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The Wicked + The Divine, ongoing series at @imagecomics. Did a bunch of stuff at Marvel, including designing Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel. I love my cat.

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List by @RoanhorseBex!
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvieJust give me a one player story-led Gundam game, universeHey now it's been out for a bit, how do people like Daemon X Machina? Reviews were mixed. @shannonpurser Yes and I'm British
You know it was proposed by the pilot.
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvieThank god i only just saw this
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelviePublish your diary, then
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvie @marissadraws But then how would you spend the 10,000I really must stress that you would probably be turned into a xenomorph host very quickly and then die @noizangel @theJagmeetSingh Ooh that sounds amazingHey @trussliz this keeps happening to you, everything ok? never gets mentioned but one thing that Trump White House did early on that has had major ripple effects was to…
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvieToday is #IndigenousPeoplesDay. Tomorrow is the fourth Democratic Presidential debate. So far, no moderator has…
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvieTrump's effort to rewrite the reality of his dealings with Ukraine got even more brazen over the weekend. My fact c…
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvie @ebruenig You've gone too far this time- Had to be persuaded to join EU condemnation of Turkey’s brutality against the Kurds - Refused to join arms embar…
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelviedid a whole google campaign and really use this thing ever day. never once was a told there was a volume button on…
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvie @theshrillest It's one of those days on twitter shrill @LadytronMusic @welovelabelle @synergyconcerts @shhemusic Yes!!! @metasynthie (I *think* the idea is *they* pay *you* because a month there would somehow be unappealing?)Yes. @dreamoforgonon @mollypriddy The first hurdle here is (surprise!) the specialists are severely underfunded. So we'l… @mollypriddy I had my mum dig out my old school reports and it's all the classic "he's smart but not applying himself" @hestaprynnmusic Just avoid the eggs @mollypriddy I'm going to the doctor soon to see if I have it because I am pretty sure I doThis is going be one of those ones where lots of people don't realise the joke isn't it @gray I know! Fingers crossedThis movie has a cracking cast so far.Yeah. Yeah, good choice.'s the pet experiment. $10,000 to stay here for a month. No neighbors, internet, electricity and cell phone. Enough… @Scroobiuspipyo Good luck. @Scroobiuspipyo big? small? scented? @ErikaMoen @RonDanChan so mad erika @elevenafter One of the greatest character/actor combinations in the history of TV @elevenafter vindiCAAAATIIIOOOOONToday's B99 rewatch was the episode with one of my fav ever end credit scenes 🎆
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvieYou ever watch a video that demonstrates how big the Milky Way is and and where we are in it and how small we are a… the SHHE album is out. Adored "Eyes Shut" so looking forward to listening to the rest:
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvie @kharyrandolph @JoanneStarer You, clicking the like button @robertwilsoniv I think it's some kind of "which is the busiest bit of the image" algorithmLEGOで新しくロボットつくりました! 何かしらの連邦組織の量産タイプをイメージして制作をしました。目にはネックスナイツシリーズのシールドを使用してみました。#レゴロボ
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvie @proverbialdog That's why we did - Katie fell in love with it first visit.Nice walk home just now @Beathhigh Not surprising to see I'm still here @dlippman Facebook has come under fire recently for its ad policy, which considers politicians’ claims as "ineligib…
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvieit is what it looks like, folks
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvie @Beathhigh On my walk home just now believes in the Rapture btw @Beathhigh Beautiful light tonight @MikeChoiArt @heyjenbartel @Philjimeneznyc As someone who attempted to design a hair *style* into Captain Marvel, I feel you @LiamRMcGuire @COLORnMATT @adityab @ImageComics Nice!THE KILLING HORIZON by @McKelvie, @COLORnMATT and @adityab. Coming summer 2020 from @ImageComics.
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvieThis lovely gradient can only mean one thing--we now have all of the volumes of The Wicked + The Divine! Check them…
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvie @NiaDaCosta Hope it gets a UK streamer soon! @SaraJBenincasa
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvie @AntonioLulic I wish they were real kits. @TheBurnham Oh and you have the nerve to criticize Kieron @JosephGlass @bevismusson More for me then @bevismusson @JosephGlass D:I’m shocked (SHOCKED!) that Matt Gaetz thinks he’s entitled to be somewhere he’s not.
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvieThis guy's micro builds based around movie series are consistently excellent:, it didn’t; no, it isn’t; no, it doesn’t.
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvieI am an Olympic-level recluse and I don't do conventions anymore, so please let people know. This is a rare opportu…
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvieSorry I can’t. Too busy fleeing Rojava, leaving Kurdish friends to the mercy of Assad and the military assault star…
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvie @IvanBrandon This does, of course, only 100% work if you're selling over a certain number.600 complaints about B O Neill inciting political violence dismissed but one person complaining about Naga Munchett…
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvie @hatwell Oh mate. So sorry to read this.Chongqing after dark
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvie @Mister_Walsh @IvanBrandon (that's for issue print sales. Trade and rights split equally (not counting % for colourist)) @Mister_Walsh @IvanBrandon The way we've done it in the past is I take advance, writer doesn't. My advance = (my WF… @kierongillen It's called "Kieron" @keewa @kierongillen clearly not @kierongillen @kierongillen @kierongillen @elite_gz Good lord"generally" @marcelocordova Not sure why they've changed the title of my book :)Quite rude of them to make this biopic of me without even asking permission
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvie @petefrasermusic Pete some of your tweets aren't directly aimed at me, pls adjustHAHAHAHA IT ME
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvie @ladyhaja YepIt's just that THAT kit would look so much better with THIS kit's torso and armsI maybe bought two HG kits with a view to kitbashing, so I think I am beyond help now @ladyhaja I think this might be literally the first time he'd ever faced the consequences of his own actions though… and packing prints to send out today. Let's see what podcasts I fancy listening to...Thanks for preorders for Dead Astronauts. 20% of royalties goes to enviro causes. Also, thanks, readers--$5,000 fro…
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvieI think this Lego Narnia kit is a bit of rip off honestly.
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvieReminder: Get the first two books in the award-winning series for just £2.59 before the third one hits the shelves…
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvieOut this Wednesday.
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvie
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvieYour pre #QueensSpeech reminder that the government has a current working majority of minus 43
Retweeted by Sexy Jamie McKelvieBelly rubs and sunbeams, she's in heaven @MarcEllerby @RachaelAtWork My fav recent short games have been Observation and Sayonara Wild Hearts @RachaelAtWork @MarcEllerby I remember a tweet recently asking for an "adult" setting in games - "it's been X days… @MarcEllerby @RachaelAtWork I don't have time for many big games these days so they have to be real good! Spider-Man is.