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Technical Analyst - Editor of The McClellan Market Report. Trying to figure out stock market physics, and to leave my campsite cleaner than how I found it.

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Meant to say component of a depression. @GildedState When you post a reply, please try to make sense. Please. We got a bear market in 1990 after Iraq invad… Looks like there is more re-educating to do. I'll say it again: A recession is not a kindler-gentler versio… for this thread: Inflation rate is a better explainer than other econ. series for not just changes in overall… better correlation (+0.58) exists between the inflation rate shifted forward a year and crime rates. This makes t… Lindsey was just on @CNBC, incorrectly stating that high unemployment and slow GDP are correlated to highe… @MaasenBrady The official unemployment rate for March is 4.4%, released today, and based on mid-March which was bef… climate bedwetting means economically: 1. 5% reduction in emissions estimated this year b/c of #coronavirus.…
Retweeted by Tom McClellanHearing lots of chatter about: How can we have a stock market bottom with jobs picture in turmoil? Answer: market u… latest Chart In Focus article, "Sudden Surge in Bearishness", is posted at
@cullenroche The market bottomed in March 2009 when the Fed started QE1. It was pushed down in the months leading t… @janewells Rocket launcher optional. from Pierce County, Washington, which is one county south of Seattle and King County. Draw your own conclusion…
How would all of the ESG funds grapple with that development? They hate “Big Tobacco”, but... @tracyjarchow It was implied. @craigstatler @carlquintanilla More like covetousness of someone else having cool data that I don't have. @carlquintanilla I wonder how BofA knows that, since the EIA data on gasoline consumption just out today at…
There is a lot of evidence that QE works to lift the stock market (not much good for other purposes). Fed is now do… @stockquips You're just saying that because it's what has happened every other time.Inilah yang saya untaikan dalam thread saya tentang harga minyak akan jatuh lagi.
Retweeted by Tom McClellanAltının 20 aylık performansına bakınca Petrolün 2,3 Hafta daha düşmesi lazım
Retweeted by Tom McClellanСогласно 20-месячным опережающим индикаторам золота, цены на нефть все еще имеют 2-3 недели, пока они не достигнут…
Retweeted by Tom McClellanEveryone dumped Stocks in March – *except* smart money Corporate Insiders. Insiders went on the 2nd largest buying…
Retweeted by Tom McClellan @joebren60 20 months, dude. 20 months. @BreadthAndPrice You can torture the data any way you like; feel free, go ahead. And if you torture it enough you c… @BreadthAndPrice That is the wrong question. Pearson's can get fooled by trending moves, and the magnitudes of the… @sbrfernandez Discussed here: to gold's 20-month leading indication, oil prices still have about 2-3 weeks until they are due to bottom.
@louis_kender No. The Spanish Flu was 1918, which was AFTER the stock market decline. Read the post before you go making responses about it. @muscleman6666 In 1918, yes. Check out the postings by @AmityShlaes on that topic."A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." - - - Winston Churchill S…
I did not know until today that this is the quietest season for pneumonia and influenza deaths of the past several… would be strange indeed if our social distancing and hygiene efforts end up saving more lives than the virus kil…
Retweeted by Tom McClellanThere really IS one Taylor Rule for all seasons. Just set the Fed Funds target to within 1/4 point of the 2-year T-…
@contessabrewer "It's got a great beat, Dick, I think I could dance to it." - - American Bandstand panelistBREAKING: We’re launching a test that can detect COVID-19 in as little as 5 minutes—bringing rapid testing to the f…
Retweeted by Tom McClellan
@DrueMark Laundry did some really great work. Thanks for your comments. @tmacktrading It stopped working for the stock market. Still working for ST rates, with 10-month lag. You should do… before CV19 became a thing, the eurodollar (int. rates) COT model was calling for a big drop in short term rat… week's NSA jobless claims number of 3.28 million exceeds by a factor of 3 the prior record of 1.07 million the…
This is why 20% up or down is a ridiculous threshold, and why we should all judge harshly any reporter or analyst w… should really sign up to get our free Chart In Focus series of articles. No spam, no selling our list to anyone… @MarkSauer18 The 60/40 allocation crowd are going to fuel that effort with their rebalancing trades. @Weirddiscovery It is because this drop was not brought about by naturally occurring drying up of liquidity, which… a "rogue wave", as discussed at @JamyManuyc You can find it on our Home page.This is outrageous. The SEC suspends trading of Zoom Technologies bc ppl were confusing it for #Zoom Video. Video…
Retweeted by Tom McClellan @KellyCNBC @robt @CNBC Any ponders out there among our "leaders" about how to maybe cut expenses, like people and b… latest Chart In Focus article, "QE is Bullish for Stocks, Bearish for Bonds", is posted at… @System_281 It totally was a photo op. Search for other images of the event, and you'll see that the medical suppli… this section more thoroughly (at, anyone who even works for or owns shares in a co… making <$9?,000. Sorry for the typo.This would mean that after the bill currently before the House gets passed, no one making >$9?,000 could donate to… original quote is from J. Paul Getty: "If you owe the bank $100 that's your problem. If you owe the bank $100 m… happened in the early 1930s, when banks were failing, and businesses with cash flow had no safe place to make de…
And the "1968 pandemic" had no real effect on stock prices. The decline mentioned in that citation came in 1969-70,… big clarification is needed on this. The 1918 pandemic came AFTER the big price decline, which was in 1916-17.… stories also tend to omit the point that those best and worst days are often right next to each other. @27RTR17 Earthquakes are well-known to cluster around full and new moon dates. Tidal forces work on the ocean, and… a new moon day, when tidal forces are peaking. Not a coincidence. I want to take delivery. Comex: We do not have staff here to make that happen, due to CV19. Customer: Wel… @factor_members Why 30 days?Don't let the sun go down on me. @firehorsecaper Yeah, that principle worked great for Federal Reserve Silver Certificates, until redemption was sum… @Paul_Schatz No, I won't stop.The late Ian McAvity, a former director of the Central Fund of Canada (gold bullion CEF), had some advice on gold s… interesting point about FDR confiscating the gold was the reason why he did it. He wanted to put dollars in peo…
Discussed at length here in 2015. @itsgood2bequeen Yeah, because that's what medical professionals do with empty packaging, they stack it neatly for a festive display. @JayWoods3 Ooof! Still too soon to bring that up.If masks are in short supply, and medical staff are having to wash and reuse them, how are there any available to s… did they buy back in on Monday? @leemunson It depends on how robust the bounce is, and how stupid the Fed gets about cutting off QE as opposed to t…, #5 is true. U.S. ran a surplus in 1929 & 1930, because Pres. Hoover and Congress were worried about prob…
The McClellan Oscillator last week gave two separate bullish indications. First, it showed a divergent higher low v…"Tomorrow"?!! is why:
"Two Yangs" is a volume measurement. To convert it into a rate, you need a time element. If one were to set a wage… months. Discussed here on Feb. 20, 2020. If everyone could understand this chart, we wo…
The @stlouisfed usually releases "Factors Affecting Reserve Balances of Depository Institutions", incl repos, each… Kaeppel did an interesting add-on analysis after I posted this article. See @elg38 Yes, shared tonight in my Daily Edition. week gave us our answer. Ronin Capital. See @OldRowJimmy @biancoresearch You are out of line, casting aspersions on Jim Bianco's motivations. Apologize to him right now. @Eric_Lee63 Yes, obviously. Finally cut to zero last weekend, a target rate which is slightly stimulative versus 2-years at ~0.5%.
@jayho79 Wrong. A recession is whatever the NBER says is a recession. The 2 quarters definition was proposed in the… we go again. A "recession" is not a kinder and gentler version of a depression. Every recession is a part of a… @LarryBermanETF See They are closed. @ctm800 The CGI'd in the blank shells and no one caught it. Grrrr! @ctm800 Not quite. The point is that the directors and editors don't know the difference between real and blank rou… @biancoresearch This is the problem with knowledge and experience, in that they can cause one to have an eye for de… @biancoresearch Speaking as a one-time Army logistics officer, these trucks look like they are getting shipped new… @mfholmes75 Were you the one holding this sign?, sounds fair, as long as the same standard is applied to Congress running deficits (no bond market "bailout" f…
DJIA is about a day away from a #DeathCross. But as I discussed back in 2011 at, that chart… futures had a nice bounce off the 0.618, now working on reaching for the 0.382. latest Chart In Focus article, "Stock Market Showing Another Example of 'Rogue Wave' Behavior", is posted at…