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hi everyone. my girlfriends mom recently took her own life and my girlfriend found her. she struggled with depres…
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@stellariwnl @sevvn @bbylapras ok nvm @stellariwnl @sevvn @bbylapras cus itd be funny @stellariwnl @sevvn @bbylapras what ? @maple_edits @sevvn @bbylapras hey ! @1hisah @sevvn @bbylapras HAHAHAA @sevvn @1hisah @bbylapras fr sounds fake @AeroValorant stfu @Agr0fps @AeroValorant HQHDHDGGWA STFU @AeroValorant BRO STOP @Agr0fps @sevvn @bbylapras bro ITS FUNNY @AeroValorant @sevvn @bbylapras ITS FUNNY WHAT @sevvn @bbylapras ok maybe i wanna see a little more… LMFAOOOLFT main controller (COMFORTABLE ON ANY) LAN exp (x1) LAN has driven me to compete even further. I’ve never want…
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positive mental attitude ranked. twitch. tv/ysk1ng
Retweeted by maymay @TicSteel @ysk1ng HAHHAHAHAHAHAJAHAH*A NAH THIS THE BEST THING YOUVE EVER SAID @Klamran @ysk1ng ALL GOOD BRO @ysk1ng ... @ysk1ng yeah i heard my dad yelling a bit earlier LMFAO
@Klamran @TroIIman_ BRO ATOP AUHSHSHAHHAHA I DIDNT REALIZE WHAT ACCT I WAS ON @TroIIman_ @Klamran @daimyoFPS i wanna cry cus of this @daimyoFPS …yes marshall you’re very funny @daimyoFPS bro…
@CarbynVAL NAH NO WAY @ysk1ng real.
@AeroValorant @Agr0fps @Chillswells …ok bro @Klamran @Agr0fps @Chillswells yeah that’s me. @Agr0fps @Klamran @Chillswells STOP BRO @Klamran @Agr0fps @Chillswells @Klamran @Agr0fps @Chillswells you’re fake. @Agr0fps @Chillswells @Agr0fps @Chillswells lick my balls @Chillswells LIKE WJEN I SAY ITS BAD, IT IS BAD. @maymayVAL waking up just to get ratio’d every tweet she makes
Retweeted by maymay @Chillswells bro i get ratio’d on twitter, imsg, and discord
@wunjii oopsies @wunjii HAHHAHAA MB. @wunjii bro first the 40$ now this.. @wunjii HUH ARE YOU OK @wunjii what’d u even do @wunjii bro what @Agr0fps @AeroValorant when did you turn into such a liar stew.
@Toastedtw @ysk1ng took stew a good 15 min to figure out a name @ysk1ng w banger @exandwia i am msging you on disc bro hold on @exandwia what is wrong.req @maymayprivy @exandwia ARE YOU OK??? @Agr0fps @mintiikae oops @mintiikae @Agr0fps bro him n mike meow at each other 24/7 now its crazy @7kusanagi banger song choice, banger clips @ValorCentral I DIDNT MAN @ValorCentral IT WAS A JOKE
@ValorCentral BRO ???? @ShiftyVAL @Agr0fps ^ @Agr0fps OIK MUY BAD MUY BAD @AeroValorant @Agr0fps @CarbynVAL🙄 @Agr0fps I DIDNT THINK U WANTED TO BE @AeroValorant AHDAUIDGHAWIDAU IMN SORRU I DIDNT THINK YOU WANTED TO BE TAGGED IN THIS @exandwia itll be ok ;-;............................................. @exandwia bro are you ok @Agr0fps W SONG W CLIPS W PLAYER but L personAgr0 cool moments like and rts are appreciated pls
Retweeted by maymay @anipuhh honestly me too i’d put it in D and frac in poo in an actual tier list LMFAO @AIbyVAL oh fuck mb on that one @PhonzieVAL oops @PhonzieVAL no ? @koahplaysfps oopssolo queue mental sanity warning
Retweeted by maymay @stephsera hey !! @GOATzVal haven >>> and ascent used to be better but the spawns got so much worse @GOATzVal it’s so awful @FreefallVAL @ShiftyVAL @Agr0fps HAHAHAHAHHA @GOATzVal never say that to me EVER again. @Pariux no @AthensBtw here’s the actual opinion for u @AthensBtw wym @notgmonster nah a tier @trunkZnopants @Klamran @AeroValorant HAHSHAHHA MY ABD @OdiFps oopsie doopsies @trunkZnopants @Klamran @AeroValorant my apologies sir trunkz @iffeeval idkwym @Klamran @trunkZnopants @AeroValorant NO @Klamran @trunkZnopants @AeroValorant "check your twitter" @OdiFps man. @Klamran @trunkZnopants @AeroValorant WYM @OdiFps no never. @AeroValorant @trunkZnopants ?? @trunkZnopants trust :) @AeroValorant @trunkZnopants i hate u @OdiFps yeah totally... @OdiFps OBVIOUSLY @trunkZnopants @OdiFps coach odi knows all🙏 @keencval nope @ValorCentral ADUIHAIUDHAIWUd MY BAD IM SOI SORRY @ValorCentral FLMAOAOAODaokodiajsod