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be brave enough to be kind • writer • PhD • programmer: dumpster raccoon cinema • he/them • THE DEVIL’S PARTY poetry podcast etc:

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@Papapishu oh WOW @katiemcvay living that Julian of Norwich fantasy @CasparTWD @AliceOseman @emilyhopeth the circle is COMPLETEmy mom thinks wolverine is named “beasto” but she also seems to think that is just hugh jackman’s name so whenever… @TedKaplanAltman @emperorhuIkling she’s a branding genius tbh @queeredupguy wow @burdenofthem definitely saving this image
@emperorhuIkling you and I have...very different moms. Mine spent 30 years calling wolverine “Beasto.” @4ColorDreamer @Al_Ewing @ArtofNickRobles @LucianoVecchio wow - would love to come back, and can’t wait to see what… @definitelyvita Jesuit trick to end all Jesuit tricks
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Retweeted by Anthony Oliveira @kierstenwhite @kierstenwhite I only care about Kimberlywell,of all these motley Dick Tracy villains whose weird deals we’ve had to endure and absorb for years it’s v obvious T… do trivia nights have sports categories we all know what we are @dashiellsilva I’m not a fast man or a clever mani keep that mf thang on me💧🗡 model: Dolly Parton
Retweeted by Anthony OliveiraThis thumbnail is fucking killing me
Retweeted by Anthony Oliveira @NOTTHEDEMIURGE is that what this is about @616MAXIMOFFS @NOTTHEDEMIURGE ok wow the TALENT here @NOTTHEDEMIURGE @avengeralice hair swoop on point @avengeralice @NOTTHEDEMIURGE oh yeah! Let me know when it’s happening next time and if I’m free I’d love to! @NOTTHEDEMIURGE oh dang! Looks like fun!! @UrdnotHorner yes @NOTTHEDEMIURGE what kind of game??I can’t believe Mike Pence has seen Gaga live and I haven’t
Retweeted by Anthony Oliveira @thomas_violence wow i looked cute here @MattKamen oh well there you go thenwho was this tweet even for was it even for me
wait sorry I know this is late but I finally figured out what this was reminding me of @NotLasers this would rule but also this should be a tv showMy next Action Figure purchase is restocked this year 😍😍😍
Retweeted by Anthony Oliveirapartly bc it's a presentational copy, designed to be intergenerational and "deluxe" - so it is much less crowded th… @onesarahjones sola fideez nutz @JuliaFtacek you just convinced me to do this tonight too“This could’ve been an email”
Retweeted by Anthony Oliveira @negaverse_queer i like spanakopita as much as i like saying "spanakopita"! @stacyking it must happen @misskubelik <3 <3 <3 @matthewharrison its probably not big as a breadbox with an old rusty lock thoi doubt the photographic copies have that huge-ass grimoire lock mechanism tho @matthewharrison I just saw!that dating is consistent with the word "Haydock" that appears on the battered spine, indicating this is probably a… spine of Biden’s bible indicates it’s an old school Catholic Douay-Rheims (originally created as a way to bolst… for being queer is the #1 reason teenagers are on the street - estimates place LGBTQ2+ teens as high as 3… @amadcartoonist ok BUT they would be both @JimZub I have definitely aged 40 years year ago we had our Dumpster Raccoon Jellicle Ball at the @RevueCinema - it was one of the best weekends of my… @blagh @cmeercat It is still backstage at the @RevueCinema!! @OculusImperia a good finale for civilization @AllisonMOToole i would love to see the puppy and also you @karlsaintlucy I had hoped to be on stream this week again but there’s been a family emergency so I will have to hold out again @transbillykplan ❤️❤️❤️❤️we talked about this when we interviewed @kalimrocha over at @slayerfestx98! (it’s a great chat you should definite… @tyssniffen oh thank you. ❤️
2021 for a stupid walk in the stupid outside to get some stupid fresh air because everything’s stupid
Retweeted by Anthony Oliveiraand a great sign appeared in heaven
Retweeted by Anthony Oliveira[me teaching high school poetry]: A poem is basically a little book that’s being weird,
Retweeted by Anthony Oliveirahey everyone - I miss you all terribly. I hope someday this awful nightmare ends. xo @MsNatalieGirl “an aunt is my final form”😭😭😭 @MariBrighe i am not a lesbian but i DO dress like wakko so this is a befuddling time for metiktok has decided that I am a lesbian so i only see the lesbian memes but honestly they’re better @AndreaLamber I watched it on amazon prime but I am canadian so mileages may varythe prints make up the opening credits for Ken Russell’s film adaptation of Wilde’s play, which folds Wilde into th… Beardsley’s art for Oscar Wilde’s 1891 play SALOME. Wilde’s play, written in Paris, was banned in England;… @ConroyForReal I better get the first writer’s room call... @ryanqnorth @ConroyForReal @albertxii zut alors! @ConroyForReal @albertxii that Gambit had a real hair trigger leg sad irony is, if Jack Torrance had just written down what was happening to him, he would have written The Shini…
Retweeted by Anthony Oliveira @TedKaplanAltman so much fun!! @ryanqnorth nothing gold can stay
one of my favourite memories - and one of the few happy things from last year we’ll be together again friends…
my PhD? useful? truly a first time for everything do you think Freelance Writers Who Talk About 17th Century Religious Poetry are in the priority list for the… @amisamileandme simpler timesthe only heirlooms i have are my Knob Hill Farms basketsjames taylor has entered the chat @hamishsteele actually impossible @TedKaplanAltman Thank you for your service @TedKaplanAltman WOWread emporer hulkling✌🏻👽🤴
Retweeted by Anthony Oliveirawell i just joined a podcast recording session five hours early the numbers 1-10, seven is the only one that is two syllables and it bothers meI think it is possible to hear my spirit slowly break on air take from you the spoils which you so fraudulently seized!
Retweeted by Anthony Oliveira @SaintDri WHOAwild how the first six months were just a roller coaster of desperate emotions and now i am under deep snow, alive, technicallytoday i am. a bear who has not yet been licked into the shape of a bear embrace modernity tradition if true every “burger flipper” $25/hour and a gun
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