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nohotsauceplease @MeaghanML Hamilton, Ontario

🇨🇦. Fan of common sense and being kind to one another. 🐯⬛️🟨 GO CATS GO. #oskeeweewee

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What is a lesson/life hack/bit of advice someone shared with you that was a game changer?
Retweeted by nohotsauceplease @beatgoeson The Matrix @daneevans9 @Ticats @3DownNation This is awesome Dane, congrats! It’s been exciting to see how some of you guys are… @pattonoswalt America is a laughing stock. @stellasev7169 Moron
are men okay
Retweeted by nohotsaucepleaseThe first day of a woman’s period should be an automatic day off, include caution tape that says “havemercyfuckoff…
Retweeted by nohotsauceplease @AlrightMoody But to this you’ll just say “then they should get to work” so I’m just going to leave this discussion… @AlrightMoody Not angry. I am saying min wage is not an option for everyone. It works for you and that’s great. Not… @AlrightMoody That’s great you were able to do that. Millions of more lost jobs since June and please understand th… @Mich_Fit @AlrightMoody @Alihabibi79 @TorontoStar I know and unfortunately something to to worry about come tax tim… @Alihabibi79 @AlrightMoody @TorontoStar 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ ok dude. I’m glad you aren’t going through such dire times as ot… @AlrightMoody @Alihabibi79 @TorontoStar And lots of ppl are no longer getting $2000/mth. MOST PEOPLE WANT TO WORK.… @Alihabibi79 @TorontoStar I fortunately have a job and did not lose it during COVID crisis. I speak for my partner,… @Alihabibi79 @TorontoStar Yes jobs are there but there are now hundreds more people trying to get each one. @Alihabibi79 @TorontoStar Sick of this argument. All of those jobs millions of people lost didn’t just magically re… @annefrances We are in hell. This is hell.
@firstwefeast Millennials are turning 40 next year. 😂 we are wearing masks. @MissyElliott I was hoping those muppets would go OFF when the music comes back in 😂💀😩🤣 @MissyElliott This is so true. Wouldn’t be fair to any opponent
‘This is one of the great presidential felonies of all time’ — Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein breaks down the re…
Retweeted by nohotsauceplease @leahsimonebowen Times are tough. The competition to even try a get a job right now is like nothing I’ve ever seen.
It is possible to both hate the individuals who were responsible for 9/11 and to hate Islamophobia @DevonESawa It’s a cultCanada will never forget 9/11 and all of those lives of our American neighbours that changed forever that day.… @BroadStBullie8 @carsten0874 @TeamPelosi 😂😂😂aw did I strike a nerve
@DevonESawa Not a film. It’s from an episode of X-Files, but *shudders* @DannySeesIt A great place to land on your feet! @DannySeesIt 👏🏻👏🏻 I have to ask, did you settle in the community you first arrived in? Or did you move? Congrats on… 5 & 8 year-old daughters watched Hidden Figures again. Then they played "scientists", solving equations until be…
Retweeted by nohotsaucepleaseSeeing Rick made my heart warm. @MrShreck1 Yes nearly 200,000 dead is a fantastic plan. He lied. He did not delay panic. He lied when knowing the t… @MrShreck1 @carsten0874 @TeamPelosi 😂😂😂 HAHAHA not even close. @annetdonahue He can’t be Canadian.It’s suicide prevention month and just a reminder that - affordable housing is suicide prevention - livable wages a…
Retweeted by nohotsaucepleaseHe didn’t want to create a panic of people thinking they’d die, so instead he just let them die. #TrumpKnew
@jayme_poisson @realBobWoodward As for Woodward I am equally sick about. They are both disgusting egomaniacs. @jayme_poisson @realBobWoodward Nothing. Nothing would have happened. His base is a cult and they are in deep. @carsten0874 @TeamPelosi I don’t even live there and I know this is wrong. He was impeached. It’s the Senate you sh… don’t say! painted these portraits of presidents before and after calling them out for being slave owners (a thread) george…
Retweeted by nohotsauceplease @RahRahRaina Hi, playing FIFA2019 here -otherwise this is me 😂
I can smell this tweet. @BreauxShow24 @Ticats We miss you!!! 🐯🏈Don’t believe the hype. Erin O’Toole voted for the anti-union Bills C-377 and C-525 and can’t be counted on to make…
Retweeted by nohotsauceplease"I think you are now ready, ready to hear what happened 100 years ago" Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity will follo…
Retweeted by nohotsauceplease @donwinslow @soledadobrien @BarackObama @JoeBiden And yet he still stands a chance of being re-elected. I’ll never…'ve updated my website "Teaching African Canadian History" to add more resources on Black history in time for plan…
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@Jeff_Reinebold @Ticats You’ve got that right Coach! OSKEE WEE WEE! Hope you and your family are keeping well @AndrewONielsen @Jeff_Reinebold @TommyCondell @CButler28 @Coach22O @Ticats @CFL Love it! Isn’t it so strange to not… @TSNScianitti @TorontoArgos @Ticats It is so surreal to not be at that game today. Sucks big time.
SERENA #USOpen 🎾 @soledadobrien I disagree. Time to bully the bully.
@LuyandoJovani @IGN Sounds like only the physical copies will stop selling by MarchThe Rock announced that he, his wife, and their 2 daughters have recovered from Covid. They first suspected they ha…
Retweeted by nohotsauceplease @wenwhimsy @Bluemeade7 @SeasonO1 @TomJChicago The hovering was so creepy. So so creepy. @MsAngelineTW @Bluemeade7 @SeasonO1 @TomJChicago Omg I forgot he did this. So weird and creepy.
@MsAngelineTW @Seycara Nice! I listen to lo-fi or chillhop all day at work. Spotify has some great playlists.You want to know why America is in a deep dark shit hole? Over 180,000 dead due to covid, there’s an election loomi… #CERB trend because it’s a single day late goes to show just how many Canadians are STILL barely surviving…
Retweeted by nohotsauceplease @MeidasTouch Excuse me, but why does he talk like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho ? Does anyone else hear it ??
@RedPandarama Prob not available in Canada 😑
I opened Twitter to see Sade slander. Who would even dare. I hate Twitter sometimes. @AmyMcGrathKY Please take down that turtle.She’s really out in thunder and lightning .... @MissyElliott fans are real ones 🙌🏻😂💀⚡️ @RahRahRaina The palm trees bahahaha the fuck
Chadwick Boseman out here literally dying in front of us is a HUGE reminder that we never know what battles people…
Retweeted by nohotsaucepleaseSo, finally... ⚠️ 5 things we all still need to do to stop COVID-19 spreading 🇫Face coverings in enclosed spaces…
Retweeted by nohotsauceplease @jannarden This is an interesting one. I had a part time job at Hamilton Place and we were told explicitly never to…
What did you say, “just comply”? Yh, tried that too. Doesn’t work...
Retweeted by nohotsaucepleaseit's time for people to stop using leonard cohen's "hallelujah" and START using leonard cohen's "jazz police"
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If they stop tracking hurricanes there will be no hurricanes.
Retweeted by nohotsauceplease'We keep loving this country and this country does not love us back' — NBA coach Doc Rivers was visibly shaken whil…
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@jannarden There is no way this is even remotely true 😂America logged over 30,000 new covid cases yesterday. It is mind-boggling to me that the self-proclaimed greatest c… @jannarden I need more coffee, my eyes/brain read this as “go get some sun on your butt” 😳 @shannonwoodward @jannarden This is the dumbest fucking argument and I cringe every time I see it. If I was only defined by my job b…
@Pascucci015 @sskroughriders I know I’m in a CFL family when I knew what play was coming even though it happened 10…“Take Canada Back” is the equivalent of MAGA... It's hate, fear, racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, white nationa…
Retweeted by nohotsauceplease @CBCMornings #UTC under the covers submission: Ironman by The Cardigans. It is so entirely different than Sabbath.… don’t need a period tracking app. I just open my calendar and find the next flight, vacation or photo shoot I hav…
Retweeted by nohotsaucepleaseWhatever happens can we all agree that nobody will miss this asshole? #CPCLeadership #AndrewScheer
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@sobacase @ShannonDowney We made the cauliflower coconut curry last night, and it’s so good! @ShannonDowney My bf and I are going vegan for the month just to try it out. We are absolutely loving this website.… @CBCAlerts “Appears to show” ? He shoved him as he was trying to take his pass out. Garbage headline CBC @Indie88Toronto @CarlinBurton This guy’s been fired I hope? @Simoni_Lawrence We miss you a whole lot Simoni! Stay safe, be well! Looking forward to June 2021
@9_BulletPoints @TomJChicago That orange dividing line though 😂 wtf#SusanBAnthony👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
I don’t need Twitter anymore, nothing else will top this. @TheRealTinkDior @xiaraaaaa_ Omg what did you type for this gif 😂💀
@ticatsfan7 @jjhorgan @VancityReynolds Everyone needs to take the advice of the unofficial Mayor of Hamilton! Keep… @vmochama Maybe it’s Lebron’s actual suit and they didn’t think to tailor it 😂 @BillBlair Wish this said Sept. 21, 2021.
@BBCWorld We need this border to stay closed until the end of 2021. We have worked so hard as a nation to keep covi… much. We’ve really worked hard collectively in our communities across Canada to stop the spread and continue…
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@npbeharry @mindykaling @accidental_left I believe this is for you !