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dont test me
Retweeted by meenaNot jojo siwa making me cry at 11:30 on a Saturday night
Sabrina Carpenter (21) just wrote a diss track about a 17 year old girl who wrote a song about her feelings.... alright
Retweeted by meename on my way to claire's to buy jojo siwa merch after she came out
Retweeted by meenaMy cousin got me a new shirt
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doja cat had to put crack in streets because ain't no way
Retweeted by meenawhy would i lie
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Another gem for the night @AubreyyyyD This kid is literally like 12 😭😭 where are his parents?????????
jan 19: our president is a monster jan 20: our president is a little monster
Retweeted by meenaThree Wednesdays in January
Retweeted by meenaOkay but why did this make me cry
Retweeted by meenaDoes anybody know a super easy class to take this semester?? Preferably something with no exams or exams I can find on quizlet lolIt’s a new day in America.
Retweeted by meenaaoc gon tweet “he is gone” tmw and get 5 million likes
Retweeted by meena @EmilyYando ThanksDoes anyone know if hokie grill is open today
@EmilyYando Wow......I’m dating an angel 🤩calling all angels, welcome to heaven on earth #bidday
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LMFAO the brown history page did not stutter
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Drump: “I don’t know anyone who died from Covid” Herman Cain from hell:
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Retweeted by meenawe should start slushing non-maskers like in GLEE
Retweeted by meena @CiaraW210 It’s not a bodega if there’s not a random cat in there at all times and it kinda smells like cat pee peei know jennifer aniston heard that lyric in stupid hoe and was like :(
Retweeted by meenano bc why did beyoncé do that😭😭😭
Retweeted by meenasometimes the glee cover is better than the original song and that’s Okay
Retweeted by meenawhere is his mask
Retweeted by meena“Don’t Trust Me” by 3OH!3 was made in Beltsville, MD and I’m not quite sure what to do with this information.
Retweeted by meenaAbigail & Matt making a secret handshake got me good #Bachelor #bachelorabc
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me: okay i’m done talking about it honestly i’m over it also me 5 seconds later: you know what its really just annoying because
Retweeted by meenaI swear we are fighting two pandemics Covid19 and LGBT
Retweeted by meenaShe made some points 🤔🧐
Retweeted by meena @PrincessMK65 Taro or honey milk with bubbles are always good !tonight 🤍 @dojacat @theestallion
Retweeted by meenaGirl read a book be the first year ever I have a real valentine we are UP!!!!!Every now and then you gotta go in the back of that closet and pull out that Impeachment dress!!!
Retweeted by meenaBarack Obama has a Grammy, an Emmy, a Nobel Prize, 2 terms as President and a Twitter account. Donald Trump has 2 impeachments.
Retweeted by meenapov : your French boyfriend is telling you you’re in the car
Retweeted by meenaPlease
“Lockdown won’t be that long” The Lockdown:
Retweeted by meena @dailyips @f8the We know
Retweeted by meenaCheck on buddy... I have a strong feeling he was at the Capitol the other day.
Retweeted by meenaWhite sauce pasta is my favourite ❤️
Retweeted by meenaPosting screenshots of your music when no one cares >>>>
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Addison is a clairo stan ....... ?
Retweeted by meena @jessica_mardian Can always count on you to gas me 🙈more bans
Retweeted by meena @lindseywheelz This has no business being so funnyDid y’all not like candy crush like that orExtremely niche tweet
Retweeted by meenaJust because I’m in love with this picture of me 🖤
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Retweeted by meenaEveryone who voted Emo on my instagram poll count your motherfucking days
Why are we constantly asked to forgive people who aren't sorry?
Retweeted by meena6 months, spectacular! @dailyips Pop off Edna!!!
Retweeted by meena @EmilyYando New Years resolution is to buy u flowers once a weekeveryone is always like "you should read 1984 it's so good" first of all it's called 1989 and it's not a book it's an album
Retweeted by meena @dailyips I think it’s mostly people calling me a faggot 💯
Retweeted by meenaEverytime I post a picture on Instagram it says that like 10 people have sent that post mf WHO ARE YALL??? WHY!!!IM GONNA PEE
Retweeted by meenai don't know a single man who watches videos on his phone at a reasonable volume
Retweeted by meena @dailyips Girl just buzz it at this point 🙈
olivia rodrigo in drivers license
Retweeted by meena @hillmacmagill LITERALLY AMAZING. Ugh queen oliviamirrors by justin timberlake is one of the best songs ever made
Retweeted by meenaI feel an emotional attachment and connection to this song FOR WHAT BRO THE RED LIGHT STOPLIGHT PART I JUST CRY.Drivers license by olivia rodrigo send tweetAdvice from a dietician
Retweeted by meena✔️
Retweeted by meenazendaya is older than margot robbie was in 'the wolf of wallstreet' and keira knightley was in 'pride and prejudice…
Retweeted by meenaThis is Cheesecake Factory behavior
there’s no one doing it like marianne
Retweeted by meenaGood for her. Divorce rate among Indian ppl is low and there is a huge stigma around it. Thank you Kim
Retweeted by meena @dailyips I have news for you girly!!!!Ice is so freaking good. Rlly can’t stop eating it. Help.
Retweeted by meenaListening to back to December by Taylor swift dont textTrump when he sees Melania scrolling on Twitter
Retweeted by meenaMood board for the night’all seem a little too happy that a bisexual has been deplatformed 🤔🤔🤔
Retweeted by meena @ranakba It’s the best 😭Oh India KNOWS how to write a headline.
Retweeted by meenajust realized i’ll never have to see a white liberal quote tweeting him with a “sassy clapback” again
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The gays are singlehandedly keeping Olive Garden alive by ordering their fettuccine AlfredoI ain’t never met a straight person who enjoys Olive Garden so if you really like Olive Garden I have news bud