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@SilverNyx_ @zillxst This made my day. Thank you ❤️ @sevvn After pulling TenZ 3.0, I would’ve been sad. I can believe I almost fell for it lmao 🤣TSM have greenlit for the formation of their academy roster? TSM FTXA @sevvn? 🤔
@mehzyVAL @sevvn @TestyFPS_ maybe XDPro Players + Nostalgia = VCS pug teams 😊 @MaanishVLRT @KhazixMayJump Why thank you kind sir 😉 @az4Lo 😄 @CfaxFTW I’d rather break even and call it gaining experience XD, but hey, being on a losing streak would’ve much worse no?
Thank you so much for the 3k fllwrs! Crazy to think it's been just over a year since the grind started to chase aft…
@zecK_VAL @mleQT_ Making us two guys feel old @RomeCasts Really a pleasure to have worked with you today 👍. Looking forward to future sessions and seeing you cli…
@SoLaR_Panel17Never thought of calling my players #students, but now you can become one! Stoked to announce that I’ll be offering… @blinkhk_ 🧐 that's an idea✋ 🥺 @SoLaR_Panel17 @PlayVALORANT @JustFlanks @ConnorMacmahon1 @regan_travis @Basicwastaken @ScrewFaceVAL @enemy_ht_ @ItzBoltzy @regan_travis @MambaModeGaming @ScrewFaceVAL @HarmonVAL1 @pay3n @zecK_VAL @chaseVALORANT @FrostyValorant 😢
@andersin_val Hey bro, what kind of ram you carryin? Is it the the good stuff? I’ll take 2 sticks 😶‍🌫️ @neT_valorant @sevvn Can confirm 🤭Proud of you lil’ bro! I told you the wins will come, it was just a matter of time 😉. You can only enjoy the sweet…
@DickyMclaughlin I can say is, @TealSeam would make for a great T1 academy team 💪😉. @SoLaR_Panel17 @PlayVALORANT ☺️ @Ghostlyyv 😳 @KellyZhou 💪😤 @SoLaR_Panel17 you betcha 😉 @ChoicePlays @AyeeTrain Handsome af caster! @CoachFate_ Tyty Coach! @Zecurso Tyty bro! Lookin forward to our next session! @ImposterVAL Yes sir, we’re back in action ☺️
@KillerMillerGG Thank you Coach! @regan_travis Ty bro! Can’t wait to you watch you and the bois in Nerdstreet!!! @art1cFPS Thank you lil' bro!! Did you finish that battle pass yet? XD @mintaims @simplyabjt We runnin' it back!!! 😤 @aa0015f Can't w8 t0 share it with the community 😊 @RomeCasts 👀 indeed XD
Thank you everyone for reaching out with congratulations. I can't w8 to share with you guys where I'm headed next.… @rascalWEEB Naw man. I wish I confidence to say getting to this point was easy. All I can say I just grind as har… @florscnt Yoooooo 😆 @ChoicePlays Thank you bro! Lookin’ forward to another Valorant Sunday Showdown 😉. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a great one ☝️ @soosleepyyVAL Thank you 🙏 so much Coach. Gotta keep the grind strong - one project after the next. Lookin’ forwa… @BearZ_VAL Thank you lil’ bro!!! @superbot42 Keep it up Flight, gotta keep the webcam on XD @sevvn Thank you lil’ bro and congratulations on the Yukiaim announcement!
@erasthamus Naw, that’s out of character for me, but would be sick though XD @shruikanzx Thank you haha, loved the tweet 🔥 @chloe_gaming7 @congratsbot Thank you so much @congratsbot, truly an honor XD @keynooot Thank you so much man. This one is going to be interesting ;) @shruikanzx and I didn't sense a bit of sarcasm in that statement!!! @nannerszx Thank you bro! We go again 😇 @LouVLRT_ Thank you bro! The grind never ended, I was just grinding on a different path ;) @TheJourneymanGC @CfaxFTW Thank you lil' bro! The grind doesn't end, except on off-days and holidays haha @AstonLorenzoval I'll ask the org XDThe next chapter of the journey ☺️
@KhazixMayJump As a matter of fact, you actually can XD and I would be so down!
@blinkhk_ Ty ty 😊 @SoLaR_Panel17 Thank you @SoLaR_Panel17. You and a few others still get coaching today and I’m so proud of you guys… I've been going through trials for teams, I cannot fully commit to the Patreon monthly coaching subscriptions…
@rxprive @ZeroMarksMenLLC Good stuff my dood, glad to see you guys on more comfortable maps. Was an awesome series… @blinkhk_ Haha my
Was missing a bit more salt, but damn not bad for a first attempt ☺️ @rascalWEEB I can only wish. From my past attempts at cooking, sticking to coaching is a better idea 😂 @simplyabjt Likewise. My dads the house cook, but got sick 🤒 so I decided to cook to make something for him. Cros… learning how to cook to past the time while in trials. As cool as it is, I understand the struggles of cooking…
I've been following this project for months and now PRE-orders are open!!! It's a Valorant themed collection of sel…
Happy 4th of July Everyone 🇺🇸 🎉!!! Please remember to still practice common courtesy and making sure you stay safe… @ToKacey @HarmonVAL1 @KOLER1337 I recommend focusing on one team’s perspective and bringing up points of plays/coun… @C7RSE @ToKacey @HarmonVAL1 @KOLER1337 Thank you for the mention 😉 @Chaoticsaur People forget their cars come fully equipped with turn signals, but prioritize heated seats. @simplyabjt @SDK_ramen For some folks, turn signals don't exist. The amount of car accidents is ridiculous. Tons of… @CfaxFTW @Gjallaa @TwitchMueda Super proud of you little bro! One milestone down and onto the next 😉 @SDK_ramen @simplyabjt Oof 😅
It's not the drought, wildfires, nor oncoming monsoons that scare me about California. The scariest aspect about Ca…
If by tomorrow the butchered names have a cumulative of 40%+, I might have to contact liquipedia admins for a name… @SoLaR_Panel17 Who’s delicious? XD @tnecca_ I stuck with Lee growing up because it was the default pronunciation when I met knew people, but it’s actually Le’ @blinkhk_ I don't blame you guys, if I saw MC - I would immediately think MacDonalds.Considering going back to my original beta IGN. How have you guys pronounced my current, and yes, it has been butch… @oliveestop Pick up duelists and learning how to first take fights and using aim training programs like Kovaaks > aim labs
Hello, good afternoon/evening. I'll be hosting a short match breakdown of Sentinels vs Fnatic from Masters #2 if an…'t touched competitive in 2 acts, glad to know I still have it in me to play from time to time XD. I think I w… luck to all the teams participating in VCTs today. For those that are upcoming, use this chance to showcase yo… @MaxypadVal Sorry to hear about your story, but keep your head up, little bro. Living life is about struggling, not… @pnasty @EdieYum Congratulations on the leveling up of adulting! A new adventure is lying just around the corner. T… @sh0ts_tv @SeaOfThieves If you and the crew learn how to sing Sea Shanties, you would've reached the pinnacle of be… @NotReduxx The right one, because us in chat can remind you to keep a good posture while on the grind 😄 @WaltzOT For as long as Valorant continues to grow, you'll have more opportunities to compete. It's okay to sit on…
We're now starting the last session of the day. Feel free to join if you'd like to tune in get a chance to learn so… an update, my dms are open to literally everyone. I had no idea it was only for a select group of persons, so… @KenEmpowered Thank you so much for the heads up, I always assumed there were always up haha @KenEmpowered Is my DMs not open? Oh my, np np1st session is complete, thank you @QtMissing and others for showing up with a vod of your team's scrim. I hope our… the 1st session atm in @MasterClassGG. If you like to join to passively spectate, please feel free to come. @aheartout I have faith that I can, do you happen to have a vod prepared of a recent game/match? @Alexlihing In a live session would be rough, but I highly recommend having a vod prepared as my goal is also to te…