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design / r&d / art / culture. eng bkgrnd. until recently, design vp @khanacademy. before that @apple & many past lives. dancer & DJ. quatricultural. she / her.

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@xuhulk they are so cute and chub-circular! @jongold @sdw @jessiechar lol i didn’t know Kung Fu was a part of that joke given my own experience with it (i.e. i… @LauraHelenWinn 😍😍😍do you know what they are ? @MathSciWhy awww what pretty leave already! what kind of bonsai ? @jongold @sdw @jessiechar um you know my dad was an actual kung fu master right @anths @jessiechar just scrape !
@isosteph the WORSTlife tip: peel ginger with a spoon. it’s 1000x easier than any other way i was yesterday years old when i learned… @thesarahhanna ohai little lettuces ! @sblikemorales wow! i’ve never used a seed ball that’s so cool @thesmart 😍😍😍 @thibautsailly love! do you know what it will become yet ? @britnidlc I didn’t know this was happening to anyone else, thank you @forresto ahhhhhhh they’re so lovely @JoyCozby 😍 i miss our alocasia! we named them anastasia the alocasia @Blackamazon honestly hadn’t paid close attention to him but given this latest rhetoric i assumed he had anti black bullshit @volanStudio awwwww @santiecam 😍😍😍friends! 🌱please reply to this thread with pictures of tiny seedlings if you are growing some 🌱 pictures of teeny… in Power, Bill Withers 💔 @shenchingtou @jasonli @lindadong @juliaiio @jessiechar @knothappening @siulik We’re deciding what to do next! Will… @ryngonzalez @lindadong @supercgeek @jessiechar Fantastic! Thanks again so much! 💖✨ @ryngonzalez @lindadong @supercgeek @jessiechar thank you!Hi Twitter. The global state of things really sucks, huh? If you're out of work and near GMT+9, I'd love to donat…
Retweeted by may-li 🦄 khoe @samstokes @lindadong @jessiechar thank you and thank you for letting us know! @joshwclement @lindadong @jessiechar Yah we also wanted to help people get out of the rut of just ordering the same things all the time!
watch video full screen to see all the different kinds of engineering happening (words are at bottom) @davidhoang @lindadong @jessiechar @joeldev @sofiaflevin @zadr no worries we figured it out! @pancakeSTACKER @meaghanclark @lindadong @jessiechar oakland has amazing chinese food!an oldie but goodie for anyone who hasn’t had the chance to laugh at this yet (or the luxury of not invoking it whi… @uxwendy @lindadong @jessiechar added! will be up soonfor whoever needs to hear this: 🎢 if little things are causing you really dramatic ups and downs right now, know y… @uxwendy @lindadong @jessiechar Thank you! @uxwendy @lindadong @jessiechar Yes! Will add! @uxwendy @lindadong @jessiechar Yes yes! Send them on over! Here is fine or DM is fine too! @davidhoang @lindadong @jessiechar @joeldev @sofiaflevin @zadr Awesome! Are they open and delivering right now? It'… @sehurlburt (or they planned poorly and got stuck on a highway for too long) @sehurlburt people like to hate on LA but it’s usually because they haven’t bothered to find any of its magical cor… SF people, go support these delicious Chinese restaurants! Thanks @mayli @lindadong @jessiechar for curating th…
Retweeted by may-li 🦄 khoe @matthewcpaul @lindadong @jessiechar great idea! we are def getting asked for it @mrgan @jessiechar @rogerclark @lindadong Aw miss you too!!! @davidhoang @lindadong @jessiechar @joeldev @sofiaflevin @zadr Yes! What are your favorites for take out there? I’ll add em in @jasonli @lindadong @juliaiio @jessiechar @shenchingtou @knothappening same! @siulik sent me one for RI, it’s for f… SF folks! @lindadong, @mayli and I made this handy guide to ordering Chinese food. Try some of our favorite dis…
Retweeted by may-li 🦄 khoe @AoiroStudio @lindadong @brian_lovin @jessiechar we got very hungry while making it've missed chinese food being stuck far away from sf during self-isolation! But if *you're* over there – … i ever start a dance / fitness studio geared to feminine movement i might have to name it “continuous curves”I will never recover from this
@micahfenner @bridgermax thank you for this lovely note! you made my day! 🥰💖💛and also thank you for the suggestion;… btw audio quality makes a *massive* difference to your perception so i recommend using a voice over data serv… @mialoira lots of studios are doing IG Live classes, DM me if you want a list @mialoira i’ve been taking as many as i can also, if you’ve been interested in pole dance or anything related to i… @lindadong @mialoira highly highly recommend @dannyalright You’re not a luddite for rationally refusing to be techno-solutionist! Likely you agree tech is a pow… you’re at it self-observe at how you read cues and interact differently with voice only personally i often… @flyosity friends with family in asia think everyone has lost it for not wearing masks during a time like thisif you’re tired of video calls, here’s a potentially useful idea use a voice-only call if there’ll be 3 people or… @flyosity had some left over against tear gas @vickiheart @nlevin @figmadesign haha same ! except i went skydiving on purpose @nlevin @figmadesign i did so once! by accident @notdetails so sorry to hear about this :( will DM to see if there is something that can help @KristyT combinatorics! yes @tylerangert A Personal Computer for Children of All Ages by Alan Kay, 1972 have yet to break this tradition above Alan Kay writes about the Dynabook and tells us it will not "save the world". (I need to learn to get less f…
it's amazing how one customer service experience can color an entire company brand in my mind @hermit_hwarang blocking every single person who responds to this with an ignorant tweet wheeeee
@kesirm p.s. special thanks to @FedericoArdila for his guest appearance lol @daliaelhassan @siulik @kesirm Yep! Here’s a screen cap of FaceTime Video plus Scribble
@stevenstrogatz really nice to hear from you too! hope we get to chat someday @wheresaddie Ugh I know, it looks like it would be so much easieri wish this but also for everything @stevenstrogatz @math3ma we also have added some new stuff since the last time you asked @stevenstrogatz hello yes! information and a free code if anyone needs it are in the thread i think you’d retweet… charming paper by @FedericoArdila about a problem in robotics that began in math. Federic…
Retweeted by may-li 🦄 khoecc #animalcrossing @jasonli 😍😍😍🧼✏️📐💖✨ @DanielGAlarcon how context colors all the messaging that’s still up on the billboards flashing their bright ligh… @maxbittker this makes me so happy to hear! ✨ thank you for letting me know and thank you for using it 💖 cc @bridgermax
@mayenedesign 😭😭😭 @Theblackphenom1 @dijoni what if i like and appreciate and respect you tho (dunno if i count, ancestors left china 12 generations ago) @JenAshleyWright i can’t have gluten or refined sugar and they were amazing @JenAshleyWright while i’m at it, let me just share that i made cookies for the first time in like... over two deca… @JenAshleyWright i have accepted the cookies @nsbarr yessssss @PrinciplesDsign i love this so much! i also love the work of Dick Bruna!!!hello people who want to draw together apart! ✏️🌈✨ here's the surprise weekend #drawantine prompt: draw a 16:9 lan… @qualmist 😍😍😍 @mayenedesign yes! i played a while back it’s brilliantvery related to my other game concept of trying to turn down calendar invites as quickly as you can and they keep a… @notdetails @miekd omg amazing @ejgreenberg 🔥🔥🔥this tweet made me want to make a game where you blow up form fields maybe i will do this @Cranfillec 😮 @lalizlabeth *the best* 💖✨ also your slide deck about recess was 🔥 @Chik @lalizlabeth lol!!!