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Husband, Dad of 4, Supe #WeAreMCUSD, Award winning educator, keynote, ASCD EL, and author (x7) -

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@callow72pa @AASADan You are 100 percent comfortable with sending your teachers into this? I recommend this as our…, this., let there be school.
Retweeted by PJ Caposey @Katie092513 He-man and Thundercats. . . Which are vintage now and super expensive to buy for my littles
Should staff and students in unsafe school environments be acceptable collateral damage in order to stimulate the economy?
Retweeted by PJ CaposeyDamn. I mean, damn. @joemullikin86 The Twitter heater continues @michelleweiss_ have been on a pretty strict diet the past few weeks. When I got home today, I ate a brownie. For dinner, pre… @KenWallace207 @SwansonTony12 @cmweaver89 I privately texted you because I love you. Doesn’t count as a scold.And if you can’t do it safely or cannot afford it, we will try to convince the CDC to change their guidance. Becaus… - so the rage heater is done. Here's where I am at: 1. Do I want schools open? Yes, safely. 2. Do I think…
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Have you connected with @teachbetterteam yet? Check out the FREE virtual #TeachBetter20 kickoff event on Tuesday, J…
Retweeted by PJ CaposeyOur nation has about 1.4 million more K-12 students than we had in 2008. Yet, now we have 135,000 fewer educators t…
Retweeted by PJ CaposeyI heard Chris Bryant of the Cubs yesterday say that he's not sure if MLB can pull it off this year because it's unc…
Retweeted by PJ Caposey @Shabs76303 @Maire_from_NJ @ISBEnews Would love to see the google metrics searching the word after this was released in FloridaNew guidance from CDC... then IL Supts, get ready for something from somewhere on a Friday night, right?
Retweeted by PJ CaposeyIn 6 months or so, so far science is doing as well as our leaders are doing poorly. 13/
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@Kurt_Preble Same thing. If they don’t open the physical doors they won’t be funded.I’m sorry. I take back anything nasty I said about ⁦@ISBEnews⁩ gonna 2020're working on another Practical Wisdom one-pager for our membership on time management. @MCUSDSupe was kind enou…
Retweeted by PJ CaposeySome good news. I continue to have faith in science and the combined brilliance of humanity Regeneron Advances Co… @DrierJim So you disagree with opinion that it is a great boy novel?Everyday a roller coaster @Maire_from_NJ Well, she can’t do any more damage . . . @BrentAVID Good point. Matt Christopher novels taught me to love to read. Keep trying to force them on my kids. No luck so far.So baseball players will get tested for COVID-19 every two days. How often will teachers and students be tested?
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@teresaE1988 @darrensavage @onepeloton I’m too scared to actually ride. @KenWallace207 chirps me all the time about thisTo anyone who feels like they “wasted” the time during quarantine because they didn’t write a book or learn a secon…
Retweeted by PJ CaposeyThis mentality is driven by standardized assessments which measure standards that are (at best) EDUCATED GUESSES -… fiction book most spoke to you when you first read it? You know, you read the book at the perfect time of yo… @EricJSchwarz @onepeloton Hater
@Maire_from_NJ @onepeloton Ha . . . @tompson82 @onepeloton But slow @sbloomquist57 @ryanstruyk And it wouldn’t be about number, it would be about positive ratio - which is less than one percent. @sbloomquist57 @ryanstruyk Death rate also lower . . . @sbloomquist57 @ryanstruyk There the world exemplar on contact tracing and testing . . . @csburt11 @onepeloton coronavirus cases reported yesterday: United States: 52,104 cases South Korea: 63 cases / around 330 adjusted… know, nobody cares, but I set my @onepeloton record today. Continuing to attempt to be a member of #fitleaders it me or are #Covid related policies really answering these questions: 1) How many people are we ok w/dying p/d…“Think of it not as time management, but as self-management. As humans, we control our behavior & choices when it c…
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Cognitive dissonance here for me, but I really want football ... we have some legal conundrums happening as I type - As Clay County Judge strikes down Gov EO today, Chicag…
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Anyone need some COVID optimism? Me, too. This is an encouraging read, data-based, moderate take on the spikes in COVID states . . . worth the read, too. But the inverse. Does that count? cat’s data and projections have been top notch throughout. estimate that there are ~200,000 new infections per day in the US, 4x higher than the reported number of cases.…
Retweeted by PJ Caposey @ScottKuffel The phenomenon . . . I just scored a few Mikes Sanders RC Auto’s the other day. Maybe you can come over and we can trade. 🤣Why do I practice the 3Ws? My decision is one that I believe is a selfless act for a group of people I care deeply…
Retweeted by PJ CaposeyOne thing we (including me) as educational leaders need to do better is to humanize school re-opening for our publi… @J_Feyerer Nice. Names of doc or streaming service? @DrPeteSullivan Yep. ExactlyDamn“Time-management tips & techniques tend to treat the symptom & not the disease. They’re like ‘diets’—if you use the…
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@alextvalencic Studied statsRandom thought/question Do you think the sports card collecting phenomenon of our youth has helped fuel the fantas… to all authors featured in #AASAmag’s Best of 2019-2020 July issue!
Retweeted by PJ CaposeyIt is 2:16 and I just turned the music on in my office . . . it has been that kinda day @KyleThompson643 Dang @ThomasPKoziara @sbloomquist57 I’m good either way. Don’t send mixed messages. Don’t move the goal posts. Do that, and I can then lead. That’s my ask. @paddlingsupt Appreciate it. We will be fine. It’s just frustrating
@Kurt_Preble How many revisions will his need? @pdonahue13 My frustration lies here. As soon as the Phases were rolled out it was clear. If we were in P3, remote… @luxlibby85 Thank you @JustLB This is so funnyUpdated US 7-Day Avg CASES vs DEATHS graph which highlights the cases upturn beginning around June 9. The CDC repor…
Retweeted by PJ CaposeyGlass half empty: We are hurdling toward a Covid snowball and everything will be shut down. Glass half full: If… @vicking02 Nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. @ScottKuffel We have known that this is where we would be for 60 plus working days. Government agencies charged wit… those suggesting patience and calm when dealing with guidance from the state. I have 30 business days until I o… Scott sent this a few days ago. I was at emotion. Worked my way forward. Back to emotion is the issue. The guidance claimed to want in person instruction in the headlines. The meat of the guidance ei… we are on #TeamHerdImmunity 🤷‍♂️ my kids said, school without all the fun parts."By changing your behavior and reframing your tasks, you can find time to do the important work you love."…
Retweeted by PJ CaposeyNew updates from ISBE: #1 - Changing course on face shields versus face masks: #2 - New…
Retweeted by PJ Caposey @stumpteacher @AvocaOsburn @ISBEnews @IDPH I uttered so many cuss words when I saw this. It’s not that I’m pro shie… @AvocaOsburn @ISBEnews @IDPH @stumpteacher A clarification of the guidance on the FAQ used to explain the guidance… makes me smile every time I get an email from a vendor whose mail merge stops at the P. in P.J. "Hey P, have y…’m going to be snarky . . . We now have updated guidance in the previously released FAQ to explain the original…
"Time is fixed. Time is not malleable. Time is not manageable." "[T]ime management is not about managing time. It…
Retweeted by PJ Caposey @stumpteacher @D70CopelandLC @AvocaOsburn I think most people’s hearts are in the right place, but if most schools… @stumpteacher @D70CopelandLC @AvocaOsburn @Maire_from_NJ Create policies and enforce those policies unless they (es… @stumpteacher @D70CopelandLC @AvocaOsburn @Maire_from_NJ So did I, then the webinars @D70CopelandLC @stumpteacher @AvocaOsburn @Maire_from_NJ, Time to decide what’s more important: opening bars or preparing to open schools.
Retweeted by PJ Caposey @stumpteacher @AvocaOsburn @Maire_from_NJ It was in the FAQ - issues 24 hours later. Should have been in the original. @stumpteacher @AvocaOsburn @Maire_from_NJ Yes
Encouraging night read . . . Please. 🤷‍♂️ Let me know what you think of it.’s my opinion. We shouldn’t criticize when people don’t speak up and then shame them saying it’s too late whe… @jgarrison203 @mhaugse There are way more than three options. And of course that is what is happening across the co… thread is partisan critical, but his updates, warnings, and projections have been dead on for the past couple… Earl. (I know)