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your meatspiration. features writer/ co-owner @defectormedia. debut novel GOD SPARE THE GIRLS out with @wmMorrowBooks in 2021

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@bluelacroix How am I supposed to DONT bookstoreWho knows some evil questions and will NOT bring up goldI...wha...what @ElyseBee Omg hey
Me trying to just do one more little edit to my book to see this tweet while a bunch of college football games with fans in the stadium are going on.
Retweeted by kelsey mckinney @franhoepfner Plz text me back @KendraAnnWard Oh no @kaianne I WASAh yes the joy of hearing from readers @david_j_roth Roth we already told u that u can’t have T-shirt royaltiesAh yes “inspirational” @OliviaMesser I need worm removal surgery @themagicrat88 @DefectorMedia I do NOT suggest buying this spooky house @bananafitz Hey @mpbMKE @DefectorMedia Damn true @dsadowsky @DefectorMedia Ty!! @Phyltopia @DefectorMedia Omg tyIt is yet again time to journey into my worm infested brain I want is to text a local bookseller the name of the book I want, have them charge my card, and text me when I… @xwaldie I LOVE OTTO
HAHAHHA THESE DUMMIES LET ME MAKE THE BOARDS @curlytoesthetru oh no you've done it nowThinking about how in the evangelical church a lot of christian white women use the "gift of prophecy" or "the Lord…"just looking!!!!!"i love the friday emails Zillow sends inviting me to "plan my weekend" as if I have ever once attended an open house or will buy a housePlease support your actual small local independent bookstore, not the union-busting tourist trap.
Retweeted by kelsey mckinneymy spooky queen @KateNocera fine bye @hannahsmothers_ it's important to share joy with ur palslol i though the gmail icon update was for pride month because i now have no idea what month it isi s2g believe I am having to argue in slack this morning that we should NOT frack the moon and mars @raccoonsappho Help @r42 TyLook at this baby dog being creepy planet is gonna be on fire completely in our lifetimes. So nice of these debates to bring it up :) @Kristen_Arnett Omg hell yeah @MoVaUS Yeah I know but they were talking about “socialized medicine” in the debateI want everyone to have a house and some food and to have good teachers and not die of this disease. And it feels l… do want socialized medicine :(I got tagged in a thread for 2021 book previews and while i do THEORETICALLY know that my book is coming out next y… @elizarosenberry @ellie_m_eaton @vitcavage @ElectricLit @WmMorrowBooks @dantielwmoniz may I also rec our pal @NancyJAuthor's THE KINDEST LIE @elizarosenberry @ellie_m_eaton @vitcavage @ElectricLit @WmMorrowBooks @dantielwmoniz omg hi y'all!
yeehaw @DefectorMedia wish this was clearer that we had this PLANNED before AOC played @drewmagary yes tythis @Knibbs story is a real wild ride! day is another day to learn someone has secret nepotism @MikeACase to be clear he is not being paid @elizarosenberry imagine a world where your dog could be here too. three humble giants @annamerlan please don't call Mercy!!!! @annamerlan gonna do a seance to gab tonight lmk when you're free @xwaldie Bonus dog!!!!Update: the dogs are being very clingy dogs are freaking out!!!!Two dogs in my apartment today as a treat!!!!!!!
hm. no one likes my deaf contentwish i had two working ears so i could very casually listen to something in one ear and pay attention to something else. that seems cool @SafyHallanFarah Did they really think this extremely rich white woman wasn’t a republican lmao @celebrityhottub DO WE??? @_stephen_____ PROTECT THE MOONI respect the moon so I think it should be LEFT ALONE @ziwe YES CONGRATS! @KatyKelleher it's gorgeous! @adrianwhiteTX SAMEreally liked this @KatyKelleher meditation on the color of russet @lisatozzi okay may i recommend: making ginger simple syrup and then just adding @kait_tiffany okay but caro is really good!!mookie betts is worth every golden penny @TheWilderThings Glasgohomebb @TheWilderThings wow they went with glaslater :( @TheWilderThings hey babe! Personally, I think they should simply pull him now @TheWilderThings charlottenow we are getting somewhere: on one screen everyone is in jock straps and in the other a homerno one is scoring in either sportlove to dual screen two good sports: the bachelorette and baseball
@hannahsmothers_ just text me plz @joliekerr TY @joliekerr jolie i have your book but could not find anything about shattering glass loldoes anyone have tricks for cleaning up glass lolNo better reveal of my mental state than how many glasses I have shattered recently (4 plus a vase ) @alishalisha oh no i bought them. @alishalisha CONGRATS BBfind puzzles very soothing in this terrible year and immediately bought one of these cuties to distract me in the u… @mike_hogan Omg congrats!! @celebrityhottub Swole lordGood morning I would like to bring to your attention this painting from 1290 of extremely swole baby Jesus
@Muna_Mire I don’t wear heels anymore but...Jessica Simpson heels are comfortable tbh @AllegraEHobbs @gabydvj Lol heylike i get that dicks are funny.... but also.... this is highly abusive behavior sorrytbh I do not have a great sense of humor about incidents of intentional and fucked up workplace harassment!wifing me has nothing to do with marrying me. and i will not entertain a relationship unless i am wife. i am wife t…
Retweeted by kelsey mckinney @manadurphy OH HELL YEAHLook at my ravioli. No one can touch me!!! I am free!!! country we have here. Very democratic @jilltwiss I love this movie about being terrible @HillaryKelly Oh my god @_sashayed Haha hey