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Jimmy Cobb, the last member of Miles Davis’ 1959 “Kind of Blue” groundbreaking jazz album, has passed at 91.
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@RLCuppaTea @nemui_babyy I agree completely. @RLCuppaTea @nemui_babyy Mouth ain't covered and that's where the majority of the virus sits is in the mucous membr… @tweetingLEB @beingkarmin @AndyW5352 @JanGilson @ithrah69 @ItsaTradeThing @MrBassFace @SimonJester007 @tweetingLEB @beingkarmin @AndyW5352 @JanGilson @ithrah69 @ItsaTradeThing @MrBassFace @SimonJester007 @mjkuhns @tweetingLEB work work @ErniePaniccioli Beautiful @sweetie_april85 @Cherharris7 @TonyaGJPrince @QueenMalarcher @Purrsyn9 @phurdrick @not_i @cjnapoet @IAMJamena've only just begun. #NewMusic #Funk #Master @MrBassFace @ItsaTradeThing #PlanetOBand @MrBassFace I miss gigs."tool of the Government & Industry too Destined to rule & regulate you you may be vile & pernicious but u can't lo…
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Retweeted by McAmberdawnI already know their reasons, 1. A society that pushes fatphobia & personal preference 2. Men want me to be sof… @TonyaGJPrince @Purrsyn9 @phurdrick @not_i @cjnapoet @IAMJamena @janisexton @BKthegreatone @An_fibrofog @TonyaGJPrince @Purrsyn9 @phurdrick @not_i @cjnapoet @IAMJamena @janisexton @BKthegreatone @An_fibrofog @thomaskaine5 Biden has spoken out dozens of times against cannabis the only way this will happen is if someone leg… @nehathemartian We went joyriding in her dads corvette and they shipped her off to another state so that was a pretty dramatic ending. 😂 @nehathemartian My first consenting relationship was with a beautiful brunette named Holly. She taught me things th… @QueenMalarcher @Purrsyn9 @phurdrick @not_i @cjnapoet @IAMJamena @janisexton @TonyaGJPrince @BKthegreatone @Purrsyn9 @QueenMalarcher @phurdrick @not_i @cjnapoet @IAMJamena @janisexton @TonyaGJPrince @BKthegreatone
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Retweeted by McAmberdawn @broken_queene You are cute"Courage has a ripple effect. Every time we choose courage, we make everyone around us a little better and the worl…
Retweeted by McAmberdawn @Purrsyn9 @phurdrick @not_i @cjnapoet @IAMJamena @janisexton @TonyaGJPrince @BKthegreatone @An_fibrofog @Usa1cap @LandryDwight This is so stupid Mail in voting does not cause fraud. Trump has stated multiple times that… @LandryDwight I also got Covid there and nearly fucking died, so yes I stand with Governor Whitmer. @LandryDwight I lived in MI for a while earlier this year. I have never met so many hateful people that want to har… @cjnapoet @Cherharris7 @phurdrick @tasmedsrud @not_i @IAMJamena @TonyaGJPrince @Purrsyn9 @cintiamaria01 @cjnapoet @phurdrick @tasmedsrud @not_i @IAMJamena @TonyaGJPrince @Purrsyn9 @cintiamaria01 @QueenMalarcher @Letzy__ @mssakshinarula That is absolutely right, thanks Love. @yosoyarmada @KaliRanks @DaRealCanibus This is to cute a gif, thanks Armada. Ya all mad talented 3 of the best in… @KaliRanks @DaRealCanibus @yosoyarmada @yosoyarmada is so damn talented these sleeping fools bout to realize they b… more from myself and my bro @DaRealCanibus, @yosoyarmada will make sure there are more rounds in the chamber…
Retweeted by McAmberdawn @mssakshinarula I'm not ashamed but their attempt was for my wearing a maskKeep diggin and diggin down to the Roots. She doesn't always know what cover may come through but she keeps singin…
Retweeted by McAmberdawn @LarkynSimony that would be posion @HyapatiaLee and these fuckheads out here protesting in the streets about their liberties when kids are still in cages, get em Sis. @GoddeessofLite You are on fire today.. @HyapatiaLee We test vaccines & sterilize others we get into bed with polluters & call it progress, we send all our… @HyapatiaLee People like this are dumb af. Americans pillage and plunder resources from other countries, we wage wa… @Mrsbananapuddin Because I want to and dance is healthy cardio. @AJawort @DeadDogLake @realDonaldTrump #DeadDogLake4PresidentCustom one of a kind gemstone necklace-created with love by Curvy Red Gurl Creations. This beautiful necklace is m…
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@Rubble_70 It gets me through some rather dark moments. @Rubble_70 @Rubble_70 Salute. 🤗🎸🎙️ #MusicIsLove @Rubble_70 💜 @amazing_j2698 Yes I would, jobs are often used as excuses for people to enforce conditional thinking, they remove… @RLCuppaTea @djrikkirick @Homegrown_L @CherchezLaPorsh @Kierryk345 @KeyUtifull @Storm24Jenkins @_dawnw81 Thank you… @jegadi_padriack and the people evicting others without following any of the processes and using intimidation to fo… @jegadi_padriack time during closures and say 6 weeks after allowing them to return to paying the rent wld decrease… @jegadi_padriack If the banks payment was frozen that wld protect the credit of the LL allowing us all to work toge… @jegadi_padriack It's unnecessary too, I understand many landlords have mortgages and bills to pay on their rentals…'m confused by landlords lining up to evict tenants unable to pay the rent due to Covid-19 Logically many ppl that… @LIFE_INSPIRESME @AndyW5352 With you completely. Everyone of these people is putting others into danger so they can… @GoddeessofLite @djrikkirick @Homegrown_L @CherchezLaPorsh @Kierryk345 @KeyUtifull @Storm24Jenkins @_dawnw81 @RLCuppaTea Should of… @djrikkirick @Homegrown_L @CherchezLaPorsh @Kierryk345 @KeyUtifull @Storm24Jenkins @_dawnw81 @RLCuppaTea They be na… @beingkarmin @AndyW5352 @JanGilson @ithrah69 @ItsaTradeThing @MrBassFace @SimonJester007 @Cool_Phoenix333**k U, a song by Kailee Morgue on Spotify
Retweeted by McAmberdawn @DzintraSullivan Creative adolescent mind trapped inside the aging body of someone that wishes she could forever be…
Retweeted by McAmberdawn @CaraMel_DMV Super cool @J_Scott_Hardin @lyv0n @AuthorRidge Same @DzintraSullivan Creative adolescent mind trapped inside the aging body of someone that wishes she could forever be… @McAmberdawn @tasmedsrud @not_i @cjnapoet @IAMJamena @TonyaGJPrince @Purrsyn9 @cintiamaria01 @QueenMalarcher
Retweeted by McAmberdawn @MrBassFace Liquid courage does not do an angry drunk any good. @MrBassFace I LOVE IT!! PLAY THAT SHIT ... TURN THAT SHIT UP.. FUQ THEM MISERABLE BASTARDS ... MUSIC IS LIFE!!!
Retweeted by McAmberdawnWe do not allow ours to bark longer than ten minutes They have loud parties & the band plays on the patio, we have…
Retweeted by McAmberdawn @WaveSinatraJr Wheeewww mine are hummingbirds, and peonies, a pinup and the moon a little bit of Ivy and a semi colon too. @phurdrick @tasmedsrud @not_i @cjnapoet @IAMJamena @TonyaGJPrince @Purrsyn9 @cintiamaria01 @QueenMalarcher @Letzy__ @KimberlyAmato Thank u Kindly for checking it out I definitely have my own style I also am in a duet with my partne…
Retweeted by McAmberdawn @KimberlyAmato Thank u Kindly for checking it out I definitely have my own style I also am in a duet with my partne… @McAmberdawn It's hard to believe in your abilities... as a writer I get that. Sure, send it along!
Retweeted by McAmberdawn @AlexandraPeel My condolences @WaveSinatraJr & tacos @Staceson54 @phurdrick @not_i @cjnapoet @IAMJamena @janisexton @TonyaGJPrince @Purrsyn9 @BKthegreatone @An_fibrofog @ithrah69 @fras99 Squash @byloveelissa I've noticed a trend with a lot of the artists and well published authors they'll follow until you fo… @phurdrick @not_i @cjnapoet @IAMJamena @janisexton @TonyaGJPrince @Purrsyn9 @BKthegreatone @An_fibrofog
Retweeted by McAmberdawn @KimberlyAmato I think so, it's been a long time coming. Really had to go through a lot of personal acceptance and… @KimberlyAmato It was fantastic, I also released my first solo debut that day called Moving On, truly a wonderful day. @phurdrick @not_i @cjnapoet @IAMJamena @janisexton @TonyaGJPrince @Purrsyn9 @BKthegreatone @An_fibrofog @KimberlyAmato That sounds like a great night. Mar 6th was my birthday performed at a poetry slam, walked around to… may not appreciate your interests as you do. Acknowledge your uniqueness but don't be offended by those who…
Retweeted by McAmberdawn @Aurora_313Poet @DMR1911 Sad and true @TGodmama @AbkTrauma It means a lot that you share them with us.