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MCIPS Chartered Status Level 6 Qualified Procurement Professional. My views only. #ProcurementHour

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♻️We are now in the top 4% for our recycling rates. Well done MK ♻️
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When your twins sleep from 7-6:30 for one and 11-6:30 the other
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@procurepunk Getting the team and our clients to think outside the box and be innovative in the procurement process and requirement.
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Thank you to all our @mkcouncil colleagues and wonderful partners for all the hard work that went into 2019.
Retweeted by Mark CulleyIt’s been a bit of a mad few weeks with all sorts going on, thanks to various different people, family, work, NHS a…
@Kershaw_MCIPS Congrats all
@procurepunk @sidnbern #JFT96Missing a trick here today at the Procurement Expo, need some business cards for #ProcurementHour to spread the wordLectures and networking today
@procurepunk part of my presentation at the framework launch today, I spoke to the suppliers where I think procurement could… proud of this this project, a long time coming, a huge procurement and an excellent outcome, supported by ex…
@procurepunk If the MCIPS is essential in the job spec then it’s kinda a given, for me though, I’d happily employ s… @jobartonnhs Yep @procurepunk Or just mega sesh?I’m in the early stages of planning an engaging Procurement open forum for staff, not death by PowerPoint but open… @procurepunk @Kershaw_MCIPS Nice one Mr Punk, defo one for the next discussion
@procurepunk Well this is awkward.
A little 60 second insight into my work profile.
Twin Dad life has taken over tonight all, will leave you all in the capable hands of those in #ProcurementHour hop… @thechris_ward Don’t forget to include the # in your replies Chris, 👌🏻Evening all and welcome to #ProcurementHour on 14th Nov. @TimYoungMCIPS asks Q1. What are the procurement skills mo…
Retweeted by Mark Culley @TownsendTeddy @Kershaw_MCIPS @deltaprocure @supplymgmt @CIPSevents Just use the search function using the… is Here. How is everyone doing today? starts at 8pm (UK). We're keen to ensure it works for all users - procurement, commercial, suppl…
Retweeted by Mark Culley#ProcurementHour dropping soon. See you at 20:00. my network, does anyone have suggestions of Contract Management software providers, specifically with a focus on… @ProcurementHour Hi there, I was wondering if you could follow me back so I can DM you. thanks.
@Kershaw_MCIPS @deltaprocure @supplymgmt @CIPSevents @AndrewW58153657Next #ProcurementHour is Thursday 14th November at 8pm. Who’s joining @deltaprocure @supplymgmt @CIPSevents Remembe…
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@LaurieWylie Always Appreciate that Mr W! @procurepunk It’s exactly these kind of barriers that we have to break, smash through, content has never been offen… Years ago my first boss said he was putting me on a procurement course,I said yes and then googled it. Today it’… involved in planning the topics for #ProcurementHour @cipsnews @CIPSBirmingham @CIPS_SA @CIPSMENA
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@onedaymyson @Horacestrong @Horacestrong home from the CBC event in London, took this Beauty on route today
@noursidawi Memories
@laydeewells @procurepunk @PurchasingCoach @MCulleyMCIPS @noursidawi @EmiliaCedeno82 @deltaprocure @TimYoungMCIPS
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@easternshires See you there 👍🏻 @procurepunk This was to the comment enjoy by the way 😉 @procurepunk
@GeorginaMarath Although #ProcurementHour is monthly it often carries on at least a week after so always good for e…
Retweeted by Mark Culley @jobartonnhs Thanks for joining us Joanne @jobartonnhs @ianmakgill We recently held a B2B event with large suppliers and SMEs to get them talking and becomin… @noursidawi @MCulleyMCIPS 23% of tenders in UK get only 1 bid, making contracts SME friendlier isn’t just about fluffy stuff, i…
Retweeted by Mark CulleyAnd So another #ProcurementHour has come and gone, thanks to everyone for tweeting, retweeting and joining the fun,… @steveparks @Kershaw_MCIPS @noursidawi @MCulleyMCIPS Q5 surely even when a driver is innovation we still need to seek to demonstrate value for our £, espe…
Retweeted by Mark Culley @procurepunk this #ProcurementHour equal split, so @noursidawi wins #ProcurementHour @procurepunk @noursidawi @GeorginaMarath @Kershaw_MCIPS @deltaprocure Oooohhh yyeeaahhhh @jobartonnhs I think that’s a really interesting point about shorter contracts #ProcurementHour @noursidawi @GeorginaMarath @Kershaw_MCIPS @deltaprocure And we use GIFS @noursidawi @MCulleyMCIPS The world changes too quickly these days. Shorter with multiple extensions and break clauses.
Retweeted by Mark Culley @GeorginaMarath Thanks Georgina, we are here regularly and have interaction with so many different people,… If Procurement is looking to innovate is M.E.A.T still applicable? Q5 @MCulleyMCIPS Choose the construct that is most suitable for the environment, value, complexity and risk associated…
Retweeted by Mark Culley#ProcurementHour a new poll with your options 😄#ProcurementHour @prateekbuch @MCulleyMCIPS @Kershaw_MCIPS It's particularly acute with procurement. [Effective] Procurement as a Se…
Retweeted by Mark Culley @onedaymyson @MCulleyMCIPS @prateekbuch @Kershaw_MCIPS Always find a friendly Commercial person to go on the journey with you! 🙃
Retweeted by Mark Culley @MCulleyMCIPS @prateekbuch @Kershaw_MCIPS I'd even go as far as saying, be equitable in treatment and lower the barriers for participation.
Retweeted by Mark Culley#ProcurementHour Q4 is quite straight forward and it’s a poll. Scenarios is a 10 year contract, preference for @MCulleyMCIPS @noursidawi @prateekbuch @Kershaw_MCIPS Understanding your own bodies contract guidelines, the cultur…
Retweeted by Mark Culley @MCulleyMCIPS @prateekbuch @Kershaw_MCIPS This is helpful to help get you started:
Retweeted by Mark Culley#ProcurementHour Q2 @noursidawi @prateekbuch @Kershaw_MCIPS It’s always key to remember the core basics of government procurement, be f… @MCulleyMCIPS @Kershaw_MCIPS @noursidawi Q1 #procurementHour there are times I feel like everyday is a horror stor…
Retweeted by Mark Culley @prateekbuch @noursidawi @Kershaw_MCIPS Ok then people of #ProcurementHour, what advice would you give Prateek on n… @MCulleyMCIPS @DefenceHQ The tricky part is getting Commercial professionals to take practical action. We've got to…
Retweeted by Mark Culley @prateekbuch @noursidawi @Kershaw_MCIPS Perhaps we can turn this into Q3 so everyone can help out. #ProcurementHour @prateekbuch @noursidawi @Kershaw_MCIPS Hi Prateek, do you mean from the purchasing or supplier side? #ProcurementHour @procurepunk And I think that’s why it has to be about the other ways of working with SMEs, it’s about more than ju… @MCulleyMCIPS @procurepunk Missed opportunity. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises are the bedrock of this country.…
Retweeted by Mark Culley @noursidawi @DefenceHQ Great to see this Nour, I think the biggest issue that isn’t always aware is about the “posi… @MCulleyMCIPS Q2: @DefenceHQ have a Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Action Plan to improve how we engage with SME…
Retweeted by Mark Culley @procurepunk And is that an informed choice? A missed opportunity? Or not of interest? #ProcurementHour#ProcurementHour Q2, how does your organisation approach increasing SME engagement in the procurement process? @noursidawi @procurepunk @Kershaw_MCIPS A very valid point #ProcurementHour @noursidawi @Kershaw_MCIPS In a way, I actually think people need to experience a horror to understand the world we… @procurepunk @Kershaw_MCIPS @noursidawi Quite astonishing it was ignored and not challenged, #ProcurementHour @noursidawi @Kershaw_MCIPS We’ve all had one of these that’s for sure #ProcurementHour @procurepunk @Kershaw_MCIPS @noursidawi And how did the awardee bidder react? #ProcurementHourAnd we are Live for tonight’s #ProcurementHour, don’t forget to use the hashtag so @Kershaw_MCIPS and @noursidawi a…’s coming, #ProcurementHour in just over 10 minutes, @Rachel0404 @Kershaw_MCIPS Hi Rachel, it’s in 15 minutes 👍🏻Time to Scare, we mean share! #ProcurementHour is back
@procurepunk Here’s another thought, the qualification has got difficult to comprehend these days about how and whe… good when you have a few conversations with a client around evaluation criteria and moving their thinking from a…
Not long now.
Retweeted by Mark CulleyMy second blog! Trying not to dance around the subject of Procurement!
Retweeted by Mark Culley @dpierce1980 Nice Blog David!