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mom of 2 & a dog- Sounders, teaching, knitting, Libra and good friends. #PetticoatedSwashbuckler

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@BigDaveTPiR I just took 17 on a trip to CWU, I don’t think I’m up to leaving the house again, but no FS2 or YT tv soooo... 🤷🏽‍♀️
@cbekius Isn’t it the best thing??? @beaglehaus Fancy! @TBpnw @KellyDotGov @LadyBirdOsprey Yep! It’s the best stuff. I found a few samples in an old diaper bag I was givi… @blgtylr Do you have a tour scheduled??My Lord. Good morning to Elizabeth Warren and the Bossip headline writers ONLY.
Retweeted by Kristina of ⭐️⭐️ @FeministaJones janinekrippner for cool volcano facts! minakimes for sports and the ‘putting men in their place’ content. @CheezieBreezie @Jassong010 Is this one of the intelligent neighbors??Extremely relevant to my interests
Retweeted by Kristina of ⭐️⭐️ @solomonmissouri Do you want to build a snowman?? 🎼🎶🎵 @beaglehaus Xoxoxo @ShawnteJamesMD @CASAforall Thank you for being there for her. 💗So weird it’s almost like internalized misogyny is a real thing that the majority of women have had instilled in th…
Retweeted by Kristina of ⭐️⭐️ @bryanbehar All the memes of Warren slaying Bloomberg are true. @bougiehoolie Ummmm... did you call PSE?? @sonarriley I missed most of it too, but followed twitter. Afterwards Joe was the first interview— he came across a… @guerillagirl Same. Showing his true colors I suppose. Very disappointing.🗣”You have been warren’d”
Retweeted by Kristina of ⭐️⭐️The way Elizabeth Warren speaks about almost every issue - whether it be the environment, healthcare, income inequa…
Retweeted by Kristina of ⭐️⭐️ @ssfcvictorylap Ugh. I’m sorry. @TBpnw @ewarren I did too! @AnnaPaquin It’s airing again on MSNBC at 10pm PST. @soundslikepuget Like maybe it’s you??? Maybe you need to take the time to do the work... #therapyisyourfriendYEESSSSSS!! And after the video of the phone call from Liz, I want Leslie to commentate it for us! #Warren @sonarriley Replay at 10! @KellyDotGov It’s so beautiful. 😍Lots of men say they support strong women until they realize what that means
Retweeted by Kristina of ⭐️⭐️OH HELL YES! @TBpnw @JohnnyTatonka @shebainpdx Lots of treats might solve this problem. @allonsyrachel You can’t listen to your brain when it does this. It’s not true. Break the pattern. You are loved. 💗💗💗 @nerdette I love you! @MiVidaSeattle @ewarren I did too! @snaphappens @sugartoes @B_Mantle And are we tucking these t-shirts??The thing about @ewarren is she knows, now matter how dead the monster looks, you fucking kill him again.
Retweeted by Kristina of ⭐️⭐️ @MommyUnit That’s so exciting!! @bourbonNglitter And I missed the debate. But it looks like Warren kicked butt... @taterpie 😬Tonight in a GIF:
Retweeted by Kristina of ⭐️⭐️ @studentactivism Unfortunately I missed the debate, but this thread is gold! I’m donating more to @ewarren #Warren2020 @guerillagirl That report should be long and detailed. @taterpie I need to get one. 🤦🏽‍♀️ @bourbonNglitter Someday. 🤦🏽‍♀️ @bourbonNglitter YAYAYAY! I drove 15 to soccer, now to eat dinner and then go to therapy. I’m sure glad it’s getting lighter out. ☀️ @dianelyssa He’s a waste. She needs a backbone and therapy. @bourbonNglitter Which app??
@AZluvSounders @MartinAsh10 @Antiei30West @bourbonNglitter Thanks for posting. I need this reminder too... @shebainpdx Oh no!! Poor kitty. @bmvaughn Ugh. @_celia_bedelia_ Both. But if there is a gradient scale he is WAY GREATER THE A. @ICC_99 Ummmm... @amiasmatics You are a fabulous person. I’m sure it helped her. And you gave back to me some faith in humanity. @ilana_horn THIS!!THIS! @Stefan24Frei 💗💗💗 @NekoCase I blame Gillian’s Island! I swear someone went in it every other episode... @blgtylr This is so amazingpants!! YAYAYAY!!Thread 🧵... @TwelveInOregon Congratulations!🎉 @TheBionicScoop @fortherecord_x3 Yep. We had a long conversation about it. It boiled down to do what makes you happy, not what make… @emrazz Good father—- um no. Controlling fucker, who didn’t want his ex to be happy in anyway. Yes, he clearly need… @bourbonNglitter This is my usual wake up time. Not last night though... but I stayed up way later than usual. I ma… @fortherecord_x3 My ex didn’t care. My mom was a bit surprised & disappointed. At my ex’s recent fam. reunion, my b… taking my ex’s last name was the best choice. I had already started my career. When we divorced 18 yrs later I… @McLovinDenise @laurenthehough So I just watched episodes 1-7 tonight and I’m really loving it. It’s more frank than the original… reporting and a few quick highlights: -- Warren is statistically tied for 2nd in the same poll that left her…
Retweeted by Kristina of ⭐️⭐️ @ssfcvictorylap Xoxoxo @ThePunkRockPoet Xoxoxo @Amara_Magick Warren @ICC_99 Xoxoxo. If you need anything let me know. @greggawatt Wow. Just wow. @SSparklesDaily 💗💗💗 @TropicSoundInWA YYYEEESSSSSSKelley Nakahara was a beautiful person and natural actor. She began in the background and eventually played the lea…
Retweeted by Kristina of ⭐️⭐️ @CrazyCalico Excellent! He deserves it. @TropicSoundInWA All of mine are Portland or Disneyland and Disney World. 🤣‘She’s your damn senator’: Emerson College blasted for leaving Elizabeth Warren out of 2020 poll
Retweeted by Kristina of ⭐️⭐️Nightly Crouton
Retweeted by Kristina of ⭐️⭐️ @solomonmissouri It’s my favorite 🥰 @Emerald0013 @BigDaveTPiR @SoundersFC Thanks! We should be home by then... @BigDaveTPiR @Emerald0013 @SoundersFC Thanks for that intel. What time??This is life saving legislation for people in Washington
Retweeted by Kristina of ⭐️⭐️ @blgtylr You are amazingpants. 💗 @SSFCFOTY15 @coopy1211 WOOOOOOO! @BigDaveTPiR High Fidelity... I hope it’s good. 🤞🏽 @BigDaveTPiR What did you now?? @BigDaveTPiR @SSFCFOTY13 @BigDaveTPiR @SSFCFOTY13 I got it. Thanks Dave. 😘 @peytnhaag Tell this person, “Thank you!” for me. @BigDaveTPiR Like secret service! @BSnapz2019 I think all of us single moms have those thoughts at some time. Was asking for the divorce the best thi… @c_v Chaotic good. @SSFCFOTY13 Yep. There are programs for first timer home buyers with less down, but you have to search for them. Go… @SSFCFOTY13 And look in WS. There are decent places to rent for $1500. @SSFCFOTY13 It’s a struggle. I’m not sure renting is such a great deal anymore. My house payment is less than that.… @blackgirlinmain You have lots of things of substance to talk about. Most of the mom bloggers that I’ve seen have t…