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Comedy writer. Creator of 60 Second Classics and 12 Beers which you can watch here: Videos on IG: 60SECONDCLASSICS

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@DavidCovucci one because if its zero you can just blame the algorithm and say your posts are being hiddenComing soon...#60secondclassics
Apple time reference from @desusnice on the #1 show in late night. Shoutout to @okjulia @BlondeinAround
Everyone else can go home for the day. I did it.
Retweeted by Mike Camerlengo @JBspeak When he first gets his license? @jadebudowski It fits so well!Cory went off the deep end! dance of freedom. the death bells. the rising of the joker. one of the most magnificent, sublime, monumental,…
Retweeted by Mike Camerlengo @ThisJamesCoker this is my writing packet for all late night showsthe NBA is back and so is this video Russia. On Christmas. For Free. ROCKY IV IN 60 SECONDS
Retweeted by Mike Camerlengo @dataandme haha thanks Mara...maybe twitter is shadow banning me!?!?Before the 2019 NBA season kicks off, let's remember the disastrous summer league of 1993 #nbajam @Jdwalling We’ve all been there... @jason_slick1 @THEKIDMERO No way Mero throws such an ill-advised pass @ScottieDaddy @Big_ScreenSport Cruel Summer isn't on the soundtrack? Damn I request that at every wedding I go to (… @jjhack32 pretty sure my neighbor heard me recording this one so i'm glad it was worth itThis is so brilliantly funny
Retweeted by Mike Camerlengo @dav1dhyde it seems like if JR ever gets in trouble with the law this will absolutely be used against him @JennyJohnsonHi5 Unreal. 19 years later and he's still going strong!JR is just giving away a whole ad campaign for free here #coronagetsitslime
@RexChapman If you need me I will be traveling across the country showing this in schoolsThis dunk should be on U.S. currency @JohnPreziosa I developed my true jumper in my early 30s #oldmanstepback @KirFlem Post thanksgiving meal activities can be a real gamble @es_perkins i hope so!In honor of Vince Carter's final season here's a quick recap of that time he jumped over an entire human morning you know the drill
Full video here thanks to @trevormail @msmarypryor So many outstanding montages in this movie @dennywolfe1925 I wanna do extremely natural ad reads for products I don’t useanyways I’m gonna be part of the problem and start something to go with 60 Second Classics so hopefully I’m the guy who reaches the beach!Starting a podcast in 2019 @WenzlerPowers Hahaha @ZachBroussard Don’t go on vacation though...just in caseBest one yet. I’m in tears
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@BLeonard99 🙏honestly thrilled so many people know about the legend @CaptainCons it was at least put on hold for a bit!This is tonight! There’s a few tickets left! Come for a fun spelling bee, stay to compliment the gold art teacher s…
Retweeted by Mike CamerlengoNipple to nipple on Venice Beach 🤣
Retweeted by Mike Camerlengo @OctaviusMcKool Haha yes, thanks! @S0VELLTweets that is extremely high praise @PoeticSage after several beers i counted one night. It's a rough estimate @RobCabrera hahahaIn Russia. On Christmas. For Free. ROCKY IV IN 60 SECONDS
@Big_ScreenSport @MattKrysz Just a bad group of dudesTwo of the best passes of all time on, wax off. On today’s episode guest @MCamerlengo returns to Big Screen Sports for the 80’s classic “The Kar…
Retweeted by Mike CamerlengoI'm Dalton...and this is the throat rip am Queens Boulevard @djunderh2o Yeah there's a lot going on there. May take a further look at it @jpstodd you know it! @DanODonne11 The only way to do it!The only acceptable way to enter a fight
@TaraJMac we’ve all been there
@MilesKlee holy shit miles @irgator04 Thanks Ivan @Lin_Manuel it's magical @CaptainCons or D-bone as i like to call himhey twitter try to keep up @BlackXtian haha yeah definitely no such thing as an easy day at the office😂 “looks like he crop dusted a denny’s”
Retweeted by Mike Camerlengothe first couple weeks of dating is where you really learn about each other's preferences @MR_18240 oh you know that dude's gassy @CaptainCons Happy bday dude. Hope you get Venmo'd aggressively today @DiPirro77 Thanks Phil, hope all is well man! @IamDarthBisson it was a pleasure to go frame by frame on this wonderful filmEvery single one of this guy’s 60-second breakdowns is brilliant...
Retweeted by Mike Camerlengo @Man_of_Wicker thanks man, can’t be messing around when it comes to the double deuce @bwolfe14cfh Thanks man! @AndrewDBailey Hahaha it was glorious @AndrewDBailey Thanks Andy! @okjulia Hahah this is awesome @RexChapman What a flick, man! @ellesep i did what i had to 🙏Only one man can save the Double Deuce... ROAD HOUSE IN 60 SECONDS
This Friday!!! If you’re in NYC I hope to see ya 🎃🐝❤️.
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Hey @netflix, time to give @MCamerlengo his own series.
Retweeted by Mike Camerlengo @ellesep it's a heavy burden but one i embraceback in the lab...a new 60 Second Classic coming this week by Explosions in the Sky (@EITS) who are awesomeA reminder that the Friday Night Lights music matches up perfectly with the end of Rookie of the Year @wttdavid Thanks David!My mom taking sugar packets from a restaurant
@alyssalimp This is great @schuckster Same! Watching it with commercials every 8 minutes is weird but also exactly how I remember it @birmy3 It just happened and let me tell you, holy shitThis shit rocks @rcerler I haven’t seen it in years. found it like 20 minutes in and I’m both confused and enthralledYeah college football is cool but have you ever stumbled upon Cliffhanger on Fox @MikeBruce12 @TommyB1107 I approve of thisNotre Dame in prime time tonight are saying Rudy was offsides but i'd be firing off the ball too if my brother stole my girlfriend when I wen…
@WNFIV I accept @HARMARMALL Thanks Ben. Working on that second part! @robertmays The 30 Rock pilot is so good @JnuMac Thanks Jason!This is art at its purest
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