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Banging out words and pictures. #Writer of #darkfantasy and #horror. #Metal and goth jams. WTF so some, LOL to others.

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Joined Twitter 9/6/12 @jporterauthor Go for it! @Write_Hive Finish my WIP. @jporterauthor Me as hell. I'll sit here trying to figure out 15 different ways I want to write a sentence before I… @ColetteGraack Oh, Cajun boy. 😔 @AuthorJFuller That's fitting!
@AuthorJFuller @NigelPeever Ooohhhh, I need those sounds for my battle scenes. @bryanna_gary It's fine. I can barely keep up with notifications on some days. @AjcreamerA Well, I won't bother posting a snippet. 😄So this is the kind of stuff I deal with at my job on some days. A high-functioning mentally disabled guy is being… @Valor53555939 Wait till she pisses off the priests. @Valor53555939 She sure did! @Kiraofthewind1 The priests have a lot of political/societal pull and tend to give the final answer on things. This… visit. #WorkFromHome #workfromhomelife #CatsOfTwitter @tl_trevaskis It's fine, lol.Have I been in a mood, lately... *Goddess of mischief mode activated* @J_V_Meulen Yes, she's about to be queen. @J_V_Meulen Not too long before he bends the knee to her. 😉 @J_V_Meulen I'm near the end and this is a setup for something that goes down in the sequel. The father of my main… @J_V_Meulen No, it's usually how it goes, so I'm just saving myself the trouble.*Posts about WIP* *Crickets or it doesn't get as much love as others' responses* @Laporkra Thank you so much, I needed that. 🙂 @AuthorJFuller Thank you, I'm so excited to read it in its final form. 😀 @jporterauthor @writingiswar @CassThomps13 For girls I like the ones from the Underworld movies. @jporterauthor Best of luck! 🤘 @ColetteGraack @RosalynBriar Hell yeah. @CassThomps13 Bottom row. @ViiMorteArt Always!Mine. @ViiMorteArt Thank you! Who doesn't need more hot guys? 😀The Slaughtercunts and the Fucking Three are totally ride or die. @MGMasonCreative @theMarieCasey @writingiswar If someone does something for me I do it back for them because I thin… @AuthorJFuller I tend to lock my profile for a bit when some weirdo not on my follow list contacts me. @AuthorJFuller They get seen. @MicheleQuirke I would rather be alone to deal with it, it'll help me focus on handling it. I did some breathing ex… @EmmalineStrange @RosalynBriar Thank you. There's a lot of steaminess between them. 😉 I'm planning on finishing thi… @AndrewSimmons3 My main girl would look awesome in your style. celebrate reaching 900 followers, i'm doing a #giveaway ! to be in with the chance of winning you need to ⭐️Mu…
Retweeted by Maria Dracon 🩸🔥⚔ @SheaBallard She's a royal, yes. I tried to make them a bit different from conventional royals. I actually barely e… @RosalynBriar Thanks so much! Ooohhhh, I like him very much, myself. 😉 He just, like, lets her dominate the hell out of him. @RosalynBriar Alesund, 6'3" of ripped Northern man meat. They met fighting, now this is about all they do until the… @chriswood01 If you ask for help rewording something or whatever else, I'd give it if I feel it's needed. Otherwise… @MichaelLRoss7 @barb_avon They get seen. @AuthorJFuller I shit where I'm at. @MicheleQuirke The few times I had one I thought I was having a heart attack. The logical part of me knew I was mis… @chriswood01 I'm a shitty beta reader, I'm more of a cheerleader, lol. I'll point out a grammar or spelling mistake… @chriswood01 There are plenty of traditionally published books that are shit. You can still hire editors to polish your work. @chriswood01 Just self-publish. 😉 @AjcreamerA But do you know about the epic temple blowjob? 🤔 @AjcreamerA I will forever be known for "that scene," won't I? @SheaBallard Pensilea has to be careful who she lets in, considering her world and her position in it. She has clos… @RosenniaArts I'm so sorry for your loss. 😢 @CatRScott I know. I existed before Twitter. I think I'll do well. 😊Even with what I'm going to spend to make mine look awesome and amazing it'll probably still get less reactions tha… @Valor53555939 Unless they're cliques. @BenNysschen Well, at least crickets make a sound. 😄 @theSDReno It'll be amusing to watch the circle jerking. @belet_seri Thank you so much, I needed this. 💕Writer Twitter: "We're such a good and supportive community!" *Posts snippet* Writer Twitter: *Crickets*
@MicheleQuirke I like Matthias better. @CreativeMaus @Kiraofthewind1 Well, they're not exactly wrong, my stuff really isn't for most of the fantasy crowd here. @RtisticWriter Pensilea's man had an abusive childhood and an otherwise shitty, crazy past that's hinted at, here and there. @Kiraofthewind1 Maybe in the third, she'll piss her off and it'll end up in an all-out war against all 3 deities. @Kiraofthewind1 @worldbuilding I have "the big three," Mala (underworld, fire) and her children Azaliel (death) and…'s fine, all. I think it's something I needed to be told. There is a world outside of "here." @ASHnovelist It's weird. This person wasn't putting it down, I'm just baffled at the need to tell me that.When someone feels the need to tell me in DM something as obvious as people here aren't that interested in my story… @BilskiSuzanne Sounds like you're familiar with the Watchers. 🙂 @tindall_heather It's how they roll! @Redclaw38812660 Of course! Tell me more about her when you can. @ditzydruid Thank you! 🙂 @BilskiSuzanne Nice! What religions and what's the character's motivation? @kittensartsboo1 @JayKayArt Thank you very much! I tried it last year. Most of my slowness comes from trying to f… @Akanetto2 Thank you! I'm too stubborn to just give up, but I get that feeling, sometime. I fail miserably with a… @ColetteGraack Doing the group thing.Help make it happen for ASYL: a horror comic. on @indiegogo
Retweeted by Maria Dracon 🩸🔥⚔ @RosalynBriar Pensilea Belith Darkthorne, 21 Not your average princess. I'll just copy from a previous post: Full… @ColetteGraack Keep it up! I've had my slow times. I miss Nola, hoping to go back for a long weekend sometime next year. @ColetteGraack Thank you. I think I'll do well. 🙂 @ColetteGraack They're soul-fucking me. @RosalynBriar That's exactly how I pictured both of them.Sometimes I wake up in a shit stirring mood and look for places to stir shit. *Goddess of mischief mode activated* @Mamasini78 Thanks! A woman said something so she must be defensive. Next thing you know, I should "calm down," too. 😁 @RosalynBriar @JayKayArt Thank you! I think I'm going to do well in the world. I just have those moments. I've bee… @Mamasini78 I know what you were doing and I'm playing along. 😉 @Mamasini78 Maybe I should actually write stuff that's light, cheery, cute, trendy, and politically correct, did I ever think of that? @tindall_heather Thank you! Ominous is definitely the right word for just about everything in this story. I used N… @nuritgreenfinch Thank you! I think we all go through it. When do you think you'll finish something? @tindall_heather Whatever gets me closer to the end. @Kiraofthewind1 I attempted it last year and failed. At least I made some progress. Would have been further along i… @RtisticWriter Aw, best of luck with that, hope it gets sorted out soon. @ColetteGraack Appreciate it. 😊I've done a piss poor job with keeping up with notifications lately, but I promise to stay on top of this one. Starting tomorrow morning. 😄Almost there. Although, I'm going through a "What's even the point of this, it's just another stupid thing I attemp… @JazdzewskiTara @ColetteGraack Thank you! I love writing them, they're so romantic. The twins were conceived in sweat, dirt, and blood. 💕 @AJ_Jones_Author Tons of it. @ColetteGraack ❤️⚔️🩸 ⚡️🔥This song reminds me of my MC's parents, in case anyone cared. 🩸