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CNN's Alisyn Camerota Calls on Trump to Own Up to Stolen Election Lie Before Unrest Next Week: It Would 'Diffuse th… ratings for the second impeachment of President Donald Trump are in: CNN dominated, beating out broadcast netwo… episode of The Interview: I spoke to @JakeSherman about reporting from the Capitol Building during a riot, the…
Retweeted by MediaiteWATCH: DC Cop Beaten By Trump Mob Lash Out at Rioters — Including Those Who Kind of 'Protected' Him's Steve Doocy Dejected By Razor Wire Surrounding Capitol: 'One of the Saddest Things I Have Ever Seen' Scarborough Equates Trump's GOP to Hitler's Brown Shirts: 'Intimidating Their Opponents With Violence...With Th… Carlson Attacks 'Vacuous Little Totalitarian Moron' AOC, Mocks Her Fears During Deadly Capitol Assault: 'San…'We Got One! Kill Him With His Own Gun!': One Capitol Policeman Shares His Harrowing, Near-Death Encounter with Pro… Suspected Capitol Rioter Rages 'Death Is the Only Remedy for What's In That Building!' In Chilling Video Condemns Trump as 'Domestic Terrorist of the 21st Century,’ Compares Him to Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy… Co-Founder and Whistleblower Champion Laura Poitras Says She Was Fired for Criticizing Editors Over Reali… Introduce Resolution to Permanently Ban Trump from Stepping Foot on U.S. Capitol Grounds
Retweeted by MediaiteBiden Calls Vaccine Rollout a ‘Dismal Failure’ So Far, Promises 100 Million Shots In His First 100 Days Director Chris Wray Breaks Silence: We’ve Identified Over 200 Suspected Capitol Rioters, Arrested Over 100 Dobbs Slams GOP After McCarthy, McConnell Call Out Trump for Fueling Capitol Mob: 'Utter Disregard of the Presi…
Legal Expert: QAnon Republican Rep. Boebert Should Not Be Allowed Into the U.S. Capitol With a Gun
Retweeted by MediaiteCNN Dominates Impeachment Ratings on Wednesday, Fox News Places Last in Cable News Charged with Using American Flag to Beat Capitol Police Officer During Capitol Insurrection
Retweeted by MediaitePolitico Editors Stand By Ben Shapiro as Playbook Guest Author Real Attorneys Steering Clear, Trump May Have to Settle For Rep. Jim Jordan as Impeachment ‘Attorney’
Retweeted by MediaiteRealClearPolitics Co-Founder Tom Bevan Predicts Trump Impeachment Will Become a Problem for Schumer, Biden: 'It Was… Therapist, Who Resigned to ‘Expose’ Pedophilia in Government, is Charged in D.C. Insurrection
Retweeted by MediaiteDemocratic Impeachment Manager Removes His Mask for an Explosive Sneeze During House Debate Firefighter Charged with Beating Three Capitol Police with Extinguisher During Capitol Insurrection
Retweeted by MediaiteJust talked with the D.C. AG's office which said that a deposition notice had been sent to the president's oldest a…
Retweeted by MediaiteNo Bail for QAnon Believer Who Texted ‘War Time’ and Threatened to Kill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Retweeted by MediaiteD.C. Attorney General Wants to Depose Don Jr. Over Trump Org Allegedly Misappropriating $50,000 During Inaugural Ba…
Retweeted by MediaiteHouse Democrat Says FBI is Investigating Whether Members of Congress Helped Capitol 'Terrorists' A&M Professor Fired After Saying He Would ‘Hang Trump By Biden’s Entrails’ and ‘Play Soccer’ With ‘Jeff Sessi…
Retweeted by MediaiteWolf Blitzer Delivers Powerful Rebuke of 'Camp Auschwitz' Capitol Rioter: Glad My Parents Aren't Alive to See 'What…'Hello Nice FBI Lady…' Accused Capitol Rioter Sent Cordial Email to Feds Unwittingly Incriminating Himself Cuomo Spox Curtly Dismisses Fox's Janice Dean Over Covid Response Criticism: 'Not a Credible Source on Anythin…'Our Expectation is Someone May Try to Kill Us': GOP Rep Says Colleagues Who Voted to Impeach Trump Are Buying Body… House Adviser to Jim Acosta: People Will Tell Their Children Not to Lie or They'll End Up Like Trump News Seems Far Angrier With Jake Tapper Than the Insurrectionists Who Attacked the U.S. Capitol (Column by… Culkin Supports Petition to Remove Trump from Home Alone 2 Who Carried Confederate Flag While Storming the Capitol Has Been Arrested McCain Laments Republicans as 'Divided Party' Still Ruled by Trump: 'I Don't Think' Impeachment Will Happen of Medicine and Epidemiology Tells CNN That President-Elect Joe Biden's Vaccination Plan Just Won't Cut It Takeaways From the Major Programming Changes at Fox News and CNN's Jack Dorsey Defends Trump Ban as 'Right Decision,' Responds to Criticism IN: National Mall to be Closed on Inauguration Day Due to Security Concerns's Hegseth Rips 'Pathetic' Jake Tapper for Calling Out GOP Rep's Defense of Trump Over Capitol Insurrection Navarro: Democrats 'Did Violence to This Country by Attacking a President Who I Believe Was Legally Elected o… IN: Trump Fans Who Harassed Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham Put On a No-Fly List George Clooney, Jamie Foxx, and More Stars Reveal the First Thing They Would Do If Elected President Draws Heat for Turning Over Their Playbook Newsletter to Ben Shapiro: 'He's A Propaganda Machine' The Text Message That Started 2nd Impeachment — Sent WHILE Congressman Was Sheltering From Trump Insurrectioni… Colbert Brutally Mocks Trump For Getting Fired 'While You’re Getting Fired': 'Pure Dereliction of Duty' Reportedly Wants to Stiff Rudy Giuliani on Legal Fees After Failed Attempt to Overturn Election Advisers Had to Talk Him Out of Going to House Floor During Impeachment, NY Times Reports Tells CNN Biden's Vaccination Plan Won't Cut it: He's Aiming for 1 Million Shots a Day, But We Need to Triple T… Hammer Responds to Alleged 'Cannibal' DMs as He Exits Jennifer Lopez Movie York Post Bans Staff from Using CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, and New York Times as Primary Sources's Earhardt Seethes Over Trump's 2nd Impeachment Over Insurrection: 'He Lost The Election. He's Out. Isn't That… Pelosi Announces Fines Up To $10 Grand For Skirting Metal Detector At Capitol: 'Tragic That This Step Is Nece… IN: Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez Will Perform at Biden/Harris Inauguration'The Mob Was Not Interested in Unity': Don Lemon Torches House Republicans Over Their Sudden, Conveniently-Timed Co… Graham Rails Against the Prospect of Post-Presidency Impeachment Trial: 'Why Don’t We Impeach George Washin… Kushner. McEnany. Ingraham. Even Giuliani… Here Are All People Trump Now Reportedly Feels Have Betrayed Him‘Mitch McConnell, You Should Know Better’: Hannity Says GOP Senators Shouldn’t Even Consider Impeachment ‘Nonsense’ Chapman University says in a statement that law professor John Eastman and the school have reached an agree…
Retweeted by MediaiteJUST IN: Andrew Yang Announces Candidacy for NYC Mayor Comey 'Obviously' Thinks Trump Belongs in Jail, But Counsels Against Prosecuting Him and Even Suggests Biden…'s Jack Dorsey Defends Trump Ban as 'Right Decision,' Responds to Criticism’s Martha MacCallum Confronts Jason Miller: Why Wasn't Trump More Forceful Condemning Violence Last Week?'s Pamela Brown Reports Trump Wallowing in 'Self-Pity Mode' as House Impeaches a Second Time: 'Upset That No One… Lemon and Rachel Maddow Power CNN and MSNBC to Beat Fox News Again in Tuesday Night Ratings‘Give Me a Large Break Here!’ CNN’s Dana Bash Calls Out Trump Video for Showing Zero Contrition About False Electio…
Fox News' Jennifer Griffin Reports More US Troops Now Inside DC Than Deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan Combined: 'Looks… Pelosi Signs Article of Impeachment Against Trump — Next to Lectern Rioter Tried to Steal Calls for No Violence in First Video After Impeachment: 'No True Supporter of Mine Could Ever Endorse Politic… Dobbs Rips Liz Cheney for Impeachment Vote, Hits Kevin McCarthy for Saying Trump Bears Responsibility for Viole… Tapper Rips Pro-Trump Congressman Who Lost Legs in Combat: I ‘Don’t Know About His Commitment’ to Democracy in… News' Cecilia Vega Says Trump's Presidential Legacy Worse Than Nixon's After Second Impeachment Clooney Says the Trump Name Will ‘Forever Be Associated with Insurrection’ After Capitol Riots Hope Hicks Reportedly Leaves White House House Votes 232-197 to Impeach Trump for Incitement of Insurrection Resigning, Chad Wolf Says Trump Bears Some Responsibility for Violence at Capitol: 'What He Says Matters' Responds to Parler Lawsuit Detailing Chilling Threats From Users: 'Burn Down Amazon Delivery Trucks' Compares Trump to Bin Laden: He Has 'Inspired and Radicalized People' in the Same Way House Leader Kevin McCarthy Says Trump 'Bears Responsibility' for Attack on Congress — But He Still Won’t Vote… Rails Against Hollywood in Impeachment Debate, Blasting De Niro, Madonna and Kathy Griffin Calls for 'NO Violence' or Lawbreaking in Written Statement: 'ALL Americans' Should 'Ease Tensions' Gaetz Sends House Chamber Into a Frenzy With a Screaming Tirade During Impeachment Debate Hostin Rebuts Meghan Mccain's Claim Capitol Riot Was About Poverty: 'This Is Very Much About White Supremacy' Willis Apologizes After Being Kicked Out of Rite Aid for Not Wearing a Mask Dent Says Mo Brooks, Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs Need to 'Lawyer Up Very Fast' Could Have Avoided Impeachment and Disgrace Had He Only Listened to Geraldo (Column by @ColbyHall) Jim Jordan Says Trump Should Not Be Impeached Because … The History of Flight Doocy Named White House Correspondent for Fox News Pro-Trump Rioter Wearing 'Camp Auschwitz' Sweatshirt Arrested and Charged Are the Republicans Voting to Impeach Trump Republicans Reportedly Terrified of Crossing Trump on Impeachment: They 'Fear For Their Lives' Continue Boycott of Capitol Metal Detectors Put in Place After D.C. Riot McConnell Reportedly Will Support Trump Impeachment Norris Denies Attending Capitol Riots After Photo of ‘Lookalike’ Goes Viral: ‘I Always Will Be for Law and Or…'The President Of The United States Is An Insurrectionist!' Sheila Jackson Lee Rips Trump and 'White Supremacist' S… Hundreds of National Guard Troops Nap Throughout U.S. Capitol Ahead of Impeachment Vote Footage Shows Trump Rioters Discussing Capitol Floor Plan, Plotting Strategy to Move Through the Building