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My mom is APPALLED when I tell her I took off and say "no reason I just needed a day" when she asks why. Baby Boome…
Retweeted by michelleMe joining whatever app gen z moves to after tiktok
Retweeted by michelle🥰❣️😔🤬💕😇 LMFAO my instability is showing @papiklil I HEARD this! even the part about the boys... I got my girls to worry about too 😁one of these days we’ll examine how a lot of modern fashion trends revolve around simply being skinny
Retweeted by michellelord knows these bitches better not try me...lord KNOWS I’m not the one. many times do I have to block you this pandemic 💀
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me waking up to relive the same day ive been stuck in since March 2020
Retweeted by michelleOVER. DUE. 👏🏼 @nytimes frankly, this is ridiculous. disappointed @nytimes would publish something that negates the TRUTH as you claim to stand for.currently @j_t_gutz it’s disgusting :( @_bellalma those are the hardest ones but I believe in you!!Ban Viagra. If pregnancy is God's will, so is limp dick.
Retweeted by michelleThe white elite are saying they’ll cut funding from public schools unless communities offer their children up to il…
Retweeted by michelle8 days and my semester is OVER lord 😭LMFAO iykyk to a dead man while the woman he disrespected is still alive.
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@AnnaDvorchak I just personally don’t like the colors, I don’t think they’re as pretty as the old white and blue. I… can’t :( this is not it :( how that works
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💀 fact the bar is this low lmao smfh @thisised @_bellalma @bibin06 LMFAOOOOOO @bibin06 please don’t do me like this @mchellerc @bibin06 help Michelle or I’ll stab you
Retweeted by michelle @_bellalma @bibin06 thank you queen ❤️any computer experts willing to help a girl with her MacBook 2011? tryna see something about the RAM and SSD @papiklil me 😬 I love it lmao
Just let this sink in.
Retweeted by michelleplease send this to everyone who posted an instagram from a party this weekend
Retweeted by michelleThe NYT had to sue to get virus data broken down by race. Sue.
Retweeted by michelleAppreciate you so much, @brokeymcpoverty. All the criticisms are valid. The sheer tonnage of complexities & failing…
Retweeted by michelleNick Cordero. Fly. 💔
Retweeted by michelle @yoitzbp thank you b it means a lot 😢❤️Hamilton on disney+ brings me back to the magical days of studying theatre in nyc w the broadway internship of my d… THIS, @Lin_Manuel , to tell the audience "you haven't met him yet" when they're about to see the same actor in a d…
Retweeted by michelleThen Angelica comes in with her own M**beth quote, "Screw your courage to the sticking place..." #HamiltonFilm
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🦋🦋🦋 though, have y’all noticed how normal and acceptable it’s become for men to just...lack? lack communication, lac…
Retweeted by michelle"alexander hamilton was complicit in american slavery" and "hamilton the musical is a once in a lifetime piece of a…
Retweeted by michelle @Strandjunker Trump did with Covid in Mainland, what he did in Puerto Rico w/ Maria. At at much larger scale. 1-…
Retweeted by michelle2 died of Ebola: They said Obama should resign. 4 died in Benghazi: They had Hillary testify for 11 hours, held 33…
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@teisday @Idolomantises And as much as I like/love Hamilton (the musical) as a work of art, it can definitely be ‘p…
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Retweeted by michelleThank you brother
Retweeted by michelleHe did run the country like a business and put enriching himself and his donor class above all else. You just expe…
Retweeted by michellewhite people manufactured this obsession with individualism. it's unnatural to care so little about other people.
Retweeted by michelle @papiklil we can do it 🥺 you’re almost there!! @_bellalma we got this 🥺 <3THIS. thank you @TheRealKamie school while working full time...during a pandemic...while saving up to pay off tuition as I my norm…’t be happier that @HamiltonMusical decided to make their on-screen debut with a TRAINED and SEASONED broadwa…
@TomiLahren Either seatbelts work or they don’t. If you’re requiring them because they stop injuries then let peopl…
Retweeted by michelleomfg if y’all fuck this up I swear 😭 must demand justice for the family of Vanessa Guillen #JusticeForVanessaGuillen
Retweeted by michelleSome of you didn’t have to write a 100page composition notebook (front and back, every page) and then hand it into…
Retweeted by michellegirls suddenly realizing that what they experience is sexual harassment just proves how normalized this shit is.
Retweeted by michelleno es que sea antisocial, es que ustedes dan mala vibra 🎯
my family beeeeen on that wave length i never celebrated 4th of July growing up or as a young adult and never intend to start 🤷🏻‍♀️late night thoughts consist of: Zayn is truly one of the most beautifully crafted specimens I’ve ever laid eyes onDiana’s only baby boy is doing amazing 🙏🏿
Retweeted by michelleThe only thing crazier than how she was killed (while playing the organ in the middle of Sunday service at Ebenezer…
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ya'll are absolutely not ready to have the conversation around people using their mental illness has an excuse for…
Retweeted by michelleI be like “I know a spot” then go by myself
Retweeted by michelletbh my Econ class really just makes me depressed seeing how horrible everything is wow I fucking hate it here 😭😭😭😭
@ssamgrdys @_bellalma I’m fucking HOLLERING why are we all the same
lord knows not to get these Karen’s in front of me....😤😤😤😤😤Florida has more new COVID-19 cases than all of Europe.
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Yo llegando a cualquier lugar:
Retweeted by michelle @heyashleyrobyn omg Ashley this literally made my DAY❣️❣️❣️ I would not have gotten an A in either class if it were… this tweet because @mchellerc liked it - who happened to be my sole partner in a “group” project in college. We…
Retweeted by michelleThis has never been about the masks. It's about entitlement, privilege and the historical luxury of full autonomy w…
Retweeted by michelleIt’s wild how accepting mass death rather than accepting a minor personal inconvenience is a core part of American society
Retweeted by michelleCaribbean parents when you mention your declining mental health:
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asked my intern I have on Snapchat if she was getting anything weird since my account got hacked and she got to wor… did this today 😭😭😭 @_bellalma i’m highly upset :(my Snapchat got hacked and changed my phone, email and password with my shit probably being sold on the underground market 😭😭😭 fuck 2020
PSA: HR is not your friend. They are the company’s friend. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.
Retweeted by michelleItaly down to only 190 Covid cases yesterday after their insane outbreak. France down to 81. Spain around 330. The…
Retweeted by michelleAlskjdhfhskdhkflabfkfbwfiuwcn YO“I can’t believe milennials and younger generations are so progressive and radical!!” what we watched as kids:
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“if you get this wrong you’ll probably get shot...wait I can’t say that anymore can I” - my graduate professor... I just—y’all ever think about how we’re living in the middle of a pandemic... and a depression.... and a civil rights move…
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Y’all ever noticed people who don’t tolerate lies, disrespect or deceit are always labeled difficult, crazy or bitter?
Retweeted by michelleSPOILING DONT ALWAYS INCLUDE MONEY! It includes time,attention , cooked meals being there emotionally, physically &…
Retweeted by michelle @deejquintana ❤️fr I don’t understand why people cannot just sit tf down old white karens there I said itNormalize getting rid of the 40hr work week. Abolish it.
Retweeted by michelle @sunbonnettrio at least you change your shirt, I literally stay in my oversized shirt and just love the camera above my collar area 🙃
mood in MI be like “go back to where you came from!” but live in places called washtenaw county or ypsilanti or…
Retweeted by michelleY’all glamorize overworking way too much. Stress KILLS.
Retweeted by michelleSo the evil shadow from the hallway can get in? No
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