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🏴‍☠️.___ i Live How You Vaca. APTTMH Yahawashi Tribe of Levi🇭🇹|¹/12 of Israel⛓ Deut 28:67/Act 5:31/ Matt15:24

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I know they better be giving more money in returns to essential workers who worked a full year during COVID-19. @IRStaxpros @PresElectBidenPast due for a lit AC night.
Retweeted by Go_DoloI get turned off sexually when you turn me off mentally.
Retweeted by Go_DoloA MOOD
Retweeted by Go_DoloI woke up black again today. Automatic blessing.Good morning 🔋🔋
You ain’t know? These bitches are hoes. focus on the goal. The bs can wait. @tinyy_trinii @tinyy_trinii It’s cool lol. Go get those things white 😌 @tinyy_trinii White toes get the 😻 ate. Everyone knows that.🥴 @JustinLaboy Could never be me 🤣🤣I never understood how women literally have the power to choose their man. Can take their time. Size a man up how e… really only come to work to watch Power and smoke for 10-11 hours 😭Back to the grind.Good morning 🔋 @brittanyfineass There she goSometimes she just need a rub down .....
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These bitches can’t little boy me. @carlagouda @CubanDaVinci* Marriage*. That girlfriend shit temporary. If you not going to marry her, don’t waste no money on her. can’t even separate the characteristics in men. All they see is dick. So even if you have connections to some… bitches just pop up randomly like shit all good after tryna ghost a nigga. Foh. Go to some weak nigga.Keep the basic conversation.As a man once you control your sexual urges. You view women different. @princecharm420 @Trina2u @ILoveJameson30 Oh no. Her brain doesn’t work 🤭.I see why I haven’t been interested lately. @kaeethstallion Me under this thread @tinyy_trinii 🤣🤣 @brittanyfineass 👀🤣🤣Back to the grind
@str8wberry They still have to pay it back. Or let them think they getting over then sue them for something real. @str8wberry See I won’t notice if they got me until the end of the year and i do my taxes lolThat’s why all my bills in Auto pay. I don’t have time for that stress lol’all Power interesting asf lol yeah this my first time watching it. So what lolI need another hustle ASAPMy morning shakes be rocking 🔋Women *
Yeah Kidd
I just brought a box of wine for that very reason 😜 coworker tried to get big, nigga I’ll knock ya old ass out !Watch out for what people laugh at. It says a lot about their character.Me scrolling thru this #BussItChallenge @meetbiancaa @BGworld @lilduval But women can go from a bad man to a good one? Make it, make sense lol. @lilduval Niggga !! I had this bad bitch hmu for my bday years ago, said I can do whatever to her. I’m telling you,… People left to to clean up after Trump protesters/ terrorist attack on the #USCapitol . #BLM #BlackTwitter @Makeup_Miaaa Cmon Miaaa niggas not thinking but want and time lol
@JustinLaboy You have to pay her to take the day off. Every real nigga know that.Fr cause I’m not ya Baby Daddy my bitch randomly show me her titties 😊 @manizakiyyah Shittt I change my shower curtain every 2 weeks, I don’t play that shit lmaoooo @manizakiyyah Not tf mine lmaoo. @lilduval And fake accounts lmao @john_binkley_ @joesph_mamma @tae15adams And in the Army we are still treated like shit. Relax! @Lululillyita @FCHWPO To bad white entire history is them invading places they’re not wanted.
@nishaO62693 🤣🤣🤣I’m at a point in my life that I do everything by myself. So besides pussy, it’s not much a woman can offer me. @nishaO62693 Look how you reacted. But let a bum come home from jail, y’all be ready to give them gay niggas pussy 🤣 @nishaO62693 These be the niggas y’all cry for but never give a chance. Y’all terrible at best.I can’t wait for the Spring so I can’t throw a Rooftop party 🌅It’s always some nigga baby momma tryna talk that hope shit. Take that shit to that nigga with no ambition.Me:i fuckin hate u Him:i hate u too Us:macaroni noises
Retweeted by Go_DoloHigh asf at work lol @JustinLaboy It’s the bitch that have the issue. This page stupid asf
Only if women stood back and applied this to themselves. Most women are literally terrible at best but cause they l… don’t feel good @JustinLaboy Hell yeah cause you bitches don’t be all that. @JustinLaboy We broke but y’all picked getting naked just for money???’m low key tired of American women.Eddie Murphy won 🍽 one Female can say I’m in her DM talking to myself. Idk how you niggas do it.Took these Advil PM. About to take a shower. Then smoke this blunt. #KOIf you can’t fuck with me cause i keep it 100 stay away from me
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Stop dealing with men who get an attitude when it come to finances.I won’t marry any woman that have more than 50k in Debt.Watching my 1st Episode of Power 😅Mission: Flip Stimmy. Complete ✅.Facts 💯‼️ to the money cause being broke isn’t funny.
If @K1 can’t get my yards, fck their Playoffs!! @K1 Go catch those Baseball Try-Outs! @K1 Baseball starts in the Spring. Be there if you want to continue in professional sports. @Tae_Sims609 @K1 Facts! Have him rubbing 35yrds to top off a 5 Parlay 😢Kyler Murray woke up today and decided to fuck me
Retweeted by Go_DoloI miss QBs like Eli Manning. Ankle injury or head in the dirt, he was getting back in that huddle. @K1 #NFLWowww I needed @K1 to have 33 yards rushing @K1 wrap ya ankle and let’s get busy !The Giants are really a fckin Joke. This game couldn’t been over if they RAN THE FCKIN BALL !!!Why tf are the #Giants THROWING THE BALL !?!?! Are their coaches serious with these plays !?!?!? #GiantsPride #NYGvsDALWhy are the @Giants throwing the fckin ball !?!?!I really get over stuff so be scary sometimes 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Go_DoloSome people don’t support corporations that’s built off our slavery. Bank Of America owned more Slaves than any Ban… want a bitch that’s not for everybody.I hit these niggas daily 😂🔋
2021 @LSUBasketball Can Suck Dick! @LSU trash in Football. Trash in Basketball. Welp, their Hype Train is officially over.