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UFC Super Fan Since 2017, I love Conner McGregor #McGregor #Rousey #Lesnar #ProperTwelve |Full Mount MMA|

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Francis Ngannou when the fight goes past 30 seconds @arielhelwani @TheNotoriousMMA You need to have a conversation with some hoes for onceLol
Retweeted by Super Fan🇮🇪What a fight 🤯
Retweeted by Super Fan🇮🇪 @AntEvansMMA @bisping Can you make him unblock me. His son follows me for Christ’s sake. @MMAFullMount You can only escape the windmill haymakers so many timesImagine defeating the possibly scariest man to ever walk the planet in a dominant fashion and Dana White just being…
Beautiful performance tonight Max! @BlessedMMA #UFCFightIsland @bibslmao It really is lethalThis seriously may be the funniest article I have ever read @panteraufc @ufc Did you just get done watching the Carlos Condit/Matt Brown fight?I scored that one for VolkanovskiRobbery48-47 Kattar. Could go either way though.The commentary desk every time Max Holloway lands a jab Kattar has the biggest heart in MMADude should not be allowed to cover Max Holloway fights.Based on Daniel Cormier’s commentary you would think Jesus Christ himself was fighting.Love seeing Conor McGregor’s son do well #UFCFightIslanad7"Maybe", says Khabib. (@McGregorRousey)
Retweeted by Super Fan🇮🇪Dana White leaves MMA fans with a massive case of blue balls. would be so HYPE for this fight if this was 2014 @war_iorz For $250 you canPonzinibbio’s return was about as necessary as the follow up punches landed on Joaquin BuckleyJoaquin Buckley’s hypetrain: #UFCFightIsland7 Okay Khabib we have talked about this for months now and you have finally made your decision. The answer to t…’s big announcement was that he has not made his decision yet @danawhite You know what we don’t know? KHABIB DECISION?It’s 2 o’clock and we still do not have an announcement from Khabib @MacMallyMMA And the lovehandles @letmelivebruh @McGregorRousey (;LETS FUCKING GOI am starting a petition for a division just for sloppy striking heavyweights that have no regard for their own saf… am an absolute slut for sloppy heavyweight slug featsKhabib and White have meeting to discuss fighting future
Retweeted by Super Fan🇮🇪 @bibslmao Great work homieDerrick Lewis constantly proves that jiu jitsu is not real. Check out my new article on how he has completely destr… (@usantidoping) and UFC (@UFC) have officially announced that their policies on marijuana usage has changed.
Retweeted by Super Fan🇮🇪Top 5 fight of 2021 right thereA girl with a 6-7 record is a massive favorite in this fight. I love Bellator @Boogerbeard1 IIITTTTSS almost TIIIIIIIIIIMEEEE!!!!! @EitanSahnovich I forgot to restock :(Is it acceptable to start drinking for the UFC prelims when they start at 11AM? @arielhelwani Volk by controversial decision🔥🔥🔥Khabib: I’m retiring Dana White: I respect your decision Also Dana: trying to go to sleep tonight knowing that tomorrow starts a fight week with 3 UFC cards including Max Holloway,…
*USADA lifts ban on marijuana Nick and Nate Diaz: @aaronbronsteter @Farah_Hannoun This would pretty much end any possibility of Nate/Conor 3 @SeanSheehanBA Ronda Rousey stuck to her wordWait a second I’ve seen this one before @Benaskren He bout to risk it all*bu dum tsssNot only will the UFC be airing on ABC network for the first time but the co-main event fight between Carlos Condit… @danawhite @TeamKhabib Bro too scared to rematch Conor😂
@FullContactMTWF Schaub got rocked a little from that handshake @Big_Johnny954 @BaneZierman @MMAFighting @DamonMartin Hahahahaha smoked em @MMAFighting @DamonMartin I am flabbergasted. No longer a fan of the ufc. Supporting marijuana addicts is worse than being an addict. @JonnyBones Bet you wouldn’t say that to my face @heeheeheheheeh @JonnyBones No I am not lol. But I am 25% Japanese lol @JonnyBones As a proud American I have to admit Nigeria and Dagestan produce the greatest fighters.Michael Chandler is older than Jose Aldo but the narrative is that Aldo is past his prime and near the end of his c… @rudy_betrayed It really is diss cuss thing @hektic_one Who edited this and whyConor McGregor’s new watch is 🔥🔥🔥 @Boogerbeard1 @CoreyLarkins5 @TheNotoriousMMA @ProperWhiskey I’ll do a shot of Proper Hot Sauce either way @MacMallyMMA My great grandfather was a WW2 tail gunner and his plane got shot down and he survived. True story. @kevjitsu @TheNotoriousMMA @ProperWhiskey You mean a proper hot sauce?
@NarutoMMA @TheNotoriousMMA @ProperWhiskey Exactly @McGregorRousey @TheNotoriousMMA @ProperWhiskey Super fan 60 seconds into round 1
Retweeted by Super Fan🇮🇪 @stankymma @TheNotoriousMMA @ProperWhiskey @KidRockOwns @TheNotoriousMMA @ProperWhiskey I have not tried it yet. Probably gonna grill some burgers and put it on there later though @FreelyIb @TheNotoriousMMA @ProperWhiskey For wimps maybe. @lukaelli @TheNotoriousMMA @ProperWhiskey Proper Hot SauceOn January 23rd one of these is getting chugged. Whoever wins the fight will get their product slammed. My fate is… I plan on dominating Dustin and knocking him out in less than 60 seconds. I am going to put on a masterpi… @Giannettimma @aaronbronsteter But I willThe fight is official, per sources. (Per @aaronbronsteter) @felderpaul @aaronbronsteter @RedWhite_Gooner @oscarswillis Source? @milkinhisbag As a personal buyer I can vouch that Kranch is actually fireBro read this shit and tell me that any of this makes sense. This is the same thing as telling a UFC fighter that t…
@RobbieBarstool The bus didn’t even fight back. Hard to argueThe NBA has had a spike in coronavirus cases and has arguably handled it way worse than the UFC yet basketball jour… throwing a dolly through a bus window at Khabib is justified. Change my mind. @KennyJMcKinney Not as great as Mike Vick in his prime @z_rozenberg No. Michael Vick. @z_rozenberg McGregor vs KhabibFighters that turn all fights into absolute dog fights: Eddie Alvarez Mike Perry Niko Price Michael Vick Paul Felder Justin Gaethje @Ealvarezfight Now you are seriously the GOAT @Ealvarezfight Your DM’s are closed homie @Ealvarezfight Oh man I just realized I got a different address since is sent that to you man 😳 @Ealvarezfight @KrayT1to @djtweetsmma @xaxaxaaa2 @calciocraft @FIimdog @AJLiveandDirect @judicarlee_ @Frittenpate @Ealvarezfight @KrayT1to @djtweetsmma @xaxaxaaa2 @calciocraft @FIimdog @AJLiveandDirect @judicarlee_ @Frittenpate fans back at ufc fights is gonna make my heart happy. Can’t wait till Saturday @MacMallyMMA All I know is Conor is carrying and absolute WAGON behind him for this fight. Major factor. @funkmacker Nice @funkmacker Sup @goku_mma Your mom @notAman_ Somebody probably does