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Wife, mother, MSEE Auburn, Missile guidance & control, HS physics, aviculture, hiking, always learning from my students, grateful for every breath

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@Mr_Minchin @HistEnvScot WOW. @GiftedTawk I created a ‘feel free to touch zone’ on my desk for my guy teens, who have a natural tendency to shoot… day / symbols learned
@dailystem Still easier than my Dad’s slide rule.When electrostatics is easy and then they hit combo circuits @dailystem We still have our 1meg Mac and our 80 meg Mac. Actually did missile design the latter as a dumb terminal… @ModestTeacher His hair is beautiful. Cultural emasculation should be illegal. @SunglassPri Why would any teacher who parks among new teen drivers want to park a new car. Or, actually, I’m a phi…
@Rainmaker1973 This is awesome. Thx. @BarnettDreyfuss I haven’t even taken my coffe pot out of the cabinet yet. If I get to pee, it’s a good day.I realized when this was over I had been holding my breath the whole time. @ImpactWales Love this, but I’m wondering about choice to praise the person instead of the person’s work. ‘You did…
@Bobbysheehan I used to say stupid stuff like ‘I’ll start studying at 2... Damn - it’s 2:05. Guess I’ll have to wai… @wesleyrm_76 @BrinnBelyeaTPHS had a little fun w mine in a rap battle and some are realizing this isn’t actually al… @wesleyrm_76 @BrinnBelyeaTPHS The superiority illusion extends outside academics to a belief in becoming the next r…
@PhilJamesson In Georgia. captain unobvious response @smartereveryday @JasonWardNY I used to (‘95) work in a building in research park on Moquin drive in a window offic…
Today’s spacewalk is underway! 👩‍🚀👩‍🚀 At 6:35am ET, @Astro_Christina & @Astro_Jessica set their spacesuits to batte…
Retweeted by Lorri Cown @BrianMendler I’ve slid a piece of paper to HS S with a silly story starter sentence. S:“What’s this?” I though we’… @SJDJ Meet Breeze, my daughter’s parrotlet. Hope you feel better soon.
An interesting shot I took while waiting for the Cumberland Island Ferry yesterday.
@smartereveryday And I won’t make fun of the phrase ‘terrain management system’ overheard in a recent commercial - guess it’s needed. @TeachMrReed Did I miss anything yesterday? No honey we just talked about how much we missed you / a normal day doi…
@Maire_from_NJ saw this and thought of your fluffy admiral
@AlHendiify A mix of starlings and red winged blackbirds in my back yard this week. @MrJoeMilliano My go to - “Well aren’t you adorable?”What beautiful honesty. Thank you Will.
Retweeted by Lorri Cown @ME5702 @FixingEducation When I read ‘treated’ my interpretation was limited to words. Words like “those who can’t… @FixingEducation My students think I am significant, and that’s all I have time to care about. @ModestTeacher And if the bathroom you are using is back to back with another faculty restroom and I hear flush/ope… @GiftedTawk Singing floorboards - I love it. @Jessifer Yikes. This is either a lack of understanding or compassion, neither of which speaks well for your instit…
Young Spirit here... but the ring tones going off around me have been Willie Nelson, Andy Williams, Aaron Neville a… @jm_muise @MrJoeMilliano kaleidoscope @Bobbysheehan When I was 6, my Dad told me not to watch the bait shop guy counting out the dozen live bait shrimp -…
@CaliaDomenico They rested in my back yard.'s mutualistic relationship dwarf mongooses & hornbills: hornbills seek out the mongooses in order for the two…
Retweeted by Lorri Cown @GiftedTawk Beautiful. I love it when art and science intersect. If recycling plays a part then that’s the gravy. Thanks for sharing. @Rainmaker1973 And if you aren’t paying attention to your window sills when you hang that suet, it could really cost you. @FogleBird This is beautiful! @TheWeirdTeacher My version of laughing out loud looks more like a smile - not even in a theater. It’s a personalit… @TheSpaceGal and loud and confusing and crystal clear and fun and alluring and inspiring and career seed planting a… @henneld_edu @DingleTeach @mraspinall @StaffPodcast @bbray27 @lportnoy @Evo_Hannan @MatthewXJoseph @Kbahri5 @FixingEducation and it’s very hard to disrupt a misunderstanding - even when you demonstrate the contrary with an…
@Bobbysheehan there’s an academic parallel in there some where: didn’t go to class, never looked on line, streamed…
@DennisDill I love this for so many reasons.
@DennisDill Was in a hurry. Not anniversaries - ambiverts! @brianwfrank That’s fabulous! My first thought was - scarecrow dancing with the corn. @brianwfrank abstract art - turns out, it’s harder than it looks... but canvas can be reused many times @DennisDill Quiet by Susan Cain does an excellent job of helping folks understand introverts (and anniversaries like me). @DennisDill And please don’t try to shuck that oyster with anything but patient, respectful, calm trust - accepting… @eliistender10 also a melody road in US on Route 66 @ModernCassie @kateowbridge @liloakers @ZoeParamour @Evo_Hannan @pdcornish76 @MissSDoherty @MrEFinch @Mr_AlmondED one that knows me will think of me when they see the graphic below. So glad my sometimes ‘hard to hear/controve… Must Read for my physics students. We will talk about this reality. It is important. @sccenglish @teacherhead This reminds me of when I asked my then 2 year old to tell everyone what the drops of wate…
@gopalisation @physicsJ @RAEngNews Welcome aboard. Engineering career to physics teacher has been a rewarding path. @english_maven Yes. Pay attention to long sleeves and multiple bracelets. Start a conversation. @educationweek A big nope for so many reasons, including the 30+ students in the room.
Written by @ASmallFiction
Retweeted by Lorri CownHere's a list of 20+ paid summer research programs for undocumented undergrad students in STEM. Most have applicati…
Retweeted by Lorri Cown @ParrotOfTheDay Thank you. So cool. @ParrotOfTheDay And also different from what US pet trade calls the Senegal who has a smaller head/sleeker beak? @TRegPhysics @childrensatl Oh no. Hope they are okay.The Mandarin Duck in all its glory
Retweeted by Lorri CownHey kiddos. I worked on this (LEAP)years ago: Lightweight Exo-Atmospheric Projectile Some really cool physics to… @effortfuleduktr @EdPsychMama Wow! Glad that you are there to impact it positively. Happy New Year. @hood_naturalist Migrating red winged blackbirds with some starlings and brown headed cow birds in the mix. Deafening beauty. @effortfuleduktr @EdPsychMama Bob Jones. @effortfuleduktr @EdPsychMama Small world. I worked for Coleman Research Corp as a missile G&C engineer. They’ve si… @effortfuleduktr @EdPsychMama I used to live off Wal Triana. Is Thomas BBQ still kicken? Miss their white sauce! @smbradley13 I know you. This is an impossible endeavor.
Some of your are so wildly talented. Here’s your prompt. Show ‘em what you got kiddos. Others, send link to your ar… @smartereveryday Left missile design position and Huntsville to raise kids followed by teaching HS physics in metro…
@CGordonPVHS Coincidence or not? Have a phys tchr friend who keeps bees. I will have to look into this one day, as…
Pretty day for a hike at Tallulah Gorge.
@poppy_northcutt Coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time, Poppy. Thank you for sharing. @hood_naturalist Crayola definitely didn’t do it first.
@Bobbysheehan It’s working. I do what I love with those who I love. @hood_naturalist seemed like this one might be right up your alley @maalmeida85 @brianwfrank Oh dear. Hope it’s over. @LoMperalta @alisafanina Then I’ll see you at 7:10.
@alisafanina Santa tried but you were still awake. @stephaniempaz When you spend all week being the only grown up in the room, you are done. @sammysophia_ Merry Christmas my dear sweet girl! Go to bed. @kjlcole @dailystem @RaRaPenguin @ReneeWellsSTEAM @Bill_Huber_ @teacherofed @ChristineBemis2 @HOWareyousmart
@teachergoals @tracyrenee70 Often it is them - Reteaching is easier because you gave them the first framework. 2nd… @MonteSyrie Love it. Mine just tell me to print 2 pages flipped short end on both sides so their friends live longer. @BarnettDreyfuss When you are sitting in the bathroom, breath deeply and remind yourself that 30 people are expecti…
@SusannaLHarris I ask reluctant participants to use letters and numbers to explain why things do what they do.So proud of these boys. Had them in my physics class as 17 year olds and now they are now 24! An expectant father,…
@Gameboydrew You never know - you may get to see her again. And if not, I’m sure you are indelibly in her heart and… @RogersHistory If your admin asks you to pick a day for your observation, you will. That alone should help new teac… @RogersHistory Of course. Sometimes the ?s implied by their faces report hungry, tired, or pre-occupied... but some…
@CGordonPVHS Yes. Now after the more formal/ grammatically correct part of the letter, I add: On a less formal note… morning physics before your final exams kiddos. science for my baseball buddies @mwilkky @Diamonds_Nas23 @Cole_Zabowski
@maalmeida85 never heard of such a dog - even my students respond to food 😉
@FogleBird Bay of pigs.Yes. The class rules I’ve had posted for the last 12 years: 1) be your best you today 2) aspire to be a better you…