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McLando @McLandoTwitch San Diego, CA

RLRS Coach for @ValenceRLRS | Twitch partner | Member of @freeplaystreams.

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First OSRS fire cape attempts. I WANT THIS CAPE SO BAD @ThatsVix LMAO
@danyulc He's beginning to believeGiving off Dr Eggman vibes Monday, RL community! Black Lives Matter. Don't forget. Don't stop listening, acting, and caring.…
Retweeted by McLando @iLLixer_ for a fellow goof ball @D3vourGaming Definitely many more LANs in the future 😁 @ScribbsAF Daw thanks 😘 much love manHappy birthday to a best friend, role model, and one of the greatest personalities I’ve ever met. He’s one of the h…
Retweeted by McLandohappy birthday to da big cutie teddy bear @McLandoTwitch ❤️ thanks for being so welcoming and genuine, have a great…
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Birthday stream 🎂🎉🎂 “Communication is key” Men: “What’s wrong?” Women: “nothing, goodnight.”
Retweeted by McLando @familiarleaf Ayyy thanks keep up the sea of thieves grind I love lurking in your streams :DGet yourself a friend like @KingRannyRL @iAmColores Right back at ya! Gotta hang before I move away :(Happy birthday @McLandoTwitch ! Grateful to have such a motivating friendo like you 🥰
Retweeted by McLando @dionginge Hi @JG7tv God damn right! 🤠 @HypnosRL 🐌 snail gang @Karl_with_a_C I am! Thanks so much Karl 😁 @RIPFerruxx Much love ❤️ @blackwidowirl So many memories in just one year 😭🥺 I hope Texas has more onesie adventures @SpoodahRL Much love spoodah :) you're the GOATHappy Birthday to my brother, my roommate & the hardest working human shark I know @McLandoTwitch 🎂 Welcome to the…
Retweeted by McLando @elpolloloco332 Many more adventures ahead friend 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the coolest guys I know. Can't wait to hang out with thi idiot again. Hope you have a good…
Retweeted by McLando @N_GREEZY ❤️❤️"It is possible to commit no mistakes, and still lose. That is not a weakness...that is life." - Jean Luc Picard
Retweeted by McLando @kinseh_ Y0 THANK Y0U @paintmepastel Thank you so much ❤️ @ElioFeliciano Thank you so much friend ❤️ @arto_mata 😎👍🎉🎉🎉FeelsBirthdayMan @Tunji_D @AdamMc331 @s Ah I gotcha haha no problem then friend :) @Tunji_D @AdamMc331 It's a dog with a piece of bread on its face.THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️
Playing music with mistakes probably but just going to have fun :) I'll sing and play for you for the next couple h… @Athena YEP @xEnneH You're human. This is allowed. Take time to pick up the pieces @iLLixer_ @McLandoTwitch invites you to play valorant with you.
Retweeted by McLando @Martyy96 LiesBest $10 I've ever spent. @McLandoTwitch McLando Waterfall
Retweeted by McLando @abdul_bacchus Stay strong brother 💪
Just a reminder I'm doing a music stream at 4pm PST tomorrow :) excited to play guitar and sing for you guys @Pickleripplee @arto_mata Looking great friend 👍 @elpolloloco332 Soon 🎉 you're invited to everything boi you already knowI never lie.
Retweeted by McLando @murloft Yes Mur! Can't wait for you to not have to worry about PC problems it's such a stress relief 😁I’ve been 2 seconds from exploding for about a month now, but I know I’m not alone in that - for so many people, fo…
Retweeted by McLando @jbot801 26 and I still do it.I never lie. @xMoopy Work nightmares are like a weekly occurance for me.
We all know about red flags for friendships/relationships. What are your GREEN flags for people in general? @PoliteWhiskey If I was there I would :(y'all haven't felt loneliness until you're up late at night and your whole friends list is offline
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@xEnneH I remember those times man. They are hard. But good things come to those who strive. @Nips_TV This is me playing and reading chat at the same time. @xEnneH Make it the goal to work towards not the obstacle to break you.You know what the peak of comedy is? When a streamer let's you know something won't fly on their stream and YOU DO IT ANYWAY HILARIOUS @elpolloloco332 @Viperous't leave a lot of things to do on one day. 💀💀💀
@ThatsVix Love this @Dackadoo Three, ok. @JG7tv @PioneersGG_ Good luck 💪 catch you on the pitchDebating getting a tattoo. Do you guys have some to show me for inspiration? I love seeing them :) @iDazerin @RLEsports
Hey that's me LOL @Doubl3_Down @DirtyLamby @gifyourgame Holy shit lmao
@gtsweets_ @gtsweets_ Happy birthday :) that thing you were wanting to do for the past few days/weeks? Now is the time :D @xEnneH like taking a day off and getting all your chores and errands done 😁 @Liefx Let's goooooo
@xEnneH You better pay me to see this everyday holy
I have been informed women want to be treated just like everyone else. It's not hard. Let's just enjoy the intern… @hotzenmonster @blackwidowirl @KingRannyRL you put in more work than others, you will see results. Its simple.
Retweeted by McLando @hawkshoticus OH YES SIR
❗️NEW VIDEO❗️ I'm making YouTube content again!! Halo Legendary Drunk Edition: Ep 01 is LIVE. Enjoy the shenaniga…
Retweeted by McLandowear a fucking mask fuck you
Retweeted by McLando @devinconnors LOLTwo years of full-time celebration. 💪 Giving away an interstellar decal 💪
@rileyc_24 DUDE LETS GO THATS AMAZING @goldberg1122 Sorry I couldn't hear you behind the other 1121 Goldberg's @MitsEvoX years ago I was able to quit my job and stream full-time :) Thanks for everyone's support on this crazy journ…
@Padrino_RL @blackwidowirl @MG_HOMIE @RealTriHouse @NotSoRaw @cropperthebrit @JimmerzRL When I started I was horrib… @Padrino_RL @blackwidowirl @MG_HOMIE @RealTriHouse @NotSoRaw @cropperthebrit @JimmerzRL Even as a "medium streamer"… @Padrino_RL @blackwidowirl @MG_HOMIE @RealTriHouse @NotSoRaw @cropperthebrit @JimmerzRL I used to work all day and… @LukeRL_ I like this"no offense" and "jk" does not excuse everything you say. @murloft Big congrats 🎉 live free 💪The only validation I need is from myself 👊🏼🔥 ....and maybe a few others cause I’m insecure 🥺
Retweeted by McLandoThank you to everyone who contacted me. You're helping me a lot and it helps to not be alone when my mind is runnin… @TwitchShley P E R F O R M A N C E
@Gomeyy Oh yes 😊