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Lover of all Ohio Sports, Airplanes, Watching way too much professional wrestling and @AWIPOD Hall of Famer

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Wow, Randy Orton has done it again.
Retweeted by MAY⭕️ROFCANT⭕️NI just hope that WWE has come to terms with all ideas and storylines that are supernatural based and wish them the… @WrestleSketcher @RedSox My all time favorite non Indians player. Always was so excited when I cracked open a pack… @AWIPOD Can they just fire the fiend and bring back Bray Wyatt the guy. @MindOfQuinn I know. I’m not sure I’m capable of actual happiness outside of floating around on a lazy river all to myself.It’s always frustrating to me that I can’t wait for the weekend to start and then I hate the weekend even more than… the fart smells worse than u thought
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Retweeted by MAY⭕️ROFCANT⭕️N @WrestleSketcher @jenmonroe Only if my name were Zachary, it would be a clear sign I should buy a ticket.Look at what they were just stocking the shelf with today @WrestleSketcher @jenmonroe it must be my lucky day.
@cantfindmike I still haven’t been there yet but it’s opened up at the old Perkins by Belden mall. I’ve sadly never… @WWEKarrionKross what do you rate this Saito Suplex 😂 @jenmonroe @WrestleSketcher I love candy corn. Not a fan of when they get fancy and make that harvest mix with pump… @WayneEmbrysKids The Amish will build an entire neighborhood overnight so it’s possible 😂Cool People #FF @lalolacage @KarinaRdz247 @kat_woman13 @KaRaRacn75 @JudyConda @AddyGypsySoul @AbbyVx
Retweeted by MAY⭕️ROFCANT⭕️NThis is exactly what the scene looks like at my fantasy football draft. Real bros hug it out after every single pic… @ErieSteel @buckeyenichole @HeenanMahoning @ShockerSara @buckeyenichole @HeenanMahoning @ErieSteel @ShockerSara Of course! We do all sorts of badass stuff while listening to 80’s hair bands. @buckeyenichole @HeenanMahoning @ErieSteel @ShockerSara I’ll join the Canton Cobra Kai as long as there’s no real snakes involved. @ErieSteel @buckeyenichole @ShockerSara I’ve got a great realtor. I don’t have to go very far to find her. @HeenanMahoning @buckeyenichole @ErieSteel @ShockerSara Immediately set fire to everything. Look at this rope at th… @buckeyenichole @ErieSteel @ShockerSara I’m so creeped out by snakes. This was in my garage door. @karnsies817 WTF people do that? What a bunch of scumbags. @ErieSteel @ShockerSara @buckeyenichole There’s a braided rope in my road and I swear I thought another gaht damn s… @ShockerSara @buckeyenichole @ErieSteel Hahahahahaaa that poor dog. Wait. Son that of a bitch it’s just another weave.
I had planned on just posting Rick Steiner on his birthday, but after this past weekend I’ve decided to post Scott…
Retweeted by MAY⭕️ROFCANT⭕️NPart one of #AWIPODGiggleMANIA3 will be out this coming Tuesday with special guests from @PieceOfBusiness! We've al…
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Retweeted by MAY⭕️ROFCANT⭕️N @jenmonroe Very difficult. Luckily she sleeps like 9.5 of the 10 hours I’m here.Meet the new office guard dog Poppy aka Potato front office: So you can’t score points.. @HeenanMahoning Transformers, Robots in disguise Transformers, More than meats on thighs @HeenanMahoning They were Robots parading around as something that they were not born as in the form of automobiles… if this is what Darby meant by the best in the world. Without calling me an idiot, wouldn’t this be a big… @WrestleSketcher I need to get those dvds. When there’s nothing to watch that show always works. @WrestleSketcher Just The rabbit episode and the supermarket episodes alone make it probably my favorite season. So… @HeenanMahoning All you can eat crab legs is an entire day ordeal. Every time I’ve been there I’ve sat at the table… @CLE_CLCFan That’s bologna 😂Eating a fried bologna, egg, bacon cheese sandwich AND a large pepperoni pizza (minus 2 pieces) in one sitting was not a good idea.Tony Khan best cokehead with a pen since The Weeknd
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@MindOfQuinn Sounds more like they’ve become the fun guardiansRumors are swirling that AWIPOD and @PieceOfBusiness will be teaming up for another live preview show #SummerSlam w…
Retweeted by MAY⭕️ROFCANT⭕️N @buckeyenichole @BossWard43 In his best efforts to unintelligibly type the English language, he basically said that… don’t think I’ve ever used this gif in reference to another human being but @BossWard43 is a piece of garbage. Birthday @HEELZiggler 😃
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@LB_in_the_camps @chicagosmayor Definitely not the Mayor of Canton. @IceDan001 @PhonyGrossi @JRsBBQ @AEW Exactly why I have a Rolex and not a smart watch. I don’t want anything telling me how little I walk 😂 @MindOfQuinn @ErieSteel @hey_dep @HexFrank @TheWarden4508 NICE!!!! What reactive camo gun is that in the video? @JRsBBQ @AEW JR breaking at the Rolex to hang with Naitch. You guys both look great. @JB17191966 I try to be the best around so nothing’s gonna ever keep me down.Michael Knight was indeed a crime fighter, but definitely no gentleman 👀😧😆 #KnightRider
Retweeted by MAY⭕️ROFCANT⭕️N @Buckeyes_Fan_77 Just a Domino’s pizza. I pass it on the way home from work and didn’t feel like cooking tonight. I… @LBHinAVON Karate Kid does have a sequel 🥋 🍔 @wtfbrowns I really am. Can’t ask for much more than this 🙏 @WrestleSketcher Phew. I was worried I was the only one. night drive while Dreaming of Season 4 of Cobra Kai. Doesn’t everyone drive around and listen to Karate Kid so… @buckeyenichole I really could eat pizza every day. I switch up my toppings every time I get a pizza. @HeenanMahoning The Domino’s in Hartville. I swear it’s 100 times better than any other Dominos. They did mess up a… 12 days we return with Part one of #AWIPODGiggleMANIA3! @gawrestlenut and @eplandnfl from @PieceOfBusiness join…
Retweeted by MAY⭕️ROFCANT⭕️NSometimes pizza Sundays are followed by Pizza Mondays
Romeo, Bullethead and Mr. Hightower.
Retweeted by MAY⭕️ROFCANT⭕️N @MindOfQuinn @c0ry024 @blackhatrusso @mdalakas I can hear this gif @CoachTolliver26 Hopefully find more $20 bills than snakes over the next year 😂Took the trash out this morning and found this $20 sitting in the road. Happy Monday. WHICH ONE OF YOU DID THIS
Retweeted by MAY⭕️ROFCANT⭕️N @IUPUIGUY82 The person that sold them to me looks legitimate right? @IUPUIGUY82 One more cookie down and that’s going to be the move @IUPUIGUY82 Look at this mess 😂 do $1 generic dollar general cookies have plastic dividers to keep the cookies separated but these damn $5 Girl…
@HasReber @KenCarman Carlin and Damon were incredible in their roles in that movie. @1Stop_Wrestling The Mega Powers uniting and then breaking up. @KenCarman If I can get rid of the poop monster from Dogma it’s his best movie. Since I can’t I’d have Clerks numbe… @MindOfQuinn @followthatband @ErieSteel camp starts this week. I’m looking forward to having some actual receivers again…
Retweeted by MAY⭕️ROFCANT⭕️N @mdalakas Will do. She says thanks, Matt. Good looking out. @HeenanMahoning No just a really large Chinese Shar-Pei 😂Bessie learned this move from me. That’s the, this is how we sit up in bed after eating all you can eat chicken w… @Brennan_Huff_OH @PhonyGrossi I think it’s multiple layors of pepperoni. There’s never a bite that doesn’t have pepperoni. It’s really good.
@cantfindmike @PhonyGrossi Can’t say I’ve ever been there but I liked this pizza style a lot. @PhonyGrossi Really good idea for a pizza combining the thin crust New York style and Chicago style heavy pizza sau… to Hank Hogan Boy’s “Clevelander” pizza. @TheJimCornette @aewbotches One of these things was not like the others. @Aaron_G09 Yeah. I have that same worry. November and December going to roll around and hoping that the numbers don… @SamiZayn @frankart42 The fans of Cleveland loved seeing you too and I promise they were chanting Sami Rocks. @Aaron_G09 Thanks. I was letting the dogs out this morning and just wanted to list off all the things I remembered… should cancel the #Olympics & just have all the athletes run #MxC obstacle courses. Would watch the entire thi…
Retweeted by MAY⭕️ROFCANT⭕️N @Jaberuski Hartford Whalers but the Washington Bullets would be nice too @HeenanMahoning @cantfindmike @neatwhiskeyonly Soy burger 🤮 could use a Five Guys burger to cleanse just the thought of a soy burger. @HeenanMahoning @HeenanMahoning Forget the car spend all that money to by the mayor mccheese @HeenanMahoning Wow wow what a collection. Is that in Niles too! @HeenanMahoning Holy Cow Al Snow is still jacked and so is Steve Richards. He needs to come back to challenge Roman… @WWENXTGuy Happy Belated Birthday brother. Glad you got an early birthday present in the form of an NBA Championshi… @YtownT @_blue42 @Leafs4Life8989 I wish that was the reason I’d at least expect it 😂 This thing had to be someone’s pet boa that got… @BSeverence Very similar to how I backed out of the driveway @_blue42 My car went into reverse so fast. I’m terrified of snakes. Luckily I had a couple guys that love snakes an… Taylor prides himself in having the best shades on the team. That’s why he’s our captain.
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