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MS4 just trying to cope. passionate about quality of life, health equity, vaccinations, repro health, and physician wellness. bi. timshel. #medstudenttwitter

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@RBrassingtonMD thank you!! 💞 At least we will never want for volume and body 😂 honestly love my natural wave/cur… @kreepklebsiella love these SO much are powerful #magic. final piece of the #trans #nonbinary #pelivicfloor #Commission #pelvicfloorphysicaltherapy
Retweeted by status annoyicus.......not my friend searching for WPA...... in their 20's with Charcuterie boards are really saying "I'm not bougie yet, but one day I'm gonna BALL"
Retweeted by status annoyicus
In August 2014 as an MS4 I was devastated when a resident a wrote me a shift evaluation that said I was "out of lin…
Retweeted by status annoyicus @cwrightmd @BuckDancerMD god forbid someone treat themselves to something nice........proletariat deserves charcuterie boards tooFellow-in-training member, Meredith Greer, MD (@EmmGeezee), shares the top 10 things she wishes she had known when…
Retweeted by status annoyicuseuchre & wine (and citronella candles and bug spray 😬) @BuckDancerMD @cwrightmd I....must have missed somethinga lil baby charcuterie board to kick the weekend off @premedbaby YES omg. odd numbered husbands for money, even numbered husbands for love bby (kissing. mostly.)it’s rlly giving me Jurassic park but I kinda love it yeh my hair has some frizz that’s naturally curly/wavy hair for yahmeow. @JuliaNEM33 I know I know but it’s suburban mom witchcraft and delicious and far more than the sum of its partsps he’s been doing soooo well plz continue to send all good vibes they’ve been working 🥺We’re cuddling and he’s purring so hard his whole body is vibrating is too good. YouTuber walks around Shibuya like it’s a video game.
Retweeted by status annoyicusFamily getting ready to enter store tonight. Mom & dad put on their masks, then dad crouches down to little girl, m…
Retweeted by status annoyicusPOV: your man after you had 10 mimosas and listened to #WAP
Retweeted by status annoyicus @finallydrsnarky so I some googling and: truly has no right to be as good as it islistening to WAP this morning & all afternoon & for forever @fluffymeow_ I am not, although the majority of my family is- my chunk of family had just moved to the west prior to my birth :)dispatches from chef medburnbook include encouraging you to make my mom’s “spice tea” it’s not in her hand typed… @premedbabygroot I am still getting these emails.and mimosa bars and salted watermelon margs and strawberry mint Moscow mules and grilled fish tacos al pastor with… feel god awful but everyone in my life is encouraging me to take a moment away to heal my own self for a hot minu… away for some time and that I was also already financially committed when things happened with Muds. He’s a… we have rented a lake house with contactless entry and will see no one else. I already feel EXTREMELY guilty… I am getting away for the weekend with my three best friends/classmates to celebrate finishing our third y…
Why I don't believe in honors for 3rd year clerkships and advocate for P/F and also getting rid of AOA: a short thread 🧵
Retweeted by status annoyicus @GamerEMDoc In addition to this pillow, I have also been gifted with a necklace with his face, a pajama set with hi… myself to every patient, regardless of awareness. Something like, a hand on the shoulder and- “Hi! I’m… @StudentDrKendra @MaxJordan_N and what I got a few weeks later, for reference @StudentDrKendra @MaxJordan_N They run different sales- right now the one I got (one of the Printed Old Masters) wo… @StudentDrKendra ......mentally rage screaming for you.look my grandfathers didn’t tolerate nazis either idk why tf you think I would frankly I’m a step down from parac… @MaxJordan_N Classmate with a professional photographer background/camera is doing them for us in my apartment full… me liking every single post in the #beautifullybisexual tag 😌 also recognizing that it is comparatively very… yes. that is a pillow of Muds. I am nothing if not devoted to who & what I love.“If man could be crossed with a cat, it would improve man but deteriorate the cat.” -Mark Twain of you get on full blown papers from twitter but instead I have men fifty years my senior asking to buy feet p… @kreepklebsiella can’t they just say charismatic or something rather than make me out to be a clown @kreepklebsiella .......performer? hrm school superintendent in GA says, "Wearing a mask is a personal choice and there is no practical way to enforce a…
Retweeted by status annoyicusorrrrrrr we could offer better access to psychiatric care & mental health services and work on fixing societal ills @bisratw0 preach on it ps secretly hoping we end up as co-interns next year @bisratw0 also with the added bonus of how they’re “disappointed” in you even if they were the architects of the ci… friend already finished with the photos of Muds and I they are stunning and I LOVE them 😭 fat retweet. Can you use that in a sentence ?
Retweeted by status annoyicusIf there are any brand new MS1s out there that need to hear this... I did really well in med school, but I thought…
Retweeted by status annoyicus @PoleDoctress I figured- sorry if it wasn’t clear that my frustration is directed at the system and not at you!! I… have undergrads and med students doing hundreds of hours of dirty work to get barely a nod in the acknowledgmen…’m sitting here infusing LR into my convalescent cat plz entertain would like to revise my statement that “today” is for self-care and extend it to “this week” eras can wait until next Monday @olsonplanner yes!! give me like a week or two and then we can chat about a good evening?this account fueled by cat purrs @olsonplanner lol if you only knew how many times I flashbacked to our convo in order to (effectively) quell the panic!very, very excited and hopeful to apply to this program. @WFKARS Sumac is INCREDIBLE. Highly recommend using it to roast chickpeas :) @MDPhDinProgress Self-timer!
@StudentDrKendra “Respect for me but not for thee”today in “academia has failed” and “we hate fat people and don’t even pretend about it” 👇🏻👇🏻 recap Kanye's ballot efforts... – WISCONSIN: ballots submitted by *Trump campaign attorney*; electors are GOP a…
Retweeted by status annoyicusthe way this song still is in my regular rotation years later....... are we doing for self-care and mental health today? I’m going to therapy and eating pasta 😌*cries in med school loans being 400k* there’s Alaska discourse on my timeline and then I see global health peeps talking and some European colleague… I get bummed about my life but then there are days like today where I remember actually the rest of my la… CMS 2021 fee proposal includes 10.5% cut to physician reimbursement. Imagine waking up one morning to a 10.5% p…
Retweeted by status annoyicuswhen someone is using your favorite bathroom in the hospital so you have to use a lesser facility scrub nurse, when they see junior residents and medical students getting too close to the Mayo stand
Retweeted by status annoyicusnot to brag but I took off my makeup before bed AND put moisturizer onmy attempts at finding an S.O. in medical school involved finding out about another, original girlfriend *multiple… @kreepklebsiella I also have to tell her about Muds but whew. Someone plz tell me why at 26 I’m convinced I’ll ne… @kreepklebsiella Can’t wait to discuss my soul crushing loneliness in therapy tomorrow 🥴🥴My heart is broken for my friends & their families in Beirut. I have no words other than I'm so so so sorry & I'm p…
Retweeted by status annoyicus*all the time 🥴 the older I get the more I have learned how to preserve myself and while things always, always get done on time…*sigh* I’m like the antithesis of a procrastinator- been furiously trying to clear my to-do list since the moment o…’s ok for me to not get much work done for a day or two taking care of myself and muds is also work and also va… @yukonmike80 You look so zen! @lilmedstudent Muting it is actually, imo, a fairly healthy move. 💞 bitter comments would be unhealthy, this is just self protection @lilmedstudent girl. I’m about here too. I hate it about myself that I have allowed myself to become so bitter it i… when you first meet me and me usually. Vs. Me if you start enacting homophobic, racist, misogynistic, xenop…
Retweeted by status annoyicushere is another gratuitous picture of me loving on my actual baby
If there's anything I'd ask from #MedTwitter right now is to support my people following today's tragic…
Retweeted by status annoyicus @GamerEMDoc truly mutually obsessed 🥺we are finally eating more than a few bites on our own steam and just had some much fancier photos than this selfie… @miaowlex no problem 💞 happy to clarify any time that I don’t think speculating about the mental health of others… my proudest achievements is that I get invited to hang out in the transport team breakroom. I got stuck in… @miaowlex so I think this is a helpful quote illustrating that faked deaths are a not uncommon phenomena. I drew… @miaowlex I don’t know anything about the mental health of the person running the account and agree it’s not helpfu… @joydhughes I LOVE this!!!