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game designer. 🎮 ux/ui. dream warrior. neon demon. creates art + words about art. lives deliciously. analog & proud. 📼

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wild how it’s already Christmas
hello I have watched The Queen’s Gambit three times now. it’s *that* good & i would, frankly, die for Anya-Taylor Joy
carrie fisher playing with snow on the set of empire strikes back
Retweeted by mk ultra @jennifermarie Seriously, they were so much fun to watch 😘 @jennifermarie Your stories made my day 😍oh my fucking god @bdgrabinski today’s the day to watch! @bdgrabinski couple years ago!🦃🔪 @GhostHostLauren 🥺🥰 @ckvanderkaay Thank you! @parallelocam Come get a plate!! @MetalDave815 I’ll have extra! @orange_romeda Yup! @sick__66 🥰🥰🥰Aaaand the final spread for a Thanksgiving feast for one (1): brown sugar-glazed ham, garlic butter mashed potatoes…
Hawaiian rolls @billyjarrettugh Aw thank you!!The ham 🥓 @jennyleighx33 🥰🥰🥰fyi all those leaves et al are completely hand-cut (drawn?) because I didn’t have stencils & lemme tell ya, it was NOT easyThanksgiving meal thread: up first, my pumpkin pie 🍂🍁🥧 man. 😔 She was a goddamn FORCE. Heart-breaking. 💔“Do not trust the Pilgrims. Especially- Sarah Miller.” Happy Thanksgiving, American Fiends! 🔥
Retweeted by mk ultra“girl ur so quiet” yeah i have fucked up ideas that will shatter the calm of the evening. it’s best i don’t speak
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New #InTheMoodForLove poster Out in cinemas February 10, 2021 Poster available on Friday @thejokersfilms:…
Retweeted by mk ultra @jamescaanfacts He can’t wait to meet you!! @f_francavilla 🥰🥳 @omarthegrouch At the drafthouse earlier this year @EvilArchEnemy @garinrk 🥰🥰🥰 @jennifermarie He loves you too!Happy birthday to my number one man! Jean-Claude VanDamme is a year old today 🎂🥳 @EvilArchEnemy Whaaaat! @imockery Right?! @EvilArchEnemy super super agree🎶 tonight is what it means to be young 🎶 @jennifermarie You are a goddess 👸🏻i'll never forgive the breakfast club for doing this
Retweeted by mk ultraWong Kar Wai had a *wild* idea in 1988
Retweeted by mk ultraco-signed. a forever banger
@jennifermarie I’m gonna love him 🥺Paranormal activity
Retweeted by mk ultra @jennifermarie I love him so much @jennifermarie ♥️♥️♥️♥️y’all i finally have every single lightbulb and most outlets in my apartment controlled by my phone/echo. this mean… @danirat @pierogiwitch Yesss @HorrorGirlProbs I think it should be a holiday tradition @SassySledgehmmr or you 😘👸🏻 @pierogiwitch Doooooo it
@Pac0stac0s7 I’m not ✌🏻and my Christmas morning my Christmas Eve outfit, me favorite thing to remember is that they used a giant fucking Ring to film close ups.
Retweeted by mk ultra @sick__66 🥰🥰🥰 @abhorrently_urs ♥️♥️♥️BS in design, minor in business, minor in playwriting, ux design fellow, and half a MS in epidemiology @parallelocam 🥰🥰🥰 @jennifermarie 😘😘😘 @theheadknight It is simply a dream @f_francavilla ☺️☺️☺️New workstation setup! I miss @NewBeverly. #animalcrossing
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“Sweep the leg.” 1986 Remco The Karate Kid Sensei Kreese action figure.
Retweeted by mk ultra @OldSklHorrorGuy Year-round!uhhhhhhh was not aware of the crop lol....oops @Frankles2001 lol oops @SassySledgehmmr oh my god I didn’t even realize it 🤣🤣🤣hello
@jennifermarie YAY!!!! @jennifermarie It’s so much redder in person!I decorated for Christmas a week ago & I’m not sorry ✌🏻
@JoshuaConkel And it’s so rewatchable. It’s where I first fell in love with goldblum as a kid!easily the best movie of all time law's sweaters in The Holiday RAN so chris evans's Knives Out cable knits could jog
Retweeted by mk ultraOld set // wandering around rainy Ueno in 2018. #tokyo #japan
Retweeted by mk ultra @BookishPlinko this guy is my FAVORITE 🔥
I feel attacked watched a commercial advertising for kids to come visit Santa and it showed him wearing a face shield. A fitting image for 2020 @jamescaanfacts Literally me every other day lately
Let’s all say our prayers to Saint Dolly today.
Retweeted by mk ultra @kimfaul Thanks lady! 🖤 @GaylyDreadful Thank you!! @AdamFrazier Thank you! @LittleMissLizz Thanks lady 🖤 @BonerWizard Thank you!! @ryollie90 Thanks Ryan! @Horrorellablog Thank you!! @jennyleighx33 🥰♥️😘 @capnnarcolepsy Thank you!! @ryanlarson Thank you!! @HauntedMeg Thanks lady! @Paul_Gandersman Thanks dude! @DinosaurDracula Thanks, Matt! @imockery Thanks, you! @GrahamSkipper Thank you! @ReelBrew Thanks, Greg! @Theoddprophet Thanks lady ♥️Looks like I can finally share my #Alien piece for Sideshow Collectibles! Shoulda listened to Ripley, folks... Orig…
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