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Play Project x zone 1 & 2 so monolith soft make a third / SPACE JAM 2 OMG pfp by @sir_amity and header by @CerealBowlby he/him 23yo

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@MineBoomGaming aight @LilBoulder because it was never selling, and they need to bring the biggest crowd it could get with a "wow" effectyou will get no context for this
Retweeted by M_LNfeliz jueves chavales
Retweeted by M_LN @MineBoomGaming i'm not mad im just poor @LightVioletMan ye not this one @CerealBowlby yeeei've been real busy to draw lately, but have a bomberman doodle! #bomberman #art
Retweeted by M_LN @AzureSkySM maybe its just me but like its not as magic as the first switch year, we get way less games, mario is b… @AzureSkySM after all the great shit we got when the switch came out, it feels like we're back in WiiU Nintendo and its pissing me off @AzureSkySM the thing is that they dont know if it would sell anyway @T_Bouhafs ptdr mais c'est une blagueFinally a real threat from a Batman villain
Retweeted by M_LNMother 3 English version. Every time I think it’s time to play it, I get trolled and decide to put it off. Maybe I…
Retweeted by M_LN @FIsre (none)i miss vinny.. @TheTaentarctic if not you someone will, i'm sure a lot of people will tryFang
Retweeted by M_LNbeen thinking about freedom planet again
Retweeted by M_LNi really want silva to continue, i think something like it could reinvent itself for a long time but at the same ti… @zachpeta you think thats bad @Niramou_ TWO @yhenestik it will happen just after the pacman smoking crack 2 @mintae_chii as expected
Retweeted by M_LNabout fucking time???? @CerealBowlby @MrDulfin godi know i just posted about hating my art but 💥my commissions are open again!💥 and theyre probably priced better
Retweeted by M_LN色塗ってからいつも思うんだけど 線画の方が良かった(そしてJPEGになるマジック
Retweeted by M_LNoh no no no no no no no no no dont do that a shame i gave up before getting there @ceIshader you dare play with me??? you'll regret thissex
Retweeted by M_LN @ceIshader birthday time?? happy birthday celeste!!having some recording and technical problems, so I sketched a klonoa
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@Harkiadel pourquoi pas un nouveau jeu plutot @ceIshader i like, never really looked at it, i was gonna ask for help for my mod but never got to do it as i found… @ceIshader good thing honestly @ceIshader i left this hellhole of a server before it was too lateWas just a doodle at first, glad I actually committed to finishing it :,]
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Retweeted by M_LN>not listening farting and screaming @mintae_chii very firm,,, @mintae_chii VERY TASTY @mintae_chii whats his name @mintae_chii i'd hug him honestly…. i like to see more of fgo characters, there's a lot i really like from their art already @mintae_chii OMG now im concerned @Martina_Gre on parle pas de ça….you know i was thinking why are the looney tunes still so funny to this day @Lysphorie je péterait ce truc @mintae_chii he looks very cute but he would probably have like a blood kink or somethin @NicoIate what the hell @AzureSkySM seems like itbitch what do you mean quarantine we all gotta go to work @AggroCrabGames oooooooh i get it now :OOO @AggroCrabGames a feature huh @FIsre what do you want me to say huhgod the ratchet and clank dub is so fucking terrible compared to the french oneHey everyone! Haven't animated a big project in a couple of years so wanted to try it out again. Here's a littl…
Retweeted by M_LNwatching space jam rnfuck i love space jam so muchFloutage des policiers ✅ Drone dans toutes les interventions de police ✅ Transmission en direct des caméras-piétons…
Retweeted by M_LN"since everyone seemed to love banana blitz, we made a game closer to this one than the original, that sold less!!" of evangelion @CerealBowlby multiple moguses!!!! @ShonicSSBM man you gotta make a joke about an NFT rip on silva's twitter it will be hilarious trust me man @SimpleFlips
Retweeted by M_LN just when this day couldnt get any worse, puzzle bobble is back but its VR garbageman its just like this tweet... @Rainbowblitzer1 THIS FUCKING VIDEO???see with shit like this, is a SINGLE PERSON HAPPY ??? its only negativity in the comments and quote tweet?? why are… @aardman @TheSandboxGame @shaunthesheep NOOOOOOO YOU WERE BASED AND EPIC AARDMAN WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE CRINGE AND SOYBASEDඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞh bricks in space jam @ShonicSSBM i feel the same wayMmmmmm baby jello thread
Retweeted by M_LN @Kanozu_ pour avoir Bolloré à la place??チルノ
Retweeted by M_LN @Pa19M @Brevesdepresse jpense que les insoumis étaient là heinughghhghgh je peux me tromper mais je crois que c’est le lac d’annecy ...?
Retweeted by M_LNPOV : tu vas faire tes courses fatigué en fin djournée et un fromage te parle dans le rayon
Retweeted by M_LNthe virtual boy still had more exclusives at launch than the ps5 so that's somethingHas anyone done this yet...
Retweeted by M_LN @CrystalForce_ tHE??
thrifting becomes a trend -> prices rise due to demand -> people who rely on thrift stores not being able to get th…
Retweeted by M_LN @ShonicSSBM With your eyes
Retweeted by M_LN @_Myrrha_ envie de mourir c'est quoi ça @rimith_ :Othey get along nicely i think
Retweeted by M_LNseuls les gens nés avant 2000 savent @Nero_Shen47 sure Yosuke Matsuda President of Square Enix Company of Japanwho even is gonna read this, its nice for sure but my mom isnt gonna get to read this? @dynamo_toon sorry i didnt mean to sound bad :clooks super cool honestly wait is almost over. Fight for the fate of Crystallis across past, present, and future when Cris Tales launches…
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