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Antibody designed to recognize pathogens of Alzheimer's #disease @Cambridge_Uni @PNASNews suspends trial of #hydroxychloroquine as COVID-19 treatment @TheLancet with #alcohol? 29 gene variants may explain why @yale @NatureNeuro reveals first evidence inherited genetics can drive #cancer's spread @RockefellerUniv @NatureMedicine natural products can be harmful for the unborn @sciencemagazine retinal diagnostics via smartphone @aaojournal of COVID-19 cases is more effective than lockdowns @ucsandiego know when you imitate them—and like it @PLOSONE #training our sense of #gratitude is good for mental health @utwente learning accurately stains digital biopsy slides @MIT @jamanetworkopen #mutations do not appear to increase transmissibility @uclnews coverings can reduce COVID-19 transmission risk: study isolate live COVID-19 #virus from feces, detect #RNA on surfaces rewilding: Biodiverse urban green spaces strengthen human immune systems @uniofadelaide've done the surfing for you! Read last week's top stories on MedicalXpress:
Anti-viral #drug #remdesivir effective against coronavirus, study finds @nejm risk 29% higher for people living in urban areas, new research reveals't miss a beat! Here are yesterday's top stories on MedicalXpress:
US regulators approve new type of contraceptive #gel screening approach opens path to better-quality joint #cartilage @ScienceAdvances develop high-performance #cancer #vaccine using novel microcapsules @ScienceAdvances recovers faster than #brain in micro strokes @RiceUniversity @ScienceAdvances #urine testing method holds promise for kidney #stone sufferers @penn_state @ScienceAdvances'Time is #vision' after a #stroke @UofR study offers hope for Hirschsprung's #disease @childrensLA into mechanism of treatment-resistant gonorrhea sets stage for new #antibiotics @MUSCHealth @jbiolchem from #COVID-19-positive #pregnantwomen show injury @northwesternu human trial of COVID-19 #vaccine finds it is safe and induces rapid #immuneresponse @thelancet @TheLancet shows no coronavirus benefit, raises death risk: study @TheLancet, male sex, obesity, and underlying illness #riskfactors for severe #COVID-19 or death @bmj_latest not enough #women and #olderadults in cholesterol drug trials, study finds @jamanetworkopen 6-10 times a day linked to lower #infection risk @uclnews links severe childhood deprivation to neuropsychological difficulties in adulthood closer to reality: Prosthetics that can feel @SciReports fertility in female cancer patients and ageing populations @PNASNews study shows social interaction a major factor in both morbidity and mortality @sciencemagazine care experts produce #guidance for limiting the psychological impacts of #coronavirus @StGeorgesUni of cold therapy depends on #water temperature, #muscle position products build #muscle better than #milkprotein @uniofexeter identify therapeutic targets to prevent #cancer-associated #muscle loss @RockUPress @JExpMed we wired for romance? fMRI imaging and #geneticanalysis say yes tool gives doctors a new look at the lungs in treating #COVID-19 @princeton @JAMA_current test could predict diabetes years before it strikes @plosmedicine't miss a beat! Here are yesterday's top stories on MedicalXpress:'s COVID-19 study aims to vaccinate more than 10,000 '#cytokine storm' may ease severe COVID-19 symptoms @nature @jclinicalinvest unveils many ways carcinogens trigger development of #breastcancer @SilentSpringIns
Study quantifies China's chronic health burden for the first time @TheLancet can't (and shouldn't) expect clinicians without #PPE to treat COVID-19 patients regimen for #heartfailure could meaningfully extend patients' lives @brighamwomens @TheLancet identify chemicals in #noxiousweed that 'disarm' deadly bacteria @EmoryUniversity @SciReports of #humanAfricantrypanosomiasis within reach, study finds @plos isolation linked to more severe COVID-19 outbreaks @plos @PLOSONE discover biomarkers of ALS in teeth @mountsinainyc behind upper motor degeneration revealed @northwesternu a blend of spices to a meal may help lower inflammation @penn_state bias in #pain research @mcgillu shows #bloodpressure lowering reduces risk of developing #dementia 'switch' that turns autoimmunity drugs into powerful anti-#cancer treatments identify gene linked to thinness that may help resist #weightgain @CellCellPress clue as to why it's so hard to wake up on a cold winter's morning @northwesternu @currentbiology's 'updating mechanisms' may create false memories @utsengage @currentbiology discover more than 200 #geneticfactors that cause #heart arrhythmia @QMUL @NatureComms your partner's emotions—when it helps, and when it hurts @UofR @PsychScience alter #gutmicrobiome, health @Illinois_Alma study sheds light on COVID-19 immunity @EmoryUniversity #game helps neuroscientists understand second language learners @carnegiemellon in remote communities contributing to the burden of disease @PLOSONE uses mechanical resistance to detect damage to #redbloodcells @UDelaware @SciReports drumming stimulates behavioral and physiological #synchronization that contribute to the formation of social…'t miss a beat! Here are yesterday's top stories on MedicalXpress: rationing could see 'unlawful deaths' from COVID-19, researchers claim @Cambridge_Uni newborn gets #liver stem #cells in world first insights on allergies may improve diagnosis and treatment @nature reduces the impact of dissociative seizures @TheLancet
Doctors should be cautious when using current warning system for patient's worsening health @bmj_latest study finds #women less likely to have heart disease—and die of it—than men @mcmastereng @TheLancet combination could eliminate side effects of once-popular #diabetes treatment @cell_metabolism could be made into better #cancer killers by increasing their protein production @MUSCHealth likely to cause long-term health problems, research finds @PNASNews may help predict whose multiple sclerosis will get worse discover #ultrasonicwaves may provide new treatments for #brain disorders @ScienceAdvances find a new way to reverse symptoms of Fragile X @MIT @sciencetm clinical trial with genetically modified #malaria #vaccine completed @Radboud_Uni @sciencetm investigate epigenetic mechanisms of blood cell differentiation @mpi_ie @ScienceAdvances diets alter #gutmicrobiome in humans, mice @ucsf @CellCellPress mobile apps—IntelliCare—significantly reduce mental health symptoms @northwesternu @JAMAPsych caused by COVID-19 lockdowns risks chronic disease spike @uclnews affect the love hormone @SciReports vaccines protect against #COVID-19 in non-human primates, study finds @bidmchealth @sciencemagazine #cytokine #storm: Possible mechanism for the deadly respiratory syndrome @ImmunityCP #environment affects adolescent #braindevelopment @PNASNews analysis quantifies risk of #COVID-19 to racial, ethnic minorities @yale #livercancer research targets non-cancer cells to blunt #tumor growth @pennmedicine @naturecellbio #time spent sitting with sleep or #light activity may improve your mood @DiscoverIAState find evidence of link between #dieselexhaust, risk of Parkinson's the freely behaving #brain in action @naturemethods X-ray technology tells us more about Ménière's disease @UU_University @SciReports't miss a beat! Here are yesterday's top stories on MedicalXpress: 50/30 day cycle of lockdown and relaxation could help manage COVID-19 @Cambridge_Uni