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Mike Murphy @mcwm Brooklyn, NY

Editor at @protocol, covering how technology is reshaping the world. Raised in Britain with a Brooklyn accent. Show me your robot.

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@dharebov o ok @NatBullard jeez @Black_Kettle @flightradar24also does anyone know what the blue planes are ?wonder how many people are on these planes @patbits this one ?’s kit: Atlanta United’s 2019 home jersey of those photos that just seems surreal
Retweeted by Mike MurphyHello internet! We’re trying to create a space for everyone in tech who wants to use their skills to help fight the… like they updated it now @chrsboyls interesting !! I see that now toothe desk is such a trek into the other room @jordannovet @lhockenson congrats !Not looking forward to the morning commuteThis was super tasty
are you all seeing Chinatown as the social image on this link too ? HQ Trivia is back tonight at 9pm (so yes I guess I’ll keep receiving these notifications)
Retweeted by Mike Murphywhen is easter @zachware yessssMy suggestions for casting Joe Exotic, Jeff Lowe, Carole Baskin, and Doc Antle in the cinematic retelling of Tiger… @JanetETennessee haha they’re just jalapeñosA late afternoon snack @waltmossberg @brooke i’ve only been making savory foods @jasonkeath @jgrantbrown1 oo thanks !today’s kit: probably the ugliest one I have with me, but I love it nonetheless. The Chelsea third kit from 2018/19 @amandaorson i very much want to visit !if we ever get out of these, i really want to go see the rest @Amartinez28R there’s some cringey lines for surei really liked The English Game. does anyone know of any good books about the formation of the modern game of soccer ?
Retweeted by Mike Murphy @wontstaystill out a little better than last week ! @srsaul04 I did !!America. ? @zachware I would guess bothAll I hear is ambulancesthis could only happen to liverpool @harlanji k @iambhutia soccer is short for association football. it’s what my very fancy english high school (like those in the show) called itis true. Imagine what humanity is capable of if we focus and coordinate effectively.
Retweeted by Mike Murphy @TimMarcin @kerrymflynn that’s good i guess ! @kerrymflynn @TimMarcin no i just don’t like documentaries @inrichwetrust_ @OmieNice i used white american cheese — it’s melted @cvaldaisnotbig what’s that ?i think this is the same cinematic universe as Napoleon Dynamite @iainthomson this is so hurtingly americanthis is quite painfulwe’re watching tiger king and i feel like it’s just like a christopher guest movie but real ? @TimMarcin o oki really liked The English Game. does anyone know of any good books about the formation of the modern game of soccer ? @1jrice @pierce bacon ! (wish I had some Taylor ham)
@jensantamaria bacon @kjbert @TimMarcin CVS @TimMarcin i did this too, but only the sideswe don’t have time for a civil war we’re in a pandemic about this @DavidBowieReal cover by @Cmdr_Hadfield a lot recently. have been outside maybe a total of 3 ho… @jedrek oh I know I can, I’m just usually lazy @KellyLSoderlund yeah, but chemicals @KellyLSoderlund @sarahbuhr u should follow @mygflikeschickn then haha @WeAre_TheShed Chopper Harris Zola Costa @BradyDale the one at the end of my block that makes good sandwiches is @dmburrows woahhh @caro_milanesi wow ! @Krewell sadly had to make do with what i have at home @fly276 always fake cheese on breakfast sandwiches @jperlow ohhh man @JosephineMaui no !Kerry is playing Animal Crossing so obviously I had to put this on @Moor_Quantum peasant bread ! @pierce cooked the eggs, then moved the to the side of the pan, put down a piece of bread, moved the eggs on top, a… of white American cheese really make a difference 👌Bodega is closed so I made my own breakfast sandwich @xloubellxx grew up in Chelsea first so I’m Chelsea til I die, but got this as a present back then @eldesmarque_mcf I was in Malaga last year on holiday — I try to buy a shirt wherever I travel !!’s jersey: the 99/01 home kit for Fulham FC, where I spent most of my life (side note: their sponsor at the… my god i’m famous in Malaga !! is both my Irish and Polish heritage speakingCabbage rules @BenMakesTV @connorDwalters aha @connorDwalters why couldn’t you just stand up the iPad ?this is awesome @timgrieve @LarkinPoe @SherietaSings wow this rules !!! @Kantrowitz I’m mcwm on therei feel like Seveneves was coincidentally an excellent book to have read right before going into an unending quarantine @johncolucci @kerrymflynn alwaysi remember i happened to be at a-rod’s 3,000th hit game with @TimMarcin and we were both like... oh, that’s neat i guessA-Rod knows a lot about testing @karissabe i wish i had that much time on my hands @95Sports you would’ve told me 20 years ago that the bad guy from Hercules would be shitting on my girlfriend online for r… @donlemon where are those glasses fromthis game gets today @WhatTheBit that’s like the opposite of my grocery stores — tons of beef, no chickenmmmm @juliehubs @Is_It_Pizza Grimaldi’s is definitely pizza @edzitron same
@can greenpoint