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Private Practitioner • Previous Manager of Therapeutic Services for @otrbristol • Creating Networks & Content on #MentalHealth • Writing Novel • Views my own.

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Never a truer word said
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If you see a Tweet that you don't agree with it is important to remember that you can still have a good day.
Retweeted by John McGuirk"The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it..." #healing #trauma
Retweeted by John McGuirkOur vision is to bring men together in order to reduce isolation, reduce male suicide and improve mental health and…
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Is this my actual daughter 😍🔥
Retweeted by John McGuirk @erwallen @CounsellorsCafe Thanks 🙏 @SuzannaAloni Yes. And fear of missing out (FOMO) can often result in this indecisiveness, because a "yes" or this… @Firebird_psych @DrLizBates Excellent to see light shone in this direction. Good work 👍Male victims suffer horrific effects from female perpetrated violence. Here are the voices of 20 male victims - gre…
Retweeted by John McGuirk @CounsellorsCafe It's always good to remember that the teenage brain is radically different from the child's brain… teenage brain: How can neuroscience help us understand teenagers? #teenagers #brain #neuroscience #teens
Retweeted by John McGuirkFrequently, I am noticing people around me, forming opinions based on commonly accepted norms and myths. I know I a…
Retweeted by John McGuirkImportant to remember that social networking leverages powerful human-social processes that are millions of years o… @PaulHCrick Indeed!Yes! And this can be a heroic task. Sometimes we're numb, or have forgotten what some feelings even feel like. And…’s a person in distress, not an ‘attention seeker’. #BPD
Retweeted by John McGuirkHere at @CumberlandLodge for #CLDigitalInclusion event. We're expecting around 65 top minds in the…
Retweeted by John McGuirkCreating a narrative to your life can help reconcile the past, I've kept journals for 20 years & turning them into…
Retweeted by John McGuirkSome Ways to Offer Our Inner Child Care, Include: * A nice bath * A walk in the woods * A cosy cup of hot chocolat…
We're sometimes confronted with disappointment. We wanted something valuable, meaningful, important, & we didn't ge… @erikvance Added to this, I end up saying things that I think are my own insights only to, moments later, find myse… you are doing your Christmas shopping on Amazon, please consider doing it via and choos…
Retweeted by John McGuirkCheck out @Anxiety_Canada podcast series, where individuals share their experiences with anxiety! #Mentalhealth
Retweeted by John McGuirk @mcguirk_john That's really good to hear. I really appreciate when my clients notice the healthy, trusted level of…
Retweeted by John McGuirkYou can be there for LGBTQ+ young people who can’t go home this winter. Support akt and help keep young people…
Retweeted by John McGuirkIndeed. And as a psychotherapist, one of the things my clients and supervisees often tell me how much they apprecia…
We constantly invite men to "open up more". And yet, so many men experience shaming, criticism, or bewilderment wh…
Retweeted by John McGuirkWe hope to choose our words wisely so here is a short explanation of the language around digital wellbeing that we…
Retweeted by John McGuirkNew tools by Apple and Google attempt to cure smartphone addiction
Retweeted by John McGuirkReminder: it's #WorldKindnessDay tomorrow. Have you planned your posts for the day?
Retweeted by John McGuirkIt's not too late to invest in your well-being:
Retweeted by John McGuirkIf you don't know what to do, just sit. And if you can't sit, knit! #knitting #mentalhealth #meditation #restIt's difficult to find balance, between actions like being driven or rest, or attitudes like acceptance or self-cha…
Women need females spaces to heal. Men need male spaces to heal. But deep healing comes when men and women can sha…
Retweeted by John McGuirkPracticing Mindfulness Every Day Can Train Your Brain to Dissolve Fear, According to New Harvard Research
Retweeted by John McGuirkMENTAL HEALTH: Why are women more susceptible to #PTSD? #MentalHealthAwareness
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As the autumn fruits ripen consider: what are you happy you've achieved this year? What have your worked hard on an… constantly invite men to "open up more". And yet, so many men experience shaming, criticism, or bewilderment wh… Year of #Concussions via @NewYorker #BrainInjury
Retweeted by John McGuirkToday I’m researching and writing about less common traumatic reactions. Any thoughts!? Can any of you share som…
Retweeted by John McGuirkEg: Sometimes the "not enough" of inactivity & disconnection is too much, & leads to coping strategies like distra… @sch_counsellor Cool. Will keep that in mind, and get back to you if/when I'm organising it.Sometimes not enough is too much and too much is not enough.
@sch_counsellor Was thinking, I might do a mini podcast on death in the future. If you'd be interested in sharing y… @sch_counsellor Awesome!👍 @mcguirk_john Totally agree John. I wrote about this very subject
Retweeted by John McGuirkTIL: There's no one way, nor even a right way, to recover from trauma. There are countless tools, techniques, thera… the leaves fall, consider: What do you want to let go of? Now, find an object that represents the thing you wan…'s true that poor concentration skills can reduce our mental health for various reasons. Thankfully, there are wa… you being you.
Retweeted by John McGuirk @DrCazCollins @LifeDeathWhat Agreed!So, @otrbristol is a mental health service and social movement for young people in Bristol and South Glous, and the… @igersBristol @Ashton_Court_ @sambinding @BristolCouncil @DestBristol @bbcrb @Bristol_People @IGersUK @VisitBristol Beautiful. @MenteWellbeing This is a huge problem in mental health. To be clear, services need to listen to this and adapt to… should talk about death more within our society. We can learn from the experiences of others. We can see here…'s men's mental health month over at @mentalhealth. Here's an article they've done on: 16 Tips For Men: How To P… @Jennife01082775 @ownyourpast @jwdickerson Just wanted to say that I hear both sides of this arguement. Neurology i… @JohannaTC @papadeli Rock Cottage, Wales.We’re only emotionally triggered by things we’ve attached meaning to. Recognising the role we play takes the power…
Retweeted by John McGuirkTake a moment. Reflect: "How do I really want to live this day?" When you have your answer, really imagine yoursel…
"A close look at #socialmedia use shows that most young texters and Instagrammers are fine. Heavy use can lead to p…
Retweeted by John McGuirkIn fairness, as a man I don’t' really enjoy tractors, so... 😂! Making change in our lives is a combo of identifying the actions we want to stop, and also, identifying the ac… @VoxelHub Looking forward to it! I like your approach to tech, especially around seeing the strengths, benefits, an…“I believe it is possible to thrive in the digital era, but we need to reconnect, educate ourselves and make inform…
Retweeted by John McGuirkWe cannot form strong relationships in our lives if we dont learn to love ourself first #LoveYourself
Retweeted by John McGuirkCalling all 18 - 25 year olds in Bristol & South Glous!!! Get yourselves down to @OTRBristol and tell them what you… @VoxelHub Very, in its own, uneventful kind of way. Lots of space to do nothing, but moments of creativity too, and new ideas.Sometimes our personal development can take dramatic turns. For example, instead of a mid-life crisis, I have cho…
This is me 👇👇, saying something pretty important - as service leaders we should all be aiming for this 🌈🌈…
Retweeted by John McGuirk“The golden rule of habit change: you cannot extinguish a bad habit, you can only change it.” Charles Duhigg…
Retweeted by John McGuirkDon't underestimate the basics when it comes to mental health recovery & growth. Eg. Stretching, muscle building,…
Therapy can be used for far more than simply recovering our mental health. Therapy can be used to build our mental…
@lightful @mkeating121 @mollycordelia @liammckinnon @JoeMCassidy @NicolaGeeTweets @shadille Aw, thank you! Great to… @lightful @liammckinnon @otrbristol This was a really lovely conversation to be a part of.#Throwback to our second episode of the #ReclaimSocial when we talked to @liammckinnon and @mcguirk_john from…
Retweeted by John McGuirk @VillageMagIRE Wrong John McGuirk, my friend.
Never Underestimate the Power of TO DO Lists! ✅ Link to Science: via @guardian ✅ Link to…
@erikvance Ah, yes. Well, to be honest, I'm more interested in the ends than the means, though it would be great to… one! Taking a break and connecting with family. Anybody else? What are you happy you have done so far today?
@erikvance Cool. Will hold you to that. Don't let me down now. ;-) @erikvance Excellent! When?I'll start. I am happy I... * got up fairly early * cleaned my kitchen, including the floor * organised my Spotif… with at least one thing you were happy you did today. Go! @erikvance Connected to this, a way to tap into your own healing capacity using the placebo effect is self-hypnosis… @CounsellorsCafe You are at a crossroads. You can sink into the problem, or, seek out the solutions. Or maybe both…! Very much agree. In some sense the placebo effect is simply another name for hope. Hope is incredibly powerful… placebo effect is simply another way of saying the human mind is incredibly powerful in it's ability to self-re…
RESEARCH: The Links Between Memory, Imagination, and Future Planning Link: Spend 5+ minutes in the morning thinking through how you really want to live your day ahead. Visualise…
OTR’s hARMED group workshop is for anyone aged 11-15 struggling with self-harm or thoughts of self-harm. The next…
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@mickcooper77 Loving seeing these topics covered in more rigorous research contexts. Very helpful in supervision and training. Thanks Mick!
@mickcooper77 On this, I often use the phrase "co-created".
As you may have heard, @BristolJLD's Law Ball in aid of @otrbristol was sold out! What you haven't heard, is 250 of…
Retweeted by John McGuirkHere's an article in @BristolLive about a new Bristol project for men that we're working alongside @WellBeans2017 a…
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Languages of love are different. Sometimes a Spaniard needs to learn some French if they want to connect more with…
@liammckinnon But, word clouds be like:
Can we share more positive stories today? 🙌🏼 How do you make social media more inspiring? (It can be anything th…
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Example: if you want to increase oxytocin, hug someone you trust for 5-10 seconds, pet a dog for a while, go out to… this pic recently, often with the suggestion that hormones are so powerful in creating our feelings. Yes, but…