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Phish @me_phish Accra, Ghana 🇬🇭

Events Photographer. Don’t follow me, follow @ghanaakwantuo

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What’s your flavor? ❤️🎉 _ #HomeMade #FinestCakes #HomeyDelights _____ Want some ? Call ☎️ 055 252 1947 to order
Retweeted by PhishA slice of apple pie is $1.40 in Jamaica, and $2.60 in the Bahamas. These are the pie rates of the Caribbean.
Retweeted by PhishNow please allow me to bother your TL with some good food and drinks. 📸: @Ghog_
Retweeted by PhishListen! This guy makes my work look hella coooooool!!! Thank you bro @Ghog_
Retweeted by Phish @AugustusOtu @Selasiiiiiii cc: @GhanaAkwantuo the fact that the Corona Virus hasn't yet been "officially announced" to be in your country doesn't mean that…
Retweeted by PhishThe future is now.
Retweeted by Phish27 + 89 ——— 116 ——— 7 + 9 = 16 So iWrite **6***, carry 1. That 1 + 2 = 3 3 + 8 = ***11*** Henc… @BeqamarScreams Zoom inOh you just gon' rob me in my own kitchen after I just finished cooking?! Aight... I see how it is. Imma give you w…
Retweeted by PhishHave you visited our cosmetic showcase yet? Enjoy a wide range of perfumes for only GHC 100.0 , body splash, Ghc…
Retweeted by PhishAny meeting without food should be an email. Period! #Yenko #MyAkwantuoExperience
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What is happy ending... u get to sleep there ?
Retweeted by PhishUnless Carpet o babes
Retweeted by PhishiJust used “shall” in a sentence. iFeel like I’m 125yrs old @maame__koramah Cool thanks @maame__koramah That’s broad. Narrow it down @maame__koramah You’re very sure about this? U know I’m near Lapaz. @donalabee Thanks @Mrsparrtan Cool. I’ll roam tomorrowLMAO I'M AT MY SCHOOL TALENT SHOW AND THIS DUDE SAYS "Before I begin, I want to make sure this mic is working"…
Retweeted by Phish @donalabee Yeah seen some around the Coca-Cola roundabout area but they weren’t neat. @paa_qwesi_zuse I’m from Lapaz bossPallet everything @paa_qwesi_zuse E far roff @chrisworgbah Wow!!!! @7Giocondo Some things are beyond sciencePlease follow @luxuryfabrics_ @luxuryfabrics_ @luxuryfabrics_ @luxuryfabrics_ @luxuryfabrics_ here on Twitter a…
Retweeted by Phish @ebo_d_ Forgive me for my ignorance @tr_vls Open your calculator app, type 0.2777778 x 720 and hit the = button. The figure that shows up is the amou…😂😂😂😂😂 unemployed people really get time oh. Der norrr sombro create @netflixGhana just to fool!
Retweeted by PhishUnless u people no get chance @Pul_chra_ Alright. 💪🏾Damn! iDeleted the tweet 🤦🏽‍♂️ @_nii_amartey Chale!!!!!!!!!! Whyyyyyyyyyy🔥 app has taught me a lot.iDidn’t know there was someone called Pop Smoke till he died. I’m just discovering his music and iCan boldly say “h… @kellybwoy1 Alright. @kwahmi Alright @deja____vuu Awesome! I’ll be glad @Mrsparrtan But they charge for those visualizations. My mind was “those line line plans are old school” 😖 @kellybwoy1 Unless Ebi chamber and hall. Lol @kellybwoy1 iThink it will be stressful. @deja____vuu Yie! What else is there, iWould love to know so iDraw my budget well.Imagine the shock on my face when iWas told how much the plan of a 3 bedroom house will cost. 😖 We need to secure more bags chale.iDon’t know what iWas thinking but you see those nice buildings the architects post on Twitter? Yeah, iThought they… get movie industry ?
Retweeted by Phish @Mr_Dei ikr! iWas thinking about it yesterday. If u get any dates, take send me make iSee. @me_phish Oh yea always . That’s why I asked 😹
Retweeted by Phish @Mr_Dei Thanks. U dey inspire me chale. The MC thing turn u into video editor and graphic designer so iHad follow your steps. @ridCuDi No oh. It’s always the negatives. LmaoWe did a thing!Y33k)ooo
Retweeted by PhishThis tweet is golden’ve never had so much hope in a trip like this before. It is well! 🙏🏾#BeyondTheReturn #GhanaAwantuo #Africa #Ghana Don’t miss this if you’re in Ghana 🇬🇭 RT Please!
Retweeted by Phish @tr_vls How?Bloom bar Kakra, @wonderwingsgh kakraa, then educational toys for your little ones, nephews and nieces. Help them d…
Retweeted by Phish @reqshotit Amen! @reqshotit What’s preventing you?📌📌
Retweeted by PhishThe things that bring me fulfillment are the very little things..except for money. For that, I need a truckload.
Retweeted by Phish @DessiDarl Thanks Prof. @donalabee 🤣 @Mrsparrtan ThanksiDey try chale! Small small All designs for @GhanaAkwantuo by me. always have a very flexible payment plan for our trips. Wanna know how much you need to deposit to secure your…
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@Jeffitto_ Thanks @jojo_afful We go build someJay Z lied to us
Retweeted by PhishIf you wanna start a YouTube channel, forget what people will think and say. Just do it!Guys! A buddy needs help. Anyone know where we can purchase stools like this? In Accra preferably. Thanks in adva…
Retweeted by PhishRight now right now! I met a bright student yesterday. Unfortunately his dad has a stroke and his mum is a petty tr…
Retweeted by PhishIf you can survive in Nigeria, you can survive anywhere on this planet.Love the aesthetics! US LIVE by @eerf_evil & @srigalarsb is OUT NOW. Directed by @visualsbybenankobiah. LINK -…
Retweeted by PhishContainer homes are not cheap but they’re cheaper than the usual cement and concrete buildings,right?Facts! and Portraits photographers, you might be interested in this😍 weekends? We love to see it. Know what else we love to see? Your reservations 😅 Click the link below to sig…
Retweeted by PhishNice artwork! fonts game is on F9.some bitch said “I can feel the hot girl summer in me defrosting” LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by PhishThis is why I have lots of sex. Tryna give away my depression until there’s none left in me. That’s how this works,…
Retweeted by PhishMy mind ain’t right
Retweeted by Phish @sickofacebook @dr_amanski @jayanaman look up hereSocial media is a great platform to establish and build relationships but like everything in life, it has its good…
Retweeted by PhishAsk @sickofacebook to the right channels on Youtube gives you a good appreciation of the social media platform.
Retweeted by PhishDamn Mitch!!! This was beyond what iExpected. Mind = blown! 🤯 @ObedientAnkrah Already saved me this morning. More to comeLinkedIn be some placeOne of my favorite places in the world , the beach! Always magical. #aerial #aerialphotography #drones #mavicair
Retweeted by Phish @yalleygh Thank you.🚀🚀🚀
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