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i like weird games and hope to benefit from the soft bigotry of low expectations ✦Rhizome, Vice, Kill Screen, Paste, +more✦indie work:

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there's a weird irony about elon musk stealing fanart of a game about a world destroyed in part because of people l…
@derekyoung81 most of my stuff is text based but idk @planx_constant @rebgal48 awit's really nice that the artists i care most about think i am good at what i do. that feels really great honestly.… to conclude this, here is a post about "Everything is going to be OK" by @mechapoetic wh…
Retweeted by The Big Titty Gamer Armond White @alienmelon thank you. I'm sorry gamers are morons @RasBabaO boi @modcon02 yesss @hunktears @frog_pic tyvm @polclarissou I gotta get to germanyi had to have him @ByYourLogic i am only hesitant to believe in aliens because if they are finally proven to not be real i will just… For Laughs Gags is the last remnant of the CIA’s MK Ultra experiments conducted in Montreal.
Retweeted by The Big Titty Gamer Armond White @AzDeathWhistle also hbd @AzDeathWhistle boomer is a mindset @ACorollaries That's what i figure @BrandyLJensen i got both :) @Whooping_Jane there is an exemption for quebec @haramgirlfriend I don't understand what the problem is
@Rxbun blunt knives do more damageThat time Aaliyah was on WWF TV RIP🙏🏼
Retweeted by The Big Titty Gamer Armond White @Beastin25_8 and uhh, I'm actually not just talking about social or political issues. i am also speaking specifical… @Beastin25_8 i mean i half agree, in that there isn't adequate coverage of those issues generally, but there are sp… @Beastin25_8 i mean it's a hobby but for a lot of people it's also a job and a billion dollar industry. there are s… the clarity of my third eye i have seen that gamergate was just benghazi for nerds @Beastin25_8 the only people to pay attention to for that are the people writing about labour issues @Beastin25_8 embargos!!! and yeah that language stems from a sort of like gamergate ptsd. it's like benghazi in tha… @Beastin25_8 yeah there's a lot of "backstage politics" and access-related stuff but also people will pick favourit… @Beastin25_8 plus the fact that the games community is like any creative industry in that spaces are limited, job s… @Beastin25_8 there's also the role of criticism in games as a form of consumer reporting, which is in conflict with… @Beastin25_8 and* @Beastin25_8 an on the indies especially people are very sensitive because criticism and harassment are conflated s… @Beastin25_8 yeah that's kind of what im talking about. it's more nuanced than this but i think you'll notice that… @SuicideGaming idk all of them @PrettyBadLefty i agree! and i think a little bit of class anxiety about not wanting to seem too proper @ElMas1201 lmaoi can't imagine that going to an e3 party is that much different from going to a cpac party except you're surrounde… @Beastin25_8 i mean have you seen most criticismfyi: brazil is having a nationwide general strike today in protest of a variety of policy plans by bolsonaro's illegitimate government,
Retweeted by The Big Titty Gamer Armond White @PrettyBadLefty I'm very concerned about this tbh. i wonder if having bad hygiene is like some sort of liberal femi… @getradified yeah same thing. i think in games it might be worse bc there's no job security @ScottBloodborne the thing is they aren't even arguing with me, they're fighting amongst themselves in my mentions… a followup i would say the other thing that sucks is that if you an express an opinion about a game people have… @rhizome 🎶thank you for being a friend🎶 @PrettyBadLefty i don't know a lot but i can tell you about some good punk bands @GreyTheTick I've had this experience as well as i wrote in a followup tweet, but it's not one i would consider gen… @haramgirlfriend the coward's ratio on this....stunning @gamingonlinux @mode7games i agree @HologramSummer nightmare @ricketyoldshack know how the boys can't resist......a greasy leg....thinking i might fuck around and seduce some unsuspecting men tonight with my lubed up legs @haramgirlfriend i want to watch her go absolutely NUTS on an apple geniushey not to be a huge suckup but i wanna give a shoutout to @rhizome for being one of the only publications that not… @loggedonanimal i agree. it's actually good that any moron can make a game. @SatyrBagnat @ACorollaries preserving* @SatyrBagnat @ACorollaries so i mean supporting the workers making the stuff in however way they need is an importa… @SatyrBagnat @ACorollaries like a lot of what plagues modern gaming also plagues music, film, tv, etc. it's a lot o… @SatyrBagnat @ACorollaries i mean there's a lot of bone deep issues that are causing these problems, like how conne… @loggedonanimal that actually sounds like a cool pivot ngl @SatyrBagnat @ACorollaries to provide commentary on a game that they don't have the familiarity or insight to discu… @SatyrBagnat @ACorollaries even if this is true, and I'm not sure i agree that it is, then i figure there are 2 rea… @SatyrBagnat @ACorollaries if a game has a story, that story is part of the game and needs to be considered as such… @fukcotheclown I don't give a hot shit which games are "worth buying" and frankly the ratings system should be abolished @_bignono Always @ACorollaries @SatyrBagnat overcorrection* toward prioritizing other elements. none of these things should be ignored. @ACorollaries @SatyrBagnat story and graphics are NOT "superficial" and this is an awful way to think about game de… @LLW902 when people call you a turd idiot for saying endgame is the greatest movie ever made @DJWyndows98 the problem with yahtzee is he's also an asshole who is banking off the "angry gamer" crap. also, fran… lot of the problem with games criticism is that there's a lot of pressure to "be nice" lest you offend someone, l… @Niceatonu I'm not explaining shit to anybody @cyberpuroresu fuck no @Spiffl @bombsfall i am better than armond white at being armond white @joshez_ @bombsfall i have the purest hate of maybe anyone in this industry. 100 proof. that is why the cowards will not hire me. @bombsfall none of them are as good at it as me @KenzoShibata extemely weird!! @baxbooksdeux it helps that i fucking hate 98% of everything that comes outi think I'm going to become the armond white of videogames @mode7games take it from someone who has been a critic and independent artist for a decade and has had it made extr… @mode7games the frustrating thing here is that critics are afraid of actually being critics bc we are told constsnt… @MindForgedOne it will not improve your life
@tanyahardingfan I'm happy that anybody is talking at all. I get frustrated by the industry all the time but this is clearly a good thing. @haramgirlfriend you know the very thing that unlocked the nutritional and caloric potential of food that allowed h…• "indie" - bedroom dev working in their spare time with no real budget. • "indie" - 1-5 professionals on a shoestr…
Retweeted by The Big Titty Gamer Armond Whitewhy dont u consume some real cyberpunk media like cyber city oedo 808
Retweeted by The Big Titty Gamer Armond White @BAKKOOONN saw his exhibit here last summer, extremely good. I couldn't afford any of the prints so i bought a bunc… @PrettyBadLefty the plastmatics @haircut_hippie 100% @CyberQuixote just preface every time he repeats someone calling him a waste of skin with like "yes mistress," @boxofhamsters she probably would have run ron's now that i think about iti think that andy ngo guy just has a fetish for being called like a worthless sack of shit (true) by leftists onli… @boxofhamsters I imagine it would be a lot like what chuck grassley does @doktorpaine yes i hate this @SouthernFlosion i don't even want to know what this means @ConnorSouthard absolutely correct and i hate it. it is an art-killing impulse. we have lost our capacity to imagine. @SouthernFlosion no i have hated every single one without exception @colonialpanic @haramgirlfriend i have a theory that very privileged people like really disgusting shit and bring i… @haramgirlfriend a lot of people on here are proud of being pointlessly disgusting and idgi @GarlicCorgi that's the games press!! @eponawest i muttered a quebec swear to myself bc english wouldn't suffice