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@Codemakura @Codemakura is it really?
@Codemakura now i gotta hear out from you. 👀ビーデルさんのこの長い頃のこの髪型にときめかなかった人なんているの…⁇ 毛量の多い髪がキュッとくびれてるところ可愛さの権化じゃない?
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ @HBJohnXuandou I don't lie when I say the game has been extremely generous to me from the jump. Most pulls I went f… @HBJohnXuandou I have all 3 now but only worked on Umbral the most. and yea Aphrodite. the one i'm stuck at might… @HBJohnXuandou my stigmas are kinda wack but I have Rita's best in slot wep maxed. I've been trying to find a dece… @HBJohnXuandou the hemidal thing? yea fuck that mech lol. yea my player lvl is 80 but my characters are like 70 an… @RRealistic abd it's usually games dudes go "yo hop in VC with us" and I'm like @RRealistic i literally don't like being ib discord VC on stream because i know people who shouldn't be saying the… @HBJohnXuandou I'm still stugglin with thoseKamiya-san is back! Let's dance, boys! @PG_kamiya @platinumgames_j @platinumgames #bayonetta #ベヨネッタ
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Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ @corybellFGC flights with free wifi are the best tho. Only been on one and it was honestly not bad. @corybellFGC that's why i bring my psp/vita/3ds @J4Yx2 give @Crackfiend that actually makes it better lolLight Fight Night tonight! I'll be there soon. We'll be setup as usual, but please expect a non normal turnout, m…
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ @Crackfiend damn it's like that i see投げ技は、自分が相手の位置に行っては🆖であるようですね(⋈-廿_廿-) 相手を自分の位置に来させなくては……😆
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ I'm totally down for a true Okami sequelOkami is going to be back! We want to make Okami sequel and fans are looking forward to it too. You guys want to se…
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ㅋㅋ캐릭이 약하고 랜덤으로도 안골라져서 사람들이 잘 안쓰는관계로 동네꼬마들 많이 잡았던 각셸이 2P버전 나갑니다 ㅋㅋㅋ무월의 뇌운 농락잼ㅋㅋㅋ사진 좀 최고인거같음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너무좋당 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ📸…
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ @sherryjenix At least you know what you wanted. But I know those moments too well lol. @souperfx @hecksmaniac I love both of you goofs.Samurai Shodown Art and Game Director @NobuyukiKuroki discusses the shift from 2D to 3D and the modern techniques t…
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡after the Yohra raid drops, i'll def be taking a break from FFXIV though. @NickTStone just kinda weird to see CC be that event people were going to.. go to that.reminds me of those hood flyers for clubs might be the best change honestly.'re saying dragoons will be easier to use.... but they already are? They've been herp derp easy since Stormblood.ah yes I can't wait to see EX Hades and have no one to do it with. the classic.自分がやりたいとかじゃないけどこのハロウィンの仮装センス良過ぎて震えてる 色々ツボ。
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡damn @aWastedNinja actually at xanadu? o-o
@jotamide @ScrawtV melty ost is easily holds some of my favorite tracks in a fighter so I can understand. @MakotoScrub i've actually been trying to do more of it specifically at events. As long as i've been doing local co… @jourdal XSeed: did your favorite make the cut!?!??! Players:ゆっくりしてます。 ハロウィンオレンジ。
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡Indivisible (Steam) is $29.19 on Fanatical
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Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡[Minor Indivisible spoilers] You can one-shot The Baz if you go for Ajna's divekick @AngriestPat @WoolieWoolz
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ @whydoiclare we all the "shut the fuck up" guythis title has gotten so much funnier over the last 13 years
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ A video on the history of City Pop, its connection to Vaporwave and Future Funk, and why i…
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ @HBJohnXuandou good. so there's hope for shingo in XV立ち蹴りのガード硬直伸びたので先端ガード後に小技を空かして中斬りで反撃とかできるようになった #サムライスピリッツ #サムスピ
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Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡Ugly gods
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ @Super__Yan I never got that bent out of shape about this lol. But i always waited until after the round ended.y'all ever think about the fact that a bunch of FGC figureheads shilled for ESE cryptocurrency hard and just receiv…
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ @Infilament @jotamide Great article! FYI you can adjust our netcode options on the fly before matches too:…
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡Interested in developing on or with GGPO? There's now a Discord for that!
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡Anime exists in every time, every era, every realm, and every multiverse known and unknown to mankind. Anime is ete…
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@Kizzie_Kay310 rdp A+D @Pfhorpls it need mah blood to truly dieThought it was just the dlc costume but lolnope #SAMURAISHODOWN #embracedeath #SamSho clones dont bleed #SAMURAISHODOWN #samsho #EmbraceDeath @RemoraInTheRain people felt like playin meltythere's a lot of melty in the discord tonight @LordCruxis i dunno but i saw a small clip“You have it set to M for mini, when it should be set to W, for wumbo”
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡league of legend players when they don't have a team to blame the loss on because it's a 1v1 fighting game
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡where's Vayneif the Riot FG actually has Good Netcode I will quit Arcsys games forever
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡league fighter?
@tone765 yeaaa it's really unfortunate. Would've been cool to see how the game developed after some more tweaks and…'s a lot of Big Bang Beat talk all of a sudden. what took you guys so long. @tone765 i'm all for the BBB revolution @ConvictedofFun yea same. too busy worrying about myself than some dude who isn't doing a thing for me. @ConvictedofFun pointing out the whole ordeal just gives the dude even more attention @ConvictedofFun literally so many better things to worry aboutRemember when @VictrixPro said they'd be giving us a stick? Here it is! The winner of UNI at Climax will receive a…
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ @chaesuart i really like the wagner one thereHere is what I drew for the Victrix stick! Thank you @VictrixPro and @NightsClimax !!
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ @TheAlexValle @samuraishodown the silence about being a FGC TO in Atlanta, so this will be an unusually long post. First, a lot of peo…
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ @Bojack198 you know what blocking is? #SS_BA We got low profile crouch
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ @Kitana_Prime imagine having your training partner just casually pick up Aquaman, Doomsday, green lantern, and learns Superman just because. @OCV_LES Chase say no more @jotamide that's where I don't feel the attachment with GB. Since I have no interest in the gacha, i'm only going b… @jotamide no i totally agree on that. if SNK can provide their whole s1 pass free in a limited time, no real reason… @jotamide i really don't get the issue with the base number. most barely know how to play the character they stick… @byakkun8181 she knew exactly what she was doing calling her alias Queen @byakkun8181 the actual Queen @Super__Yan imagine postin the art, not knowing who to credit someone shows you who to credit and deleting the O… @byakkun8181 👀👀👀👀👀👀バサラくんのコンボまとめてみました②(☝ ՞ਊ ՞)☝ 2つめっす✨ もっかい言お かがり火ぃ~(;´∀`)つ⌒🔥 #サムスピ #サムライスピリッツ #SAMURAISHODOWN #combo
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡19 years ago today, ePSXe was released on Windows! 🎂🥳🎉 It has been the most popular PlayStation 1 emulator to date.…
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ @HalVireal biggest naheveryone: that fortnite event is kinda cool, they ended the world ffxiv 7 years ago:
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡KUBIKIRI BASARA Frame Data.
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡バサラ、ティッシュジャンプいじめる能力はある #サムライスピリッツ #PS4share
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡Alright calling it tonight in Iceborne, and going to stream more VA-11 Hall-A it's time for the Mega Christmas Part…
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡バサラくんの対後ろ受け身かがり火重ねからの中下2択兼コンボ✨ 自分のコマテクがヘボいんだけど、ダッシュ後の刺し足がムジぃ~(;^ω^) とりあえずかがりびぃ~ (;´∀`)つ~🔥 #サムスピ #サムライスピリッツ…
Retweeted by AM | Spoopyoni ⚡RECHARGING⚡ @corybellFGC CoryStill could use more volunteers for the "Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong" t-shirt giveaway at Staples Cente…
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