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Wife, mother, MSEE Auburn, Missile guidance & control, HS physics, aviculture, hiking, always learning from my students, grateful for every breath

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@effortfuleduktr Noooooooo😱 @MoniseLSeward Woolworths
@http_jazi Not in your DNA.Everyone in education should read this. And there is much value in this for consumers of education. Warning though,… @savioscience I’m so sorry, Caroline. I know how much sleep you lost and how twitchy you will continue to be with a… @mfox_11 2020! @fnoschese It was a gut wrenching decision but I turned my exit paperwork in last week. @ChelseaHerps We used to fish under a bridge for sheepshead. Their teeth are pretty interesting too. @ChelseaHerps Parrot fish? I’ve never actually seen one. @gnuman1979 Yes.
@gabriaelcollins Love you too girl. Stay safe! @officialstiizo Hahaha. Indeed! @MrJoeMilliano And... they are usually so relieved it’s not bad news, that you start out ahead😉 @MrJoeMilliano Oh my gosh Joe - do it. Early alliances do much to ward off later issues and once you get started it… @officialstiizo 😬I give up - who is this?
@SarahLaydelayd1 Looks like he was having his own type fun with the basketball. My students have always enjoyed mak… @TrenchMobsta It was a good run. Thanks for the love!❤️ @alexis_johns20 Thank you so much! Do you remember how much fun we had during a detention with two of your friends… @SarahLaydelayd1 ? Not sure what you are asking. @inninetbaby Oh my gosh Bryan - this made me laugh because you spent so much time gettin your extra physics explana… @LoganFayth Oh my dear sweet Logan - you are very kind. I loved my time with you and all of our talks❣️ @jumpp95 YOU are the blessing! It’s the best when a student keeps in touch like you have. Much love! @Shashayyo Love you too! No tears though - gotta keep those lashes straight! I miss that high voice of yours and th… @andreea_108 You are a strong young woman and I’m proud of you! ❣️ @Bern4Bern @AlongsideWild @SamShablin Oh my gosh it like scenes from Beatrix Potter’s animal stories. Beautiful. @Bern4Bern @AlongsideWild @SamShablin Where is this? ( the colorful sand is as cool as the frog) @LoweAPUSH Yes. But this gif means you are also committing to white shorts! @LoweAPUSH Thanks Big Al. I look forward to that. Definitely gonna wear Hawaiian print when I do. I’ll be right here if you ever need me.
@ryan_keefer Likewise funny man. @Appling138 Ha. I’m sure another skinny lil witch will come along soon enough. Or, you can create one in your next… @sammysophia_ Thank you so much Sammy. I look back on all the shenanigans of you and your lab group so fondly. And… @SexEd_With_Dom I see that! 😉 @BridgetBAdkins You are so kind to say that. My students were all so easy to love and the tough nuts became my favo… @Coach_Cray Sames. I’m overwhelmed by my many blessings. @clark_foxx I think of you every time I drink tea 😉. Your stories were always the best. @SexEd_With_Dom Oh my gosh. I can’t believe you hang on to that. Is DGM really a DR? That’s freakin awesome. @CHill_thatsme Can’t get rid of me that quickly spice girl - Keep me in the loop on wedding pics and keep reminding… @tazhmanian_ And thank you for always being a bright spot in my class. Stay safe! @deniseebear321 Awe, thanks girl. It’s so nice of you to say that! @geezohmann We had a lot of ‘good talks’ didn’t we? What most kids don’t realize is that there is joy in being nee… @D_Mitch23 For you to take the time to say that means so much Devin, and for what it’s worth, I was low key jealous… @nicolejaynesss Thank you so much. My loss - I think we’d have had a great time together! @CardenGary Thank you Gary. @KlutheScience No words. 😔Physics goes out on the town! @SJDJ What a fun thread. This is the book we used at Auburn University in the early 80’s. @c_russell4 @_realkidflash Awe, thanks Codi. You kept me laughing with your quit wit - and some days that’s exactly… @ericku3696 I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed watching you become a man. And, btw, you’ve done most of it righ… @_thetallguy5 Thanks Josh! We did have a good time. I still need to stand on a chair to look you in the eyes. @ChaseSpanish Thank you so much! I’m still in your village - just a phone call away. @TarynScruggs @TeachMrReed Thank you Taryn! @ErockW That means so much to this ol’ lady, Eric! Sending that love right back at you, and hoping your fingers hav… @_realkidflash The one and only JT. I love you too. Sierra Leone to here was truly a God send. @sophiemooooney Oh my gosh Sophi - Thank you! I still have the note you wrote me when I went to your softball game! @jessicasitazola I’m grateful you were my student too. Thank you for your kind words. @TeachMrReed Just resigned. Still stressed for my colleagues and the kids I won’t get to know or love. I think I wi… @Prunelle_V You know how special you are to me Pru. I will always remember how high emotions ran at your senior bre… @TeamSensy30 Hahaha. Okay Mr. big britches. And you know I love you. @_mdwoods Oh my gosh - thank you for reminding me about that. You guys did such a great job and it made me laugh. Good times. Love you girl! @RichFlee_ Keep shining like I knew you could! I’ll always be in your corner young friend. @talia_thomas28 And I love you back my beautiful Talia! @Duke_Lucas_ 😴 @kellythigpen44 You made it so easy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you without that big smile! @BNguyen72 And I loved your impromptu visits. Keep that camera close by - so talented. @mfox_11 Thank you my big teddy bear! Can’t wait to read your first book. Keep me posted. @alisafanina Thank you Alisa! I will miss meeting new young humans but am so thankful for the memories you all gave me. @lo_mariii Love you both!Today I turned the light off in my Gwinnett Co, GA classroom for the very last time. I cried the whole way home but…
@ChaseSpanish @Kendall_davis9 Always wanted to learn Spanish. I’ve got time. Teaching any ones this year? @sbkaufman I think “I don’t know, how could we figure that out?” would be a good starting point for young children.… @Kendall_davis9 May I be one of your students please?
@BarnettDreyfuss @Target Even better. I love carrying one around in the same orientation and asking if the velocity… @jumpp95 happy to see a helmet @smbradley13 You left it in my classroom. 😬 @BarnettDreyfuss @Target Detach one and place at right angle - right hand rule prop. @gnuman1979 Rhino beetle. Gwinnett clicking too.
My Melbourne family just got the first band of rain. Let the physics begin and all the shutters remain attached. @GiftedTawk that someone else decided it was the end because they wouldn’t allow me to be exemplary from home @SusannaLHarris bottom of dropped slinky descends after top catches upwoah -- this is trippy . . . I can easily switch between hearing "Green Needle" and "Brainstorm" especially if I th…
Retweeted by Lorri Cown @Appling138 I smiled. @GiftedTawk Hugging might be a little challenging.
@Chem_Warrior Same here - please research your HVAC filter ratings. @thephysicsgirl Teen wins $75k for bio aerosol mitigation design. could also be a teacher you know. Take care of one another.
This is a very creative demo of the effectiveness of face masks
Retweeted by Lorri Cown @FogleBird He really didn’t want to go to bed yet!
@gnuman1979 I see a face throwing up.
@hood_naturalist⁩ Have you listened to this? I love it when nature and the arts intersect like this. Guide To The B…
@judebrisson Thank you. I’m hoping a sense of humor will go along way towards connecting and encouragement. I appreciate your input. @judebrisson Thank you. I’m more concerned about the kids feeling awkward. I had no issues going digital with stude… @tatiang Yes. Thank you. And I plan on calling all of them via phone too. It’s hard to reconcile my style of connec… @MonteSyrie First thoughts. Dark. I see an ax and a dog. Light. I see Charmander and Geodude. I may need help! @alexevans91 @ParrotOfTheDay We share similar self reflections! @ParrotOfTheDay @alexevans91 Forgot to @ him - thx for the save. @ParrotOfTheDay Thank you for doing this. I got to see VCP chicks years ago when the avian curator took my fam behi… my walks thru groups to ask them Qs / give them kudos/ & quietly support my strugglers (will I even know wh… I will start thinking about how to convert in class activities to digital (4 corners, sorting manipulative… @NaturelsLit Newton’s 3rd @wokeSTEMteacher Time management Acrylic Pouring Science Specific Goal Setting / scheduling SW Rap / Spoken Word 3D…