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Pleased to report I sat behind Toby Huss and he belly-laughed pretty much the entire time
Yes they have plastered cursive neon Dickinson quotes on the wall at this eventPersonally thrilled that the Sexy Dickinson premiere is at St. Ann’s Warehouse, Off Broadway home of Sexy Oklahomaall my relationships with straight women are like this @AndySwift I truly had no idea until IMDb'ing!congrats to Ronan on the HBOMax-Ghibli deal @kylebuchanan because, here’s audio of Robert Pattinson cracking himself up as he remembers some of the stuff Juliette Binoc…
Retweeted by Jackson McHenry @kylebuchanan kyle.... thank you @ihatejoelkim so there was once this show called 13 and it was a musical on Broadway
Retweeted by Jackson McHenrythe two fall moods @ezwrites also apple please release your trailers in higher video quality!!! @ezwrites well I mean needed time to process the Hecht presence John Mulaney as Henry David Thoreau in DICKINSON"baby pink and bisexual blue-tinted" Paul Dano bring Okja with him to Batman"YES we DO have to keep just as much rain as there was onstage" @ezwrites can't wait to ascendAnd Percy Jackson! This has a been brief adventure in critiquing, thanks
Retweeted by Jackson McHenryalready feeling a deep emotional connection to Merritt Wever in Marriage Story @sternbergh @poniewozik I wondered if Don Johnson also listened to the soundtrack, too @sternbergh @poniewozik Though maybe watching the pilot counts as knowing his thoughts @sternbergh @poniewozik He must have! I’m really desperate to know his thoughts on it any TV show ever done before what JACK RYAN is doing? They’re taking the same actors, playing the same characte…
Retweeted by Jackson McHenry @lpbradley @karenyhan we will be having a viewing partyWe're looking for an ace fact-checker to join our team at @NYMag. Checkers here get to work with some of the best e…
Retweeted by Jackson McHenry @lpbradley @karenyhan also very important to note that this means Jai’len Josey's "DADDDY!" will be preserved on ta… to @lpbradley and @karenyhan for willing a TV airing of the SpongeBob musical into existence @ezwrites the existence of Dickinson makes that very clear @ezwrites suddenly striking me that we have a whole trend of Sondheim in fall movies (Joker, Marriage Story, Knives… sure there's an error in our most popular listing, but I love the implication that people just love carolee… @davidlsims @bobmarshall @ezwrites @karenyhan @jmrivera02 sorry... this is my sickness @bobmarshall @ezwrites @davidlsims @karenyhan @jmrivera02 let's not forget the ghost teapot!! @karenyhan @davidlsims @jmrivera02 well I mean obviously, the primary one is the the monotype ice experience with s… @davidlsims @karenyhan @jmrivera02 also I will be importing in whatever I can from my collection of perfectly bred… @davidlsims @karenyhan @jmrivera02 obviously, gotta make sure we spread out our access to old sword ducks and cute… @PattiMurin I mean, based on their skin, I would buy it7 things every child needs to hear: 1. I love you 2. I support you 3. I am listening 4. I believe in you 5. The…
Retweeted by Jackson McHenryRPatz correctly appreciating High Life as hilarious, you love to see it @Terr the other ads would be a sprig of rosemary over a geometric teal background and it would deliver to your home and cost way too much @Slade I just worry they are about to explain astrology to metimotay and saoirse definitely look like they are trying to sell me some specific brooklyn gentrifier product in an… @karenyhan when the string crescendo hits blustery fall day to walk around blasting The Belt of Faith from the Parasite soundtrack from your earbuds… @laleviner Nobody tell Logan Lerman about thisAnd Percy Jackson! This has a been brief adventure in critiquing, thanks
I love Riverdale's horny name generator algorithm Girl (2019) @MildlyBitter that would work! and be up there with pinning a cardboard crescent onto a sailor outfit to be "sailor… at my desk muttering to myself "you don't have the time and crafting ability to pull off Heléne Yorke sayin…'s going West when an interview gets off to a strong start move should turn straight Pokémon gay. Cowards.
Retweeted by Jackson McHenry @davidlsims @kylebuchanan How can we get Alicia's mom's friend and Ansel's mom in conversation? @kylebuchanan you in Tulip Fever mourning will Nintendo reveal the massive Furret that I specifically demandI love my large adult son repeat, if we're going to make every dated 90s movie into a musical, let @4evrmalone and I write NEVER BEEN KISSE… unfollow everyone and start getting my news solely from the Company twitter account @tara_abell yes I do have all the production photos saved in a foldermost surprising friendship @jmrivera02 why would you curse me like this?Filled in on a Soft Power review Sound Inside is a haunting play about a Yale creative writing professor that somehow doesn’t mention Atticus bean soup
me reading any description of time passing in a fantasy novel as a child're so excited to announce that Tony nominee Maria Dizzia (@MDizzia) will be lead the @constitutionbwy national t…
Retweeted by Jackson McHenry2 dick 2 inson @karenyhan Jean Smart's pink and purple shirt! @karenyhan did he read your Matthew Macfadyen Anna Karenina tweet? (I mean, yeah I agree)hm... help @ezwrites @lpbradley Does Sexy Nancy Drew need someone to date? What about whatever the New York one is?anyway this Grease TV show news is a great excuse to revisit another great Keke Palmer moment in history @lpbradley @ezwrites "maybe a teacher, but like, a cool young one with sexy hair?"Bob just bring Smash to the Max, you know you want to streaming TV development process sounds wild @ErinStrecker unrelated, but when I did a phone interview with her about Princess Switch and Second Act, she was ea… @ErinStrecker omg is Vanessa Hudgens just on contract for these at this point?something very funny about covering Charles's ear like this was about Watchmen, obviously)how much was it per wig though? wrote about Succession and TV episodes (my two beloveds)
Retweeted by Jackson McHenry @kvanaren 🦑🔵🍆 @Ginger_Clark she doesn't, for reasons that are key to her character, but she gets some Great props @Ginger_Clark (fair warning Jean really doesn't show up until a few episodes in, but when she does, it's off to the races) @Ginger_Clark In many scenes together! Often making cutting remarks to each other! @klawls oh yes I did and I am very excited to watch the new frontier of prestige TV with a giant watermark of my na… of my opinions about the new streaming services are based entirely on the ease of access to their screener sitesAlso I’ve been watching screeners without having read the graphic novel or seen the movie and avoiding Wikipedia, j… @klawls Her joke monologues? perfectionThe thing about Watchmen is Regina King, Jean Smart, and Hong Chau are all in it, soSaw A Strange Loop at Joe’s Pub, which made it clear that A Strange Loop works very well in concert, but also fully… around a book of Emily Dickinson poems on the subway and, when people make eye contact, mouthing, “She was also in Pitch Perfect 2”Responding to any sort of announcement on the subway
Scotty Bowers, Hollywood's "Male Madame," has died at 96. I don't know what to make of all his wild claims about th…
Retweeted by Jackson McHenry @karenyhan @4evrmalone from your tweets to Scott's earsHearty lol that Netflix has to sell tix for this on Telecharge
Retweeted by Jackson McHenrysands on broadway ......... i would like to see it
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