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The owner of Gandhi Mahal, a (very delicious) local restaurant in South Minneapolis that was damaged in the fires l…
Retweeted by Jackson McHenryI hope journalists learn something about the wisdom of trusting the police’s version of events
Retweeted by Jackson McHenryI cannot stop thinking about the fact that what we’ve repeatedly witnessed this week is what people do to black peo…
Retweeted by Jackson McHenryOmar was holding up his press credential on live TV.
Retweeted by Jackson McHenryGonna need a button that sends Lady Gaga saying “that’s goss-ip” in Babylon in order to reply to good textsIroh working out in his cell has big OC season 4 Ryan Atwood vibesWhat‘s the Ba Sing Se theater scene like though
@jmrivera02 sorry but the chatter will only be talking about Wednesday's premiere of Love Life, the people can't get enough of itReally fun to have this little chasm-scream about Kramer and how his work and activism and legacy has been passed d… "what will fix everything in my life right now is a well-designed bringing up baby poster" afternoon @Will_Kellogg I'll start putting together a petition to send to the Kail residence @ralter I love that her and nicole kidman's american accents are always sorta mostly whispering @ezwrites would love to know the conversation about michelle being too blonde to participateomg is so good!"Screw subtext, I thought, as I staggered from my seat. Give me plays that leave a contrail." shit, this is great.
Retweeted by Jackson McHenry @chrisreindeer I can recognize the brick arches anywhereI love theater kids I love Cush Jumbo
Retweeted by Jackson McHenry @kengreller Nope, Pasadena, of coursewatching a TV screener that uses the same coffeeshop as Lady Bird which is also the coffeeshop near where I grew up… max having studio ghibli, every version of a star is born, and teen titans is what will bring my apartment together and heal us @chancelloragard if I had more time I would've just asked for more details about the car, the beach, and her Auntie… yes obviously I had to ask about the Slave Play episode don't have any plans but I am cancelling all of them (yes I own The OC already I don't see why that's relevant) to Christine Baranski Kathryn. rings, door chimes, in comes live streaming violas exist in animal crossing or is my string quartet doomed to be incompleteI realized I never posted about it but if you want to watch a zoom talk with me and the people behind The Great, yo…
@justinmcurto wow, the people are wronggot a pr pitch that was basically like "saw that you logged this on letterboxd, hello, what did you think," which, incredible job honestlyThe respect “Get on Your Knees” deserves! good theater news: Miscast is going virtual this year Kramer never let up, to the point where during the revival of The Normal Heart he would stand outside the the…
Retweeted by Jackson McHenryLarry Kramer — activist, agitator, author, and the playwright who wrote “The Normal Heart” — has died at age 84.
Retweeted by Jackson McHenry @julieeelogan there's a place posteritati in soho that I love! they have a great collection and do really good framing jobs too @ezwrites years of trying!!! (okay different movie, but actually as a kid I did ask my parents for a fancy pajama s… yes I did once buy a Kiki’s Delivery Sevice poster because the bread looked so good (it looks soo good) @kmcnultymc Kiki doesn't need a plot! Kiki moves to a new town city, delivers a lot of bread, forgets how to fly, h… this news made you (like me) wonder how to get HBO Max, you can consult this, please watch Kiki's Delivery Service with me this Friday fitting for a play about doubting whether it's a good idea to bring children into this world @rilaws they really liven up my trips from my room to the fridge for yogurt and backMy Summer of Sweatshorts, a very bad memoirI did watch all the episodes HBOMax sent out of its Anna Kendrick rom-com Love Life and let me just say they remind… asleep laughing about this tweet, and woke up laughing about this tweet working at a tea shop? So hot to me
@joshbarone I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tweet about it yet, but... so have I @Memles Encore alumni, please fave this thread if you're okay!love that this trailer includes a shocked delivery of "boys kissing boys?" as if including the feedback it received… @KocoumOfficial mad that I didn't see this because I was asleep @carolineframke it really does feel like the TV equivalent of having a nice iced coffee on a New York weekend morning!watching Betty is my current favorite Saturday morning activity, highly recommend it please enjoy this incredible press still of F. Murray Abraham to @RobMcElhenney about how Mythic Quest filmed their great and very ambitious quarantine episode with the h… @nwalks logging into the group chat will we get a special Encore! zoom episode @HillaryKelly "Mariahnne," I weep as I apply skin cream to my neck "I'm sorry about the debs"joke's on me because now I can't figure out how to get the normal people promotional chain necklace slash vanity trap offi’m normal people @joeycsims What the hell is that? A Quibi! Says Who? Jeffrey Katzenberg! @AlmondMilkHotel @carriesnotscary definitely the thing we all appreciate and love most about darren criss @carriesnotscary sure'm sorry, what all my friendships by revealing the vicious side of my personality that comes out when I play as pink gold peach in mario kart @mmaggeler way to crop out my crucial robert pattinson swampbending insight
Marriage Story (2019)
reading edith wharton for the good gossip @KocoumOfficial I made it back and I'm eating my breakfast tacos, it's finethe phrase "I'd rather be dry but at least I'm alive" hits differently when you are in fact caught in the rain in the middle of a run
Retweeted by Jackson McHenry @Will_Kellogg I hope it was Alicia FlorrickI cackled at my desk for a full minute after reading the name of the next Good Fight episode also you get new patterns, which I support. Sadness, and new patterns, hand in hand.'t reveal my hot new summer look (link's gerudo armor in breath of the wild)Jen on the Lost finale will make you (or at least me) very emotional on this Friday afternoon! spent this week talking to over a dozen of Lynn Shelton's friends, collaborators, and peers for this @Vulture mem…
Retweeted by Jackson McHenryWhen someone posts multiple insta stories of them talking into the camera
Retweeted by Jackson McHenry of course, forever! talked to hong chau about watchmen, downsizing, and why she hates bourgeois critics:
Retweeted by Jackson McHenryAriana Grande: Lady Gaga :: Rapunzel: The Witchthis question is ridiculous, there is no best chex mix piece, there is however a proper order to maximize chex enjo…'t tempt me like this when characters in Christopher Nolan movies have their fancy little tea times @atvillena Will look into commissioning for a lookbook projectcinema piccolini cuscino
Anyway tbt to the time I paint and sipped with Carly this does not embrace a full Felicity vibe I will be so disappointed, no pressure @kylebuchanan I would pay many nookmiles for the "director avatar collection" collection, including hair, trim suit… @kylebuchanan her in-game avatar is somehow taller than regulation, but no one is sure how or whyrude to do this to the Brody-Meester household, and to me, personally Pattinson looks up from microwaving pasta, on the phone with his agent, “what is fortnite?”watching TENET in fortnite, the way christopher nolan would have wanted
Retweeted by Jackson McHenry @eariosnetwork @softmess @vulture Yes, that's my mistake! Should be hair and makeup department, not sure how my brain slipped!Comrades, who’s down for a rewatch? ⁦@McHenryJD⁩ The Americans: Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell Shared Wigs ⁦…
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