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@heartburnron1 Yes I believe it will be available on PC eventually, not sure when, but this first run is console only @MustafaAlTimim5 No spoilers-- we don't want to ruin the show, so you won't know it's a hint... but when you see se… few details on the new CK vid game: 1) our show writers were involved in the story/characters 2) Ralph/Billy did…, now I'm legit scared that this next generation is going to beat the living crap out of me. you've ever wanted to join Cobra Kai or Miyagi-Do, now is your chance! Get the video game. Choose your dojo. Pic… @krizzyrascal Thanks, looking forward for you to see S3-- it will be worth the wait! @iAmPimmiCue Nothing really needs a game, but there are some CK fans out there that may fantasize about being in Co… @krizzyrascal It was intended as a nostalgia game (e.g. Sega/NES), and has lots of Easter eggs for fans of the show… cool to have our composers create new music for the PS4/Xbox/Switch Cobra Kai game! The music, like the game its…
This year's Halloween decorations. #karatekid #CobraKai
Retweeted by Hayden SchlossbergBrowns go to Cincy to take on the Bengals. I will be there in spirit, rooting for the Cleve. I want some old school… @cleveland_wins Thanks for watching! Spread the word and go Browns! #teamkareem #teamjarvis #jurassicmyles #comeonbaker @Cobra_Kai_Kid Very difficult selection. They are all winners. But there can be only one champion!
More eyas! (look it up) @cntariogothic Freeeeeezing... na na na on a pillow made of concrete...again. Feeeeeling... something something som… @sandrakitty5 Johnny is a fast learner with all things babe-related @brntromance maybe S3/S4? @johnnyIawrence He gave the Ericsson a try. @CobraKaiWisdom I believe you see the box that was recently opened in the scene where Miguel is setting up his dating app.Johnny doesn't like nerd shit. Back in his day, computers were for nerds, so the internet will always have that sti… @thainaviu Very cool-- I watched a little-- I don't know Portuguese, but I could tell you liked it! @thainaviu Hopefully once we beat this virus we can go to Brazil and meet the fans there in person. But until then,… @thainaviu Awesome. Love it! @casspacheco__ @TonyPachex Nice! Nobody will mess with her now!Baby badasses saw all 20 videos in this @Cobra_Kai_Kid contest. Check them out and vote! To all 20 finalists, and all others w…
Going as a Cobra Kai or Miyagi Do for Halloween is the best combo of fun mixed with practicality and comfort.Just in time for the Halloween dance... @zachrobinson Happy birthday Maestro!Kick or treat!
AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh. Ah. Ok, back to work.
@cntariogothic Does liking Rooster and Man in a Box make me too mainstream? @CobraKaiArt 1. Halloween 2. Halloween 3. Halloween 4. Halloween 5. Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3 @rubble75 Agree. My biggest complaint with the Halloween sequels is that you see his mask too clearly. He is not a… saw 10 min of the original Halloween on TV. Of course, I've seen it a million times. After watching a little b… @ochotres Weeks.
It's all about the headbands. @bigdogXVI This Holiday season should have plenty of gifts in store!Another Karate Gals classic. Looking forward to seeing what they do with the season 3 images! @thekarategals @mariah___grace @Jnichol_ This is true! Nice one-- classic!
@Regga1775 Nice. Gotta put that flag out on January 8th!As you can see, Cobra Kai Season 142 will still have callbacks to the original... @michelegurl @lizzie20114 Me too. @nicolerusso Yes and @KimVFields is just as awesome as you would think.Mercy is for the Weak Sensei Kreese looms large in the battles of inner darkness to come @martinkove @jb_mixmatch
Retweeted by Hayden SchlossbergIs this Generation Z? What comes after Z? Generation A -- alpha kids who give us the spanking.
Baker was very disappointing today. But you gotta move past it and build off 4-2.Browns at Steelers. Steelers have dominated the series. Browns are banged up, like Daniel going into the final matc… @sean_m_maguire @healdrules @jonhurwitz Thanks and no mercy to you too! @ssimms5150 Thanks for watching! More in store! @FerretFace21 Nice! @Markfer57598886 I would love it and post it. @CobraKaiSeries Cobra Kai Team.
Retweeted by Hayden SchlossbergI will post any and all KK/CK Halloween costumes. Anybody who goes as Stingray gets a special shoutout. @justjen03 @jonhurwitz @healdrules @WilliamZabka Looks good to me!Just another Cobra Kai pumpkin display. Typical autumn. Cobra Kai, we're doing everything we can to turn your children into graceful, awesome badasses. @RJersey_devil @normmacdonald @healdrules I have not seen it since it was purchased.
Uh, note to self: October 17 is @normmacdonald's birthday. So, uh, happy birthday. To Norm. I guess. In other news,…
“Just watch the movie!” Cobra Kai Season 1 Episode 4 - using alcohol markers and coloured pencil #cobrakai
Retweeted by Hayden SchlossbergI think I'm going to retire from making #KarateKid and #CobraKai fan-art after this. Concept wise, I don't think i…
Retweeted by Hayden SchlossbergComfort Viewing: 3 Reasons ‘Cobra Kai’ Is a Knockout
@lyndsara @CobraKaiSeries @WilliamZabka Happy birthday! No mercy on those cupcakes-- finish them!
Ok, I said I wasn’t gonna post here, but—- Cobra Kai is more well known here so: have #CobraKai + 1984 Halloween Re…
Retweeted by Hayden Schlossberg @LaRusso_Karate I agree with you and disagree with Johnny @Loopy718 @heregoesjoe @CobraKaiPod OK, OK, I can't wait now. @SirWMarshall OK, truthfully I haven't seen 4 as much. I just like the waterbed scene. Very memorable. @benrudin No, the first one is good, but 3 & 4 are more entertaining to me. @heregoesjoe @CobraKaiPod You shouldn't take it personally. It takes multiple attempts to get me to watch something… @TheJustinProper The scene where they keep going around and around in a circle. And the waterbed scene. And at leas… @filmgrouch Yes, I also liked that the kid in the wheelchair had wizard powers. And that Freddy killed him! No mercy in the 80s! @CobraKaiPod Not dissing the other entries. The original is still great to me. But 3 & 4 are my faves.Nightmare on Elm Street 3 & 4 are still my favorite entries in the series. They had the most character continuity,…
Another badass kid showing his Cobra Kai passion... I'm starting to think this next generation of kids will really… his inner Hawk. #CobraKai
Retweeted by Hayden Schlossberg @JoeBanner13 If you tweet "I love so and so, BUT..." it will always be construed as a criticism, especially on twit… @thekarategals @mariah___grace @Jnichol_ @CobraKaiSeries @MaryMMouser @Nichole__Brown @jonhurwitz @healdrules Good…
You can have the most talented team in football, if your head coach is a dunce, you won't even go .500. Kevin Stefa… @jasinedude @jonhurwitz Maybe strange but true... Spiderman Homecoming was still one of the top ten movies at the b… @jasinedude @jonhurwitz The first season starts in August of 2017 and ends in May 2018 (right around the time the s… THE COBRA KAI SHOW. I AM THE MR. MIYAGI OF THE TWITTER
Retweeted by Hayden SchlossbergAny Colts fans out there? How you feeling about going to Cleveland and playing my beloved Browns today? Should be a good game.Love the Hawk! Kids in his grade better not mess with him! Cobra Kai drawing is finally (almost) done! I'm really nervous about giving it as a gift but it always feels be…
Retweeted by Hayden Schlossberg @jin0286 @YouTube Not a strip club.Cobra Kai... dilo! Cobra Kai... nunca morre! Dojo | Rap motivacional - Cobra kai Nunca Morre via @YouTube#inktober Día 11 #cobrakai dibujando a Miguel Diaz 😊 #inktober2020 @DaveAboytes1988 @borohidruro @Sara_Kerrijan
Retweeted by Hayden SchlossbergAlabama vs Ole Miss was like Cobra Kai vs. Cobra Kai... two teams with zero respect for defense.This might be one of the best kicks in UFC since the crane... and it's against a dude sporting a mohawk... total Co…
Sí está chida la de #CobraKai
Retweeted by Hayden SchlossbergMy newest sketch and favorite @CobraKaiSeries student, Hawk! @jb_mixmatch #hawkcobrakai #CobraKai #Hawk
Retweeted by Hayden Schlossberg
So excited to make this movie with the talented @nataliemorales, @kuhoo_verma, @victoriamoroles... get ready to lau… @CobraKaiDad When I finally got inside, the person who helped with me was pleasant and smart. The problem was the p…
Just got back from the DMV. There are decent people who work there, but it needs to change drastically. I would eve…‘Cobra Kai’ Again Tops Nielsen U.S. Streaming Chart, Keeps ‘The Boys’ At Bay via @DeadlineHow to draw MIGUEL DIAZ | COBRA KAI - 미구엘 디아즈 그리기 | 코브라 카이 via @YouTube
Retweeted by Hayden Schlossberg @rubble75 Thanks for watching! Spread the word!REAL NEWS!!!
Today I cast my vote... of no confidence in Chancellor Vallorum! So sick of the bureaucracy. I agree with that sena…