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Lover of all Ohio Sports, Airplanes, Watching way too much professional wrestling and @AWIPOD Hall of Famer

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My Drawing of @IAmJericho . Commissioned by @TeamLouie
Retweeted by MAYOROFCANT⭕️NThe last episode of Unsolved Mysteries really shouldn’t even get to be called that. It should just be it’s own seri… moon looks spooky tonight. @2016ChampsCLE They could have found out that Elvis and Tupac have been hanging out together in Argentina secretly… @dre2124 Hahahaha no just video games. They get me angry 😂 @MindOfQuinn @ErieSteel No more quitting. I might write up a quality resignation letter, but until then good games.… @ErieSteel @MindOfQuinn The game is going in my garage sale this weekend. Clearing out junk and I might just give it away.Just skipped an entire episode of Unsolved Mysteries because fuck subtitles. It won’t be a mystery of why I never w… hate everything. Every fucking thing. @Cleveland_elf @stoolpresidente I agree. The best cooked pizza in the area and the best sauce for sure. I think it… @aono13 @stoolpresidente They’re pizza is amazing and think it meets all of his criteria of what he likes in a pizz… @karnsies817 @stoolpresidente Next time I stop in Strongsville I’ll give it a try. @ErieSteel @stoolpresidente I don’t think so, but I did like it when I was a kid. @BallplayerCity @mattstillwell Clean. 2nd baseman with his foot on the inside of the bag is something middle school…’ve probably spent between 6-8 hours of my day watching pizza reviews by @stoolpresidente and I’m realizing there…
@HipsterTito @MindOfQuinn @CheckersRallys As much as I respect Mr. Miz and his multiple Mr. Hero’s, comparing them… @MindOfQuinn @hey_dep Peanut M&M’s don’t get enough appreciation for being the best form of the candy. @MindOfQuinn @HipsterTito @CheckersRallys This marriage with Rally’s and Cleveland writes itself and would be a bad… @hey_dep That’s Bocce Ball? I thought bocce ball was played on sand where people threw balls like horseshoes but with balls. @MindOfQuinn @HipsterTito @CheckersRallys The block C over a checkered flag. Dollar Fry nights. This needs to happen!!! @Buckeyes_Fan_77 Yeah Yeah Yeah @MindOfQuinn @HipsterTito I’m all for the Cleveland Rally’s!!!!! I can envision a @CheckersRallys in the stadium w… @Buckeyes_Fan_77 Ok so: no-yeah = Yeah Yeah-no = noFor the people that say yeah-no and also say completely throw me off with this. Which one is the dom… @MindOfQuinn It basically sells itself. @MindOfQuinn I could probably pull of that diet. I’m in and ready to thin. @ilyassWillDraw That Timothy Thatcher drawing is incredible. What sport is this? @MindOfQuinn You buy 67 Mama Celeste pizzas? @itsjustb77 Is that really what it’s called? I’ve been doing 12 ounce summer curlingI have no idea what sport this is or what I just watched, but I know I want more of it. to episode 30 #AWIPODNxtTALKover and hear the trivia question you need to answer to have a chance to win thi…
Retweeted by MAYOROFCANT⭕️N @cantfindmike @ErieSteel I’ve rage quit NFLopoly and threw my friend out of my house in high school because I lost. @cantfindmike @ErieSteel Connect Four was a fun game. @BuckeyeLemon @AngieSee21 It’s just an Above average show. It’s kind of funny, but in an extremely pointless kind o… @ryansatin @CyndiMcGonigal1 Do the Beatles count as Pop Punk? @dawgsandelfs @BrownSpiderCLE Oh yeah...we have more ties than the Patriots 😂Can confirm day after Calzones in the air fryer are even better than when you get them from the restaurant. 400 deg… @skyessong Happy Birthday!!!!!!This Frederick Douglass quarter looks just like Bob Ross got done painting a happy little house and I’m never going… @Gewal @MindOfQuinn Look at this @jthemsley @hey_depWhen @MindOfQuinn fired the jokr in the building @hey_dep @ErieSteel 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @ErieSteel No work today. I never would work on a Sunday. @buckeyenichole Rob seems like a creepy asshole.Why am I already awake? I need a bucket of water, a straw and a handfuls of excedrin.I love fireworks more than just about anything. dogs are hanging out watching fireworks loving every second of it. I don’t think Shar Pei’s are scared of anything but riding in a car 😂 @cantfindmike God bless, brother. It’s a beautiful sight.They’re currently wheeling out fireworks in a wheelbarrow and carrying laundry baskets full of fireworks. What could possibly go wrong? @MindOfQuinn @hey_dep @ErieSteel @HexFrank @EricExcellence Holy shit. Congratulations big solo W. @skyessong Thanks. She’s got her personality from me and the looks from her mom 😂
Just got done playing Volleyball with the old folks and just realized I’m now also the old folks. Me walking back t… @ErieSteel BK is USA AF! @AWIPOD @WrestleSketcher I think it’s already been watched but just Lex Luger slamming Yoko on the boat. @AWIPOD My wife will cut a watermelon In half and eat the entire half like it’s a bowl in one sitting. I just don’t… was still one bite too many. Watermelon is yucky. episode 30 of #AWIPODNxtTALKover today!! @ericaAWIPOD and @PylesClash recap this weeks #NXTGAB and Brent t…
Retweeted by MAYOROFCANT⭕️N @ErieSteel @MindOfQuinn I’m on my way @ErieSteel @MindOfQuinn @MuggedTuggin It was real. The bottom of the helmet had a layer of brownie, 21 scoops of ic… @MindOfQuinn @MuggedTuggin Don’t forget right before that I ate that 2 pound burger “challenge” in the first inning… @MuggedTuggin @MindOfQuinn I’ve always been known as fat Dave, even when I wasn’t fat. It’s always been my name mor…’m so happy Kiara is back from Florida and it’s her birthday today. I’m so proud of you and how beautiful of a per… @AWIPOD @MindOfQuinn This could be a thing one day. Maybe do Dawgs vs Dogs Cleveland Browns challenge where we have… the hot dog eating contest cancelled? @MindOfQuinn @LBHinAVON He’s my roll model. Also, not a misspelling. @MindOfQuinn @LBHinAVON I’m going to watch it again, for Terry. @LBHinAVON The smile on Terry’s face was amazing. Those fireworks were hitting Terry’s legs and he didn’t feel a damn thing but happiness 😂Yesterday at work: Justin: I’m glad they’re getting rid of Columbus, he didn’t do anything. Vespucci is who found… @KenCarman @amerfireworks You had me sold at Shark Tornado. Enjoy some champagne of beer and hopefully wake up with… @WrestleSketcher @MindOfQuinn I might be able to take this to Chapel Hill mall and have it air brushed 😂 @ZackL217 Same to you brother! Happy 4th of July. 🇺🇸 @WrestleSketcher @MindOfQuinn Jake was an every man’s hero. He doesn’t get enough credit in the first movie. @MindOfQuinn I love this but I’m sticking with the Cleveland whoooos!!!! Because I encourage the whoooo to happen even more at games.Cleveland Dollar Dogs.
Retweeted by MAYOROFCANT⭕️NYesterday I hated 73% of you, but we’re cool today. Enjoy the day with family, and celebrate America’s birthday tog… was living that Goldberg Entrance. Independence Day America 🇺🇸
Retweeted by MAYOROFCANT⭕️N💪 @GCWrestling_/ @JANELABABY Spring Break 2 animation by #WrestlingArcade 😍 This was so much fun to put together. P…
Retweeted by MAYOROFCANT⭕️NHappy Fourth of July. Going to bed listening to Real American on loop. The version that the song starts slow at a w… @ErieSteel @i_zaya_ @efrisco_ @vern I could stream 8-12 minutes before a rage quit @jbarnacles @TonyKhan @AEWrestling @AEWonTNT @KennyOmegamanX @CodyRhodes @youngbucks @IAmJericho I think Ref Aubrey… is one of the best in-ring episodes of WWE TV in a hot minute. #SmackDown
Retweeted by MAYOROFCANT⭕️NHoly shit! @HexFrank @EricExcellence @ErieSteel @efrisco_ @MindOfQuinn @Raquel_X_Rivera Hell yeah. Congratulations
@thedrunkpenguin I just made pizza burgers for dinner. Yours looks much better. I didn’t have a good bread to use.Thanks again to @TreyGetsIt for hooking us up with the Funko Pops!!
Retweeted by MAYOROFCANT⭕️NThis week on #AWIPODNxtTALKover @ericaAWIPOD and @PylesClash talk about everything from this week #NXTGAB! We also…
Retweeted by MAYOROFCANT⭕️N @hollyc29 Would have been my choice too @buckeyenichole Going to start the 4th partying a little early tonight @frankart42 Might just make a pizza burger and throw them right on the burger with some marinara, basil and mozzarella 🤔 @frankart42 I’m going home and throwing some burgers on the grill, but I do have cheesesticks I can throw in the air fryer. @MasterVader1992 Hell yeah brother! 🍻Finally leaving work!!!!!! @barstoolsports @ErieSteel @MindOfQuinn @hey_dep That will be him standing outside his Big Green Egg tomorrow. @ErieSteel @MindOfQuinn @hey_dep This is definitely much more @MindOfQuinn than that guy. @ErieSteel @hey_dep Ralphie is my favorite, then Mr. Burns, then Homer. I was expecting Disco Stu or Sideshow Mel @ErieSteel @hey_dep Hahahahahaha. He did find the most obscure character. You should ask him who his favorite Simps… @ErieSteel @hey_dep Peppermint Patty always irritated me too. Her and Linus were awful. @dre2124 The “Browns” sounds really racist if you don’t know why they are named that. I’d bet Patriots though. Some… @ErieSteel @hey_dep He was the best character by far. I’d take maybe Lucy second just for watching her pull the foo…