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RA.746 Finn - 2020.09.21: House music to dance, laugh and cry to.
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I feel like playing tennis this summer taught me how to slow time downLooking for a carafe lol
Retweeted by Martyn BootyspoonYes yes it does lol don’t delete your demos either you never know!’t delete your iPhone notes!!!So many ridiculous iPhone note lyrics turned into tracks this year @topshelftyson nddkrheodhdiskdhslskdPeople out here dressed like a toddler takin bout “I got a fit off” pack it up Bobby’s World
Retweeted by Martyn Bootyspoon @Leonce I’ve had a glimpse of this @rejaniced this is like me Smoking Weed @rejaniced I don’t buy itPhone just suggested “guestlist” when writing for “guaranteed” and I almost just whipped that shit to the ground
After truly deeply regretting telling a cafe barista to enjoy their coffee after being handed one etc. Diem‼️ it do bay bay 💀 Jackson - IntroIn this week's Selections, @RinseFM and @1Xtra resident @EmeraldRose steps up with 10 gems spanning futuristic clu…
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@sadgalcece @sadgalcece it’s ok I am having this crisis tooDo that birthday is next week and I request you unfollow jason as a birthday present whatever you do do not let this man…
Retweeted by Martyn BootyspoonHark! it's released! Armor Your Actions Up In Quest, my first album proper 👼🪓📯 just over half an hour of *power*…
Retweeted by Martyn BootyspoonKmhp Scrrrrlng followers away on the old TwitTwat before 5000 followers please UNFOLLOW ME NOW @CFCFmusic god DAMNIT @JubileeDJ *Tampa Bay Lightnings @JubileeDJ 5 NY Rangers pleasemusic industry after Tik Tok is banned
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@GODDOLLARS new EP ‘Power Plants’ drops tomorrow on @HotflushUK 🐍 All the usual shops tmrw or pre-order on @Bandcamp to get…
Retweeted by Martyn BootyspoonWell clearly that social media documentary everyone love so much didn't really have an effect since everyone ran to post about it on here
Retweeted by Martyn BootyspoonListen bach to my @BBCRadio1 minimix on @TekiLatex show‼️🏁 @Leonce Mail it to me lol
@mbootyspoon Inspired: ‘kom in my face’
Retweeted by Martyn BootyspoonTired : Saying ‘I am thirsty I would like a kombucha’ to your inner dialogue Wired : Saying ‘I wanna ‘Bucci’ @mbootyspoon
Retweeted by Martyn BootyspoonI am in hysterics I am not going to think about anything else all day
@chanelapalooza Bellechasse & St-Denis prompted this tweet4-5 appended construction signs like what they are cascading overtop each other like the end of Solitaire when you winMontreal road signage over the last month looks like early 2000s porn ad popups this is CarnageSomeone went live on fb to do one of their daily motivational videos with a coldsore and honestly THAT is the motiv… over movingto the person who listed this on AirBnB as a 'hot tub' ; i think you should be thrown in jail!
Retweeted by Martyn Bootyspoonit was a full spin crocodile night
Now that’s a headline
Retweeted by Martyn Bootyspoon @JoshPeace @JubileeDJ Woahhhhmygof getting this!My @BBCR1 show from yesterday had a guest mix from the Montreal rascal @mbootyspoon check it out right here right n…
Retweeted by Martyn Bootyspoonaforementioned apologies for this week in more self-promo than i'd usually condone but |MY ALBUM IS OUT ON FRIDAY|…
Retweeted by Martyn BootyspoonFeel like I just biked past a party in a sewer lol @topshelftyson Fuck Around & Find OutFuck it 9 minute Alunageorge zhu remix
Retweeted by Martyn Bootyspoon @sootynemm Sick, there’s a graphic design book I’ve taken out and referenced but I never remember the name and I want to buy itDoes anyone have access to the Concordia Fine Arts Library during this time lolSerena and Venus Williams sacrificed all them years so a pic like this could be taken. Im so happy.
Retweeted by Martyn Bootyspoon @topshelftyson Nah I want that tbh @DJ_BORING @jacquesgreene
Late night crew: my @BBCR1 Residency airs in 3,5 hours with a guest mix by mon préféré @mbootyspoon 🍑🤝😑
Retweeted by Martyn BootyspoonImagine being mad I am in calmly listening to latin freestyle on a Sunday eating Canadian Bacon on some that’s not… @JubileeDJ @JubileeDJ
Checks out honestly’ like a trapezoid @Zeeaa omgHere’s Stardust 💫✨ @PrinceClubMusic I know what that cone smell is on Eris'Me, working on music: I love this! I hate this! I love this! I hate this! I love this! I hate this! And the…
Retweeted by Martyn BootyspoonExtendo @mbootyspoon your intestine rn:
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Retweeted by Martyn BootyspoonDon’t Do This miss The Antics™️ I miss The Hedonism™️It’s Friday I am reminiscing about DJing a party at Durocher Basement and someone giving head to someone in the line for the bathroom
I want to go to New Orleans but like Tony Hawke Underground 2 New Orleans
Retweeted by Martyn Bootyspoonppl often asking for these here in one place a cpl bootlegs from last few years, the white ferrari & know yoursel…
Retweeted by Martyn BootyspoonI can literally make a beat in my sleep I am The Most Musical Person On Earth THE VOTE EPISODE 3 IS NOW LIVE! Kicking off your Friday with @mbootyspoon. Who's ready to get down? Tune in:…
Retweeted by Martyn BootyspoonYou can hear that here‼️ @ravethevote I am LIVE NOW as sign reads @Nickmelons That’s tea want a Maschine+omg MOM WE MADE IT 🦑👑
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Retweeted by Martyn Bootyspoon @RadioDEBONAIR @codeinedrums DEB HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Do people want a Drake’s-verse-Acid-House bootleg I made in 2019 or are you normal @jacquesgreene @daschristabelle Christa gotta tell you about The Incident that occurred 3 months ago one of these days... @daschristabelle @jacquesgreeneIt's time to get involved and get to the polls! Who's ready for RAVE THE VOTE Episode 3 tomorrow? Learn more at…
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