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Bios on twitter are t-shirts in public and tell you just as much or little as looking at someone's t-shirt. I feel crippling anxiety all the time. On a shirt.

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@AbolishTheSun That's a thing, kinda, it's called a teratoma @SynthLexic "Can we get a good guy?" "We have good guy at home." Good guy at home: @namtran_me You may run into a situation where people have a combination of diagnoses and can't pinpoint exactly wh… @NicholasMoore16 @Gr13c0 @CosmonautMarcus People really being too dumb to realize that they're dumb. It'd be sad if… @Plantonelloo @jamesrob12 @CosmonautMarcus @jamesrob12 isn't defending Snyder. Reading comprehension. @hypnotransgirl Am I remembering who this is correctly? Is this not the guy who would go on Real Time With Bill Mah… @SowaTheArrogant @socialistdogmom The companies in charge of benefiting from it came up with it. And then they don… CAN NOBODY EVER CALL IT MYSTERIOUS AGAIN, PLEASE IT WAS PUT THERE BY SOME FUCKIN' PERSON IT WAS REMOVED BY SOM… @MagusDeluxe @PoRiverJamBand @hypnotransgirl I do this a lot, except I just let my anxiety about it build up until I decide to either like it re… @PoRiverJamBand I can only hope I get a combination of things that act as Fry's Worms for me. @McJesse Are you also watching Northernlion play chess or am I just high @MathasGames You are not alone @CosmonautMarcus Get the bag, who gives a shit. I have to sit through commercials to listen to standup on spotify a…
@MathasGames 1660ti in a laptop gangBut hey, Stitt's going to pray for folks and pretend a dozen other countries didn't prevent this from happening.
Retweeted by Tommy @DeanCutsforth @SamDaley19 curse is cops. Cops are the curse. pulled over to an abandoned parking lot to look up a Tim tok recipe & an unmarked cop pulled up around me. Now…
Retweeted by TommyAnother unmarked car & henrico car. All circling me in the parking lot. I can’t even go to the fucking grocery store
Retweeted by Tommy @DeanCutsforth @SamDaley19 I assume you have to get it all on one character for it to count @LadyShinga If you have not seen yet, I highly recommend I thought this was too mean. But it really needs to be fucking said today, holy shit. @sophygurl It's a store. @ElisaRockDoc Like a Junji Ito comic, I smile and look down and my hands are gone, eaten by the unseen form of the… @ThatSamWinkler @mikeyface I hate TERFs for ruining the one good joke that I could reply to this with. @ValiumSadfemme I can't with the meme audio cues, it's so distracting @LackingSaint Wiki says "In 1858 it was described as a "green chile pepper stuffed with minced meat and coated with… @Flyinghymer @PatStaresAt I'm pretty sure I remember hearing they can tell what time it is based on how things smel… @AbolishTheSun Basically top-left to bottom-right in a Z in order of what needs to go first IMO. I don't yet have… made a VR cat... and he is cute!🙌
Retweeted by TommyOscar-nominated star of 'Juno', Elliot Page has announced that he is transgender.
Retweeted by Tommy*sigh* @commentiquette I dunno the class seems mostly useless, interested more in telling you they love you than the class… @commentiquette I can't give you the picture, but I can tell you the shirt's quote might be from a Martin Lawrence… @hypnotransgirl I have no negative feelings about you. I have many positive feelings about you. I appreciate your c… Texas friends, we want to let you know about Doghead Division(formerly "Cult of the Doghead"), a fascist grou…
Retweeted by Tommy @PoRiverJamBand @astro_jew Interactive electronic Werewolf @PoRiverJamBand Sometimes I am struck by how very different our timelines must be. @shanetorres I'm sorry for your loss. @tomtomorrow This is a Sacred Baby of Goodness. We are truly blessed. @myqkaplan @okgo Myq sincerity is illegal on Twitter. Fuck the police, I love you.
@authorblues @MelbanwortR @StrangeFactoid He means Jews. Look at the profile. @LL_cool_josh I just don't entirely understand the motivation behind the discourse people are having about this. Is… @PoRiverJamBand Well I dunno nothin' about no *ominous* monolith, but I hear tell there's another *mysterious* mono… @NandovMovies That is a baby with good M's on the forehead. I preesh those M's. @AbolishTheSun I sure hope they keep the new name, it's definitely more fitting, even though I'm sure they think th…'s obviously not identical. It looks different. That's the opposite of identical. Also, every other headline is… @anthony_burch You could say the fact that starting all over again and trying repeatedly being so easy, in effect,… @anthony_burch But you could do that from the beginning of the game, so it just became a "do it repeatedly until it… @anthony_burch There is a game I can think of where I gave zero fucks about starting over and I did the "risky" thi… @anthony_burch Ultimately the other side of 'risky' is "this didn't go well and now it feels bad that I tried, so I… @anthony_burch The only way to do that mechanically would be for the player to not care about dying and/or be rewar… @AbolishTheSun At your funeral you can have people stand on your body and twerk and then you'll literally be suppor… @ZachWeiner Invariably the response my brain always has to news like this is "... cool? What will change as a result of this?" @LL_cool_josh This is ultimately the problem with reality-denial. You can't reason with them. They simply aren't th… @blargler @KlobyKolby @muddaub I'm not splitting hairs, I was genuinely asking if the tax already existed or not. I… @blargler @KlobyKolby @muddaub ... But that's already a thing, isn't it? So is it a new tax or not? @mikeyface Last month I got high and cried because my brain kept telling me "It's okay to want things." @yacobg42 I'm instantly sold on just the idea of "BotW but without irritating durability mechanics" @yacobg42 Are the weapons irritatingly breakable like in BotW? @hypnotransgirl Even a center-right shithead like him should be able to understand at least *one* interpretation of… @KawaiiGuyLA I'm not a creator, ignore me. But if you ignore what I just said, it seems like if you aren't loving… @brockwilbur p good cuddly baybo you got there @yacobg42 I watched @superbunnyhop play some of it on stream a bit ago, he seemed to be enjoying it from what I saw… @TwitchPluto @KawaiiGuyLA Back when I still played Overwatch I did that. I don't play Overwatch anymore. Maybe all… @OkieSpaceQueen I may forget to do it tomorrow, so if I do, take this postmarked Happy Anniversary and don't open it until tomorrow. @CanYouPetTheDog That's a good puppo. Dem ears. @NandovMovies As someone who really hated most of the last season of Daredevil: It can't be saved by just being bro… @GayestVixen @PoRiverJamBand Pretty sure this is gaslighting.Like if your argument is "Don't shop from Amazon at all", that's fair - if a bit privileged - but "Don't use Smile"… using Smile doesn't cost me more money, and they're going to pay zero in taxes anyway. I'm just forcing them… @angryblkhoemo @PoRiverJamBand "I want the tiniest amount of cake I can possibly get, but the largest amount of ici… @PoRiverJamBand Every day is Cybersex Monday if you're 14 in the year 2001.Gonna just periodically post this for no reason in particular at all regardless of the time of day's not like you can't, it's not illegal - I don't think - but why would you invest in an electric vehicle startup… @PoRiverJamBand @1ceArcher I had to reread this about seven times before I realized you were talking about trucks a… @OkieSpaceQueen @blargler @KlobyKolby @muddaub And the taxes? @PoRiverJamBand I guess this is a problem I didn't know existed, ML's insisting their stuff was based on science. @nateoroni @muke10101 So don't do that @Keita_F1 @Jwmsa_ @none_better @musegold You could just text, you don't have to fuck around playing games, tell you… @Lythero @AZAngelic It did seem like a pretty pathetic amount of damage for how many hits that was. @groundworking @AnarchoKai @lgbtas7 So it's not possible to recommend a protest strategy without also being Nazis?… @Asmallnotch @hypnotransgirl @SarahTaber_bww What the fuck are you talking about @hypnotransgirl @lunch__bug @groundworking @AnarchoKai @lgbtas7 I thought the post was about the protest strategy, not the protestors themselves @hypnotransgirl Ugh gross I have her blocked but the tweet preview still shows up. Fuckin' twitter for android, I guess. @DoomAssistMe I nominate for PS2 era @Futcharist @DoomAssistMe That'd be PS2. @AbolishTheSun Broke: Remembering old events that made you sad Broke: Imagining new events that make you sad It's me. I'm broke. @anthony_burch @mara_fitzgerald Is... is this good? Do we want this?He got that Super/B/ass @CorvoLoops @NorthernlionLP You gotta desalinate it so you can put all the excess salt into today's Isaac episode @PoRiverJamBand The person who made this is clearly some kind of something, I dunno if I feel great about laughing at it
@hypnotransgirl @magencubed "Uh, blood, definitely. I make that naturally, just, without even trying. I can spare s… @AbolishTheSun Stay away from Quora, then. This shit is half the relationship-related questions I get, and the othe… @PoRiverJamBand It's called esports, but all the major competitions still generally needed people all in one big LA… @AbolishTheSun Always looking for more shitheads to block, I welcome as many of these as you can stand @PoRiverJamBand I'm surprised it's not spelled and pronounced "trombonier" [trom-bone-ee-yay] universally. Just feels like it should be.