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nohotsauceplease @MeaghanML Hamilton, Ontario

🇨🇦. Fan of common sense and being kind to one another. 🐯GO CATS GO. #oskeeweewee

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Where is the option “probably will never be able to afford a house” -signed a 34yr old millennial
@rabiasquared Yeah but that’s the problem. This thing was pre-determined and over before it even started. @vmochama @NatGeo Can we take guesses at a middle name?🎉"if you can't afford the rent, move out of the city" Hey fuckface, that's where the jobs are. Where are all the se…
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@frankiemacd Hey Frankie! 👋🏻 @BlackDiamondRec @RahRahRaina @NPR @nprmusic @coldplay @WorldCafe Still one of my faves. Very very great full catalogue @RahRahRaina @NPR @nprmusic @coldplay @WorldCafe CasualI was not ready for this is really too bad. I always respected her and her viewpoints. She could have brought a new spin to the leaders… is a beautiful shot!! Wow 🤩 🇨🇦 @bgirl0001 @RosieBarton Goodnight Siren! Enjoy the rest of this fine evening 🥃😘 @bgirl0001 @RosieBarton Is your first and last name Siren? @bgirl0001 @RosieBarton Here this is where you post that blackface video again, go ahead @bgirl0001 @RosieBarton More of a name than a siren 🚨 @bgirl0001 @RosieBarton Hi see my actual twitter handle? Do you know how this website works? @bgirl0001 @RosieBarton 🙄 can you read my handle? @bgirl0001 @RosieBarton Stop living in fear 😂 it’s unhealthy. @bgirl0001 @RosieBarton Aw but it is your problem. That’s why you can’t leave this conversation. You’re so angry! Hope you feel better soon! @bgirl0001 @RosieBarton Come speak to me when you grow enough balls to show your face and use your name on here. Un… @bgirl0001 @RosieBarton As you sidestep my question of the relevance of the Trudeau video link vs Mackay’s tweet 😂😂… @bgirl0001 @RosieBarton What does that video have to do with Peter Mackay’s statement support of LGBT rights? or do… @swaindiana Stoic gentleman ! @bgirl0001 @RosieBarton There’s no point in arguing since you’re well on your way to obsessively hating Trudeau on… @bgirl0001 @RosieBarton The “choice” was about getting married. He is referring to Scheer’s stance/speech on gay ma… @bgirl0001 @RosieBarton Says the obsessively enraged angry person 😂 take care of yourself. @eternitymartis We need to see that dog @bgirl0001 @RosieBarton LOLOLOLOLOL aw are you ok? @DumptyWas @RosieBarton Thankfully. I respect Mr. Mackay for doing this. And I’m looking forward to him breathing s… @RosieBarton Well done to him. Further proving that Scheer is still homophobic. It’s a simple statement to make if you believe it.
This is so fucking funny 😂 things are funniest when they aren’t trying to be. @jannarden Oh no that’s an open invitation to get annoyed by people with the time to now do this to you 😂🚫 @vmochama I love her to death, she deserves THE WORLDMeg 2020: WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE?!
YUSSSSSS 💛🖤 @MissAngelineTW
@BBarrouquere Oh ok so are they being deployed to Iran or are they just playing dress-up ? @mikelondoncan @bobsmith55 Sad news. I think he taught us all a lot about how to face something so scary and immine… @ZeeAvi This one is at the top. Always makes my heart and feelings feel fluttery. By Your Side - Sade @Simoni_Lawrence DONE AND DONE! #ISITJUNEYET
Excuse me, let me introduce you a video that just keeps getting BETTER AND BETTER 🎉❤️ @dodo @MissAngelineTW 🤩 WOWWWW🚨🚨It’s possible to watch a movie and turn your brain off to enjoy it instead of analyzing the shit out of it and ai…
@Brittany_broski But there’s already a Paltrow vagina candle.Imagine being such a garbage person that this offends you. The govt will fight Iran for compensation. Do you know h… out to every person out there who just does things without posting photos of it.
Retweeted by nohotsauceplease @emiranda_writes @samswey Inject this gif into my veins. @RahRahRaina @pigeonsplaying @wxpnfm @WorldCafe This was the VERY FIRST movie I watched when Disney+ went live. Love @MaureenJanssens @RosieBarton @VassyKapelos Are you ok Maureen politics, 2020.
Retweeted by nohotsauceplease @GailVazOxlade Still working on it! I did not want to half-ass this step during a busy work week. Will focus this weekend on it @KimmyMonte Yo this put me in semi twitter jail for 12 hrs 😂😂I’ll never let go Jack, you piece of shit. @KarenKilgariff What kind of tape? There are differing levels of despair that could be applied here.Anyone in their mid40s-50s who says the 90s was the worst decade of music are just mad about how old they are now. @gagadaily It’s why we love her. @DebraDiGiovanni Do it. Fuck shit up. @MissAngelineTW Promising but NBC is the absolute worst for blocking videos and content when outside of the US. Here’s hoping 🤞🏻My wish for 2020 is that @arkellsmusic cover this song live and that they perform it in the GTA so I can see it wit… @MikeDrucker Omg thank you. I couldn’t figure out what was so odd about this photo. It’s his femme waist and hips @melissablake Flashback city. @ArleneDickinson ARLENE!!!!! F*CK YES!! I swear you are the coolest woman. Love it 🙌🏻👏🏻 @MissyElliott is your fave artist’s fave artist. 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️ 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑 💯 @rabiasquared He is a lizard @MissyElliott @Beyonce stoooooooop 😂😂😂😂🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫 you’re so hilarious 🤣 I 💀💀💀💀💀
@rabiasquared TTTHHHHHHHANK YOU @DebraDiGiovanni Spiderwebs by No Doubt @BralonAddison2 Congrats ! We will miss you in TigerTown ! Go get ‘em! @MissyElliott @Beyonce Yes we need a fashion show from the expert in how to wear ADIDAS. 👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻Executive Order 13769 (Travel Ban or Muslim Ban to detractors) would now not let Dalia al-Aqidi enter the US from I… @CHCHTV Will there ever be an app we can stream live tv on? @annetdonahue What is he doing with his hands @CBCMornings @debbie_rutgers @sarojacoelho 👏🏻😃Beyoncé, just wondering when my orange closet will be arriving? I want to make sure I’m home and don’t come home to… @rabiasquared @DevinNunes DING DING DING 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 @rabiasquared @DevinNunes DING DING DING 🚨🚨🚨 @rabiasquared @DevinNunes Ya remember that moment when the senator (sorry can’t remember who) laid it allllll out a… @hellobegonia @CBC It’s true! Music has a way of giving you the words you need to hear when you can’t find them yourself. Thank you
I fucking hate our justice system SO MUCH. @CBC There are really so many. But in 2019 I added a new one to the list. Mirror Talk by @hellobegonia. The first v… rest of Canadian twitter watching BC declare a #Snowmageddon from this snowfall😂😂🇨🇦 @TheSpec Why is the video in question? Video or not she still threw the damn chair.
@jannarden Why do these assholes never know the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE. 🤯 it’s uncanny.“Congratulations to those men.” - Issa Rae introducing the Best Director category is a MOOD. #OscarNoms
Retweeted by nohotsauceplease @jannarden @TheJUNOAwards Just heard it on the CBC! Congratulations! @alyshabrilla @CBCMornings This is wonderful ❤️ @rabiasquared Does she think vets wear combat gear to formal events when they are no longer on duty? Can’t really c… @CBCMornings So many to choose from, but this always gets turned up when it comes on! @iamcelinacc @SholaMos1 How refreshing to see an interview where white people are (mostly) actively listening and n… @HeresYourReplay You love to see it @TheSpec @cityofhamilton @TeviahMoro Put it on the Linc and the Red Hill. @iamcelinacc First footage of the official Conservative Leadership Race @cleaduvall The academ(ies) have been failing Amy Adams on the regular. WHO DID SHE INSULT 😂 she was so good in Sha…
Maybe don’t rape women and then fake a disability in an attempt to gain sympathy. Creepy piece of 💩 exchange wins 2020. @RahRahRaina Also Taron NOT get nominated despite winning the golden globe and Rocketman not even getting a nod for…
@annetdonahue *NSYNC