos o hacemos un cursito ya somos profesional…
Retweeted by May Martini 🦋 @zanigolzman ASÍ ESTÁ EL PAÍS Y SE LO HEMOS CONTADO!!!los amo diossss @maggierogers 4 years later and i still can’t believe your cardio.okay, honestly. llegan a spoilear sabrina y mueren @rarestherapy i firmly believe soall hail sabrina 😈 caos is now streaming.
Retweeted by May Martini 🦋 @meh_kenna @maggierogers @Spotify i’ll be here waiting @kk0sh ily b! thank u🌈we will be alright🌈tomorrow is gonna be a hard day for the fam. keep us in your thoughts and prayers, pls 🙏🏻🦋El mundo oculto de Sabrina: Parte 3, ya está aquí. 🧙🏻‍♀️ ¿A qué hora abre el infierno? 12:00am Pacífico 2:00am 🇭🇳…
Retweeted by May Martini 🦋 @selenacaffeine u don’t know how to love me when no hay bardo @selenacaffeine vos me estás jodiendo djajjsjsmy biggest Y SI ever @SelenaFanClub @selenagomez we stan a social media queenhealing is NOT an overnight process. it takes time. sometimes you’ll feel like you’re finally over something & happ…
Retweeted by May Martini 🦋unfortunately for everybody I will keep doing whatever I want
Retweeted by May Martini 🦋 @SelsGraceful a beanthe fact that i saw this when it came out. the grey hairs are alive and well!!! @SelsGraceful i’m 5 lmao byemy natural wine is coming with this b*tch award. she’s gonna get it. i KNOW. @maggierogers @Spotify it scares the shit out of me that you’re levitating in 50% of your pictures @WrenneEvans but also like you’re right, sis lmao
LMSODJSJD @HAIMtheband i have never in MY LIFE seen danielle this excited.i love one woman @gomezxhalsey dude i swear this hyped me up @slaylenasrhythm @selenagomez aHshshhsjs100% @lourdesgnavarro @selenagomez WE ALL WANT THAT HAIR i SWEAR @maggierogers i’ll drink a glass of natural wine when you get that grammytodxs me quieren muerta nosierto gomez may have gone around to stores buying her own album but justin bieber posted on his instagram telling…
Retweeted by May Martini 🦋okay. truly. sinceridad de mi madre es potenciada cuando la está pasando como el orto: comprobado.yo: viste que no me gusta mezclar cosas... pues mezclé x con x. madre: y sí, que boluda. @SelenaBeckyLove @JKCorden @CarpoolKaraoke que esté ese gil me lastima @selenagomez congrats on #1, weirdo 🦋💖 @delwatergap 5 days later, you’re invited to my birthday @soraregomez @selenahosted NADA PEORthis is me @ @maggierogers @soraregomez @SelenaFanClub let’s do eeetSpace Jam y Jurassic Park son las mejores películas de los 90s don't @ me
Retweeted by May Martini 🦋literally standing in front of one of my faves stores. @Danielita89 happy birthday, kiddo 💖🦋as a Selenator the word ‘Soon’ is fucking terrifying.
Retweeted by May Martini 🦋 @mylovermyliarr lxs amo @soraregomez you’re killing me
estallada @selgofetish looks like it???la amo he dicho can’t breathe 😩😩😩 BEST VIDEO @selenabenoist no es r e a l esta mujer @arareplace @arareplace i read this as that line was playing @isaponfe_ MEmi yo con mucha ansiedad parecerá un sorete por no hablarles porque quiero salir corriendo but i —. tired of apologizing for feeling.PLAYLIST PARA POSICIONAR #RARE 💖🦋 ->
Retweeted by May Martini 🦋 @selenagomez congrats, b! you deserve it! 💖🦋1️⃣🦋💖 only people i’d trust with a grammy are @maggierogers and @haimtheband xo @MacaaGarcia_ ty bruh @spellmanworld AIA 😍😍😍
Retweeted by May Martini 🦋next two days are gonna be exhausting. send good vibes. thank you 🌹💖 @elearor her vocals sis!!! ican’t @elearor this! sounds! soGOOOOOD🦋✨ @selenagomez ✨🦋 #LoseYouToLoveMe #BestLyrics #iHeartAwards
Retweeted by May Martini 🦋today is a hard one but there’s better to come. i’ll exist in today and pray for a better tomorrow.
Retweeted by May Martini 🦋i love one (1) band @DannyMalfoy now that’s character developmentthis! cover!!! 🥺📸 i — @LeslielovesSelG 100% @LeslielovesSelG that’s so selena hahahDIOS ME MEO DE LA RISA
Retweeted by May Martini 🦋 @_venusandmars yo desconfío de mi partida jajaj