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The 〽️ayor Of Yost @MayorofYost Yost Arena - Sec 19, Row 4

Real name is Tony. Michigan Hockey Season ticket holder since ‘04; Mayor since ‘09. Logistics professional. Conservative. #MotorOn #LGRW

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@DrewVanDrese @YostBuilt Robbery if he isn’t. @YostBuilt No. You get Eddie Mio. Little Caesar has “prior commitments”The Mayor Exchange Program®️is going on tonight. #FromOurHouseToYours
I think he filibustered his shorts #fartgate
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostRT if you were a fan of “Macho Man” Randy Savage
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostCongrats to Jerry York on making into the @HockeyHallFame! One more connection to college hockey in the Hall. @rooprajfox2 I’m sure all the stay-at-home moms and retirees are looking forward to what you have to say.......More hot air from @TheDemocrats @LiddleSavages You probably don’t even work anyway....#fartgate is the best thing in politics since Epstein didn’t kill himself
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostDo you think Dantonio is gonna show up to his deposition wearing a helmet?
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RT if this is you! 💪 🦃
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of Yost🤔🧐🤨🤯😧😦 YOU ARE THE JABRONI DAY
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostCan these guys unretire? Please. ‘em Fred!!! @Tazerhawk @buddyspizza I suggest they bring back to the Coney Pizza by that date.
@elrick @misuperfan ....I noticed you ignored the podcast comment. BRING IT BACK
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of Yost @g1lbo11 @dunndesign @derrickokeefe More like Derrick O Queef... @misuperfan @elrick Elrick? That you? And yes Superfan is right - your podcast was awesome!
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of Yost😂 @UMichFootball to Michigan State:
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostPlaying with Little Mayor while listening to @AlRandall2 and @umichhockey. Looking for the sweep of the day against Sparty. #GoBlue
@Imkingofdetroit BUNYAN IS GOING TO RICKS!!!!!!! #GoBlue🧐🤔@OldTakesExposed #goBlue @sbell021 @SkyKersteinFox2 @FOX2News This is new level rally towel. Hall of game worthy.We're playing Antifa today?
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostThe #BigHouse has the best steamed hot dogs. @UMichGameFood.@UMichAthletics coming through on these Rally Towels! 5/5 ⭐️ on design.'s Game Day! Michigan looks to even the series tonight in East Lansing 🆚MSU 📍East Lansing, Mich. 🏟Munn Ice Arena…
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostI scored a hat trick in the #NHLHatTrickChallenge daily game. So did 29% of @NHL fans who played. scored a hat trick in the #NHLHatTrickChallenge daily game. So did 29% of @NHL fans who played.… @DrewVanDrese Awww come on. You know damn well I’m going for the last comment. Lol @DrewVanDrese Because your party is embarrassing itself. You lost in 2016. Get over it. Vote him out in 20. This charade is ridiculous. @DrewVanDrese Oh you weren’t done. @DrewVanDrese @AdamSchiff 'Tiger Town,' a warm slice of Detroit nostalgia overlooked on Disney+ #PencilNeckSchiff @AdamSchiffBecause hockey players have character and respect for each other, and it’s been a part of the game for a century. K…
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostMy story from the #HHOF ring ceremony. The inductees reflect on the hockey journeys that delivered them to greatnes…
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Why is this news? This happens much more than you know/realize.’s Team MVP has been receiving the Hal Downes Trophy for more than 60 years. Winners include legends l… @BriceMarich @247Wolverine @_ZachShaw @UMGoBlog @247Sports I’m disappointed @YostUsher and I weren’t tweeted about.… @MgoKevin517 @NCAAIceHockey @LCArena_Detroit Disagree a lot of season left. They said the St Louis Blues were done… tickets bought today. Will be my 5th Frozen Four and this time it’s only 20 minutes away. @NCAAIceHockey @LCArena_DetroitEvery @umichhockey Hero of the Game gets a loud applause and salute from the fans. But tonight’s Hero of the game s… that one away. @ChildrenOfYost do what you need with this picture...
Sparty’s jersey number look like they’re screen printed on..... @AlRandall2 Hey I have one of those too! night?!?!? FYS night. #FYS @YostBuilt @joshgalka88 @jonmeriwether @FOX2News What a bitch he is. Must be his first day on the Internet.... @jonmeriwether @FOX2News Your 1 follower (probably a family member) is very intrigued by your comments.... 😂😂😂
Having issues with my IPhone Smart battery case. “Irene” @AppleSupport asking me if I use my case while exercising.…
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostThe frozen tundra of the Big House Where Legends Never Die #GoBlue
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostNew, inclusive Livonia coffee shop to provide jobs to young adults with disabilities
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostDVRed the @umichhockey game fro Friday. @ShepMatt is 5/5⭐️ as a hockey broadcaster.
Missing summer right now.
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostI may be the minority here but I wish the @UMichFootball v MSU game was played today. Would have loved a snowbowl.Got heeeeeeem
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostFired up about snow removal.
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of Yost.Set the DVR now. This will be good.
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I’m a big @smokeyrobinson fan. Seen him live too! But there is no way I’m paying $500 for a signed pair of his pant… @SalVulcano where did you get your Smokey & The Miracles shirt? I live in Detroit and am a huge Motown music fan. C… birthday to my second home - @YostIceArena @cappy27 catches up with legendary @umichhockey coach Red Berenson.
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of Yost“Don’t you people have homes?” - @JudgeSmailsGolf
Michigan is a 12-point favorite over Michigan State this weekend. Or as Mark Dantonio calls it, an 11-point favorite.
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of Yost#OnThisDay in 1975, the SS Edmund Fitzgerald sank as a result of a violent storm on Lake Superior. Join…
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostNiklas Kronwall got to drop the puck and take in an unreal crowd here in Stockholm! #NHLGlobalSeries Confidential
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostHey @StuBickel, nice pseudo-mullet. @GopherHockey
“That ain’t no dadgum cat. That’s a skunk.”🦨
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostBrad Marchand is a Nazi: Confirmed
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@andrewmerrick78 “Prior commitments”Welcome to Alaska, @SunDevilHockey! 😂☃️
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostSame. years ago, the Ford Rotunda in Dearborn, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the U.S., burned down in…
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostReading the @nhl 100 Years, 100 moments. The islanders Dyanasty comes in at #26. @andrewmerrick78 / your pops is me… guy is playing Wii Bowling during a lecture 😂
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of Yost @BrittMcHenry But but but he wants you to visit that Apartments for rent site!!!!
.@BrosnanMiller you know why there is a shortage of Police? Because thanks to your Democrat buddies - the police do… @jfk81 @paulacweston @YostUsher The Mayor isn’t for everyone. Especially liberals like Paula. @jfk81 @paulacweston @YostUsher @jfk81 @paulacweston @YostUsher Paula blocked me years ago.Guess what another blowout loss. 5-1 L 6-1 L 4-0 L 7-3 L 5 goals for 22 goals against.
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostWell that’s a sign of confidence from your coach.... @DetroitRedWings #LGRW👇🏻he’s right. when @Cher blocked me on twitter.
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostProbably the hardest part about living on a farm is when your kid’s dog dies you have to convince them he moved to…
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of YostWho did this?😂
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of Yost🚨#CFBPlayoff RANKINGS ALERT🚨 The November 5 @CFBPlayoff rankings are in‼️ 1)🌰 2)🐯 3)🐘 4)🦁 5)🐅🧡💜 6)🐶 7)🦆 8)🙌 9)⭕️🙌…
Retweeted by The 〽️ayor Of Yost @niccjagger @DavidVeselenak I’ve been called worse by better. @niccjagger @DavidVeselenak You replied to me first hun.