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I study how flies are made & how fungi control their behavior. I fight to make science open and fair. EIC of eLife. He/him. My conflicts

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Pilsners and Lagers are more similar to flavored water than to proper beer. @richmeisel Yes. But we can't fly so the real life game is a bit silly. @joelmcglothlin @richmeisel It could have made him a strategic hero. @richmeisel Agreed. I used to complain about this all the time. Renders everything else in the game irrelevant exce… @peiferlabunc we put in cryptic measures to detect cheating on an online exam in a large class, and there was effectively none @sennoma good! @hangcat2 aquafaba is the water from canned chickpeas - it's used to replace eggwhitesI will be officially taking over as CEO of @mypillowusa on January 15 Ramos gin fizz (made w/coconut cream and aquafaba) know F for MIT computational biology?Don't you figure people, in general, watch movies/TV shows in which the main characters have jobs that they'd actua… may be December, but there's still a 7% chance that the most ridiculous thing in 2020 hasn't happened yet @drdevangm @razibkhan @hoffsbeefs I tend to agree, though there are far dumber GWAS's done every day @hoffsbeefs @razibkhan @drdevangm we're about to have a large study population .... @razibkhan @hoffsbeefs @drdevangm maybe, but you never want people trying to do too many things at once - leads to errors @hoffsbeefs @drdevangm need a lot more cases than they have now to get any kind of signaloh c'mon, this is such a BS paper. At what point do we start demanding more evidence prior to making claims like th…
Retweeted by Michael Eisen @cispt2 You’re going to regret thatUnderrated tweet
@am_anatiala do the birbs make you pie and cocktails? @thomasuthaug @simongerman600 this, i think, may be lack of data @EdwinSolares10 that's not my image @llewelly there's a lot of Alberta on my mapAm enjoying asking everyone "Why haven't you alpha-folded your protein yet?"I'm an unemployed 18th century dandy living as a vampire in modern-day Te Aro. @PetrovADmitri @Caroline_Bartma Actually we say "this is more appropriate for a specialized journal".There are many scientists who hold beliefs about intellectual abilities & genetics that are wrong & dangerous. When… @AgroBioDiverse @bill_easterly @undertheraedar (inspired by the original one on population) @noonenowhere39 @alchemytoday You don't have to write a treatise titled "We should all engage in eugenics and here'… @noonenowhere39 @alchemytoday And it was clear from the context that he was not just "describing" reality, he was c… @noonenowhere39 @alchemytoday Manolis explicitly said a) that aptitude in physics, computer science and computation… @casey6r0wn @lpachter He's making a meta point, sure, but he's chosen to do so in the context of someone being take… @TriggerLoop Having been part of and seen peer review at many journals, one of the most remarkable things is that r… @ClementYChow Daven? @TriggerLoop @AlexisRohou It's definitely a "worst system except for all the others" kind of situation. @JakeKushnerMD @JimJohnsonSci @UshmaNeill @eLife That’s essentially what we’re doing, except authors of papers we d… @RaphaelHoult I read that at first as you were on the verge of bowling :-). Congrats! @reis_lab @TriggerLoop There are plenty of forums for people to comment publicly. Journals can be a space protected from this. @BiologistMike Of course. There's ZERO evidence to support this contention, and his casually throwing out the *fact… @BiologistMike Whether it started with intent is immaterial. If prominent MIT faculty recognize that it is happenin… @PracheeAC You know I only subtweet you after cocktail hour. @TriggerLoop Yeah. I favor precluding reviewer identification for this reason. It's likely where we'll land.And, for all the horrible things that happen on Twitter, more than anything else, it's my being exposed to the opin… @TriggerLoop We've considered a policy that precludes reviewers from identifying themselves for precisely these rea… @TriggerLoop I agree.But this utopian vision ran into reality. The power dynamics of science, and the obviously willingness of many to e… the Internet was young and I was just starting to think about how it could be used to improve scientific disco… all aspire to a scientific universe where everyone feels perfectly comfortable voicing their thoughts on their c… @rgcjm @OdedRechavi @helenajambor @F1000Research @eLife which one? @cshperspectives @atulbutte @OdedRechavi @helenajambor @F1000Research @eLife This is my new job title: Chief Anti-Asshole Strategist. @OdedRechavi @atulbutte @cshperspectives @helenajambor @F1000Research @eLife Let me tell you a story about friendly worm Twitter.... @zakkohane @atulbutte @cshperspectives @OdedRechavi @helenajambor @F1000Research @eLife This is why we don't think… @helenajambor @lionlchristiaen @cshperspectives @OdedRechavi @F1000Research @eLife the reason i don't want to head… @lionlchristiaen @cshperspectives @OdedRechavi @helenajambor @F1000Research @eLife incentives are important but com… @cshperspectives @helenajambor @atulbutte @OdedRechavi @F1000Research @eLife It is a real challenge though to creat… @OdedRechavi @helenajambor @F1000Research @eLife The first step is to get people doing public reviews of preprints.… @DesiAkita @JoseLCadavid @manoliskellis But it’s also categorically different - and far more dangerous - when a pro… @DesiAkita @JoseLCadavid @manoliskellis If Brad Pitt went on a podcast talking about how awesome it is that Hollywo… @OdedRechavi @helenajambor @F1000Research @eLife This is and has long been the goal - continuous evaluation of pape… @Napaaqtuk Better now that you reminded me @DesiAkita @the_syncretist @wouter_decoster @JoseLCadavid @David_desJ @manoliskellis Where is the evidence that the… @drugmonkeyblog evergreen15yos top Spotify songs for 2020 #ParentingWin @JoseLCadavid @David_desJ @manoliskellis I listened to the entire thing. He literally said that 1) MIT selects peop… @JoseLCadavid @David_desJ @manoliskellis start at 1:31:30 @MaureenBug @franzanth 🦀🦀〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️🦀🦀 🦀〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️🦀 🦀〰️〰️🦀〰️🦀〰️〰️🦀 〰️🦀〰️🦀🦀🦀〰️🦀〰️ 〰️〰️🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀〰️〰️ 〰️〰️🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀〰️〰️ 🦀🦀🦀… @JoseLCadavid @manoliskellis Even if you stipulate that MIT has not actively created such a policy, Manolis is a pr… wait to present tomorrow on #AcademicMentalHealth for @EMBO @ASCBiology #CellBio2020 with @DragonflyMH Don’t…
Retweeted by Michael EisenI guess MIT was jealous that Stanford cornered the COVID denialist crown so they’re staking a claim to the eugenics market vacated by CSHL? @manoliskellis I’ll remind y’all of the dictionary definition of eugenics: “the study of how to arrange reproductio… @manoliskellis I think you need to study up on what eugenics is because your saying “MIT selects students based on… @drugmonkeyblog @bioangst It’s just another way where alleged empiricists are utterly insensitive to empirical realityhe and the host are casually bantering about a system of global geographic separation of people based on cognitive… have all the elements of eugenics, 1) implied genetic superiority of some people over others, 2) institutionall… can't listen to @manoliskellis's interview and not hear someone celebrating eugenics: he says 1) MIT selects pe… @manoliskellis @lpachter "You basically have now these people who came to be a student kind of like myself who stuc… @manoliskellis @lpachter "... what comes out of it is so far beyond if ideas were evolving in a vacuum... Where now… @manoliskellis @lpachter "You basically have students coming to Boston to study because that's the place where thes… @manoliskellis @lpachter [Host: Yeah, we ship them to different locations based on their properties.] "That's exact… @manoliskellis @lpachter "So we don't just ship ideas around anymore. They don't evolve in a vacuum. The ideas them… @manoliskellis @lpachter "Which is the horizontal transfer of humans with fellowships. And the fact that as people… @benoitbruneau @manoliskellis you mean BS that nobody cares about? @jayseedub @BatesPhysio Worms. Hmm.this is some next level BS @billjamesonline I grew up in DC post-Senators, so we had no MLB players living there. However for ~20 years until…
@BorisBarbour @cshperspectives @scholarlykitchn @peeriodicals @JosephJEsposito @PubPeer Well it’s something you say… @jenscs83 @LabLesbian It didn't say "what's a piece of lab equipment that you hate rationally". @Timberati Ouch, but he deserves that. @BorisBarbour @scholarlykitchn @cshperspectives @peeriodicals @JosephJEsposito @PubPeer Yes. It's another manifesta… @jvveenvliet @eLife The reputation that should be on the line when we post a review is ours as an organization. It… @jvveenvliet @eLife I wish we lived in a world where everyone felt free to openly critique their colleagues work wi… @jvveenvliet @eLife To answer question (2): This has been a major topic of discussion. I started as a hardcore beli… @jvveenvliet @eLife To answer question (1): Yes, there is going to be a selection process. We just simply don't hav… @BorisBarbour @scholarlykitchn @cshperspectives @peeriodicals @JosephJEsposito The challenge is, and always has bee… @BorisBarbour @scholarlykitchn @cshperspectives @peeriodicals @JosephJEsposito I think the thing we all need to emp… @scholarlykitchn @cshperspectives @BorisBarbour @peeriodicals @JosephJEsposito twitter. I'm trying to establish what are the monandrous (or most monandrous) Drosophila species. D. subobscura…
Retweeted by Michael Eisen @BorisBarbour @cshperspectives @peeriodicals It was, quite honestly, one of the main appeals of eLife. I was in the… @cshperspectives @peeriodicals @BorisBarbour I love all these efforts, but too often people conflate having an idea…