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Rather sad to hear that the sleeper shame seems to rumble on and on.. @CalSleeper @AlastairDalton
Retweeted by Alex McWhirter @paul_winginit @jezzytgl Yes one of our readers managed to get comp for service failings. @jezzytgl @paul_winginit I have heard of Cal Sleeper doing this as well.Emirates advises crew to stay in hotels, avoid crowds in China due to coronavirus
Retweeted by Alex McWhirter @NatalieBayfield So glad it's running to schedule tonight.Caspian Airlines MD83 (EP-CPZ) overran the runway on landing at Mashshahr Airport today, ending up on the highway.…
Retweeted by Alex McWhirter @FlightDetect @mike_carrivick When I flew JAL LHR-DEL-BKK-LHR in 1975 ... definitely 9-across and with pitch that s… @JeremyBrookman2 @DarloTraveller @EasternAirways Already one reader from the NE wants just that. But EZY has keen fares NCL-BRS. @JeremyBrookman2 @08Swayne2017 Just as it was in ECML days when VTEC was actually 90% Stagecoach but just 10% Virgin. @MaestroGabriele @TrystanLlyr This airline tends to employ third-party ground staff at most airports both here and… @Ian_Brooker @GarethDennis Let alone the casualties seen on the roads of mainland China. @mike_carrivick 9-abreast 747 seating disappeared decades ago... was standard in 1970s but changed when mass travel arrived. @FlightDetect @saramckinnon @AnthonySmithTF @TPExpressTrains It's something @TransportFocus endlessly tells us. But TOCs could do… hello to @flyANA_official's 3rd #A380 🐢, freshly out of our paint-shop. In the coming months, all flights on th…
Retweeted by Alex McWhirterJUST IN: Fifth confirmed case of #WuhanCoronavirus in Singapore: MOH
Retweeted by Alex McWhirter @PHowden82 I suppose it's a way for the choc manufacturers to stimulate sales.WATCH: Caspian Airlines plane carrying 130 people goes off runway and skids onto road in southwest Iran; everyone s…
Retweeted by Alex McWhirter @325TKT @Captain_Deltic And EM Trains was found of it too. @MaestroGabriele @TrystanLlyr To the best of my knowledge this airline employs third-party staff (possibly Swisspor… @OfficialGMoore @JeremyBrookman2 @Delta Ah alright. I had a suspicion they would also be international. @08Swayne2017 @JeremyBrookman2 @callumLtfc @JedKendray @Richard_rail @TPExpressTrains @RailDeliveryGrp I wouldn't know TBH. Maybe check with @RailDeliveryGrp ? @callumLtfc @JedKendray @Richard_rail @TPExpressTrains 17 x TOCs now according to @RailDeliveryGrpFirst death in Beijing from #WuhanCoronavirus, #China state TV reports. 50-year-old who had been to Wuhan.
Retweeted by Alex McWhirter @JeremyBrookman2 @Delta The audience will mainly be non-American.Italian authourities checking passengers arriving into Milan with CX from HKG. via @airplusnews @JeremyBrookman2 @Delta I know. But I wish media would clarify. Not all media are savvy with airlines (and as you… @JeremyBrookman2 Must have been some issues @EasternAirways One reader posted a comment to say his MME-CWL fare was £300..@Renfe 's Avlo, like SNCF's @ouigoSNCF , is emulating budget airlines' pricing policies. @BTUK looks like US domestic first class. @Delta Repay 15 being introduced by @TPExpressTrains from February 2.
Retweeted by Alex McWhirter @Richard_rail @TPExpressTrains FYI @Willhide I know this will interest you as a regular customer. @AndyBrett12 @geinorstyles @Jo_WhiteheadUK Suspect the Welsh govt wants to provide good access between N and S. T…
@LesleyME @BELFASTCITY_AIR No problem. I am sure hard-working airport would appreciate being thanked @LesleyME FYI correct handle: @BELFASTCITY_AIRWorkers at the factories of medical supplies manufacturers in China are working around the clock to make masks, whi…
Retweeted by Alex McWhirter @ben_on_tour OS also has some the oldest 777s. Daddy Lufthansa yet to hand over newer aircraft. @airplusnews_EN Worth mentioning it operated via BAH. Only supersonic for BAH-SIN. @cynicalkind @schmucklevision @njak_100 Last used it in the early 1990s before being rebuilt. Then it was a decrepi… people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @sneuperdokkum @MennoSwart @OfficialGMoore Yes I knew about the air race to MEL. That's what the KLM publicity peo… @joncstone Same with Vic Line at Oxford Circus. @Rob__Carson @RuthLeaEcon As others will tell you it's much about capacity. Endless complaints to Avanti re overcrowded trains. @JeremyBrookman2 @geinorstyles @Jo_WhiteheadUK @Danmagwan @flybe Yes people outside Wales may forget, as this vide… much talk about some air routes gaining subsidies. Most forget here's one rail service getting financial 'help'… @JeremyBrookman2 @geinorstyles @Jo_WhiteheadUK @Danmagwan @flybe However that N to S Wales air route gets a subsidy… @sneuperdokkum @MennoSwart Crikey @OfficialGMoore I had just posted a comment re KL's DC2 "Uiver" on our Forum. Ba… @Colin_UK_GB I have seen them. They're posted on or very near the counter. But so many signs of one sort or another… @Colin_UK_GB Other readers were caught out with fifth-freedom. They were flying BA SYD-SIN. Flight delayed by a da… @Colin_UK_GB I used this one for the Ask Alex column. They were acting as they would in mainland China where ther… @mat_couturier @Colin_UK_GB @EtihadAirways @EtihadHelp @emirates @qatarairways I do sympathise. Hope matters are r… @Colin_UK_GB Plus comp hotel accommodation for the night. @Colin_UK_GB Absolutely. They made matters worse by arriving close to the check-in deadline. There was already a… @RobSmart_ Most people would agree. But EW losing huge amounts and were it not for Father Lufthansa it would not be… @Colin_UK_GB @mat_couturier It's also posted on the CAA websites. @Colin_UK_GB @mat_couturier (2/2) accomm and travel the next day. No cash compensation. AF has some very late (almo… @Colin_UK_GB @mat_couturier Pax must also obey airline rules 100%. We had two mainland Chinese readers flying CDG-C… @Colin_UK_GB @mat_couturier The "law" is EU261. Airports are also mandated to have EU 261 rules displayed on the… @Colin_UK_GB More news for the railway press this week. TBH the main issues appear to be in the NW. @Colin_UK_GB @godsavethepoint @AndyBTravels Agree. But I also think LX will keep those A340s in pristine condition.… @mike_carrivick Mike - it's a subject which has been and can be endlessly discussed ! @godsavethepoint @AndyBTravels Of course. Offer a better onboard product and hope that pax won't notice the older… @mike_carrivick Oh dear ... let's hope rail fans don't see this ! @OnTheRails @tim_freeborn @LNER Agree. I remember waiting at SAS' CPH gate for a LHR flight. It was 45-60 mins de… @AndyBTravels @godsavethepoint @AndyBTravels @godsavethepoint LX's 777s are newish but those operated by OS are not. Father Lufthansa has not pro… @Colin_UK_GB @SpeedBird_NCL I suppose you heard that some airlines now want this 737 renamed. @SpeedBird_NCL Naturally ... the CEO hopes for a loyalty discount. @Colin_UK_GB @tim_freeborn @LNER Let's hope standards can be maintained in the long term. I referred to SAS because in the 1980s… @AndyBrett12 @geinorstyles @Jo_WhiteheadUK Two points: a) this air route is govt subsidised b) Welsh govt also spen… @MrTimDunn Surely better known nowadays after being featured in BBC M Portillo rail series.
@AvgeekDan @joelmcairo Would imagine the fault lies with Southern's ticket machines. @AvgeekDan @joelmcairo Did you book via Avanti ? In any case the system (with whom you booked) has not yet been updated. @geinorstyles @Jo_WhiteheadUK Ask travellers who fly Newcastle-Southampton, Cardiff-Edinburgh, London-Newquay, Birm… @geinorstyles @Jo_WhiteheadUK If only that were the case. Some routes awkward by surface hence why Flybe is in busi… @OfficialGMoore @Todoleo Fortunately LH will spend money on refurbishing some of its A380s.’s that time of the month again when I get my random notification to check in for a ⁦@flybe⁩ flight I haven’t boo…
Retweeted by Alex McWhirter @CliveWismayer @Jo_WhiteheadUK Yes for peak time. Increasingly TOCs' pricing models emulate airlines. @Jo_WhiteheadUK @Rich12_rich With peak hour rail one needs to be savvy. Check @TrainSplit as *may* cost less using split tickets. @geinorstyles @Jo_WhiteheadUK Commercial air travel is public transport. @Todoleo @OfficialGMoore Sadly I doubt if AF will ever refurbish its A380s before they're withdrawn. The cost is just too much. @OfficialGMoore KLM does not major on catering.If only other TOCs could be proactive like @LNER ...reminds me of @flysas in Jan Carlzon days. says it will build not one pre-fab hospital.. but two! Second will have 1,300 beds for #coronavirus patient…
Retweeted by Alex McWhirterMore photos of ANA's third A380. via @aviation24_be @LBOskiBear @raileuropeuk @Renfe @seatsixtyone Hope Renfe's Avlo (bookings open Jan 27) will be easier.
@hurrymurray FYI @rossbaileyleeds Just to explain that I don't myself have access to our site. I've emailed the one who manages our… @Mediarail Reported @BTUK today. @DarloTraveller @SeanM1997 @Citiflyer I noted the Bmi service to LHR. (There is a typo at the beginning ... Easter… @DarloTraveller @SeanM1997 @Citiflyer Of course. People in the region will be enthusiastic but at the end of the da… @hurrymurray @greateranglia I know. But GA also operates a myriad of short services in East Anglia. @Colin_UK_GB @LondonAirTravel @10DowningStreet Too complex for me. But that rumour re LHR-DUS flies in the face of regional connectivity. @Lauren_Heritage @inflightvideo Because carriers want to have the lowest competitive fare. My millennial son switch… Financial Times is reporting that Flybe is seeking a loan of £100m from the UK Government. Flybe has said that…
Retweeted by Alex McWhirter @LondonAirTravel FAO @Colin_UK_GB @asiapac001 @andystock22 @KeaneJohn69 @TeesAirport @EasternAirways @LondonCityAir @BTUK That's the big question. Besides LNER I'm now G Cent… @rossbaileyleeds @TeesAirport @EasternAirways @LondonCityAir @BTUK Thanks for the alert. Must have confused it with… @SpellitTeesside Thanks for alerting me. We have been made aware of the error and it's supposed to have been corrected by now. @philrichardsuk @greateranglia Ah I understand.