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i like weird games and hope to benefit from the soft bigotry of low expectations ✦Rhizome, Vice, Kill Screen, Paste, +more✦indie work:

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@Eyeronheart i didn't delete any messages? i just didn't respond to his most recent dms. i don't even think that this is possible to do @gersandelf I'm sorry to hear that. I'm down to come over if you ever want extra help or company @Emily_Leedham_ it blows me away to discover this man is still alive. he must have an adrenochrome hookup @thisgayearth69 @hollowmines it was bound to happen @thisgayearth69 @hollowmines well fuck this definitely presents an issue for me @thisgayearth69 @hollowmines it's definitely true that people position themselves as experts on here for shit that… @thisgayearth69 @hollowmines it's really cool how you're responsible for every possible subjectivity if you choose to opine on a topic @theschwasound they're wrong but at least they're thematically consistent @hollowmines i can't even begin to predict what will set some of you guys off @Benris84 mmas a sensitive person myself i can empathize but i find the random hostility directed at complete, and largely powe… bernie or bust guy called me pathetic for thinking the paypig thing was funny enough to make a post out of, as if… @nerdythor i don't remember doing that @NiceLeanMutton bite me
@LLW902 Honour heri hate the discourse surrounding consumption in the west, b/c it’s always either “go vegan to save the world,” whic…
Retweeted by The Big Titty Gamer Armond White @DanjoKaz00ie every neighbourhood has a local greasy spoon that puts the provincial chains to shame!! @dragonminded who gives a fuck @haramgirlfriend i have a bug in my brain that compels me to do itblocking anyone who tries to flirt by lecturing me about the cleanliness of my room like they're my dad. joke's on… @willmenaker @ScrubOriginal yeah lol he's a massive piece of shit, but i think he has less money than he lets on @Papapishu fair. i saw the banana ones online but they were very expensive :( @Papapishu my friend went to japan to study and brought me back those banana cake things and now when i think about them i long to die @PrettyBadLefty I'm on my way @boxofhamsters yeah it's definitely him @boxofhamsters maybe i can snag one who actually has money instead of just pretending tohe canceled it before i could use it, but lol. too bad i would like some new brushes @lLUdeathmetal (wasn't much) @AnarchistPrince duhlife comes at you fast. rip to a legend in hell bitchi do more good for the world as a twitch streamer than david koch who, despite pouring his ill-gotten wealth into s… @rachelmillman thank you for the good tweet, which i recommend reading in full @kathbarbadoro @hunktears incredible. put his finger through my hoop earring (asked permission). wore flipflops @kathbarbadoro i met him once after a show and he was so handsome my brain short-circuitedit's really funny to me that tomi lahren is selling rebranded generic yoga pants with an extra pocket sewn in as "tac gear....for ladies"
what should i bake to celebrate the death of david koch. maybe some kind of mousse cake or custard tart @SuperKick19 thanks but i am unlikely to ever stream either of thoseDONATE HERE: PLEDGE AGAINST THE FASCIST GOVERNMENT HERE:
Retweeted by The Big Titty Gamer Armond White @JustinTrudeau @EmmanuelMacron ok great condemn bolsonaro and stop building fucking pipelines @spintronic2000 sure @guiltyb0b natural peanut butter needs to be refrigerated @pufisgod he isn't necessarily always wrong but for every good thing he says he also says something racist, homopho…
@BrandyLJensen :( poosh :(god i love her @BrandyLJensen frowning as i say "poosh" @Krabboss someone just tried to purchase onlyfans from me lol @BurtStanton3 yes well im tired, thanks for pointing it out @tulip_lynn i messed it up a bunch don't feel too badyou'd have to pay me to post an old photo but here's one of my makeup last night that i did while deliriously tired fuel executives should be criminally prosecuted for the destruction they have knowingly caused. #GreenNewDeal
Retweeted by The Big Titty Gamer Armond White @JohnDelaney are actively burning down the Amazon rainforest and yet somewhere in the world at this very second a white…
Retweeted by The Big Titty Gamer Armond Whitewhat's up pervs I'm streaming Fight Crab and Ace of Seafood in about a minute! be there or be asleep 🐟🐙🐚🐠🦀 @coaxialdeath EcosocialismHere is a link that allows you to donate to protect an acre, please can we make these links go viral as this is an…
Retweeted by The Big Titty Gamer Armond Whitehey so because people aren't actually sharing ways to help in this whole ordeal: donate here to help conserve the r…
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@BernieSanders hell yeah man!!! @PREMIUMPONCHO whiff of the century @PhonecianD I am aware @tumorhead i am decently versed in 20th century history. i phrased my tweet this way for rhetorical purposes @PickleCatShow i understand your anxiety, most of us feel it, but that kind of nihilism is very self-defeating. i k… @delmoi @jupiterbrando that's how they express power right. they don't need to be violent themselves, they can enli… @slerhock @haircut_hippie even this is too mild for what we're talking about @jupiterbrando they have a lot of power. don't dismiss them. @OfQuartz1 no but there might be some vets on our side @ricketyoldshack apocalyptic* @ricketyoldshack as bleak as it is i really don't want to indulge in apoxalyptic thinking. i don't think it's that useful @jupiterbrando many people for whom society still basically functions have not, and they want to lecture the rest of us @ricketyoldshack they've already mostly done that imo @MitchellCares president xi.....please fire when ready @PickleCatShow awesome thanks for the input @MitchellCares but i think it's the last best shot, albeit a long one. nothing else seems possible anymore @haircut_hippie absolutely.starting to suspect that only way to effectively confront our reality is through militant force and i am frightened… @BrandyLJensen this is one of the most bizarre things I've ever read. I was gripped the whole way it would be amazing if we all sorted our recyclables and took our bikes to work and had solar panels in our hom…
Retweeted by The Big Titty Gamer Armond Whitedonald trump is an enormous antisemite. he despises jews on a kneejerk, cellular level. so do most of his fans & pp… @getradified @kathbarbadoro you're goddamn right it isthe virgin hitler vs the chad hidler @deathsocks i love to put creatine in my coffee and then move at 2000 km/h and overturn a truck @deathsocks i love myself when i look in the mirror and see that fuckin,,,,,....pump!!! @BrandyLJensen I will probably do it with friends. despite poor form and little hands i will give it a shot @hollowmines @kathbarbadoro go to boustan @BrandyLJensen i want to start boxing training possibly but i am terrified of being ridiculedi do not need a skinny pretty successful lady to tell me to love myself more. what i need is a power rack, a bench… @kathbarbadoro they'll have to drag me out of this place on a raft when it's finally underwater @kathbarbadoro lots of lebanese places here will do a poutine with shawarma chicken and garlic roasted potatoes ins… @Beastin25_8 yeah, bit by bit @Beastin25_8 I'm trying! @Beastin25_8 im also doing a ton of stretches and therapeutic exercises for the busted stuff @Beastin25_8 I'm not there yet lol but i do 5 days rn, 4 heavy where i focus different areas (leg and shoulders for… @Beastin25_8 yeah i do a light week or w/e every 4 to 6 weeks. i think i was just doing too much (too soon possibly… @Beastin25_8 i can't talk bc im nursing an injury but it's probably from overtraining and i fixed my program to avo… @Beastin25_8 thank you i thought i was losing my mind @SCORPlONJACKET yes, also: i take issue with the "calorie counting is disordered" blanket statement bc if i didn't… @SCORPlONJACKET i love it when a skinny pretty lady tells me to "love myself as i am"
THE ANDY NGO THREAD: Your Comprehensive Guide to Andy’s Bad Faith Scams and the Intractable Problem They Present
Retweeted by The Big Titty Gamer Armond White @Astral_Turf go for it :)