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@DaftLimmy Forrest Gump it out of you. Good shout.Drug dealers out here like, “That’s 20 quid or 200 turnips for a one bag.” @rightsaid_me @amandamilling @Keir_Starmer @AngelaRayner Hope you fall on hard times soon x @amandamilling @Keir_Starmer @AngelaRayner You voted to starve kids after giving yourselves payrises and enjoying s…
@rclark98 Cheers manGeoff out here edging the gamers. @thequiffisdead Sorry to hear that, mate. Hope you find something quick! @DownieSeb You tease @DownieSeb What would you have chosen? @LiamBME @thegamerwebsite Haha @LiamBME @thegamerwebsite I was trying to limit the number of Liams to one.We asked a bunch of industry folk to tell us what their game of the generation is and here are the results. @Shikaboom @DevRelCallum @JonWilcox_ @ShaileshVara @paulbristow79 It’s very weird because they’re happy to be able to expense their own food and booze.
@harrichun Not sure if I’m allowed to say. @deadbeatat_dawn Aye, I’ve heard some stories there! @deadbeatat_dawn Wait, did someone do this? @samito Telling LikesSam Barlow should make a game where you log onto Twitter and have to scrub through loads of posts to figure out what everyone is mad about. @rmanthorp It was, but I don’t know if it deserves 10k people dogpiling someone.COVID boredom has turned the internet absolutely feral. @Shakacarnage Sorry to hear that pal. @flurbdurb It seems brilliant.This wasn't really on my radar, but now I'm fully up for it and can't wait for Dec. I think this game will surprise… @samwrite He does @Brendy_C That was a good (and relatable) read. @ChettyCat14 @winstano Don’t forget this classic as well @ChettyCat14 An almost overwhelming sense of schadenfreude that day. @ChettyCat14 I can’t believe people voted that vermin back in after he expensed millions in a few years. @MikeDiver What happens if you QT without saying anything?
@Luceobrien @stillgray Adjusting my dick mic, as is procedure.#ToryScum Who let children starve while feeding their mates at the trough DURING A PANDEMIC!
Retweeted by Kirk McKeand @crypticjordan I always just use the hyphen, yeah. It’s not embarrassing, it’s a statement - I will never learn tha… @crypticjordan I just use a normal dash and pretend it’s an em-dash. Power move imo. @luulubuu @Nibellion He’s too fast to live. Too powerful. @luulubuu @Nibellion lol @vivarockbella Ah, thanks for the heads up. @KarmicSlingshot It’s apparently to stop people uncritically sharing misinformation, but it’s total bollocks and just screws artists over. @KarmicSlingshot It’s an update they’re rolling out.
in more "copyright is a backwards idea" news, Twitch is rolling out some heinous DMCA strikes that are being called…
Retweeted by Kirk McKeandGreat. Now I want Telltale’s The Boys @cianmaher0 I’ve edited so many Genshin articles and I still don’t know what the fuck you’re on about. @bbcpress @BBCOne Sounds shit. @iainlives @GatorsDaily Happy birthday! @SarahWellock84 I can’t wait for this. @PCGLudo Good luck with the next thing, Tom. Always enjoyed your stuff.
@EliasToufexis I can’t believe a Trump voter has shit for brains. Unprecedented. @NoshirDalal Only good one of these I’ve seen so far.NDA
Retweeted by Kirk McKeandThis is 2020 in interpretive dance’ve just found out about this. Sorry to those affected @Skellylicious Yasssss - congrats, Skells!
@NoshirDalal You should definitely play it. I caned it in a day so it won’t take you long to finish. @YugSTAR Playing the sequel now. I love that they changed it up and gave it a more combat focus. @danny_hr @TheFatConsol3R Just booted it up.I did it again. Damn, it literally crashed at the ending, huh? Still, what a game.I’m playing Ori and the Blind Forest for the first time. It’s amazing, but I just did that owl escape bit and it cr…
If someone did this to me in a fight, I’d simply punch them @jboggsie I wish I lived in NZ - it seems like the only place in the world where good news happens. @dphrygian @khrymsin He ran away before we had chance to bond.
Assassin's Creed is fucking weird. Read my preview (contains egg).
Retweeted by Kirk McKeand @VARiANTdash You do.Yassss @Zlanier21 He ran away after the third photo.Look at this legend who came to my front door last night Mikołaj Stroiński And Garry Schyman Created An Enchanting Score For Metamorphosis
Retweeted by Kirk McKeandIn today’s episode I relive my search for a single damn Sneasel in Pokémon Silver
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@PhiWeber You didn’t get to drive the real thing for “research”? That’s bullshit. @jg93 @BethesdaStudios Congrats! @HollieB @Marcin360 @fabiandoehla I bet it does a sick J-turn. @RidleyJG @robinlvalentine @CyberpunkGame Things you love to see: this. @JoshuaRogers42 Nah @RichDMay It doesn't give me traffic though. @BeguiledGamer PS5 offers guides for game objectives via the UI.Sony just cucked guides writers. @_vixx @iamthemanta @Conservatives The crux of the issue is: they do not give a shit who dies. @_vixx @iamthemanta @Conservatives Yeah, and when they come home and mix with their siblings who go to a different school as well... @iamthemanta @Conservatives It's scary and there's fuck all we can do about it because we're at the mercy of this shower of cunts. @spacecatlondon @Conservatives I work from home and my partner works nights, but we're being forced to send our kid… @pikapies @Conservatives Yeah - we got the same from the other school. So even if the outbreak was in the same clas… @wavey_gravey @Conservatives I don't know why they're not putting remote learning as an option for everyone. @MikeDiver @Conservatives That's both schools for us. And we're expected to keep sending our kids to the same build…'s my youngest kid's school with an outbreak now. This is batshit. We got another letter saying anyone who does… @APZonerunner God, I miss how much of a wrongun you are.I’m chaotic good @BangBangClick No
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Preview - The Weirdest Game In The Series By Far
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Retweeted by Kirk McKeand @aarongreenberg I love ass birds. @VGTomO It was nice. @VGTomO I temporarily forgot you existed.Oh damn, they nailed those swinging animations. @hamlabum And sound! @dan_paradis_mtl @WatchMojo Yeah, loads of people do this and it’s really boring and makes me want to expireThese are both amazing sites and everyone who works at ReedPop is a legend. You should apply if you’re a good fit. I just lost my job at ArenaNet as of today as part of a re-shuffling of projects, which means I am looking f…
Retweeted by Kirk McKeand @Gaohmee This sucks a lot. Sorry, Jen.Dishonored 2 is a sequel to the first Dishonored, which released in 2012. Developed by Arkane, a studio made up of…